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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by forks is for lovers » Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:50 pm

So I've always never really had a problem with Jake because of all he did for bella when she was falling to pieces in new moon so I've been able to tolerate him for this fact. But in Breaking Dawn I came to really like Jacob, because you see how much he was willing to do. Plus parts of his book were so funnyyy. It was a nice change to hear from him and see how the pack worked and inside their minds and suchh. I also really loved the chapter titles and how perfectly "My Never" fit with 355. I admit I cried after piecing the song with the page number. thats all with my little blurb. :)

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by ummplz » Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:34 pm

I l o v e d Jacobs book, and reading it in his perspective.
Seeing how he acts when hes with his pack and so on.
And learning more about the pack y'know.
My favorite part of it was pretty much near the end of the book where he imprints on Nessie ^-^
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Luna Silvertail » Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:30 am

Personally, I'm glad that the second "book" was told from Jacobs view. It would be rather boring other wise. Think about it, Bella is just sitting around getting weak/dieing, and Edward is slumping around being all depressed and crazy. Even though it would of been neat to figure out the Cullen family reaction on the whole thing, but I think seeing it from Jacob's eyes was much more eventful, and as others said, funny. You also got to see what was happening to Bella when she was "giveing birth" (can you even call it that?). If the whole book was told from Bella's view, then you wouldn't know what happened from when Nessie was born, till she woke up from the burning-pain-death thing and was a vampire.

Seeing things from his view really did let me gain more respect for him. What really made me laugh, was the chapter titles. They were so Jacob, as the other chapter titles were so Bella....
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by *Bloodlust* » Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:13 am

It's taken me reading Jacob's book a second time for me to realize how much I appreciate his perspective. Reading from his POV hasn't changed ANYTHING about the way I feel about him. I still like him[most of the time], but find him annoying and frustrating. I just can't stand the way he thinks. But he defnitely puts a more "real" perspective on all the other characters and gives them a way to shine through his intitial negative view. That's a very valued perspective and it's more than necessary for us to see the characters in a true form via Jake's POV.

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by AgentCross » Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:25 am

Yeah, at the time I hated Jacob and didn't want to read his POV. But at the end I liked him and understood him a bit more, even though I still didn't agree with some of his choices... I realize he is young and they were made out of a desire to "save" someone he loved. But I think it also made sense to go with that part of the story from Jacob's POV. Because Bella would be stuck on the couch being pregnant, so Jacob was where the action was... he was able to go from the house to outside and observe the full story.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Lioness Rampant » Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:36 am

The chapter titles were hilarious! :lol:

atcually, I thought Jakes POV was fun and refreshing! Bella's POV is awesome and everything, but the entire 754 pgs book from her perspictive? kind of monotonous, if you ask me! especially because she is so narrow-minded on being a dying mother.
Jake offered some humor, and some more aspects that added another dimension, and a multi-dynamic character. I think it helped redeem his character in Eclipse. Then again, I walays had a soft spot for warm, fuzzy Jacob! after New Moon, it was hard for me to change my feelign toward him!

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by dragonrider713 » Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:45 am

Okay, I'll admit, I hated Jacob after reading Eclipse. I didn't care what happened to him and I just wanted him gone. Then Breaking Dawn came along. When I saw that part of the book was from Jake's POV, I was annoyed, but then I started reading it. Oh. My. God. It was so great getting inside his head! He has a great sense of humor, and even his not-so-nice thoughts were amusing. Because of Breaking Dawn, I no longer hate Jacob with a fiery passion. I still don't completely like him yet, but I'm on my way.

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by a_n_n_a » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:16 pm

I had never hated Jacob, nor had I ever really liked him. He was sarcastic and funny, so I always appreciated that, but he also acted like an idiot. Once I read his "book" though, I loved reading about him. He's a straight-forward kind of guy and gives you what he thinks. I think it took me until now to realize how boring Bella's perspective was sometimes. But Jake can't keep his mouth shut most of the time, so you're always getting commentary. I especially liked the parts with Seth. Seth looked up to Jacob in a way that Jacob himself never seemed to realize. But with Jacob getting to tell the story, you see how Jacob relies on his wolf-brothers/sister, as much as he would hate to admit it.

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by NovaAlbion » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:58 pm

How I Liked It

During my first reading of Breaking Dawn, Book Two was my favorite. The pregnancy threw me off a bit and the final confrontation with the Volturi played out ... oddly. (Each re-read I grew to love them more until I really enjoy the whole thing, but I am talking about initially.)

The "snarky" humor of Jacob's mind, especially since Edward is frequently his only beneficiary, made it. Without some comic relief, Bella's drawn-out death would have been just too depressing. (I don't think I have ever read another author who has done painful emotions so well - by a long shot.)

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

I've always hated the Team Edward/Team Jacob thing. Even before I read Eclipse, I liked him even though it was obvious that Bella was totally committed to Edward. Then I read "Being Jacob Black" (http://stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/nm_extras_jacob.pdf) and liked him even more. Part of the Edward/Jacob problem is that it is really separate two issues.

The first is who gets the girl? Who is she best off with? What choices will make her the happiest? (Obviously, each guy thinks she's best off with him and that she will be happiest with him.) On this issue there is plenty of room for honest differences of opinion and vigorous debate. Natural vs. Magical. The risk of loving a person who is capable of imprinting but hasn't on you. Children vs. No children (Buzz! Wrong!) Maintaining human relationships vs. abandoning loved ones. Knowing who she can't live without.

The second issue is far less debatable. Is Jacob Black a good guy with Bella's best interest (even if he doesn't always agree with her as to what those "best interests" are) at heart? The answer is a resounding yes. Jacob is a great guy who loves Bella beyond the bounds of rationality. Is he frequently irritating? Yes. Does he present, at times, a viable threat to the Bella/Edward relationship? Yes. Does he sometimes act without totally thinking out the consequences of his actions? Yes. Does he occasionally exhibit the "maturity" of a 16-year old boy? Yes. Within the constraints of doing what is best for Bella, does he try to optimize the situation for himself? Yes. But is he a true friend to Bella? In all respects ("returning" her motorcycle and phasing in front of Charlie not withstanding), he is her true friend.

People often merge the two issues and express "hate for Jacob" when discussing their personal values about what is "best" for Bella and which relationship could provide that "best".

Book Two Table of Contents

Did anyone notice that Book Two has no table of contents? I laughed my butt off when I saw that. Not only are the chapter titles way too long to fit on the page, but think about what a table of contents does. It gives the reader a glimpse of what is coming, i.e. the future. And you can't foresee the future of werewolves. Therefore, you can't have a table of contents for Book Two. I get the giggles just thinking about it.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Juliana<3Jake » Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:05 pm

Favorite book. By far.

It was witty and very enjoyable to read.
He added incredible comedic relief to almost every tense situation. And I loved his compassion and the way he wanted to protect Bella.

Don't want to go into extreme details but yes I LOVED it! haha :]

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