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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby JackyO » Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:18 pm

I just saw the movie earlier today (totally LOVED it!!!) and I must say, the characters performances were phenomenal

Let's see:

Rob: I already knew that he would do a good jog, but seeing the movie made it set in stone. Just stupendous.

Kristen: I was pleasantly surprised, because the trailers that i saw i did not like her all that much, but in the movie, she was great!

Peter: I. Am. Speechless. I really am. He did a fantastic job.

Elizabeth: So motherly towards Bella, especially when they're cooking for here!!! LOL

Kellan: He did a great job as Emmett, he was such a goofball!!!

Nikki: She did a really good job as Rosalie. You could just feel the anger coming from her.

Ashley: I thought that she was abosolute perfection. She was tiny, and bubbly, and so tremendous. Especially when she was have a vision of the ballet studio.

Jackson: Oh, he was so good!!! The emtions he conveyed were fantastic!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot...
I DID NOT like the performances for Angela and Eric. They seemed to upbeat, when they totally weren't in the book.

But the girl for jessica was spot on :lol:
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby G-Faerie08 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:39 pm

Kristen and Billy (Charlie): I LOVED them as the father/daughter duo Bella and Charlie. The dialogue was great between them. I only wish there was more interaction and that she actually cooked at least ONE night for him.

Peter: You know..I actually was not expecting much from Peter, but I think he did a great job as Carlisle.
The woman who played Esme did a great job as well.

RPattz: He was GREAT as Edward..When I was watching him on screen. I didn't see "Rob the actor"; all I saw was Edward Cullen..I kept kind of looking away shy-like like a schoolgirl with a crush every time I saw him on the screen. It was almost too intense for me :)

Kellan: I so wish that there was more dialogue for Kellan. If they do get all the way to Breaking Dawn, they had better keep the good Emmett material.

Nikki: I thought she did well as Rosalie. It was SO FUNNY the scene when Bella came over and Rose broke the salad bowl when Bella said she already ate.

Jackson: Oh Jackson..He is golden as Jasper and I wish there was more of him as well. I actually wish there was more of ALL the Cullens..But I know with the budget they could only do so much..that, and the fact that if they did everything in the book, it would be a 5 hour movie.

Ashley: Eh..She did okay. I thought acting "bubbly" was a little forced..Not quite as authentic as I would have liked.

Taylor: He is an okay Jacob..I'm not too wow-ed by his performance in the movie.

The Nomads: I wish that they had James' hair short like it was written in the book. Victoria was cool..and Laurent was okay for the 3 minutes he was in the film..

The girl who played Jessica Stanley was SPOT ON! I loved her and the guy who played Mike Newton. They were absolutely hilarious.

I think that's about all I feel like commenting on. Good job Twilight cast!!!!
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby tricia » Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:45 pm

Lynzee, i am stealing all the work you put into this but only because i couldn't have compiled a better list!

ROb- I was impressed. He did very well with what he was given... although someone who didn't know the story wouldn't have guessed why he alway looked so miserable, the story line of just HOW MUCH he is torn with loving vs wanting to kill her isn't developed well.

Kstew- not thrilled. i never felt like she actually was all that into Edward. The rant at the hospital should have been a tear jerker, but instead it felt so fake.

Peter(carlisle)- As an actor he did great... the person who did his make up should be fired!

Jackson- I too, loved the baseball bat thing... he looked tortured through out the movie (as was needed) i wish they had given him a few lines though.

Ashley- liked her

Kellan- Was good, wish they had given him a few lines to make me chuckle the way Emmet always does.

Nikki- Perfect Rose!

Liz- I liked her. Trying to cook was cute, and she had such enthusiasm when she met Bella.

BILLY BURKE stole the show- he was so awesome as charlie! I couldn't have said it better Lynzee.. you are 100% right.

taylor was good for Jake- but.. maybe not for New moon jake... i agree here too, he was a great Twilight Jacob, but i worry about the New Moon Jacob. That aside.. his acting was dead on!

Billy black- was awesome that look he gave edward WOW.. I agree here too.. i liked him a lot.

Cam was a great James.. to bad he won't be back for NM

Edi did a wonderful Laurent. I am looking for him to be more letheal later.

Rachelle did a perfect job as Victoria

Also LOVED that brunette at the diner :) Nice stephen king/alfred hitchock move!
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby foreveredward16 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:47 pm

I definatly think Kristen Stewart is the perfect Bella. Bella is supposed to be selfless! In order for her to put everyone first her emotions can't be so readable. Its a good thing that Kristen didn't really over emphasize anything... she needed to be emotionally ambiguous in order to be the selfless person Bella is!
She did a great job being akward and yet laid back. Her love for Edward came across in more of a "never back down curious way".... She definatly is supposed to be less girly and more just.... akward!
The only thing the movie played down, which I want to be critical of, is the fact that Bella is supposed to be hopelessly clumsy. There were a few "tripping and slipping" scenes in the film... but Bella needs to look that way a little more often. She is destined to be a vampire... so I think it is important to show her tendencey not to completely fit in with the whole "human" thing.... she relates better to everything non-human... Thats important to recognize...
By the way... When Kristen was burning because of the venom after James bit her... I got Chills! She did an AMAZING job... I felt the pain almost... she was so consumed by it... WOW! She is a very good actress.
But Kristen did an AMAZING job at that sort of "out of it... I dont really fit in anywhere" thing! Love it! Hands down!

Rob Pattinson... did a Very Good job as Edward. Rob has a timeless, classic handsome look. He isn't the hottie next door... but the always gorgeous, dashing sort of face!
He played on Edwards insecurities, which was perfect. He used a lot of painful looking faces, which helped the movie viewers who hadn't read the books understand the pain behind his internal stuggles which we dont really get to see until reading midnight sun! He was actually so Funny?! This was really refreshing to have his character make little comments that actually were comical. It kinda reflects upon him trying to fit in with the modern times, but it not really working... since he is from a completely difference era!

Alice was GREAT! I loved how she was so spacey.... mystical... and odd. It makes sense for her to be that way because she has to have a very open mind to accept the ever changing future. She was so cute.

Jasper was awesome! I loved is constant restraint, and very clear struggle. He was so hot when he played baseball! WOW! That was my favorite scene!

Emmet looked just as he should have. Strong, bear like, super protective! Yet he had that Chilled out mannor..... I loved his line "Relax babe, its just a game" during the baseball game. haha Rose took everything so competetively.

Rosalie was gorgeous, and B**chy! Stylish too!

Billy Burke! I can only say I now have a slight crush on Charlie! I am definatly re-reading the books and putting his Amazing acting into the way I read the book. Every Akward Father daughter conversation was just so truthful. He made it so real. I can actually be like that with my folks, so I know how those weird conversations can feel! It was so genuine. He was so Perfect! Caring.... and Protective in many ways. LOVED the gun loading scene when Bella wanted to introduce Edward! hahahaha Still laughing about that!
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby tricia » Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:59 pm

foreveredward16 wrote:LOVED the gun loading scene when Bella wanted to introduce Edward! hahahaha Still laughing about that!

I forgot about that till just now.... now i am laughing all over again!! that was great
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby LisaAnn » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:45 pm

They all did a phenomenal job, especial Kristin when she freaked out when Edward was trying to leave her in the hospital. It almost had me crying.

And OMJ Alice was PERFECT. Ashley played Alice EXACTLY as I pictured in my head. Like verbatim to what I saw in my head.

Kellan and Jackson were perfectly cast as Emmett and Jasper.

Again phenomenal job by everyone!
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby switzgal » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:59 pm

I thought the actors did pretty good overall...

Kristen: She was pretty good. She played very serious, reserve and a loner. She definitely played more mature than her classmates (part of this was her classmates, Mike, Jessica, Eric, Angela did quite well too.) B+

Rob: I thought he was OK. I think reading MS kind of changed is perception of Edward to be too angry at himself.
all the time. After they started going out, he got better and less intense. B

Cullens: There wasn't alot of scenes but

Peter- was a good Carlisle
Nikki- Good as Rosalie
Ashley- was really cute as Alice and bubbly.
Jackson- he didn't do much to really judge but OK I guess.
Kellan- he was good as Emmet, the kitchen scene, and the baseball was good.
Elizabeth- Esme was OK

Charlie: He did a good job. I didn't really like the "we have to talk." line (at the hospital with Tyler)
Overall he was a good Charlie. A-

Taylor: He was good a Jacob. He had very little scenes but I loved the prom scene. WOOH... NM!! A-

Billy- he was good too. B-
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby BettingOnAlicexX » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:02 pm

I loved Jasper in Twilight!
I just found him to be hilarious, because of his facial expressions.
He did very well in the movie i think.
and overall i thought everyone did a good job.!!
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby anilumagloire » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:22 pm

Here's my take on the movie.

I am a hard core fan of the books. I have read them many, many times and I know I'll read them many more.

It's not a great movie, but I will definitely see it as many times as I possibly can. It gives me my fix.

I really hope Hardwicke ( if she's still on as director) makes it a much better one for New Moon and the rest.

Here goes:


- the flash backs... OMG, they were bad, cheesy, unnecessary and just plain wrong.

- the hard truth is that it's a mediocre movie. It will appeal to no one but us crazy fans who have read the book and are in love with Edward and/or Jacob.

- Pattinson's performance could have been great! If Hardwicke had given him a little more direction, and made him take it down just a notch, it would have portrayed Edward perfectly.
The face he makes when Bella enters the bio lab is hilarious. He definitely did not see his face in dailies cause if I were him, I would have demanded a re shoot.

- the way she did the sparkle effect on his skin is soooo cool. Looks exactly like his skin was covered in tiny diamonds, but not blingy. Very, very well done.

- the build up to the meadow scene was all wrong. Such a pivotal part of the plot demanded more set up leading up to it.

- the baseball scene is beyond cool. The only bad thing was that it was not long enough.

- the scenes where Ed walks and runs look positively comical. What was Hardwicke thinking??? Let's hope her future budget allows for better special fx or that she axes them all together.

- Jasper's expression is that of a man in serious pain. His eyes are peeled all the time and he just looks funny instead of pained.

- the Cullen cooking scene is ridiculous. I so wish they had stayed close to the book for that one. It was totally unnecessary.

- the kiss... Oh, the kiss. It was HOT and HEAVY.
The way he throws her on the bed... OMG.

- Hardwicke wasted precious time on those bad vamp attacks when she could have made some important scenes longer instead. The hospital scene after James' attack comes to mind. It such a cool part of the book and in the movie it lasts like 3 min. Blah.

- when they're dancing at the prom, for the love of all that is holly... Some dance lessons, PLEASE! Some choreography for those two. They looked so awkward. He should definitely look like a much better dancer than that.

- I also missed the other 2 Cullen couples dancing at the prom. They are not even there.

- Victoria mingling with the kids at the prom is just wrong. How the hell did Edward miss her being there?????

- The convo at the restaurant in Port Angeles should have been longer and deeper!!!! The car ride after he saves her is such a crucial part of the book and it's nowhere to be found. WTF?

- when they show up at school together, I wanted to scream. He looks uber cool, the attitude and the dialogue were perfect!

- the ballet studio scene was very cool but I needed more battle and more of the dismembering and burning of James. Come on!!!!
I thought Edward trying to fly out of there with Bella in his arms was cheeeee-zzzzy! And James pulling him by the foot, too funny.

- when he's sucking the venom out of Bella's arm, Carlisle has to stop him from killing her. I did not like that. Again he looks just plain funny making those tortured faces. What the eff was the director looking at when this was going on?

- James is so cool and so well played by Cam Gigandet. Amazing villain. Victoria's is great too. Laurent is blah.

- I have always been team Edward, but when Jacob gives Ed that evil look at the prom, OMG. I wanted him to take me.
I hope they make him buff up for New Moon so his body catches up with his head.

- The two seconds the Quileutes are on scene at the beach is great. Sam is gonna be so amazing on New Moon!!! They definitely should have picked the kid cast as Embry to play the role of Jacob. He is such an animal!!!

- All the human kids are so funny and great in their parts. No over acting, no cheese. Just plain good.

- I could have done without those silly diner scenes. Time that could have been better put to use on Bella's lullaby and the meadow scene.

- I wanted to cry when Bella leaves Charlie to go back to Phoenix. Very well done. Sniff, sniff...

- Bella's reaction in the hospital when Ed hints that he might leave was soooo bad. Another instance where I, as the actress would have demanded a re shoot. She looks ridiculous.

- the way he kisses her throat at the very end... Hot and heavy.

So that's all I can think of right now.

I'm watching it again tomorrow for the third time, so I might add to this.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Postby sparker » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:58 pm

roxyrae wrote:
Now onto Kristen: I did not like her performance, she didn't really show many emotions, to me her character of Bella seemed as though she was moody 24/7 which we know that Bella is not. I did not get the "totally I am in love" image when Bella was suppose to be in love in the scene, I got kind of a "ok whatever who cares" kind of vibe from it. Personally if I was inlove emotionally I would not be the same as when I am moving to Forks or when I am shopping with the girls in Port Angelous. The only time that there was a significance emotion change was when she was in the hospital and Edward told her to go to Jacksonville because she was freaking out and when she found out that James was coming after her because then too she was freaking out. Beforehand I thought that she was an OK choice, not the best and well those expectations were brought down even more after seeing the movie.

Ladies from the Lexicon who put on the Nashville screening, AWESOME JOB! You pulled it off, it was great. That was the best people watching I've done in years. And all ages, I couldn't score one demographic present.

Roxyrae I have to agree. She was in constant PMS mode, and I felt like Jasper 'looked' watching her performance. But it's just my opinion, box office numbers disagree.
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