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Re: Edward Cullen #3

Postby Bronze Haired Girl » Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:04 am

edward4ever wrote:I don't get what the major catastrophic consequences are if we go over 100 pages while we're waiting for a Mod to start a new thread? It happens on the Rob Pattinson Thread quite a lot! I know they like to keep them at 100 pages but really...is the world going to implode or something if we go over???? :?

It's not a problem to go over 100 pages. I'm not sure where this rumor of a rule got started. We just want someone to notify a mod when a thread gets to 100 pages so we know a new one needs to be started. But you don't have to stop posting when it gets to 100 pages, just notify a mod.

Anyway, I guess we've (the mods) all been busy. I thought for sure one of the others had beat me to this. Locking this one and starting the new thread.

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