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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by HarryTuttle »

I thought it was great but not excellent even though it's very flawed, it's still a nice modern love story. I'd call it "Ghost" with vampires instead of spirits.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by TwilightRocksMyWorld »

I loved the movie! Not as much as the book the books more descricptive I think kristen makes a good bella she how I imaged her to be like I was happy with the cast I watched the movie before I read the books
my favorite scenes were the prom the medow(it was way better in the book though) port angelous resturant

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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by Tornado »

If it wasn't for a positive experience with this movie, I wouldn't be posting here. It was this movie that was my introduction to Twilight, and it made me fall in love with Edward Cullen. I don't think I could ever see him other than with Rob's face - and that's not a bad thing, by any means!

Ironically, now that I have read the book, one of my favourite chapters is Blood Type, which was almost entirely left out. Although I can understand why. Although it's a nice part of the development of Edward and Bella's relationship, the actual blood type scene and Edward taking her to the nurse is not an essential part of the story. There's nothing that we are told there that we aren't told elsewhere, apart from the fact that Bella faints at the sight of blood, something that the books themselves haven't exactly been all that consistent with. So, as much as I would have liked it, it was not surprising they left it out, especially since it would have taken so many individual scenes to put it in. Time consuming, probably a bit more expensive, and not essential, all good reasons for an independent company making what was intended to be nothing more than a cult/indie flick.

I loved the Bella/Edward romance and how it was portrayed. The chemistry between Kristen and Rob is incredible. All the supporting characters were also well cast, and I thought everyone did a credible job with their roles. The blue tint was a bit off putting, at first, but it wasn't that big a deal for me. And I absolutely adored the baseball scene. That was also my introduction to Muse. So I have a lot of reasons for liking this movie!
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by EdgeKolley »

Yes I have watched the movie and it was one of best movie that I have watched so far and it was very nice love story and I have enjoyed the movie.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by Kjminame »

I was in 11th grade when Twilight, the movie that started it all, came out in theaters. I remember being in some kind of computer skills class with my best friend Sigourney, and we secretly brought up to watch the trailer when we were supposed to be working on assignments. We were making little girly noises as each of the characters made their first appearances. When I saw Kristen Stewart as Bella, she was exactly as I pictured her in the books. Granted, her personality was a little different from how it was in the books, but I still thought she did great. And then Robert Pattinson as Edward came up. I was a little worried about him being Edward. Actually, my best friend and I agreed that he didn't seem right for it at all. :cry: Then - as I was finishing the book a few hours before - we went to see it in theaters. The two hours flew by as we were swept up in the mystery and majesty of their love story, and the struggles they faced trying to be together. When the movie ended, as the credits began to roll and Linkin Park's "Leave Out All The Rest" began to play, we were lovestruck and the obsession began. :clap: We stayed in the dark theater as groups of people shuffled out, just to hear "Decode". It has been three years since then, and I am still as in love with the Twilight Saga as I was then. A lot of people didn't enjoy the first movie, but without we wouldn't have the ones that followed. Not to mention it helped me to change in ways that made me a better person. I loved it and I won't forget that day, because it was unforgettable. :D
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by neilkher »

Everyone like it.
Its a story related to every heart. One feels like its the on screen auto biography. And it feels so good.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I liked it!

Post by MicheleJosh »

I have recently watched this movie and there were a lot of fantastic things about this movie. It’s a different story but I still prefer the book than the story it was intriguing! I loved reading every minute of it.
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