Worst Present that you have ever received?

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Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by Nena »

Tell us what has been the worst present that you have ever received? The thread was going to be just about birthday presents for example, but we all know that Christmas and other holidays also qualify.
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by StupidxLamb »

Slipper socks. So cliche :shock: ...so...childish...*I was 15*

John Peter Lewis's debut CD. His first and only. Anyone remember him from like, season 2 of American Idol? *barf* I have no idea why I received that gift! I was just like, "Who??"

This thread should talk about worst gifts ever given too. One Christmas I gave my dad a memo-pad holder. I didn't even get him memo-pads! :lol:
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by sammydk »

Ever since I was a young teenager, my grandmom gave me and my sisters crappy cheap presents.. She has like.. now, 10-15 grandchildren, and she still buys present for us who are adults now. Its mainly stuff like a porcelain cow painted in weird colours or too small night clothes or even underpants.. (Yaii, thanks, I'm 21..... )
I'd rather live without her presents than have anymore of those things I'll throw out anyway.

(Best thing I ever got though was a LP with the Labyrinth soundtrack. A personal present from my big sister. She had one hell of a job finding it.)
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by una »

My grandmother was known for odd and cheap gifts. There was a trend for a while that she got my brothers (I think five years in a row) a radio/flashlight/emergency thing. It was an all in one and "so handy." There was a couple years in a row where all three of us kids got a big tin of four different flavored popcorn. This was great the first day or so, but seriously it gets stale fast.

The all time worst gift though, is my father-in-law got me a chop saw stand. Not a chop saw (my hubby had one already) but the portable stand for it. Yes...he got me a gift that was for my husband. My mother-in-law was so embarrassed. She tried to make it up to me...but I wasn't offended. By then I already knew my father-in-law isn't the brightest bulb in the box. I have more stories, but I'll let other people post...my father-in-law has given me great stories to tell...
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by psugar »

Worst present ever... last year on christmas some relative gave me a barbie, I was twelve for pete's sake what was I going to do with it, I think I gave it to ne of the kids I babysit.
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by Jamie »

I have always wondered why relatives who barely know you decide that something personal like clothing is the gift to give. Ok :roll:

Worst gift ever was from my dad who was sort of estranged from me while my parents divorced. I was 17 and he gave me a remote control car and a set of plastic tigers that little kids play with. Ok dad...I know you wanted a boy and all but I am a 17 year old GIRL. :lol:
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

This isn't exactly the worst gift, but it was highly embarrassing. For Christmas one year, 5 days before mine & KNE's wedding, his parents give me lingerie. It was dark purple baby doll nighty. I nearly died. In-laws aren't supposed to give gifts like that. It was embarrassing.
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by VampLover »

My MIL gives me the worst gifts. My ex-husband and I are divorced, but I still go over to her house for Christmas because we are still friendly, and my dad lives too far away. Anyway, I know she means well, but she always buys me clothes, and its never anything I would ever wear. Last year though was the worst, it was this velour jogging suit, which is bad enough, but it had no tags and i knew it was from the thrift store (not that there is anything wrong with that, I shop there too) but to top it off, not only did it not fit, but there was a stain on it!!!
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

Wellll, I have a friend who's birthday is on September 11.
So, she had a pretty sorry birthday several years ago.
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Re: Worst Present that you have ever received?

Post by oleander »

my aunt gave me a Kewpie doll dressed in a crocheted dress...when i was 18! it was HIDEOUS!

that same year she gave my mother a cookie tin that was draped in mini-lights. seriously! what is that?? i realize she's a little, uh, off, but really...
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