The Paparazzi and the Press

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Re: The Paparazzi and the Press

Postby Chernaudi » Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:51 pm

@ Tornado: I intended to type this last night when the power went out, but here I go anyways--The Constitution does allow for basic protection under law for all people, but it is from that standpoint sort of filled with some loopholes. You have to remember when it was written and ratified in the 1790s, black people were often considered property because of slavery/paid servitude laws, the latter said that they'd only gain full citizenship after being a paid servant after 7 years, and women were often treated little better. Thankfully, things have changed, but we're still dealing with a document written by people, who as MysticsOcean said, couldn't have possibly foreseen this stuff.

@ MysticsOcean: I noticed that you're new here, and the fact that you turned up her as one of the first places that you visited to me speaks highly of your convictions. I might if I get time send you a PM later, as I have a night of catching up with stuff to do with my internet being messed up most of the past 24 hours. But I promise you that I'll try and get in touch with you soon.

Back on subject, I think that the press worldwide sucks, but there's a demand for it, even if it's only a small number of people who actively fuel it. I can tell you more in that PM how I feel, but it should be pretty obvious my disdain for them. And having the conviction that my grandfathers didn't enlist in WWII and that many others have fought and even died to protect this would probably make them turn in their graves, as well as the founding fathers.
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Re: The Paparazzi and the Press

Postby Tornado » Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:29 am

Yes, freedom of the press is good when they are keeping politicians, etc, honest, but not when they are chasing down celebrities simply for the sake of making a quick buck, which is all it is. New laws need to be made that put some boundaries around what the press are and aren't allowed to do.
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Re: The Paparazzi and the Press

Postby marielle » Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:52 am

You all have really good points...
Here in Holland the freedom of press has been an issue for a long time... it's equalled to the freedom to speak your mind. These days you can't say anything without having to fear somebody killing or hurting you for it...
Still I am for total freedom...

the problem with the papzz is generally in my opinion that the whole concept for the respect for privacy is gone. the respect for a human being is gone... everything is about money these days...and when a celeb complains about it people get angry and say..."Than you should have picked an other profession."
Though I agree that with being a movie star dealing with the need of your fans comes with the job, it can be done in organized interviews and photoshoots... real fans don't need the pap-pics...

When Kristen claimed that having to deal with the papz is like being raped (brutally said) I can't help but agreeing with her. Though it isn't sexually and it is less painful, people are still violating her, she is a small petit girls with is haunted by big men that want to take her picture (preferably of her getting out of a car in an unflatering way without her panties on)... now if we were speaking about a five year old in the park, the cops would have the guy taking pictures arrested and judged, send to prison before he could blink, but apparently it's okay to take pictures of a 16 or 17 year old girl who doesn't want that...or from somebody in their bikini who doesn't want that...

I honestly think that people should get back to what's respectful... have rules of good conduct or something.
One other thing actors have rights, everytime their movie is showed on tv people pay for it... why doesn't that apply to all pictures, they should only be allowed to be published if the person in question agrees and gets paid for it... that will stop the papzz I think...
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Re: The Paparazzi and the Press

Postby Tornado » Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:08 am

You have some good points, marielle. Certainly the type of photos they're taking should come into play. These are not photos relating to national or international security, but things that, if taken by someone other than a pap, would have that person arrested. More needs to be done to limit these kinds of photographs.
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