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Re: Renesmee

Postby anoreth » Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:37 pm

Eh, I don't know. Before Renesmee came into the picture the Twilight series was "that great, realistic vampire romance series" and now to me it kind of seems like "that great, realistic vampire romance series with the freaky Rosemary's Baby ending." I mean, the series is still definitely in my top three, but Renesmee just wasn't very realistic. She will probably get more fleshed out as a character in later books, though.
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Re: Renesmee

Postby Meteora » Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:54 pm

In all these instances, and more in the book, Renesmee catches folks up in their hate, fear and prejudices, turns the picture over, the same picture, but from a good point of view, with love.

I think that was actually most of my problem with her. It would be one thing if she were just Renesmee, Bella and Edward's cute kid who they had at the end of the series. Instead, she became Renesmee, miracle baby, with the power to unite arch-enemies and soothe long-standing feuds and make everyone feel love, not hate, the center of most of the book. It felt like she took over the story with all her wonder and magic and became the main character--other people merely revolved around her and she was everyone's motivation for doing anything. In a way, it feels to me like the entire Twilight series is now just a lead-up to show us how we got to Renesmee, and Edward and Bella's love story is only important in that it produced Renesmee. And that doesn't sit right with me, because what the series is about, to me, has changed more than a little with the fourth book, and not in a way I really like, even though I really enjoyed the book as its own book.
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Re: Renesmee

Postby jazjade » Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:34 pm

I think the series changed in the last book because Bella grew up, got married, had a kid, discovered her own abilities. I love all the romantic tension in the first three books, but I felt that things had to change a lot for them to get resolved.

Renesmee's arrival does kind of turn things upside down, inside out (literally, I guess). I am not a mother, but I wonder if that's how having a child feels, suddenly your life is just sooo different.
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Re: Renesmee

Postby twilightrocksmysocks » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:55 pm

So probobly like Bella and Edward were i was really suprised when they found out she was pregnant.
But then i was like crying when jacob was talking about how bella looked and Also how edward looked.
I mean the desciption of how absolutly tormented and heartbroken edward was. And knowing Edward
we know that this whole time Edward is completley balaming him self for all of the things going on.

Anyway, I could just imagine how cute and perfect Renesmee was. Another thing is her name...
A lot of people I talk to hate the name but i definatley dont! I mean its like all four "parents" names
combined in one. Renesmee Carlie Cullen. cute! :D .

I wish i knew how edward felt when she called the baby EJ.
expecially about the middle name. lol. Edward Jacob Cullen... idk but I like her name, Renesmee.

Se seems like such and awesome character too and i wish there was more about her!

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Re: Renesmee

Postby holdingoutforjacob » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:58 pm

i agree with you meteora.

jazjade, i'm not a mother either, but i have been told that's what it's like. that your entire center of your universe shifts, and it becomes your baby.

Literary Crusader, you just made me realize why i don't like her! THANK YOU! i've been trying to figure it out....mostly unsuccesfully.

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Re: Renesmee

Postby IffieCullen » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:15 pm

I absolutely fell in love with Renesmee...
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Re: Renesmee

Postby ElectroCute » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:28 pm

"But Renesmee was merely a plot device."

I most definitely agree with Literary Crusader on that. I don't care for Renesmee at all. To me, she just seemed like a reason for Bella to become a vampire without causing Edward any unnecessary grief. Edward didn't have to change her because of their deal, nor did Carlisle. How fitting, right? Edward and Bella's perfect little world complete with mutant freak baby.

I can't stand her.
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Re: Renesmee

Postby theseviolentdelights » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:40 am

Meteora wrote:How about Renesmee screaming or kicking as Bella attempts to comb through her hair after it has been messed up, like a normal child might do? Basically, I would have liked any opportunity to show Renesmee as a three-dimensional child.

I completely agree with what you're getting at here. Renesmee is a gorgeous character, she's cute, everyone loves her, and the whole idea of Edward & Bella getting to have both the 'human' aspect of life in a child, and immortality, is pretty much the ultimate happily ever after. The storyline, plot devices and rushed scenes aside, fit together and worked fine for me. I just think that it would have been really enjoyable to read about Edward and Bella having a relationship with Renesmee. I kind of think Jacob's relationship with her through the imprinting detracted a lot from Edward's possible relationship as a father, and I would have liked to see him portrayed as a father. Same goes for Rosalie as mother over Bella. But ultimately, Renesmee, as the product of this great love I've just read 4 books about, is shallow and fairly one-dimensional, especially compared to the characters and relationships that created her. I'm not so much disappointed with her character as I am with the lack of exploration of her character, and relationships with those around her. It would have made everything seem so much more real and made Renesmee that much more endearing if she had tantrums or did normal toddler stuff every now & then.
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Re: Renesmee

Postby TeamNessie » Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:48 am

I absolutly love Nessie and i dont mind her nickname at all i think its cute... ;)
I really think she brought everyone toguether at the end, because of her we got to meet alot of new characters and we saw a new side to all the other main characters especially Edward, Bella and jacob. I really like Nessie and i think it was a really good ending to the series (HOPEFULLY theres more to come, but even if there isnt i'm happy with this ending).... :D
Love you always Edward and Bella
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Re: Renesmee

Postby WishIWasACullen » Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:08 pm

I completely agree with the fact that Renesmee completes Edward and Bella. So many of the younger readers got so mad when this plot twist happened, and, whereas I can see where they're coming from being young and unable to fathom the miracles of marriage,sex and childbirth and thus Bella's transition from infatuated teenager to woman/spouse/mother, I think it was honestly the natural progression and couldn't have gone any other way. I love Renesmee as a character. At first I was terrified of her because of the negativity surrounding Bella's pregnancy and the physical strain that she was putting on Bella but once Edward started being able to read her thoughts and realized that Renesmee adored Bella I was sold. I bawled actually. If Bella and Edward's relationship wasn't real enough for ya' before, this basically solidifies it. Renesmee gives Bella everything she never knew she wanted. I think having Renesmee really made Bella's change from mortal to vampire much easier knowing that she had someone, something to protect and care for, someone to set an example for, a reason not to be a monster (besides Edward of course)--even during her transformation, it isn't Edward that she's thinking of as she's trying to push through, it's Renesmee. I think that, while beautiful and enchanting, Renesmee has the ability to be strong and terrifying. Which is why I would LOVE to see a story from Renesmee's point of view, it would be absolutely riveting. OH!!! and seriously, as soon as I knew that Bella was going to have a child my first thought was seriously : JACOB!! Jacob + Bella's child = imprint-a-licious! Because we always knew that Jacob had to end up with at least a piece of Bella. I love that twist. It was genius! :D
Renesmee is amazing, nuff said.
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