The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

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The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by Pel »

So what's the nicest thing a crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse etc ever did for you?
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by catieolacullen »

Probably... my second boyfriend would hug me every time he saw me. Haha, it was just very sweet. And he would count. :) It made me laugh. And he bought me these gorgeous earrings and gave me his favourite sweatshirt and let me keep them both even after we broke up :) And he actually stayed my friend afterwards. So he's probably my favourite ex.
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by una »

When I was first dating my (now) hubby, I was in charge of a fundraiser for my sorority. The year before the gal raised an outrageous sum because of some huge donations she was able to get through family connections. When the night was done I was able to raise maybe half of what she did. I felt so small, like such a failure, even though everyone talked about how wonderful it was. I had added a live auction which (really made most of the money) really helped and was the big hit. However, I wasn't able to get a lot of the big ticket items she had. At the end, he took me home and I started crying since I felt like I let people down. He hugged me and stayed up until I cried myself to sleep before he left. The next day he brought me flowers and a card congratulating me on what a great job I did and how proud he was of me. Did I mention we had only been dating a few weeks/maybe a month? Oh and he was (poor guy) introduced to my parents that night as well and they LOVED him. In fact when he offered a week before to go, I warned him that my parents were there and he wanted to go even more so they could meet them.
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by StupidxLamb »

^Aww. He sounds like a great guy. :] Very supportive, too!
My boyfriend has done a few very sweet things for me. He is not the MOST romantic guy. Doesn't mean I care about him any less though. ;] The night before he left for college a couple weeks ago, he gave me this ring. It wasn't a promise ring or anything, but it's silver with a heart and it made me really happy. Because it felt like he really wanted to keep a connection with me, even though he would be so far away from me.

Then, there are the really nice things. He was going to go clubbing (he's 18, I'm almost 16) with some of his friends (mostly female), and I explained how uncomfortable that made me, and he said he totally understood and he wouldn't do it. I guess it doesn't sound so very extraordinary, because it's not like he would say, "I'm going anyway." But he was so understanding, and I felt like such a freak for even asking him not to go when he probably should have been annoyed with my request.

The first time we talked about getting together, back in March, he knew I wouldn't be allowed to date for another 6 months, but he said he could wait. 6 months! And he has. He has waited so patiently for me. That right there makes me feel like I chose well. ;]
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by lalaith913 »

^^^Awww! So cute.

Here's my bit: my boyfriend goes out of town a lot with his family. He was gone for 2 weeks a few weeks ago. My friend AT calls me on the phone and tells me to come over because she has a surprise for me. I say, "It better be good. You're interrupting my Breaking Dawn." She assures me it's good. I go over and me, her, and our friend AC are hanging in the living room. Then said boyfriend comes out and says, "How 'bout an early Christmas present?" He had called AT and asked for her help to surprise me. Then he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and I asked how his trip was. "Okay," he said. "Just okay?" I asked. He nodded and then whispered: "Yeah, just okay because everywhere I went was the same: it didn't have you." I just about melted into a puddle on the couch.
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by loverboyis »

Aw, I love hearing these type of stores, always makes me smile lol :D

I did once have a secret admirer when I was just starting high school as a freshman - actually we were bit of friends, started talking in later of the summer. Anyway, we flirted a bit, everything was just innocent until one day I open up my locker to find a single rose (and it was real) sitting on top of the extra shelf, with a white letter attached to it, saying "You know who. And you awe me a kiss" Aha, sounds so corny now but I completely turned tomato red and he caught me, took my hand (by this time it was after Lunch and everyone was in class except I was in meeting and was going to be late, anyway he found me) and eventually we were sneaking out to the backdoors of the school so we could go outside ... and then comes out my Math teacher ... the class I was suppose to be in. He was pissed, I was explaining how I was at the meeting, but that didn't explain why I was with Josh, the guy I was with. And then after a really long silence of awkwardness, the guy blurts out something like "I just wanted to kiss her!" :| Freaking math teacher was defiantly trying not to laugh, he had that face like "Oh what's it like to be a teenager".
Uhr, anyway I got dentition for a whole week and than of course, the guy turned out to be a total perve. He said later after school we were going to his house so we could "screw around" and a few other comments that still make me feel disgusted.

:lol: Oh my, I can't believe that's the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me. The rose was nice at lease ..
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by Luna Silvertail »

Ahhhh! I remember when we won the field band season last year.

Our school isn't very well known for excellence in sports. Field Band wasn't one of them, until last year. We owned the class, and ended up going on to be champs. So anyways, all the bands were lined up and they started announcing the bands. They got to second place, and they paused. They announced the other school. All of us mentally freaked out, they went on to announce our school. It was mayhem! It was like, find the closest person next to you, and give them a hug, highfive, or a scream fest. So anyways, I found him, and I went to give him a high-five as a "Oh my god, we won!" as I do after everytime we win.

I never got a high-five... I got a huge hug!

Before that, after a practice the band parents ordered pizza. Of course I sat with a few of my friends (he is included in my friends) to eat and chatter before we had to trudge off to get into uniform. (Ech....) So we were talking about intelligence. I was like "Eh, I guess I'm normal in intelligence. I'm not really smart or anything..."
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by genuinesmile »

my boyfriend is very thoughtful the majority of the time. He's my sweetheart! He's done lots if nice things but one that stands out is actually Twilight-related :] I started reading Twilight mid-May of this year. I got really into the book and he took notice, teasing me (joking around) a bit every now and then about being addicted. Anyways, when I finished reading book one I was already anticipating book two :P I finished the book a Monday night so the next day I headed down to Barnes&Noble near my boyfriend's job to purchase New Moon. When I got there I was disappointed to find out they only had the hardcover and I only had enough money for paperback :/ when I spoke to him later that day I mentioned it to him, and how I had to wait until Thursday because I had a busy Wednesday with finals and all. Wednesday morning I was brushing up on a Bio final I had that afternoon. My boyfriend stopped by to see me at home and wish me luck. As I kept studying I was unaware of what he was up to. I even fell bad I couldn't give him as much as attention as I normally do. When I left to take my final, he left to his home. Later that evening I gave him a call, we spoke for a while until he was going to eat dinner. At that point he kept asking me what I was gonna be up to, I simply said nothing, there was nothing I wanted to watch on tv and no NM. Right as I was saying bye, he asked if I had seen his hat, he'd forgotten in my house. At that point I thought it was weird, he wouldn't step foot outside without his hat. Then he gave me this other story about having taken a 2nd hat because he couldn't decide that morning which hat to wear. He pleaded for me to check my room for his favorite I did. Finally he asked me to take a look on top of my closet, now I really thought things were weird! As I was turning to face my closet, out if the corner of my eye, on top of my closet I saw the edge of a thick book...NEW MOON!!! It left me breathless. He had bought the book for me and surprised me with it :]
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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by RajaniArchana »

These stories are all so sweet, you guys! <3

Well, my own story, kinda small, but...

There's this guy I like who likes me abck, we've known each other for a couple years and we go to the same camps in summer and winter. Anyway, after the summer camp they stuck around for a bit (his sister is one of my best friends, although she's about ten years older than me :P ) and we went to see the Dark Knight with his brother, his brother-in-law (whose nickname is Dilly Bar XD), my brother, my best friend, and my best friend's mother. I had to work that night so my dad was going to pick me up from the thater after the movie. I was kind of bumemd cause the guy I liked and everyone else was going for ice cream afterwards and i didn't get to but I have this habit of being self-sacrificing...

So, when they all decided to wait around with me until my dad showed up, I was kind of embaressed and I told Dilly Bar, " It's okay, you guys can leave, my dad'll be here soon."

And Dilly bar replied, " Oh, no, we gotta stay here and protect you, right?"

And as he said it I looked at my crush and he looked me square in the eye and said, " Absolutely"

i got all butterfly-ed and started blushing.

Then I found out a couple weeks later that he liked me.

Fun story!

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Re: The Nicest Thing a Romantic Interest Ever Did For You.

Post by awesomejen1 »

Sigh...I love sweet stories...actually, reading Twilight made me have to ask my hubby if he would ever be romantic...but I guess he is in a different, non-Edward way :D

My favorite thing he did for me was that I was I was living in DC for 4 months while my then boyfriend/fiance (he proposed while I was out there) stayed home. I was talking to him ne day on the phone about how Christmas won't feel right because I was getting home only 5 days before Christmas, so I wouldn't have time to decorate a tree or the house and that made me a little bummed...when I got home, Nate had set up all the lights, and the tree and made it perfect. I love that guy!

And my proposal was pretty perfect too...while in DC, we decided he wouldn't come out and visit becaue the cost was just too much since he had to work and I had to just wasn't worth it. One day I had been texting him like usual, just going through my day, and after work, I went to go take a video back to the I walk down the street, I recognized him right away! He'd come out to DC, completely a surprise to me. He even called my boss before hand and got the day off for me, which is when he proposed. It was so perfect...I guess I really love my Nate more the Edward...he's pretty spectaular in his own way :D
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