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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by missp »

Hi, Y'all! I have hurridly read through all your posts, but have not the energy to respond with a mega post tonight. I am always soooo exhausted the week before AND the week after the time changes! It's like my body is preparing itself for losing an hour of sleep! Anyhooo... the one major comment I need to make is... :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: TRACY gets to go to HH CON 2012!!!!!! I am sooooo excited about that! Now... I must get to bed and get some decent sleep! I'll check back tomorrow night after the mani/pedi! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~ Hope all of you are well. I've had a busy week as the kids have transitioned to different sports and such--practice for my daughter's travel ball team Monday and Tuesday, baseball practice for my son tonight, my daughter's middle school basketball banquet Thursday night, baseball practice for my son Friday night and Saturday afternoon, along with a birthday party for my son to attend and a day-long church confirmation field trip for my daughter Saturday. :shock: The good thing addition to my usual day off work (Thursday), I have Friday off work as well, because the kids are out of school for teacher training. I'm already planning to tell one kid to play the Wii and one to play on the computer while I laze about in the bed until at least 8:30 Friday morning. And I won't feel guilty about it the least little bit..... because hubs will be at work and won't be there to see me. :D

Lynne~ Bless your heart.....I bet that hurt like crazy and know I wouldn't have been able to resist involuntarily shouting out a curse word....or three or four. ;) Hope your knee feels better soon. I agree with you about Remember Me, and it is sad that so many in the industry don't consider some of Rob's (or Kristen's) movies "successful" because they didn't earn Twilight kind of dollars. I'm glad to hear you thought Abduction was better than the reviews it's received, and I sincerely hope Taylor has success and believe he could find his niche with those types of young action movie roles.

Missp~ Hope you get some decent sleep tonight, and enjoy your manicure and pedicure tomorrow. I'm ecstatic about attending HH Con too, and wish there was some way I could actually come Thursday, but know better than to push my luck. 8-)

Christina~ It's good to see you again. I am excited about attending HH Con, and do appreciate the fact that hubs sweetly brought out the calendar again and said (without prompting from me)...."Wasn't this the weekend you were wanting to go to Chicago?" He definitely earns some bonus points for that move. :D I think I read the fanfic you mentioned and it was very cute. Wasn't Edward also a teacher at the same high school, and maybe even Bella's Department Chair? Was it Parma High by katmom, or something simliar? I absolutely loved The King's Speech (and Colin Firth), and cannot recall a funnier and more heartwarming and yet heartwrenching use of the word f%#& in a movie, in recent memory. ;)

Susie~ Good for you for continuing your icing and elevating of the knee. I liked the movie Emma too....really any Jane Austen movie (and book) for that matter. I've even found some intriguting and interesting Jane Austen fanfiction, on occasion. I think my favorite Jane Austen film adaptations would have to be Pride and Prejudice (the BBC miniseries), and Sense and Sensibility (the movie version with Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, whats-her-name, and Alan Rickman (delish 8-) ). You're right! Rob should be voted "Best Undressed".

Ginnie~ Good luck with the resume writing--that's always a pain in the rear. If you don't mind me asking as you've probably already mentioned it, but what was your previous career field, and will you be searching for part-time or full-time work? I hope the fanfic writing is somewhat therapeutic for you, and remember that we're here for you, hon, and sending prayers, thoughts, and e-hugs your way.
Jazz Girl wrote:Lynne~ I will take to my dying day that Rob could make a rubbish sack and black socks with sandals look like GQ.
Caryn~ Keeping fingers crossed for some Cosmopolis in Cannes this spring. I'm sorry about your Butler Bulldogs--those rebuilding years can be tough. I'm even sorrier about Peyton's release from the Colts last night, and became teary-eyed watching Peyton's emotional speech at the press conference today. It really is the end of an era for your team and your city, and I know Peyton will be missed, and the feeling unmistakably seems to be mutual. Loved your Robrant today, by the way.

Brenda~ I'm glad to hear you survived the triplets' sleepover with your sanity (seemingly) intact. ;) I wish I had sage words of advice to offer about your son, but we haven't really been in that situation and my son is several years younger. I might suggest that you ensure you're hearing the entire story from your son's point of view, once he comes home. Is there any chance that his best friend would be instigating things or allowing them to escalate, for whatever reason? It does seem like boys can duke it out one minute, and then be best friends again the next minute; whereas girls are often the ones who hold grudges longer and gossip and act "cliquey". Congrats to your son's band on their award, and to your girls for performing successfully in the talent show. Great plan for you to justify coming to Chicago, and even cutting down on expenses a bit. I, too loved Caveward, especially for all the ways this story was a little different than traditional E/B fanfiction. I can just picture Beh "making her noises" to herself in the background while Ehd contentedly went about his daily tasks to provide for his family. ;)

Marielle~ I'm sorry that your company wanted to promote you only temporarily--you've every right to be thoroughly pi$$ed. They have taken your for granted and don't seem to appreciate what they have right in front of them. I have to agree with you about Rob looking more comfortable and a little more confident in his more recent promotional appearances. It's like he's really coming into his own, and I can't wait to watch how everything unfolds for him over this next year with a (hopefully) more widespread release of Bel Ami, and the release of Cosmopolis.

Amy, Sean, Lulu, Ashley~ Hey there!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!

Pfff, I’m having a difficult morning. My bf had to go to Belgium for his job, it meant that the alarm went off at 6 am…that’s seriously way to early… so I’m at my office now watching a sunrise…

I found out yesterday that Cosmopolis is supposed to be release on the 7th of June in Europe and SWaTH on the 13th… they will be going head to head in the box office, though I have the feeling that Cosmopolis won’t be brought as big as SWaTH…The promotion for Kris’s movie is already bigger…

I’ve got my planning for my Toronto – Chicago trip almost done… I booked the rental car yesterday, got all the plane tickets together. The only thing left is an hotel in Toronto to find…

Anyways posts,

Brenda, I’m sorry your boy is causing so much trouble but I like the approach of his school. Boy will always find something to fight about…they just have to learn to make it up afterwards and not hold grudges..
It would be so awesome if you can make it to Chicago that way! Very creative…
The reunion was the first time in 13 years… here in Holland we aren’t that big on reunions, so it was a surprise that somebody actually tried to organized it.

Sean, once the F1 season starts my weekends will be completely filled with sports again, Soccer, Rugby, F1, Tennis, Cycling and later this summer the European Soccer cup and the Olympics…it will be crazy!! I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the time to watch anything else…

Caryn, I’m not sure yet what to do about my job yet, I know my boss had a meeting with the ones responsible for the job I want yesterday afternoon, I’ll wait and see what they discussed but I’m still very disgusted by the way things seem to go.

Lynne, I haven’t found the nerve yet to watch Abduction, I saw it in the stores yesterday but I bought an other movie (Melancholica)… I just can’t see Taylor as an action actor yet…he’s still a kid in my eyes…
I’m sure balancing a own company with kids is very hard for your hubs…I know many people who have the same issues…

Christina, I’m sorry to hear that your High School reunion wasn’t fun but seriously 450 students, how on earth do they expect you to remember them all? We had 70 students and I already needed the names with picture list multiple times…
I think the rating differences between here and the US is many based on the issues people in the US have with rough languages… or many the non-issue we have with sex and swearing…people in the US tend to be quickly insulted when people use the F-bomb and when body parts are shown (nipple-gate). While here in Europe the only thing that can really insult people are things like saying Hitler had the right frame of mind or comments based on race or country…
It’s one of the things I’m worried about for the HH-con… I’m so used to be able to swear all the time, or speak my mind very freely, I don’t want to insult anyone…

Tonise, when are you going to summer time? This weekend? I believe we will be doing that the 3rd weekend….I really hate it when they do that…

Tracy, I am still very pissed off by the way things are going at my job, but like I explained to Caryn, I’ll wait and see what is happening.
You forget BD2… I can’t wait to see that red carpet… the big last one…Though I’m sure Rob will do an extensive promo tour for Cosmopolis so we will get a lot of sexy new pics this year…

I'm off... see you all later!!! :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Songbird »

Sean, you don’t have a cell phone or you don’t have a racecar? I would say Rob and Kristen are both a distraction for each other in a way…but what’s wrong with that? EVERYONE needs a distraction now and then. They are both adults and have a mature relationship that they both enjoy…just like anyone else. Why is it that Brad and Angelina are allowed to spend every waking moment together, and Rob and Kristen can’t have a weekend in Paris? At the end of the day, it’s that relationship that’s important and that keeps them grounded…and I think it’s a distraction in a GOOD way, not a bad one.

, I’m so glad you were able to book more shoots, but sorry it means your husband being away until later. What type of photography does he do, actually? It doesn’t sound like portraits. Is he a landscape photographer? I think I’d have wanted to break that guy's nose for saying high school is the best time of your life too. Perhaps for him, it was, but it’s certainly not that way for everyone. If high school had been the best years of my life, that would have predicted a pretty hellish future for me! It turned out it WAS the Host giving me nightmares, but it was worth it. I loved it. And now I’m finished, so no more nightmares…I only had them for 2 nights, so that’s not too bad. How’s your knee feeling today? Is it any better?

Susie, I work in a shipping warehouse that sells brand name children’s clothing. It’s really expensive, so I’m not surprised it’s not doing well with the economy…I’ve wondered from the beginning how anyone could afford it, but it seems that people are just now realizing they can’t. I'm not really picky about what I do for work as long as it's accessible by public transportation and allows me the time I need to be with my kids. I'd LOVE to work in a bookstore or something, but if I have to work at McDonalds, that's what I'd do. My nightmares are over now that I’ve finished the Host. Loved it though. I’m not a football fan, but I think that is awful if they get bonuses for hurting people!

Lulu, have a great vacation!

Marielle, I wish I had not cared so much about what people said about me in High School. I had some really good friends, but there were a lot of people that were really mean, too. Some things really stuck with me and I wish they hadn’t. About the promotion, can you talk to your boss and tell her you really want that position in the long term? Tell her that you feel you’ve worked hard and been good at what you do and that you deserve the opportunity and if you do a good job, it’s not right that someone who hasn’t put the work in gets to take it over. If they know it might mean losing you as an employee, perhaps they would be more motivated to keep you happy?

Caryn, are you still feeling rotten? I hate how long the crud lasts! Ugh! I've seen a lot of stuff you've posted about the Rush Limbaugh thing...can you believe someone on my facebook friends list was DEFENDING him? Saying it's a free country and everyone has the right to their opinion. I told her he has the right to his opinion, but he DOESN'T have the right to slander someone.

Ashley, I suppose it’s not an option to schedule dentist appointments when you are home for a visit, either? I guess if you are actually moving and don’t ever plan on living at home again, it’s not a big deal…especially if that insurance expires soon. Good luck with your applications process! I think I only applied to 1 school, but because I was a resident of the state and had good grades, they couldn’t refuse me. It must be nerve-wracking to actually be unsure of where you'll be accepted. But I hope you get your top choice!

Brenda, oh no! So sorry they are still fighting. Do you know what it’s about? Perhaps that would give you some insight in how to handle it? I think it’s good that you are meeting with the parents…maybe they have some ideas, too. When I was in school, one of my brother's best friends turned into a real jerk and the friendship never recovered. He was tormenting everyone at play practice (he shook a ladder I was sitting on for one scene, trying to knock me off, he ripped some letters I had ready to mail, stamps on and everything, in half, poured soda on my brother's script, and was a jerk to some other people as well) and stole something of my brother's, my brother chased after him to get it back, but for some reason the front doors were pegged shut and the kid ran straight into them trying to get out, and my brother was a big guy and had too much momentum to stop. He ran into the kid, whose head rebounded against the door and broke his 2 front teeth. His family tried to sue my brother for "unprovoked physical attack" and my brother got in school suspension, the other kid got nothing, even though there were several witnesses who said it was the other kid's fault and it was an accident. But them being dishonest like their son was perfect and had done nothing wrong, and then trying to SUE us for THEIR son's mistake was just too much for that friendship to survive. So my best advice is to try to keep it civil and calm, and don't over-react. Listen to both sides and maybe see if there were witnesses on the trip who can tell you exactly what happened. I’ve never done Yoga, but I’ve always been curious. I hope you enjoy it! Hope you make it to HHcon! I think it’s so great that everyone is getting together…I wish I could meet you all! And I’m glad you survived the sleepover. A pizza bar sounds so good…it’s making me hungry!

Christina, 450 people? Wow…there were only 32 in my graduating class- NO problems remembering names. Though, because it was such a small school, the person who planned our 10 year reunion also invited people who didn’t actually graduate with us but who moved away as far back as 8th grade. They invited people who were really AWFUL to me, so I really didn’t want to go. I was lucky…I had the title role in my choir’s opera that year and soloists were prohibited from taking vacation time, (kind of ridiculous since we weren’t being paid, but it worked out well for me) so I used that as an excuse for why I couldn’t go.

Tracy, my goodness, I hope you are wearing rollerskates! Sounds like you will need them as busy as you are! I don’t think you should feel guilty about lying in bed at all…not because hubs won’t be there, but because you will have EARNED it!

Tonise, Ginny, and Amy, Hi! Good to see you!

So Bugaboo woke up Tuesday morning saying “Mommy, there’s a naughty mosquito in my room!” and she was showing me 2 bumps on her hands. I thought nothing of it because I’ve seen a couple mosquitoes already. So Hubs took her to swimming and came back half an hour later because he got there, took her shirt off and she was COVERED in the bumps. But there was no fluid under them so we weren’t sure what it was…the swim teacher said chicken pox is going around. So they came home and I looked at her hands again and then there was fluid starting to form. So we went to the Doctor and sure enough she has Chicken Pox. I’m not worried about it…I want the kids to get it over with. So hopefully Mr. Man will get it soon, too. But I’ve been using my computer as a distraction for Bug the last couple of days, and it gave me more time to read The Host. So I’m sorry for being a bit MIA, but that’s why. Looking forward to the weekend when I might be able to get out of the house. I can’t leave Bug here by herself, so I’m stuck here, too. We HAVE to go to the grocery store and take Mr. Man to school, but other than that, we are home bound. But at least I have a very happy Chocolate Marble Cheesecake here to soften the blow. I put half in the freezer for a later date because only Bug and I like cheesecake and for the 2 of us to eat the whole thing before it would spoil isn’t realistic. But we’re trying to have a bit of a party so it’s not so much of a chore to be stuck at home. We’ve played on the computer, watched lots of movies, played Go Fish, and she’s gotten to pick dinner most nights…and now cheesecake. She says she likes the Chicken Pox. LOL :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by SwanCullen »

I am so not even going to try and catch up on all the post. I just realized the last time I was here was on pg 15! Oops!

I want to thank all of you that gave well wishes and checked on me last week when the horrific storms were raging. You ar some of the nicest people ever :-)

We got snow Sunday night/Monday morning that was gone before noon that day lol! And today we have rain again. Supposed to have storms AGAIN Monday and Tuesday. It seems like Spring came early this year!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi Everyone :)

Caryn, Lynne, and Christina: The problem is that so many fans feel a sense of entitlement with Kristen and Rob. But they still have to be respectful of their private lives and also know that their star power can only go so far with the studios and what they do.

Marielle: My weekends won't be filled with sports, unless it's a really packed weekend like next weekend with NASCAR, F1, and the 12 Hours of Sebring. To be honest, I like F1's and for sure the WEC's shedule, where F1 has only about 18-20 races a year and the WEC only have 8 for 2012, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans. NASCAR, they have 38 races a season, and sometimes in F1 and NASCAR, I find practice to be more entertaining than the actual races.

Songbird: I don't have neither. I don't have a racing car or a cell phone! If I can't afford the latter, how would I have the former--buying one at a government seizure auction? I would on occasion like a phone, but they cost a lot of money, and a lot of the plans are expensive--too expensive for my currently non-existent income.

And I do think that Kristen and Rob have a good distraction in each other. I mean, most everyone on this site is either married or in a relationship, and a soul mate has to be positive distraction. Granted, there's probably a lot of things about Kristen and Rob that are distracting to each other, but most of us can figure that out and it doesn't need to be said, partly out of appropriateness, and partly because the list will be too damned long for this forum :)

Everyone: Speaking of Kristen and Rob, has anyone seen the photos of them at the Louis Vuitton show yesterday? Robstenation has a ton of them.

I had a good night of sleep, which partly explains why I didn't write back sooner. I slept in until about 12:00 midnight, and I liked a comment my brother had, saying that the skies last night reminded him of old Universal Pictures horror films. Of course, it didn't start to rain until this morning well after sun up. However, there was light out enough even in the middle of the night that I could walk around without a flashlight, even with the overcast. I also finished off my fish last night and I have to figure out if I want taco salad or fried chicken, but I'm leaning towards the latter. I've also found out how to make some good lemon and lime tea with that lemon- and limeade. I think once I finish off the limeade, I'll make some lemon-limeade. I don't have a ton planned tonight aside from playing some video games. I also hope to head to bed soon and see about getting up later today, though the weather sucks with the rain and dropping temperatures. But by this time next week, it'll be about 60 again, and without rain on one of those days.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good Thursday morning, siblings. I'm telling you, it has just been a wrenching week. Between hovering between sick and getting better, the crazy weather, insanity at work, and the fandom wearing my butt out, I just don't know if I'm coming or going. I'm praying to gods that the world slows down at some point so I can catch up.

RobNews~ Rob&Kris were spotted out last night attending a fashion exhibition by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vitton (this is a photo from a news camera feed). At first, it made me giggle, thinking about Rob at a fashion show. But, the more I thought about it, the more I just had to smile. Fashion is Kris' thing and it's one of the reasons she was in Paris this week (it's Fashion Week in Paris, after all). She was invited to attend several events, and this was one of them. Rob tagged along to support and spend time with his partner. That's what loving couples do. Just as Kris made her appearance at the WfE premiere, allowing Rob his moment to shine, but supporting him with her mere presence, Rob did the exact same. It also strikes me that this is something that Rob typically wouldn't be interested in. But, because it interests Kris, he goes and he smiles and he participates. It's what couples do. It's why Hubs completely supports my Robsession. It's why I smile and nod and play track-mom. It's why Joanne Woodward attended every race Paul Newman ever ran, even though she made no secret of being bored nearly to tears. It's why Paul Newman accompanied Joanne Woodward to hundreds of ballet performances and recitals, despite the same level of boredom. When you love someone, you support them in what they love. These two continue to amaze me with their groundedness and dedication to one another. That's what I have to remember when days get a little rough in this fandom. And, now, of course, they are on their way out of Paris, though it's not yet confirmed where.

Ginnie~ I’m so glad you had a day to yourself to just… be. Of course, when I saw that you might be writing whilst being, I have to admit… I did a little happy dance. :D

Lynne~ I never saw Abduction. I heard about the horrid reviews and felt bad for Taylor, but not bad enough to see it. While I like me the occasional action film, I just couldn’t find it in myself to add this one to my list. Ugh, that sounds awful! That’s actually fairly common for a knee injury. Just be careful with it and if it keeps giving you grief, get it checked out.

Christina~ I know I am MamaBear when it comes to Rob and I should let what these people say slide off my back. But, I think what sent me completely over the edge in this case was that there was a group of them that actually wrote a letter to Rob’s management, supposedly representing “the majority of Rob’s fans” and stated that Rob should stop being seen in public with “that girl” (yeah, that one got my back up for sure) because it showed a clear lack of focus on professional priorities and that he owed it to his fans to announce a next project. I can’t even begin to break down all the ways that this enraged me. But, what killed me most is how did they think Rob would react to this letter? Did they not understand how hurt he might feel, how angry? I know that Rob&Kris are very secure in who they are, but something like that would still have to sting, particularly someone who already gives so much to his fans, who has already given up so much of his life because of the ownership people feel they have over him and his life. I wouldn’t blame the man a bit if he flipped two fingers to the lot of us and just quit point blank.

Tonise~ I totally forgot that this weekend is time to Spring Forward! :lol: Thanks for the reminder. Just try not to wear yourself out too much.

Tracy~ I completely support your lay-in on Friday!! It’s one of the perks of the children growing up. Once they are able to get up, get dressed, and feed and entertain themselves, it is a well-earned break to make up for all of the times we went without sleep or had to wake and the buttcrack of dawn with lively infants or toddlers. Peyton’s speech was definitely hard to watch. He’s been such a massive part of the community for the last 15 years and what he’s done for the city of Indianapolis is just irreplaceable. I’ve been through some retirements and trades in my time, but I’ve honestly never seen one where the player in question had become such an integral part of the city. Even MJ’s retirement from Chicago… he was the face of the Bulls, but not necessarily Chicago itself. Peyton… he’s just a different story. He put Indianapolis on the map in a way and his spirit will be missed.

Marielle~ Interesting. We don’t get Cosmopolis here until December, a month after BD2. I think it’s actually pretty unfair that they are pitting them against each other. They are very very different films and will have very different audiences. SWatH is essentially a summer blockbuster; a large budget studio film with promotion and tie-ins and the lot. Cosmopolis is an indie, multi-studio collaboration likely to do little actual marketing other than what makes sense. It’s not going to have corporate tie-ins and the story itself is a very cerebral thriller. Pitting them against each other is just crazy, and the sad thing is, no matter how well they each do independently, because they will be compared, one will be looked at as a failure. That pisses me off, good and proper. We’ll all keep our fingers crossed and sending good vibes for things to turn out well.

Susan~ Physically, I am feeling a lot better. Anytime I get a chest cold, it tends to linger because of my asthma. But the voice thing is lingering and that’s worse than anything, especially for me. I could not agree more. Yes, everyone is welcome to their opinion. And they are welcome to express their opinion. The First Amendment guarantees that. However, there is a vast vast difference between expressing your opinion in a civil and well-mannered way and being downright vile, cruel, vicious and evil. I get that people have objections to Ms. Fluk’s testimony and her position. Whatever. However, NO ONE has the right to completely twist her words, call her horrible names, degrade her publicly, not to mention outright lie about who she is and what she said. Rush has done and gotten away with these things for years. I’ve been in support of his termination for years. Now, it seems, it is all finally coming to a head. Other personalities in similar positions have been terminated for much less and it’s about time the same standards apply. I think you also bring up another good point. What he said was slander and I hope she sues him right into the poorhouse.

JennJenn~ Yep, we’re in the same boat. It’s just been the most insane winter/spring around these parts.

Alright, off to nuke my lunch. Laters.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Jazz Girl »

Stop The Press!!!!

The very first official still from Breaking Dawn part 2 has been released depending on how you define that term but I'll get to that in a minute...

Sweet Jesus, the man is just utterly breathtaking. Look at how he's looking at her!!! *sigh* And, if you look closely, it looks like someone's already been ruffling the hair at his nape. Poor girl... she just can't keep her fingers out of it. :twisted:

Sure sure, we've essentially seen this before in the BTS footage. But, I don't care. Most importantly, this means it's starting all over. This makes the release feel like it's actually approaching and not the months off it is in reality. Plus, admit it, it's cool to see what it's actually going to look like in the film.

Plus, it comes with a bonus announcement... There's going to be a sneak peek at the first trailer on March 20th. So, we only have to wait 12 more days until we get even more RobWard.

If you were wondering what I meant about defining first official still, we got this lovely still from BC for Christmas 2010. We all know that this scene happens in BD2, so it could be considered the first "official" picture. But, I'm not going to split hairs. It ain't official to me until in includes RobWard. End of.

Let the crazy begin... again!!! :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Alphie »

Hi guys -

Reading though all of these posts makes me so so so sad that I can't be at your convention! So how about this - lets set up a time when I can skype in or phone in or something and I can chat with all of you while you are at your get together?

Seriously, if you were doing this NOW I would be there. But June/July is a freaking nightmare for me!

Someone asked if I will be at any other cons this year. I know I will be in Nashville (duh) for the one in April. And we will certainly be holding another movie event in Nashville for Breaking Dawn part 2. I will tell you all this, we have already talked to Summit about getting the film early for a Thursday at 8:00 showing, but we can't "advertise" it on the blog. It has to be sold by word of mouth. I don't know how far away Nashville is for any of you, but if you want to plan now to come to Nashville Nov. 15, just let me know!

I really can't express how totally bummed I am that I can be at your event. It sounds like so much fun!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

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My goodness!! I've missed so much! I don't have time right now to catch up but hopefully I can get on this evening. Having some problems with my neck and shoulders so my hands have been going numb, so if I'm able I'll read through all the posts and look at all the yummy bits ya'll have left.
As an apology for missing so much, a gift for ya'll. :D

See ya'll later!
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