Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby Satsu-kun » Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:52 am

It was ok... I guess.. Kinda a disappointed. It ended so abruptly, and the ending was a bit too sappy for my taste. I for one(being a guy and all) would have enjoyed it very much to see how the fight was going to play out. Stephanie says that there was going to be a 90% death toll on both forces, so it might have made it too sad for all of the faint-hearted.

I diddn't particually like the whole "pregnancy" bit. Pretty sappy in my opinion. Doesn't make too much sense biologically speaking also.... I swear, the thought of a living corpse impregnating a young woman just keeps me up at night. :lol:

I would be MUCH less annoyed with Breaking Dawn if I knew "for a fact" that Stephanie was going to continue her vampire world. Same vampires, or not, I would love to see this new type of vampire play out.(Without Edward, and Jacob would be my preference :P)

I guess this is just the guy's reaction to th efinal book. Too sappy, and warm...

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby MontyRenee » Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:50 am

Can't say i didn't liked it because i did like the book a lot. Well at least the biggest part of the book i liked. :) I was kind of schocked when it turned out Bella was really pregnant, first i was in denial or something thought it wasn't true and that she had got it wrong. O well i realy love Renesmee, she seems sweet and like the part that Jacob inprinted on her it seems just right to happen (although i wasn't happy whit it immediatly). Really (still after everything....) don't like Jacob i understand him a lot better now but i just don't like him. The part in the book that you see everything throu Jacob's eyes annoyed me sometimes, but it was interesting. The outcome of the book surprised me a lot expected some different things. But it seems to me that the serie isn't over at least i feel so! Okay everybody is happy now but i got so many questions! How will Renesmee turn out when she grows up? Will Jacob stay a werewolve forever now just to be with Renesmee forever? The volturi they are coming back some day.... what will they do when it happens? Would like to know everything. Got some more questions like these ones.... There seem to be so many things untold. Weird because everybody is happen and still I wanna know things.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby Kay0722 » Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:02 pm

i loved that book idk y everyone hates its so much i think its a great book its one of my favorite ones ...
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby AussieT » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:45 pm

I'll start by saying what I loved about the first 3 books - the characters and their relationships, mainly the in depth conversations between characters which had to occur so we would get to know them and what they were thinking (eg. Interrogations in Twilight, The Truth in New Moon, Fire and Ice in Eclipse). This didn't happen in BD (with the exception of Jacob's Book) - it all seemed to be a visual description from Bella. This made it a bit flat.

It also seemed too neat - where is the conversation with Edward about the last month after she becomes immortal or is all forgiven and forgotten now, what about the relationship with Edward and Rosalie or did that all disappear once he heard the baby's thoughts, what about Jacob who imprints and then all of a sudden everything between him, Bella and Edward is fixed like it never happened??? :?: Too many questions that weren't answered satisfactorily - all done too quick with a couple of sentences like an afterthought.

It seemed to me that the last section was written too quickly so the story could have a happy ending so that the series could be completed without the need for another book. But it comes across as rushed - and almost like Stephenie lost interest in the characters and their relationships, which is what drew me to the series in the first place.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby skylarblue » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:52 pm

Wow, I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who was disappointed. I also thought I was going to be ripped to shreds for saying that I wasn't happy but we all have our own opinions and I was hoping for different outcomes.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby juliietuggle » Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:38 pm

Well, first of all I must say that I've learned to love Breaking Dawn.

But here were some of the things that I first thought after/ during reading it:

1. Of course, Renesme/ Nesse-
Actually, I don't have much[i][/i] of a problem here...
but... I don't know if we were quite ready for SUCH a big thing so fast!
I mean it just happened like BAM! I mean sure there was the wedding and honeymoon but... wow.

2. The novel's overall impression-
I love love love the story, but it was all just so quick, fast and everything.
Hardly any time for things to sink in. But then again great story. But, she could've connected some of the things better. In a way... kind of sloppy... but that's my impression, but I love and apprieciate anything that SM has done for us. Such an entertainer! And I only know so little compared to her on writing... but that's my general opinion.

3. Jacob telling Charlie everything about everything.
This is one thing that I just can't get over... why?!
I just don't understand why he did this(don't get me wrong, I love Jake now) but and Bella was just so cool about it and then Charlie came over... boy that was a field trip.

4. Rosalie-
Wow what an annoying character. Really she got in the way. I mean I know Edward's favorite brother is Emmett and it would ruin his family and all, but if I was Edward, or if Edward[i] was [i]Edward[i], [/i][/i][/i] really he would have stuck up for Bella more. He knew what Rosalie was thinking, but the real Edward would have... idk but something about it.

5. Alice/ Edward/ vamps in general-
You know what it sad (okay well to me anyway) that the werewolves were more interesting than the vampires in this one. Wow. But Edward going so crazy, and Alice was just kind of there and not doing anything... i know that she had a "headache" but please... I wanted more Alice. And Jasper and Emmett were gone most of the time. And the only thing Esme does is sympethize. What else does she do?!?!?! I love Esme, but I realized that she doesn't DO anything. :(
And Alice running away... irked me.

But, why regret the last book? I'm not.
I'm just venting. Love Twilight saga, SM, etc. Always will.
Positive energy is what I'm turning too.
I mean, it's the last book of Bella's perspective.
Why hate it? I love it.
Thanks SM!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby Le-Petit-Mort » Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:33 pm

Kay0722 wrote:i loved that book idk y everyone hates its so much i think its a great book its one of my favorite ones ...

Then aren't you in the wrong section? This is for the people who didn't like it. :lol: :roll:
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby the.slayer » Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:55 am

ok, for me i loved some parts of the book, but i hated other parts of the book. one thing i did like overall is that SM wrote the book for her and made it end for how she wanted to do it, which i think is important for writers to do. but for me and alot of opinions i`ve read, it was a bit of a disapointment.

i loved the leading up to the wedding and the whole wedding itself. i also loved bella, for when her and edward where telling charlie and she was freaking out. also with the car and the town and her thoughts about it, i loved. i loved the honeymoon. and even though a bit more detail could of been nice, i still loved the way she wrote it. i was sad that it ended a bit early. with Renesmee i didn't have a problem and i thourght she was kinda cute. i liked little thing bella had with j.jenks. i also LOVED bella's special gift, the way she kicked butt as a vampire and all the end of the book she let edward into her mind!

i didnt like or i hated that jacob imprinted on renesmee! i hated that because it just wreaked the little family picture i had of bella, edward and renesmee! coz jacob would just be allways hanging around and being all puppy love.. and that.
even though i liked that bella and edward could have a physical relationship, and that they could love each other more. i didn't like that all the kind of passion went out of the relationship, like in twilight there was so much more heat in just a single touch or kiss than there was in all the vampire sex that they had.
there was alsothe fact that bella really didn't get affected by becoming a vampire like all the stories we herd of the cullens on how it took then so many years to control them selves then bella just see's charlie like 3 days after. i guess i wanted to see bella a bti more wild at times. like with some thoughts and then she would have to control herself even more.

there are more reason way i liked/didnt like the book, these are just a few reasons.

when i think back to reading the book, i did like it, because all the good bits outwayed the bad for me. and i was smiling thoughout most of the book.

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby Apple » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:48 am

breaking dawn was a pretty big disappointment for me. i have never been that excited for a book before. i pre-ordered it ages before it came out and the day it came out i went the bookstore as soon as it opened. sigh. i guess what bothered me were all the inconsistencies. here are a few of the things that really irked me:

1. the writing style. for the first 50 pages or so, it didn't even seen like SM wrote it. everything was a bit off, and awkward. there were a few parts that were just plain bad, with awful grammar. i can't believe an editor didn't catch it. this book must have been really rushed.

2. why did SM have so much about bella's aversion to blood in twilight, only to have it be completely irrelevant to the overall story? it took up such a large and important part of the first book, and then was ignored in breaking dawn, where as a human, she drinks blood and likes it. it didn't make sense.

3. why was bella not like a normal newborn? seriously, that was never explained. it annoyed me. she was totally able to control herself, and thats cool, but you can't have something like that and not explain why it happens. especially when SM spent SO much time building up how crazy newborn life was, only to have it not matter in breaking dawn.

4. bella was impossible to relate to when she became a vampire. i realize that all of her endearing qualities, the clumsiness, the awkwardness, are completely un-vampire -like, but it was still disappointing. there was one scene in particular, where bella is following alice's clues, and some guy describes her as "a frieking supermodel!!" sigh, thats not my bella.

5. bella seems to stop caring about her father. the scenes where she actually decides to go so him are painful to read. she seems annoyed at having to do these human tasks. it was really sad.

i could keep going, but i think that is enough for now ;). its a shame because i really wanted a great conclusion to this story.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I didn't like it

Postby RoseRed » Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:43 pm

I disliked the book intensely for the simple fact that, while being a fine book on it's own, as part of the series, it made absolutely no sense. Here's why-

1. After three books of being a normal high school girl, Bella is suddenly whiplashed into being married and immortal with child. There is no grace adjustment- she is just snapped off of being everything she was and totally transformed into something unrelatable in the LAST book.

2. All male vampires have apparently become Incubi without their knowledge in the eleventh hour. Any male vampire anywhere within the Twilight world has always had the ability to impregnate a human girl. We do not know how many cases there have been, how many mutant children are running around, if it is possible to have just a BIT of vampire in you provided it is bred out, or how it is even possible, when venom burns through everything and would have logically erased any live sperm in the transformation process. People, it dissolves contacts and petrifies skin tissue.

3. The La Push pack are evidently NOT werewolves, but shape-shifters, though we have spent two books calling them werewolves. This information is thrown in casually, without need, and without any further information. We weren't even thoroughly explained to about what a real Child of the Moon is, or shown. Besides the requirement of a full moon, how are they different?

4. The Volturi showdown which has been built up since New Moon, is resolved by them marching into Forks, gliding around a bit, and running away with their tails between their legs. No, it was not a "mental" battle- it was not a battle at all. The Volturi decided they didn't want to risk anything and turned around.

5. The love triangle which spurned thousands of dollars in Team Edward/Jacob t-shirt sales never existed.

6. Stephenie Meyer kept to her original plotline of Forever Dawn, even though it no longer fit. When asked to write an additional two books of Bella's school years, every plotline shifted and grew and became ready for an ending which was exceedingly obvious to everyone who had read the series. But indeed, she plowed on with it anyways.

7. Bella's transformation became an only option, rather than the price, the choice, it had been since book one.

8. Human Bella and vampire Edward having sex, though physically impossible, is forced on us multiple times, as an illogical plot device to lead to Renesmee. Edward has always put himself in charge of Bella's safety, and yet is putting himself at great risk of killing her, if only to grant her a little pleasure in the bedroom. Bella's argument was that she wanted to experience intimacy before she became blood-crazed, though Edward should have known from the thoughts of his family that vampires still experience those feelings, even in greater desire, and reassured her that she didn't need to risk her human life for something she wasn't going to have to give up.

9. Bella should not have been such a docile, rational newborn. Yes, it is very possible that she be better than average (granted all her mental preparation), but not to the Carlisle-degree that she was. Newborns are said to be WILD even after months of understanding what they are and what they're doing. She was just normal temperamental Bella with superstrength. This was a girl who was punching werewolves and throwing money bags through windows as a HUMAN, and who only growls a bit and inwardly complains of throat ache as a NEWBORN.

10. We're flooded with new unimportant characters to memorize, added only as a coolness factor of generic x-men powers (which never get used in any kind of battle anyway, so what was the point? Bella's power alone could have held off the Volturi long enough for them to explain Renesmee, if it was only her power that scared them off anyway.) And if the Cullen's knew sooo many talented vampires, why did they not call them for help in the Eclipse newborn war? :?: :!:
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