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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby BreathelessVampire » Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:55 am

I was laughing when I read the part where Jacob imprinted on Nessie.

Especially when Jacob and Rosalie would fight over who would feed Nessie.

Like some people asked, does Jacob smells bad to Nessie? I don't think so, since she is a hybrid. Maybe there are some differences. I just wonder if Nessie will be with Jacob when she grows older, and, will they be together.Maybe there will be competition for Jacob, but I think vampires only fall in love once right?

I hope Stephanie will write a book about them. It would be so cool.
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby AliceLauren » Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:00 pm

I love how Renesmee always bites Jake :lol: It's so funny.

But I, like everybody else, wish that Steph would continue Jacob's and Nessie's story. I think that would be really nice.

Pretty Please :D
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby edward x lover » Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:16 pm

I don't particularly like the relationship IMO. I think a good book for SM to write would be Nessie all grown up and having to choose between Nahuel and Jake (poor Jake I know) But I think it would be weird for Nessie to have kids with Jake I mean what would they turn out as?????????? :shock:
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby Amethyst1 » Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:56 pm

The only thing that really irks me about their relationship is that Jacob made out with her MOM, was inloveee with her mom and thought naughty things about her mom ^_____~
it's really disgusting...in some ways!
but like everyone else, i hope to see a story about them.
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby heartbeat » Sun Sep 07, 2008 6:24 pm

My heart skipped a beat or two once I read that Jake had imprinted on Renesmee.
I was kind of hoping he'd somehow be lead back to the girl he met in the park...
But with all the dramarama going on, I don't think there was much time for that kind of stuff.

And as it's already been mentioned, Nessie is a part of Bella so that could be why he was drawn to her?
Still I think it's a tad bit disgusting.

Though I think it'd be cute if they somehow had kids. That would be interesting. (:
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby glstewart » Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:31 pm

I'm 100% happy with Jacob imprinting on Nessie. I don't know why some are freaked out by Edward calling Jacob "son" -- the man is 100 years old! Edward is totally secure in his relationship with Bella, and the way the relationships have turned out allow them all to settle comfortably with each other.

During New Moon & Eclipse, I really wanted Bella to choose Jacob (he is much healthier), but if she had gone that route, well --- they would have been very happy together, raised a wonderful family, grown old, and died. The end. With Breaking Dawn, their love is balanced and their entire family is complete and eternal. Nobody loses anyone...ever!

I also love how Jacob is/will be loved by someone who chooses him first, he is no longer anyone's First Runner-up. I knew that "the baby" would be with Jake when he was musing over "the gravitational pull" that just seemed to expand with Bella's growing belly. I also loved how Ness's feelings for Jacob was "possessive", rather than just "protective" when Bella lunged at him in the front yard.

Needless to say, I LOVE Jacob!
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby heartscreams » Mon Sep 08, 2008 6:00 am

reading the comment before me, it came to my mind..

so, what if Bella did stay with Jacob and get married and have a kid. BUT Jacob imprinted on his own kid. now would that be possible? since someone mentioned that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee because she is Bella's daughter. so is it possible?

sorry if this is out of topic. but i just don't know where exactly to discuss this :oops:
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby moon.cherry.twilite » Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:10 am

if Renesmee and Jacob have a kid (or like...20) it would be a vampwolf puppy or something. With a name like Bilward, if they want to go the same way Bella did when it comes to naming babies. 8-)
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby glstewart » Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:27 am

Replying to Heartscreams--

About Jacob imprinting on his own kid (sorry, I don't know how to pull your exact quote), Jake wouldn't imprint on his own kid - that would be beyond wrong - because he imprinted on Edward's kid. If he and Bella had gotten together, he never would have imprinted at all. That was always a big concern for me, because it would have been tragic if he imprinted on someone else when he was married to Bella (can that happen?) I don't know, it seems to me that there is only 1 imprint possibility, and if that girl is never born...

Ha! I love Bilward! :lol: But seriously, I'm thinking that when Jake & Ness have kids, Seth and Leah can imprint on them, and the joy can multiply!
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Re: Jacob and Nessie

Postby Lunna-san » Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:50 pm

moon.cherry.twilite wrote:if Renesmee and Jacob have a kid (or like...20) it would be a vampwolf puppy or something. With a name like Bilward, if they want to go the same way Bella did when it comes to naming babies. 8-)

OMG ! Bilward is the best! :lol:

I really would like to see Jake trying to explain the "used to love Bella" thing. I mean, it's quite bizarre, isn't? But at least, Jake moved on at the same time he kept Bella's friendship. I mean, I think he'll have a bit of trouble with Nahuel. As someone said in other post- it seems Jake keeps finding himself in love triangles. What a bad luck!
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