Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby dazzleme » Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:55 pm

Hola! Wow, I haven't been on the lex forever.... To LadyViolet- Love the penguin. And a Madagascar 2 shout out to Hannah (not sure if she has an account...)- OPPOSABLE THUMBS!!!!!! You need thumbs for a lot of things, don't you? Wow, I never realized that. Thumbs are very important. Okay, enough about thumbs. My major concern is... EASTERNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Synchronized Skating teams (look it up you dodos that don't know about it... it's totally awesome!) from Maine to Florida will be competing in this competition... easterns! So, of course I'm freaking out, seeing as there are 25-27 teams in my division. And I'm like the anchor for our pivoting line... but, I'm a MOVING ANCHOR!!! Does this make sense to anyone? Me neither. So, we have our official practice tomorrow that is only 10 minutes long. Then, we compete on Friday for the qualifiers! If we make the top six (there's two flights), we make it to finals (no pressure, people!). Saturday is finals, so we're all freaking out! Now, for some other stuff... SNOW DAY!!!! Yes, my peers, we had a SNOW DAY!!! today! OME!!!! My friend finished the awesomest book ever... TWILIGHT!!!! She is not as obsessed as me though... I have OCD!!! Obsessive Cullen Disorder!!! So, back to thumbs. I have a challenge for everyone! Tape your thumb to your palm, and see what you can and can't do. PM me or write about it... somewhere! By the way, like the color?
Do I dazzle you?

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby ashiekins16 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:44 pm

Whoa, Randomness has surely picked up the last 2 days!
And its obvious theres no school by all you who were posting. How come this weather is down south? lol In Wisconsin, its just super cold. We're usually the ones getting that crap.

Ugh so I am still on my boyfriends laptop. I want him to fix mine but hes not feeling well so I'm sure he wont start tonight. Ickk..his laptop is so old school. lol

Lost is on tonight! I am oh so excited! And I dont work tomorrow..but Friday is going to stink. 7 1/2 hours. Bleh..those shifts stink.

Hm..so I'm still only on Chapter 10 of Butch's book. But I don't mind reading slow this time around.

Okay..that was random..I'll be off and on tonight I'm sure..maybe we'll have a new thread tomorrow..unless it slows down now..now that Im on...that seems to happen. lol
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby maddy<3twilight » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:48 pm


Rob doesn't know how to play RockBand 2 haha

http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=0TYBEiFNR ... re=channel

haha Ryan Seacrest read parts of Twilight in his Radio thingy. It was HILRAIOUS!! They video is funny too!


Check out this site!!


There are some awesome videos and pictures...
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby deven » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:10 pm

hey loves!!!

man..i feel like have have been gone for days!!...but really i was on last night..lol..idk

shel..i think i should PM you..i am on like 193 of it..i dont know why i stopped..oh yeah its cuz i dont like phury..lol..and finals came..lol..but ineed to finish before i start DH on friday!

Kris_Aingeal ----why didnt you read then in order!!!? each book builds off the other...you really need to read them in order..it goes wrath.rhage.zsaddist.butch.visous.phury.rhev. i think then john?

so guys...i failed math test today..darn! i had TWO math finlas...first was ok..second..not so much..=/

allie-yeah of course there was twilight tuesday...i loved it..i got great laughs..i bet it will be new moon monday..but it should be new moon everyday...lol

hmm..i have youth tonight..max is picking me up in like...2 hours...yay!
last night i almost hit a kitty and then i had a case of road rhage..lol

^^^oh my goodness...i just spelt rage like Rhage..lol..=]..i did that on my scarlet letter essay with Tohrment..lol. maybe i am too in love with BDB...hahaha
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby maddy<3twilight » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:45 pm

I am so cold right now I am actually shivering.

I am going to watch Lost soon.

WOW I am tireder (Is that a word?) then I thought.

Oh I was looking in the thesarus the other day and I didn't know Sweetness was a word. I sa that all the tie but never thought it was a real word.

I am going to read Uglies I just need to get to the book store. Sometime.

If Vanessa Hudgens is in New Moon it will wreck the whole thing...
People will think Twilight was going disney.. :?

and I always pictured Jane with Brown hair not Blonde like Dafota Fanning.
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby samajama » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:55 pm

ash- random picked up because i'm back ;] haha not really! but whateverrrrrrrr hehe

Kris_Aingeal - :shock: you didn't read the books in order?!??! READ RHAGE. NOWWWWWWW. i command you. Lover Eternal. rhage is......... mmmmm :] he is my favorite. i need ot read butch;s book. but i can't until tomorrow because........

I AM READING ACTS 4 & 5 of HAMLET i.e., i am dying a slow and painful death.
S-word, it's alreay 9 and i still ahve to read nad write a journal. then i need to RE-pack my costumes.....pack extra crap for other people... SHOWER. possibly straighten my hair.. or bring my straightener with me?

lynz- i forgot to ask you. what's in Dublin Coddle? you and will just said i would think it's gross. haaha. and speaking of whom, don't be worried about monday. all will be well. love you sis

mary is making me get arthritis!! :lol: <3
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby deven » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:08 pm

sam- i <3 rhage too..he is so funny..and great!

maddy- vanessa isnt gonna be in new moon..niether is leah so vanessa didnt even audition for anything. i read this on the news blogs.

i think i need to up my eye perscription thingy...my contacts are hurts my eye balls...=[..sad

umm..yeah..phury..i should go read that...grrrr..something weird just happened..not sure what yet...and then that solo chapter with the "He" towards the beginning...i know who the he was...sad!!!!!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby 'twahy-lahyt' » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:23 pm

Deven - that "He" thing tore me up. I was crying like a baby. I love love love that "He" I mean ask Lynz, Mary, Kym, Shannon, or Lily. I ABSOLUTELY love him and it ripped me apart to read that.

Seriously I was gettig a little teary just thinking about it :cry:

Sam - I think both you and Mary are going to get arthritis ;)

Okay. I REALLY need to finish writing this story.
It's cracking me up at the moment. It's completely cheesy, but I just need to wrap it up so I can turn it in tomorrow. it shouldn't take long.

I need to switch the laundry around too.

Ohh I forgot. Marlee - I hope you pass that test with flying colors!

I have a headache again. Ughh!!!
I'll be lurking for a while
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby Lynzeee » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:34 pm

Sam~ you may like it, it looks kind of like i mixed a bunch of stuff together, its like Irish comfort food.
I make it with Sausage, Bacon, Potatoes an onion, You can make it soupy or thick. its really good. it just looks strange sometimes.. and then you add some soda bread. MMMMM

Okay I just ate Chilis it was really good.

I am doing laundry. I procrastinated all day and now i am suffering for it.

I am also reading Mary's new chapter.

with that being said.

I will write again.

Looks like maybe i new thread tonight tomorrow morning.

Good job guys for doing so well! this thread lasted a long time. and we like it like that.
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Postby kkswmmr114 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:39 pm

Yea, Randomness 5... good times...

Oh man, orientation tomorrow!! 8-5 in one room.... ugh. Then the next day is a seminar which is again 8-4. That is two very very very long days in a row!!

Uh-oh. I just found out my cousin was given two months to live today. He is actually my cousin's husband... but I have known him all my life. They have a daughter who is about to graduate high school and a son who is a few years younger. He got melanoma from tanning year round at a tanning bed... and they didn't catch it soon enough so now the cancer has spread throughout his entire body. Now he is going to die in two months from tanning. Take my advice please: pale is pretty too. Just don't go to tanning beds...

Thanks Shel!!

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