EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #2

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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #2

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hey, my lovelies!

yes, I'm being vair sneaky again. you're right Sierra, we do always seem to be banned from our computers... :twisted: :twisted:

I'm getting the Special Edition of Twilight for my birthday!!!! *dances on spot*


gotta go,
love you all,
are we at 100 pages yet?

happy holidays,
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #2

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*Walks into office and looks around* Well, it's still standing. I guess Heather, Carrie and Shannon managed to keep everyone in order.

*Picks up new hat sitting on desk* What's this? *shrugs* Guess I'll figure it out as I read what's been going on while I've been gone.

*Picks up PA mike* Everyone meet me in front of the office please.

*Walks out onto small porch of the office trailer and looks out at the Crew* Alright everyone, I just wanted to say I'm happy with the way you've handled yourselves while I've been gone. I have no idea what's been happening in the last 20 pages or so and I need to catch up. I've been reading a page or two each day, but you all post something like 5 pages a day. You've provided some much needed laughs and for that I'm grateful. I'm going to be busy for about the next week, but hopeful things will start to settle down after Christmas. I just wanted to stop by to give everyone a holiday bonus. :D

*Walks through group handing out boxes. Returns to porch and looks at all the puzzled faces as they open their boxes of toothpicks* :twisted: Wood glue is over there. Put my 2x4s back together.

*Turns to go back in office, then stops* Oh, and your getting a new thread. Everyone grab something. We're moving!
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