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Re: The 2 Packs

Postby Pendragon » Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:01 am

Asheleyo wrote:I felt like Sam had the better personality for being the pack leader that made the decisions affecting La Push. While Jacob had the blood line going for him, he didn't want the spot light and he wasn't ready to lead everyone and deal with the responsibility. I'm glad he broke off into his own pack, because he shouldn't have to bow to Sam's will. But I think the two of them as separate pack leaders make a good balance. Sam I see as continuing to protect the Reservation because that was his call and his purpose. And Jacob will be free enough to go where he pleases without having to abandon or endanger La Push and his fellow brothers. And he can always have his own pack stay behind to help out.

I think the split was the best thing that could happen to Leah, who needed to escape from Sam in order to become a whole person again. She understands now what happened with the whole imprinting thing, but being bound to Sam like that would mean misery for life. Now she has an option to continue on.

I don't see a reason to choose between packs, and I don't see quarrel between them since the Bella issue is over with and too many of the wolves have a connection with the Cullens. They still stand united against human-eating vamps, so they still have their common goals in protecting the ones they love. But now Jacob will have the authority to do what he needs to do to help out the Cullens and Renesmee without destroying treaties and whatnot.

I agree. I'm especially happy for the whole "2 packs" thing because it mean mental stability for Leah
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