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Jacob and Nessie

Post by be my escape »

Here is the place to discuss Jacob and Nessie. Please be respectful of others opinions.
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by iBite »

I really hope Stephenie explores this relationship in the future. I would love to have a Nessie/Jake narrated book!
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by irunwithvampires »

I'm...a little bit creeped out but happy at the same time.

...I just don't know what to say exactly. I always knew that Jacob was going to imprint, and I knew that it wasn't going to be easy.

Like I said in the other thread, I'm glad that Jake and Bella can be a part of each other's lives and be family this way, but then I think about the last pages of Eclipse between Jake and Bella, and I can't help but cringe. He's going to be Bella's son-in-law now?

And I was always a little bit weirded about by Quil and Claire too, because she's a baby. But they were side characters so it didn't really matter to me - but now it happened between Jake and Nessie.

I'm not exactly sure what to think. I still have to let it sink in. I'm not against it, but I'm just confused.
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by mlola619 »

iBite wrote:I really hope Stephenie explores this relationship in the future. I would love to have a Nessie/Jake narrated book!

Totally! i would definitely dive into those books without hesitation! On a side note, i absolutely love how SM wrote Jacob's happy ending. I have to admit i was completely heartbroken at the end of eclipse when Bella chooses Edward. Don't get me wrong- i adore Edward, but i was proclaimed Switzerland throughout the whole ordeal. They're just both such great guys in their own ways- and i couldn't bear the fact that one of them had to endure heartbreak, though it had to happen. The fact that Jacob didn't imprint on some random girl really pleased me- because to be honest in my opinion i thought NO ONE was good enough for Jacob except for Bella- because his heart belonged to her; his first love. I just love how SM allowed for Jacob to be with someone who in most aspects IS Bella- her daughter. In my opinion, you can't really get any closer to a person than their offspring. In essence Reneesme is Bella- sure she's not exactly like her in every aspect, but she does have qualities that are Bella; i just couldn't complain against Jacob's imprint, because you can't really say something like "She's not good enough for him, Bella is better"-- it's BELLA'S DAUGHTER! haha how much closer to Bella can you get!?

To sum this all up- i found it pure genius to have Jacob be with an extension of Bella- her daughter Reneesme *not to mention the fact that I'm so happy Jacob got the ending he deserved, along with Bella & Edward*
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by dreamincolor »

The Jacob/ Nessie situation is bittersweet for me.

On one hand, I'm glad he imprinted, but on the other I think it's a bit weird for him to have imprinted on Bella's daughter. It was also creepy reading Edward call him "son."

However, going back to the previous books, I can see foreshadowing of this relationship:

(1) In the way Bella and Jacob quickly become good, almost best, friends in New Moon, and how they stay good friends in Eclipse, even though Bella "chose" Edward.

(2) Even though Jacop knows he's going to lose Bella, he still loves her and wants to be with her.

(3) Even though she and Jacob are still friends, Bella still loves him, and still needs time with him- not always with Edward, and through out her pregnacy, Bella needs/wants him.
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by Andrea S. »

I was worried about Jacob imprinting in "Breaking Dawn", because I thought it would just be all too convenient- oh he's in love with Bella but can't have her, so BAM he'll imprint and everything will work out for him. It would be a cop-out.
However, having him imprint on Bella's daughter is the only way that didn't actually seem that way. Because Renesmee is a part of Bella, so in a way, his love is still partially for Bella. I thought it was a genius way of giving Jacob his happy ending too, because his love for Bella didn't just move on to some stranger, but instead it was diverted to a different facet of Bella. I didn't think SM would be able to pull of making him happy too without it seeming silly, but hot damn she did it!
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by chrissaay »

let me just say this was a TOTAL surprise. when i read that jacob imprinted on renesmee, my mouth literally dropped.
truthfully it is kinda creepy that he imprinted on his first love's.. daughter. also the fact that nessie is half vampire throws me off, since werewolves and vampires are naturally enemies.
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by Lizzie »

Actually I'm quite satisfied with Jacob imprinting on Nessie.
I like him and I certainly wanted him to be happy, but not with Bella (because she OBVIOUSLY belongs to Edward!!) and that was a bit of a dilemma, because being happy for Jacob included him being with Bella (or imprint on someone, for that matter).
On the other hand I didn't want him to imprint on any girl who happens to come along. Dilemma again...
And I wanted him to be friends with Bella...
So this was probably the best outcome I could wish for - Jake is happy and in some way tied to Bella, but no longer in love with her and thus not in pain anymore. Bella happy, Jake happy, Edward happy, Nessie happy, everyone happy - excellent ;)

(But I agree with dreamincolor - When Edward called Jake "my son" I was like "WHOA... this is so going against nature!!")
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by poeticallyxpathetic »

jacob imprinting on Bella's daughter is pretty weird in my opinion. I'm really happy for him, because I didn't want him to go through the rest of his life insanely pissed off. However, it seems pretty weird that

1. Bella could've had a life with Jake (kids, marriage, etc.) if she hadn't chosen Edward


2. What is Jake/Nessie's relationship going to be like once she's older. I mean, it just seems really really weird.
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Post by jenni_elyse »

Because Renesmee is half-vampire, do you think she smells bad to Jake? I was just thinking about that after I posted something about Seth's relationship with the Cullens.
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