Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

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Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by danobanano »

This is the place to discuss the Charlie and Sue as a couple?
Is it possible for a father of a Vampire to have a relationship with a mother of two werewolves...I mean shape shifters?
And what about Billy Black? Will this rift between Billy & Charlie last long?

How can Charlie & Sue be support systems for each other given the difficulting of raising their "special" children?
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by Lunna-san »

Yeah, Charlie and Sue-- who would have guessed ? I thought Billy and Sue had something going on. I think it's a middle aged love triangle in the air, maybe? :lol: Well it's a bit disturbing thinking of Charlie like that but it was about time to him find a girlfriend.

The only Clearwater that I like it's Seth, but I think Sue it's dealing with things the best she can. Her life would be much easier without the supernatural. And her daughter it's still unhappy and again because the supernatural stuff. Oh, well. "shrug"
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by tricia »

I remember reading something a while ago or watching one of the Q&A with SM and she mentioned that there would be a woman for Charlie. So i wasn't surprised by the Charlie and Sue thing.

But i would love to know what Billy and CHarlie are fighting over? is it the Cullens? that Jacob is a wolf? or is it something to do with Sue? Bella?

I don't think that Billy likes Sue (that wasn't what i was implying) but they were both friends of her late husband....
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by jazjade »

I was wondering if anyone thought that Sue was filling Charlie in on who is a vampire and who is a wolf, etc.? It seems like he is really surprised when Jacob turns into a wolf in front of him, but, once he starts visiting Bella, and, once he gets together with Sue, doesn't it seem inevitable that she would tell him? I guess we just speculate, because BD ends before we find out much about them.
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by tinuviel2006 »

Actually, I always thought that Billy & Sue are gonna end up together! I like Sue & Charlie, but Billy and Sue are both Quileute, and they both have werewolf seemed kinda natural, maybe?
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by Bkwrm »

IMHO, Charlie and Sue came out of nowhere. Another attempt by SM to force a happy ending.

Charlie has spent 15-17 years pretty much sitting passively in his little house with only his memories of Renee; where did he get the energy to court a woman?
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by secsec1 »

The whole sue/charlie thing didnt surpise me at all. I figured she'd end up with Billy or Charlie after Harry died in New Moon. And i think it's very fitting. They are both dealing with the loss of an important perosn in their life, they are both dealing with they crazyness of the supernature world and they were friends before. It totally works for me. SM doesnt force much, she leaves crumbs through the entire book, and even in the first 3 that kind of show where it's going.

And as to where he got the "energy to court a woman" maybe Bella got him out of his shell. he seemed to be in a bit of a rut for the last 15 yrs, doing things out of duty and not following his dreams or doing a lot for himself. I think Bella really changed Charlie and snapped him out of his shell. We know some of Charlie's back story, but we dont really know much of what happend between Renee leaving and Bella coming back besides what Bella tells us about her trips to see him. And i'm glad that he has someone to talk to and can help him deal with the "need to know" part of Bella and Jake's lives.
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by Venecettia »

I had no idea that is was possible for them to be a couple. I just thought Sue went over to Charlie's because he couldn't cook. But they do seem to fit. Also, now Charlie can be occupied with someone besides Bella.
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by midnightwalker »

I thought it was great for Charlie and Sue to get together. I knew Billy was seeing her for that reason, but I caught on real fast when Charlie started seeing her and I thought that was perfect. I can definitely see the two of them together, and what's wrong with the father of a vampire and mother of shape shifters becoming an item. That is no different than Jake imprinting on the child of two vampires, at least in my opinion. I really like the fact that Charlie found someone; I just hope Leah will be okay with the idea. :lol:
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Re: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater?

Post by Kim »

I think it was kind of crazy the charlie and sue ended up together. I didn't pick it up until bella realized and it was a little weird to think that charlie would start a relationship when sue was the wife of one of his closest friends and how both of them have children who have to do with the supernatural world. On the other hand at least everyboday turned out happy :D
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