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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby singleduetoedward » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:27 pm

the movie wasn't anything at all like what I expected, which was kind of refreshing, and also kind of disturbing. I went feeling like I would be really familiar with the movie, and I wasn't in a lot of parts. But I did like the movie.

I agree with everyone who said that the acting was good, it was pretty damn amazing for a movie with such fantastical know, vampires. Rob was really good as Edward, though I was really irked with a lot of the lines he was when Bella's washing her truck and he just drops in and says something like 'I'm gonna take you to my place tomorrow' just didn't seem at all like something Edward would say...GONNA? really? It just seemed really out of character. Kristen was great as Bella, although she made me a little stressed out too. I was so surprised that I didn't hate Tayler as Jacob...he wasn't at all how I pictured Jacob (Steven Strait, anyone?) but he pulled it off really well! I was so impressed.

I was sad that blood-typing, their lunch talk, explanation of the lullaby, and the drive home from Port Angeles weren't included. I dunno, I just felt like if I hadn't read Twilight and known that they had really fallen in love, I wouldn't have known it from the movie. It was just like- BAM! This hot guy looks at me and acts like he wants to throw up. He saved me from being run over. He's pissed at me again. WHOA HE MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE. HE IS AND HE SPARKLES I LOVE HIM WE'RE IN LOVE. lol, you know what I mean? It just seemed really rushed and a little shallow.

uummm...did anyone else FREAK OUT in the best possible way when Edward like attacked Bella on her bed? That like MADE the movie for me. After that I was like OKAY, I guess I'm okay that they cut out blood-typing, the lullaby, the real Meadow scene, etc. The kiss was like...WOW. Seriously, like the sexiest non-sex scene I've ever seen in a movie. Then again, I might be a little biased.

Overall, I pretty much really liked it...and I'm sure I'll like it more the second time I see it because I won't be so shocked by it all.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby emurlee! » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:31 pm

Lynzeee wrote:okay i have to ask--- what was your reaction to the unborn trailer!!! I WAS FLIPPING OUT scared of my mind..

WTF was up with that DOG!! i wasn't expecting that at all.
that was my fan reaction to that! GOOD LORD!

I KNOW everyone was screaming and covering their eyes. I was like "enough of this, lets just start the movie."
God, it was fantastic 20 minutes into the movie i leaned over and told my friend that this was my favorite movie of all time. After the movie i was silent just contemplating my favorite bits, you couldn't possibly imagine the envy that was radiation off of me at Kristen Stewart. Yes, she was great, but it is now officially my life goal to meet Robert Pattinson, and make him marry me despite the fact that I'm way younger than him (age ain't nothin but a numba)
I really enjoyed watching Alice in the baseball scene the way she like lifted up her leg was so graceful and dancer like.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby lynne21 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:31 pm

well. here is what me and all of my friends said. "Twilight was amazing!" it was. in my opioion at least/
I really didn't think it was going to be that great. all of the sences i saw before i went to the movie were not great, and everyone was all omg its so amazing. and the whole Rob thing. i don't think i will ever be fully convist that he was right for the part, but oh well.
anyway. it was great. i found it very funny at time too. i counln't help but laugh at times when edward had a very odd expression on his face. espeally when bella first walked into bioligy, so funny. but, i have to say, rob can do for the part of edward cullen.
yes, we all know and understand that things were changed, but i understand y they had to change some things really. like, adding in a few things, mostly because it was only in bella's POV. so yeah.
umm, i don't know what else to say really.. but, i'm going to it with my mom tomorrow. yay. i saw it on friday (duhh) with two of my friends. there would have been another friend with us, but the show got sold out, (she didn't get her ticket in advace) so, she just taged along with other friends in an earler show. :)
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby danobanano » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:33 pm

My initial reaction to the movie?.... hmmm, it's kind of a toss up between Squee of excitement and a short little humpf I'm not sure what to think about concerning what I just saw. How was the movie is such a loaded question.

After the second and especially the third time I saw the movie I am able to appreciate it for what it is--a Movie that entertainede me. I laughed, I was twitterpated with sexual tension, and I got nervous and scared in parts. As a fan of the books I love that the movie gave you some inside jokes to laugh about. The apple in Edwards hand to represent the books title, the eto Little Brown as a place to buy a book on Quileute Legend was fun to see, and Stephenie Meyer's Cameo appearance received as big a squeal from the audiences I saw it with as did Edward's.

What I love about this movie is that it means something different to each one of us. Some of you LOVE the Lion and the Lamb line, I that was as cornball as you could get (but I thought that about the line in the book as well) The baseball scene was fantastic. Alice stayed true to her character by pointing her toe like a ballet dancer when she pitched. Poor Bella has to make Rosalie even madder by calling her out. And I loved Rosalie's "that's my monkey man" line. So scenes in the book that were amazing to read about were amazing to watch on the big screne. The movie makers did it right in that.

I'm so glad that this was a lower budgeted movie, not quite Indie small but not too big that you miss the intimacy in making a movie you put your heart and soul into. I can feel how the screenwriter, producers, directors, actors and everyone else involed in the movie wanted to make a film the fans could love.

I've said this for the book Twilight and I'll say it remains true for the movie too---Twilight is better the second time around, you get so much more out of it. I truly believe that fans of the book should see the movie at least twice. The second time you watch it you no longer have your own personal expectations of what you think the movie is going to be like. The second time around to know what's coming next so you can sit back and enjoy the overall feel of the movie and appreciate how well the movie techniques tell the story. Everything that is going on in the background adds so much more to the scene that is before you.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby Larka » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:37 pm

The movie compared to the book, was a dissapointment. The beginning was very rushed and confusing. I was mad at the fact that the inital love story was lost, Bella and Edward weren't believeable in love. Some scenes were butchered and others were just not needed. The facial expressions were too fake and so was some of the acting. a film, this movie was hilarious. I felt it was more like a comedy then anything. Me and my boyfriend were laughing the entire film. I mean, even when Edward was sucking the venom out of Bella his face was hilarious! When Carlisle first appeared, wow. Jasper's face was just cracking me up, I nicknamed him Sparky since he always appeared had just been shocked. The fight scene with James was very good though and when Bella and Jacob were walking on the beach I felt that was too cute. Edward in the rain was goregous and the end of the meadow scene was beautiful. Bella's Lullaby being played more than once was just lovely, I really enjoyed it. I felt the vampire thing was played up a little too much though, in the book she just kind of accepted it and in the film she was very afraid at first. When Bella and Edward arrived at school on the sorta sunny day and he put his arm around her and goes, "If I'm going to hell..." thought that was genius XD I quotes were cheesy, but thats what we all love so shush. I was impressed and I will see it a few more times despite some dissapointments.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby jlbower79 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:38 pm

Ok this might be a bit longer then needed but I have a few stories of my life to tell you before we reach the full effect of how I took the movie and if you don’t want to be completely bored you don’t have to read my Twilight life…. Feelings won’t be hurt, but I’ll find you…

OK! First this is what went down. I had tickets for an 11 AM showing, took a personal day at work and went with my BFF . WELLLLLLLL. We get there at like 10, decided to just sit in the parking lot because we had time to spare and nothing we wanted to do. WE GET THERE and like there was already a line at the door! So we got in the line, they let us in at 10:30... THERE IS A REASON why I’m telling you this crappy play by play… just wait. SO! We get great seats, dead center, just right height.

I went to pee, you know pee before the movie starts, well when I come back and go to sit back in my seat I see this lady on the other side of my row waving to me like crazy.

NOW… I work for a doctor, a very very nice doctor but she makes me nervous. Let’s call her Dr. Nicenerverouslady…. I had already told her that my BFF (who also works with me) were going to that showing. I bought her Twilight for her birthday and she rereads them like crazy. She’s totally cool when she’s not in her working mode but unfortunately that’s all I deal with… her working mode. WELL back to story.

This crazy lady waving to me was my doctor… I waved back and was like HEY! She then asked if anyone was sitting next to us and of course there wasn’t. I sat back in my seat and said threw my teeth to my BFF “OMFG” because this was totally weird. My boss? MY BOSS! SERIOUSLY MY BOSS????

So she sits next to me… I try talking but all that comes out is total nonsense. I can’t speak to her without my nervous stuttering. Ugh! I was so tense, I was unmoving… I’m not even sure I was breathing.

So the movie starts…. Here’s my take on the movie on Friday.

SUCKED! I mean OMG! SUCKED! I was just so disappointed! I mean I know they didn’t have much money but did they have to make it look that way?

1. Lipstick? Seriously Edward didn’t need lipstick in the shade a hooker would wear.
2. Dingling while sparkling? OMG I almost laughed! I ALMOST LAUGHED during the meadow because of that! Dingling?
3. Ok not a big deal but why put the piano in there? I mean sure if you read the books it makes sense to you but I could had done without the piano and had more scenes of Edward and Bella. Like maybe blood typing or anything! Maybe more of the car ride home or something. Maybe more meadow? Piano was useless when not explained why… hope that makes sense.
4. I disliked how Rob (and all that he is) played my Edward. He did great it just wasn’t the Edward in my head. Like I always saw Edward as being tortured and depressed most of the time but hell he was smiling and laughing the whole damn time!
5. Did anyone notice Bella never hit her head? Weird.
6. Ok I was waiting for the Cullen’s to walk in the lunchroom, I mean seriously isn’t that suppose to be probably the most drama points in the movie? I didn’t find it to be that ‘great’. I wanted to want to scream with joy… but I never did.
7. Seriously she wasted good money on a book to get ONE WORD out it? “Cold Ones” ONE WORD? Ok crap that’s two words… you get what I mean. That was just weird.
8. Um didn’t feel no chemistry between Kristen with Rob… I did sort of believe Rob and Kristen only because Rob has those great faces he can make… OMG stinky face was my favorite! I LOVED THAT PART!
9. Hm don’t do close up’s on eyes if you can SEE THE CONTACT in the eye! Tacky! I mean you clearly saw the contact but maybe that’s cause I deal with them on a 24/7 bases…
10. Ok I’m not going to even go into the running and the flying and the climbing the trees. I DID get motion sickness during some of the meadow parts! But I will just ignore the superman effect and move on.
10. I’ll stop here because you’ll see why later on… keep reading. Believe me it gets better.

1. When Rob says the word “Worry” during the carwash and it comes out all British… OMG that was cute!
2. Baseball was soooooooooooooo awesome! I loved it! The music during that part! OMG! Great! Wished it could had been longer but I understand. I also thought it was weird they didn’t make the bases further apart… I mean seriously. Why not?
3. The music was great… I loved Rob’s song when he goes to treat her bite… so emotional.
4. HUMAN KIDS LOVED! Super funny! All of them! WOOT WOOT
5. Charlie… he was so cute! I loved when he drew the fake halo on his head! So funny.
6. The clothes were awesome?
7. I REALLY DO think it followed the book great. I mean I thought it was a good story line… just wished it could be longer but yeah. Wishful thinking.
8. The fight at the end was very well done… totally great to watch and coming from someone who isn’t into fighting scenes that’s saying a lot.
9. The kiss was magical! I loved how Edward says NO and flies back… totally makes you jump in your seat for a second and if any movie can make you jump them YAY!
10. All the acting was great… even if there were times when I thought “ahhh” it was ok. You have to admit some lines, even from the book, are awkward to hear from someone’s mouth instead of just reading it.

OK OK OK Now here’s why everything I just typed is useless because I just got home from seeing it again (YAY NEW MOON) and I LOVED IT!

I totally loved it! I mean everything! I’m going again tomorrow! I think the first time it just kind of put me into a shock (and I was totally not moving full of tension remember?) I was just too busy waiting for the parts instead of seeing the parts, yeah I know, sounds stupid but I do crack so just deal with my nonsense here.

I LOVED THE MOVIE and sure I had to see it again but I can’t believe how much I truly loved it.

I loved everything. I have NO complains the second time around and I think everyone should go see it twice, all the critics… I think just so much was expected and it’s there! You just have to breathe and let’s face it most Twilighters probably weren’t breathing the whole time…excitement will do that.

I can’t wait to see it again… First time I gave it a C… second time an A- (the lipstick and the dingling, sorry)

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby mananda » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:38 pm

was anyone else disappointed that there wasn't anything after the credits? I waited and got nothing. :(
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby Lynzeee » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:39 pm

mananda wrote:was anyone else disappointed that there wasn't anything after the credits? I waited and got nothing. :(

haha I WAS! i was waiting and waiting.. it took the lights coming on for me to cuss and walk out haha
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby j_jam » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:40 pm

Okay, first off.....I really wanted to like this movie. I went in with an open mind and I tried so hard not to compare it to the book but the movie was so choppy and cut-n-paste that it was hard not to. I was very disappointed in the way they rushed the beginning of the movie. I needed to see more "alone" time with Edward and Bella, see them falling in love. I can deal with the low budget stuff, although the camera work could have used some major improvements. Having a low budget doesn't have anything to do with the story telling and that's what I was majorly disappointed in......the story telling (it was perfect in the book, but didn't come across that way in the movie). Where was my nice and gentleman-like Edward? He was down right rude to Bella more than a few times. Also, he didn't make me feel like he was struggling with his feelings for her other than struggling not to kill her the first few times he was around her. I don't know, I guess it just seemed kind of off for me. I needed the pacing of them falling in love to be much slower. After all, this story is centered around their "forbidden love" and I really wanted to see it unfold on screen.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Postby jlbower79 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:43 pm

Did I mention I can't wait to see it again!?


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