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Re: Breaking Dawn- Mixed Thoughts

Postby inj3cti0n » Wed Aug 27, 2008 2:26 am

@ The Above Post:

You must be forgetting that this was a 'book' and you have no right to deny someone the rights to read a book. Sure most of the Authors audience are teenagers, but what average teenager hasn't been cuddled lovingly with another in a bed being male or female? The media being Radio, Music, TV, books, or a simple sign DOES NOT! make decisions for people at ANY age, they only influence them, those decisions are left for that person and that person alone. If you plan to censor your daughters readings, you might as well withdraw her from the world and lock her in a room with nothing but plain white walls. Would you rather her reading a book and making her decision to follow Bella's and Edwards example in True love, or out with some hooligans making irrational decisions? A perfect example would be me, here I am about to turn 19 (Which is awesome ^__^ Sep 13th), and ever since I was young I saw the world as it is, corrupt and evil. And yet, being surrounded by school shootings, movies, books, music, thugs and druggies..., seeing and understanding what they have, and not allowing them to alter my life decisions....., I have had a fine life so far.


I have mixed thoughts on the book in question and I really don't feel like writing a miniature novel on them.

All I will say is that "Breaking Dawn" IS a good book but SM moved the story line to fast threw the book and ended it to abruptly. (premature) I, myself am not a reader of books unless I'm interested in the book(s) and when I am, pages amounting in 500 or more fall like dominoes in a chain reaction and before I know it, the book is over and on the shelf to collect dust particles. (I just don't know what else to say...)

PS. There should have been more books!
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why it lost me

Postby starcrossed2nite » Wed Aug 27, 2008 3:54 pm

Where did Bella go?

Somewhere along frantically turning the pages of Breaking Dawn, I lost who Bella was and I lost a lot of what drew me into the books in the first place- Edward and Bella's magnetic relationship. Bella used to love Edward selflessly, and then she risks her life, with the possibility of leaving him in a suicidal state, for something unknown and potentially lethal growing inside her. I understand the maternal instinct and the "nesting" aspect- but really, shouldn't it have been a decision they made together, safely? Yes, the baby ended up being healthy but it could have been anything. She switched her loyalty from the one who always loved her to the one who has never even liked her, Rosalie! What she did to Edward was selfish and very unBella. After that, and especially after the transformation, they never seemed the same. No more passionate conversations about their love, only sex and Renesmee. From what was portrayed to us, that was their ENTIRE relationship. Sure, there were little tidbits about how if Edward died in the fight she'd die with him and the like, but if the past three books only had "little tidbits" of that kind of passion, would we have liked them in the first place?

We missed a lot of Bella's logic thanks to the pregnancy being narrated by Jacob. I did like glimpsing into Jacob's world but I really missed out on what the heck Bella was thinking. The center of her life shifted from Edward to Renesmee, which is normal for motherhood, but I don't feel as that relationship was nearly as satisfying as her and Edward's. This is the central issue of my problems with the book, as it lost the magic that left me in a trance in the first three.
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Why It Broke My Heart

Postby alellie » Thu Aug 28, 2008 9:40 pm

I go along with the rest of the peeps here...

At first when I read it, I had the urge to throw the book at the wall whenever Nessie's name would show up...I mean, even though BD supposed to be a FICTION book, the series still had the sense of realism towards it. Like, for example, in Twilight, I could compare with Bella being in love. In New Moon, I could share my pain of heartbreaks through Bella during her 'zombie' period, and in Eclipse, I could relate to the characters through sacrifice; that in life, sometimes, you can't 'have your cake and eat it, too'. This was explained when Bella had to make the hardest decision of her life: Edward or Jacob?

All of this, I could relate to, compare with my life, and cry along with Bella whenever a crisis showed up...then...

BD happened.

At first, I thought it was a joke. Really. I thought Stephenie Meyer would say, three days later, "Hahaha, did you guys liked that joke? Yeah, I was just kidding...these books aren't the REAL BREAKING DAWN...I was just fooling, you guys. You can just take the fake BD's to your nearest warehouse and pick up the REAL Breaking Dawn, later."

I thought that's what would happen.

I guess I was wrong.

I mean, it's not like I have anything against Miss Scotland Lake Serpent, but the reason Renesmee was brought on Earth made me really, really, really, angreh...grr. Especially her name. When I was just beginning to get over Bella's pregnancy, the name appeared, and I had to calm myself down again.. (why not the name: Elizabeth, SM?!)

And, the whole Jake-imprinting-on-Bella's-child-plotline is so overly done, that whenever I came across Bella-being-pregnant-stories in FF, I'd simply skip over it (though there ARE a few exceptions).

In Breaking Dawn, there was nothing I could compare with. Nada. I mean, even if I WERE a pregnant teenager, I can't compare myself with it. Why? Am I carrying the seed of a mutant child? No...

Bella was completely doubt about it. The lovesick-clumsy-lovable Bella I knew was gone forever...motherhood matured her with no trace of her original traits at least glimpsing in her new vampire form.

But what broke my heart even more was that I'd waited for this book for months...I'd stick with the Twilight Series for years, ever since the first day that apple-covered book was released. Then what did I get for my faithfulness?

A disappointing finish of what was known to be one of the greatest bestsellers of all time... me, Twilight will always be a TRILOGY.

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse. That it. No more.

Breaking Dawn = Broken Fail (thanks for letting me borrow your phrase, Hale Jasper!)

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby F-16 » Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:33 pm

I didn't like the book.
I tried reading it again, and still couldn't make myself like it. There's nothing there that could make me want to read further.
Although, as almost everyone is mentioning, there are parts I love.
Book II, I respect Jacob so much more now.
The wedding was superbly done, and it was the only part that was true to Edward and Bella in BD in my opinion, so I savoured it.

I think what got to me was that the characters didn't act like themselves. In New Moon, Edward single handedly uproots his entire family and forces them to move because he thinks he's endangering Bella, irregardless of the fact that Bella obviously is against him leaving. And yet, here, when this baby-monster is obviously killing Bella, just because Rosalie is suddenly Bella's body guard he can't do anything about it? That doesn't gel with the personality I had in mind for Edward. It was at that point that I lost faith in the book.

The ending of Eclipse was so beautiful for me. It's how I wish BD had ended, where on the one hand you had this love between two people, and the promise of a great future. But, on the other hand you had Jacob, the unresolved character that showed you that life doesn't always work out the way you want, and that people DO get hurt. It just makes the beautiful things more important and meaningful because you know what it costs to get them. I know it's fiction but the first three books were rooted in realism, and BD just sort of threw that out the window.

Eclipse is the end for me.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby Shaiya » Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:00 pm

I could feel this coming sort of. After New Moon, I felt the series faltering. Even in Twilight and New Moon I started to see gaping holes in plot and character development. Bella seemed to have a cinderella complex and it seemed like she based approval on physical appearance and constantly puts herself down and compares herself to how beautiful the female vampires are while thinking she isn't good enough for Edward because he's too beautiful. At first, I didn't really see a problem with this, but as I re-examined it, I realized how bad of a role model Bella is for teenage girls like myself and how she is fundamentally, quite shallow. Also, I feel like Bella is more of a Mary-Sue than I thought so at first. Boys fall in love with her readily, girls are jealous of her, she is unrelatably self-sacrificing and constantly being protected and sheltered by Edward. Which I see as too much of an anti-feminist relationship. Edward is like a creepy overpossessive father figure while Bella continues to hurt herself more than is believably realistic. I could go on about how I see hints of other things like racism, more mary-sueness and shallowness, but I think I've got the main idea.

Breaking Dawn was just awful. Downright awful. It seemed like a disgustingly written fanfiction, with the whole pregnancy and Jacob imprinting on "Renesmee" whose name I thought was a joke. The relatability of the characters is non-existant and the love between Bella and Edward stirs no emotion and is only dull and redundant. After 4 books of hearing how perfect and amazing Edward is, you kind of want something new. When does Bella ever get past her shallowness and see beyond it? Where is the deeper meaning to their relationship? Also, there was no epic final battle, none of the major conflicts were satisfyingly resolved and overall, it was too hollow. There are probably fanfictions better than this "book". The prose is sparse and Meyer can't seem to achieve any sort of realism or reflective fantasy in any part of this book.

J.K. Rowling's The Deathly Hallows made me cry, made me laugh, and made me realize so many new things about all the different characters that when I finished, I wondered how she did it. How she mangaged to finish such a series with a huge bang that was able to satisfy much of the fandom. Stephenie Meyer just seems to lose grasp on her own characters and overall, the entire point of the story. There was no deeper meaning behind the books, as all good fantasy books should provide and as I read it, I just felt more and more like she had some unresolved personal issues that were being reflected into the book. Overall, it was a horrible experience to read this book and it's the last I'll ever buy from Stephenie Meyer.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby rjv_piper » Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:54 am

What can I say? It was horrible. I got through half of it, and wanted to stop. The characters were wrong, the plot was wrong... I thought SM was better than this. Everyone has a bad book every now and then, but why this one???
Well, Bella got pregnant. That was very annoying, because first of all, Edward couldn't be a dad. SM had been saying that all the time. YOU CAN'T MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN YOU HAVE BEEN TELLING YOUR READERS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! I thought Jake was the dad for 1/2 of the book because Alice couldn't see it, (Just like a wearwolf) and then they got into all the chromosone pairs things... bla bla bla.
Second, Bella had been saying that she didn't want to be a mom for the whole series again, way out of character. It made me so mad!!!!!
Thirdly, Alice would never leave. DUH!!! Jasper would not miss out on a good fight. DUH!!!!!!! I WAS SO MAD AT THIS BOOK I WANTED TO TEAR OUT THE PAGES AND USE THEM FOR THE ONLY THING THEY WOULD BE USEFUL AT! TOILET PAPER!!!!
Good things about this book? FINALLY AN END!!!!! She took it too far, and should've ended it in the frist book. (I'm afraid The Host is going to be much the same...)
um... yeah, nothing else really the only thing that got me through this book was seeing what stupid thing would happen next.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby UnfreakinBelievable » Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:06 pm

Hey guys, I want Midnight Sun published SO badly that I started a petition -- one to Stephenie telling her that we will abstain from reading the leaked chapters and we LOVE her and will support her with whatever time she needs to be able to get back to that project.

I've already got over 200 signatures -- I would love even more!!! Spread the word!! Get your fellow Twilighters to sign and I will mail this onto Stephenie!

Go show her some LOVE!! ... index.html
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby wannabeacullen? » Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:16 pm

Don't get me wrong, i really do love the twilight series, but this book was reall out of the story line for me. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse ran in a straight line, right down the line , oh we'll call it B. So first three books ran straight down line B, but breaking dawn was all over the board! K, M, D, F, E, X, Z, R!! i agree with previous posts, that it seems very rushed.

HUGEST MAIN PROBLEM:: Read like a fanfic. totally. you know it. don't deny it.
1. I think that the deep emotions and converstations that we loved and cherished within the first three are gone. I mean, think about it. TWILIGHT!: the huge emotion of first love, constant talking and learning about each other and working together and wonderful moments of deep thought. NEW MOON!: the pain, i mean, that was great to read through (the first and second time), and the intense emotion of how much she missed him, the love she felt, the constant self communication, arguing with herself, the complex emotion of what she felt for jacob and how much she could let her self feel?? ECLIPSE!!: do i even have to explain this one? The imense love for the Cullens, the pack, Jacob, Edward. Worry of the fight, extreme anxiety for Charlie, the complex process of preparing to leave her human life forever...... she thought deeply almost throughout the whole book. she Felt deeply too, again, almost the whole thing. Characters where having very important convos throughout the WHOLE book!!! and..... then.... Breaking Dawn. In the beginning it was good, the whole wedding thing, the feelings the worries the love the wonder the beauty of it all.... then it hit the aftermath and went downhill fast. I mean, totally not the bella we know. Where were the deep thoughts? Where were the hugely interesting mind blowing converstations? COME ON!
2. DRINKING BLOOD? come on!! so.... so.... SO FANFIC. I don't even need to jump into that, do i? Is it really neccesary?
3. The whole imprinting thing. Thinking of Jacob and Bella's love for eachother, thinking of the way that she realized that she loved him in the clearing in Eclipse..... sickening. Worth screaming over (which as i may point out, i did. a lot.) laughable, depressing. So, like, ta da? It's done? That is just the way that Jacob was cleared up. Little character growth (showd some as far as Leah is conscerned), he just BANG fell in love. didn't have to work to get over his immense love for Bella..... just, 'oh, there you go. It's fixed, right? ' Not to be rude to Stephenie Meyer, I Totally LOVE HER. but come on! I thought that she would have given one of her very favorite characters more than that.
4. We got no deep insight from the cullens. Like, hardly any. No deep and long conversations on how things were going or how they wanted them to go.... They totally changed. From serious and concentrated (and a bit of fun) to silly, crazy even. To ... i wish i could escape from saying this, but it is just FANFIC. i swear, i read one that the characters were running around, joking on eachother, being immature.... and I was appauled when i read that in breaking dawn.
5. Reneesme the name, and the person. Bella shouldb't be allowed to name a fish after what happened in Breaking Dawn, much less a child. She sort of, like, fixed everything? Is that the word i want? No, she didn't. She totally messed up Edward and Bella's relationship, it wasn't the intense and beautiful thing that it had once been. It was..... dare i say? boring. Nothing new and interesting to think over there. Just the weird change that we couldn't connect to anymore.
6. The whole "I'm going against the whole book of vampire laws of nature, and skipping the newborn phase." TOTALLY JUST SKIP IT? talk about an easy way out.......
7. Everything just tied up into a happy bow at the end. The only problem was leaving Renee out of the loop. I feel that that was not explained and talked about enough by Bella's thoughts and feeling. She was NEVER going to get to spend time with her mother like she would with her dad. She had to leave her mother in a depression because she died, or confused because nothing Charlie said was making sense...... Bella didn't seem to upset about THAT. Charlie seeing Jacob phase- "Oh, yeah, sure, i knew you were weird, and now that i have the chance to see the extent of that, i'm just going to pretend that bells isn't some creepy thing that isn't my daughter, with a child that i just know is not her new neice in law. Pregnant in some bizarre happening? No... no... i'll just avoid thinking about that." UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
quite a few other things, that i'm not going to delve into, cuz it's long enough already, but am i the only one that these things bothered?

OH, i did LOVE meeting all the Cullen friends. they are sooo interesting!!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby skylarblue » Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:48 pm

I was slightly disappointed with the way the whole thing ended (like with Harry Potter), I wanted more. I wanted to know how things turned out with Jake, Charlie/Sue, Seth, Alice, etc.

I realized that the whole series was entwined with Bella and Edward but she also spent alot of time focused on Jacob and in some way I wanted to find out about him. I know that he imprinted on Nessie but for some fleeting moment, I thought he and Leah would eventually get together.

At the end, I was wanting and waiting for so much more. It was the perfect fairytale ending that always happens and I was left feeling a little empty and disappointed (maybe not disappointed by wanting more).

Even though this was written through Bella's eyes, I was drawn to Edward (I know she's comming out with a book from Edwards side but will she do four books on that). I'm torn because I was rooting for both Edward and Jacob but I just can't wrap my mind around it all.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby BlondeMadie » Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:49 pm

ya, i thought i would get mobbed if i said this, but i liked some of it, but most of it i didnt. I really disliked that once Bella was changed, she really wasn't Bella anymore. She wasn't clumsy, and she wasn't temperamental. And Edward seemed waaaay too fatherly. i prefer the whole falling in love with difficulties teenage drama thing to the Edward is actually 80 and is now acting like it. The one thing that really got on my nerves was that most of the vampire's extra talents seemed to revolve around the potential fight with the Volturi. Why else would she have given Alec that exact power. honestly. what would he have been able to do in his mortal life that gave him that random and actually unnecessary power that would really only be useful if he joined the Volturi. And why would anyone have the power to make or break relationships unless they were with the Volturi? however, I did like hearing Jacob's side of the story. I had always thought he was a jerk, but now i understand it more. And also, i feel like the only reason Bella would be able to resist human blood right as a newborn was so that the author wouldnt have to wait too long to continue the book.same goes for Nessie's rapid growth. I enjoyed the book.... but it isn't Twilight saga material.
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