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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby Sykes » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:26 am

With out a doubt its Jasper.
I've loved him ever since he was first introduced in Twilight, Why? Because I loved his name! Then we got to see his character and from then on I new for sure he was my favorite, then of couse he thrilled me even more when he told his backstory to Bella.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby Lirpa » Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:02 pm

Alice! Not a hard one to answer, she has been my favorite since the first time a saw the movie and read the first book. I think she is hilarious. She seems so at ease with humans and when I originally thought of Vampires, I found that funny. I could shop with Alice for days and days. When I read about her or see her in the movie, I can't help but smile. :D She is just always so happy and bubbly. My favorite parts of hers are in the "book that shall not be named" when she is asking Edward over and over if she can be friends with Bella yet. I love it every time. She knows his answer and yet she asks, because she knows sooner or later he will cave in. She always gets what she wants to which is great, like planning Bella and Edwards wedding instead of letting them go to Vegas. I wish I could get what ever I wanted.

I also really like Esme, I wish there was more of her in the books. She is the such a loving and devoted mother. I only hope that I will be close to that when I have kids. She cares for all of the Cullens so much, it makes me want to cry (a good cry of course). It is heart warming to think of how much she really cares for all them and Bella too.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby CyanicalReaper » Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:12 pm

Jasper, I think it is awesome how he can see that the way he lived his life was wrong, and seeked a way to change it, even if it ment giving up his life style, He also seem to be the overprotective type to alice, kind like how I am. I also like him because he ends up with cute and crazy Alice.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby cherrydarling1177 » Sun May 10, 2009 5:33 pm

Oh this is a HARD one...but for me, it is Isabella Marie Swan Cullen. Followed very closely by Alice and then I also like Rosalie.

As far as the guys go...I'm totally Team Edward. LOVE LOVE me some Emmett though. 8-)
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby catie » Sun May 17, 2009 10:02 am

I think my favourite character might have to be Rosalie (although its torn between her, Emmett and Jasper).

It's probably because I understand where she's coming from with her dislike of Bella - and also because I'm equally vain (although considerably less beautiful). I found several of the other characters somewhat annoying, but Rosalie seems to rise above that and be a lot more like the kind of person I'd chat to (though I doubt she'd deign to speak to me)

I like Emmett because he provides comic relief. I love a guy who makes me laugh.

And Jasper - well he's seen it all. Theres just something that attracts me to him (and I'm slightly ashamed to say that my love of him is one of the reasons I've never liked Alice massively).
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby addictedbooklover » Mon May 18, 2009 1:48 am

^I know what you mean about not liking Alice so much! If she wasn't with Jasper, I'd like her more :D
My favourite characters are Jacob, Seth, Jasper and Leah.

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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby TNO » Tue May 19, 2009 9:26 am

I'm going to have to go with Victoria on this one, even though we only see her for a grand total of, like, thirty pages (not counting Bella's glimpses of her during the stalking phase). She's an interesting villain, and (I think) seriously underplayed.
Of the more major-ish characters, though, Leah and Rosalie tie.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby despoina92 » Mon May 25, 2009 11:59 am

I am still very confused about who my favorite character is. It varies from time to time and it mostly depends on which aspect I am analysing the Saga from. At this time it might be Esme, Jasper and Renesmee, because they are the three characters that are not very well-described throughout the Saga -though Jasper has his own whole story in Eclipse, still I cannot fully understand him as I do, for example, with Alice. They are the characters that push you to read the books, the outtakes the PCs very thoroughtly in order to understand them as well as the others. I know that Esme is the caring and loving mother but there are other aspects of her that we never experience, right? And of course, we almost see nothing from Renesmee! OK, she's cute and young and lovely, but the real her is not there, since she's months old. I want to get know the better!! That's why they are my favorites right now...
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby mrs_megan_cullen » Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:33 pm

Everyone! LOL. If I had to pick, it'd totally be Alice. You can just tell she is such a sweet and genuine character, and everything she does exudes this. And she seems like so much fun! I'd love to be her best friend.

And of course, Edward. How can you not love him? Maybe it's my southern roots, but I love a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead! (Or maybe it is, seeing as Edward is technically not alive, LOL).
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Postby IloveAliceCullen<3 » Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:18 am

It differs from book till book.
But I like Alice in all of them.

I will tell you. In Twilight I love Edward most, because he's so mysterious in the beginning.
When Bella knows about him, he becomes more relaxed, but he's always carefull.
I love the first love between Edward and Bella!

In New moon it's Alice, definetly, because SHE came back. Oh, I cried, I was so happy.
Alice is my fave, she's a friend.
And I hated Jacob, I always hated him, but New moon is my most non-favorite book because it's full of Jake (I loved the part of NM after the cliff diving though).

In Eclipse it's Jasper, because you get to know more about him. And I have to admit I didn't like Rose before.
I understood her while reading Eclipse, she became more friendly because I knew why.
But it's Jasper in particular, I was so surprised about his story. I loved it.
I loved Alice too, with the whole compromise/weddingplans. She's so mean, but she means it lovely, that's what I love in her.

In Breaking dawnit's Bella. I didn't undertand her at first. Why? Why was she giving up everything for a child?
I still really don't understand, but I think you only will when you're pregnant yourself.
And I hated Jacob! I hated that there was a 'Jacob-book'.
But it was interesting, the whole mind of the pack and so. I started to like Rose and Seth is cute!
Alice didn't have a big character in the story, that's what I disliked. Because she couldn't see.

Okay, well, this one actually doesn't count but Midnight sun.
I love Esme. I really love her.
I felt so..happy when she was there and said: "Fall for a human? Fall in LOVE with a human?"
And I liked Carlisle too. MS is giving some looks in Edward's family.
I LOVED the conversations in mind between Alice and Edward.

So my fave characters differs, but I love Alice in all of them (especially New moon)!
Damon and Elena, there is definetly love between them.

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