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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby TeamEdward1918 » Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:09 am

lilmisstrouble wrote:Baseball scene, being my favorite out of the times Edward smiles. He just looks so innocent, and cute, and carefree. Almost like a human 17 year old boy. And for me, that is the perfect example of how Edward, despite being a century old vampire, still has the innocence of a boy. Absolutely *dazzling*. (sighs)

I KNOW! I love that scene, he looks so cute in that jersey, and when he smiles...
Definitely looks very young and innocent there. Like after him and Emmett hit the ground and Emmett shoves him. The way he laughs! *sigh* Also, I love right after he throws Rosalie out, and he walks back into the clearing, looking adorable! :D
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby Dovrebanen » Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:15 pm

I have just been reading some of the post in this thread so I may be repeating some of it..But anyway..I'm not really sure what I think about the movie. I liked some if it, some scenes. So it's not like it's a terrible movie, it just fails to live up to the book and follow the book as i hoped it would. The baseball scene was pretty close to what I pictured it to be :) I think Robert Pattinson did an OK Edward, although nobody could quite be the Edward I imagined.

But i agree with what many of you have said. The story was too rushed. If you didn't read the books first, you would have no idea about the complexity of their relationship and how deep their love is. They don't just meet and fall in love just like that, there is so much more to it. So they should have spent more time on building the relationship. Especially how difficult it was for Edward to allow himself to be with Bella. I think that is maybe why there is a lot of criticism about the acting as well, especially Kristen. The characters just do not have time to develop as they should. There isn't time to show the range of emotions that Bella has. I would also have liked that the movie had shown more of the other Cullens.
My favorite part of the book is the meadow. And that was just not developed at all in the movie. I think that the meadow was a huge step in their relationship, and in the movie it was just so hasty. And their first kiss should have taken place the way it did in the book.
And why did they shoot that field trip scene? They should have done blood typing in stead, which is actually in the book instead of making up a field trip.

And probably a small thing...But I did not like the way Edward's room looked. His room is fairly well described in the books, so why couldn't they just have made it look that way?
I'm not all negative though. I have only seen the movie once..I might like it more on a second viewing, when I know what to expect.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby cassis_rose » Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:05 am

Sad to say, I belong in this category more than the other. I at angry for people who wrote negative reviews but then I realised I was wearing rose-tinted glasses all the time.

I wouldn't say it's fulfilling to the fullest. It's not that bad as some people put it too. Overall, a so-so movie.

Although, I prepared myself before the movie (my expectations fell by a lot), I was still fairly disappointed by the final product. The essence is just not in the right place.

Robert Pattinson's role of Edward is quite disappointing.
I, unlike tons of female fans out there, do not think he is "hot" or whatever word used to describe good-looking guys.

Kristen Steward looked and acted like she has some kind of attitude problem. I though she will be an OK Bella but seems like I was wrong.

The special effects were not so special afterall. The stunts in the Ballet and Baseball scenes were great but other than that, erm... The glittering part in the so disappointing Meadow scene made me laugh. It's alike to pouring glitter powder all over his body and face. Very dissatisfying. And that tree-climbing scene, they should just do away with that part. It's not even in the book anyway. Too awkward.

Music-wise, still OK. I didn't pay much attention to the background music.

Yes, just like many fans who watched the movie, the Baseball scene is my favourite in the movie. I heard that most money was spent in that part too. Wow, baseball never look any better than what I've seen in the movie.

Plot-wise, not that great. Too many parts in the book were skipped. Pattinson was too rough with Steward and not a "gentleman" like what Edward is in the book.

Prom was watered-down as was the Meadow scene. It was the defining moment in the book yet strangely simplified in the movie. Where are the rest of the Cullens in the Prom? I was looking forward to see Alice and Rosalie's dresses.

From the Baseball scene onwards, everything's just fine. Details still missing, scenes still cut, but at least the hunt is on.

When Lautner aka Jacob was telling the tale of the "Cold Ones" to Steward aka Bella, the memories of the past showed that the former Quileute tribe members wearing pointy wolf hats on their heads. This was the moment me and cousin laughed the hardest. Must they really showed that to tell the viewers they are descendants of wolves?

Catherine Hardwicke's directing is unique. The whole screen will be filled with an actor/actress's face before shifting to another face and shifting back again. Can't she just pulled the lenses out a bit to capture both their faces instead?

I understand the lack of budget, thus producing bad special effects. But the scriptwriter must be blamed for the plot.

My faith in the movie franchise is declining. Soon, I may just forgo going to watch the sequels.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby fueledbyedward » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:06 pm

Well, seeing as there's absolutely no point in sugarcoating how I feel to benefit others, I guess I'll just come right out with it. Catherine was a failure as a director (as I've said in other topics). Thank GOD she won't be back for New Moon. I just don't (and never will) understand how fans on the book can call themselves fans of the movie. The most important scenes (um, the "meadow" scene, for example) were either disregarded or massacred, and even the actors' performances (especially Edward, the most important character) were not as good as they could (and should) have been. I've had a lot of people tell me that I'm judging the movie too harshly, but I know, having read each book a good 8 or 10 times (with Breaking Dawn as an exception) the potential the movie could have had if the director was truly passionate about it. I think it's safe to say Catherine wasn't as passionate as she could have been. Either that, or she didn't read the books. If they can make the Harry Potter books into successful movies, surely they can do the same for Twilight. All it takes is a determined director and a dedicated cast (and they were, don't get me wrong). Hopefully the new director can turn it around, because it would really be a shame if they ruined another book.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby dandelion337 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:16 am

i saw the movie twice, but still, don't like the performance of Rob Pattinson. in the book, Edward is 108 years old, determined, confident and possessive, but i can see none of these in the movie. no offense, Jacob's long hair (it's a wig, right?) is godawful :( please please please ~ do something better in New Moon ~
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby WhiteRabbit » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:34 am

I feel a little as though my opinion may fall on deaf ears here seeing as how I am following after 18 pages of what I am going to presume is a lot of the same material. I read a few pages, I don't really have time to read them all.

But seeing as how the movies are kind of the whole reason I joined this forum I may as well say my piece.

I myself am hoping to get into the film making (namely Directing) game, therefore I do tend to watch movies through different eyes nowadays.
Here is what I have to say about Twilight as an adaptation: It sucked.

I watched the movie before I had read any of the books. I didn't know what it was about, I don't even think I knew it was an adaptation but I went to see it because it was #1 on imdb for weeks before it was even released. I was curious.
So I dragged my poor boyfriend along to see it. Surprisingly he didn't hate it. As a stand alone film we both agreed that it was ok. Although neither of us understood why everyone was going to see it 2 and 3 times. It was average.

It did however pique my interest enough that I decided to read the books. I wanted to know what happened next!

So I read all four books, in just over a week. Work kept getting in the way.
Then, by chance, a friend offered me free tickets to see the movie again. With my new insight into the whole story I accepted, hoping to gain a new appreciation for the movie. Well... I certainly saw it differently. Not so much an appreciation as a realisation of everything that was wrong with it!


I think that Rob Pattinson is a good choice as Edward, he certainly has the right look. However I think that his acting as Edward is all wrong. Through the entire movie he acts awkwardly and looks terrified, as if he's going to explode at Bella and eat her alive. I realise that this is sort of the underlying theme, but in the books Edward comes across as smooth, cool, calm and collected. He makes rational decisions and controls himself well (with the exception of his first encounter with Bella). Almost every other line in the book is "Edward Smiled/smirked/laughed etc etc. Which, to be honest, got tired after a while. SM was a little short on emotional descriptions in her first book. Sorry. But I don't remember seeing Rob smile once! I'm not sure if it's his acting or if he was directed to portray Edward this way, so I'm waiting for the 'New Moon' to find out.

I think Kristen Stewart is a horrible choice for Bella. Truly. Her acting is completely wrong. She seems bored and awkward the whole time, as if she's just too cool to be there. Someone else mentioned that it looked like she had forgotten her lines, and I agree, that's exactly what it looked like. As if she was doing bad improv or someone was feeding them to her.
I imagined Bella being sweet, like a mother hen trapped in a 17 year old's body. I mean as soon as she moves in with Charlie she instantly starts taking care of him and she will always sacrifice herself before anyone else. I don't see the character that Kristen brought to screen being able to do this. I think though, that the choices may have been limited. I think I read it on SM's website that they wanted an actual teenager to play Bella. There aren't really that many options floating around in Hollywood and I doubt they would have wanted an unknown carrying the whole movie. Although I wish they had taken the risk to find someone more fitting.

The only other thing I have to say about casting is this: for some reason while I was reading the book I imagined Charlie being played by J.K Simmons : the Dad from Juno. Although I have nothing against the casting of Charlie, I wouldn't mind seeing my version on screen. He just seemed to fit to me. Anyone else??


The style for this film was also, completely wrong. Someone was telling me that Catherine Hardwicke tends to go for a realistic style (Thirteen) which is why a lot of the shots were handheld and flat looking.
At what point during the making of a movie about Vampires do you decide to go for a realistic style??
Especially when there are effects involved. Her solution to Edward's smooth, swift walking speed was to have him walk out of the classroom really fast. And it's so obvious. The running was also ridiculous. It looked so completely stupid in every way. The baseball scene was about the only thing I feel they got right, and it's because it was a totally different style. The entire film should have looked like that scene. Swift, smooth with clean moving shots and more Vampire like movements. Edward is supposed to move like a ghost, so fast and sure. Rob looked stiff and rigid and it just made the whole movie feel uncomfortable.


I was about to have a huge rant about the script writing before I had a second look at Melissa Rosenberg's imdb credits. Dexter... really?? I freaking love that show, one of the reasons being that it is so well written.
I still hate the Twilight script immensely, but I am just a little startled.
My main issue here is the line "I hate any cold wet thing".
Seriously, what the hell is that supposed to be? Who the hell would ever say that, ever? It sounds so completely stupid and suss. So I am mad at Melissa Rosenberg for that line mainly, as well as the rest of the poorly adapted script. It just wasn't well thought out and rushed.

I don't have any great expectations for New Moon. I think they have made mistake number one with the choice of Director. Chris Weitz, really?? I was hoping for someone with a more successful background in action and special effects (please note the word "successful" because Golden Compass was a failure!).

So that short novel is all I have to say about that for now.... *sigh*. I just needed to get it off my chest.

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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby Jadey » Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:50 am

The biggest problem I found in the movie was... how incredibly cheesy and tweeny it was.
The last half was better than the first... but...
there were a lot of weak, lame jokes.. to attract younger people?

I felt so lame sitting there watching it.
Im in my late teens and I was just cringing at everything..

But everyone knows that movies are never as good as the books, and it was the first one.. so hopefully they get better, and by Breaking Dawn, it will be brilliant.
Now they know what people liked, and didn't like, what parts they need to improve on and such..
Crossing my fingers that New Moon is 100% better.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby fanatic215 » Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:46 pm

i didnt really like movie. in the movie edward looked kind of ackward and out of place. it wasnt the same romantic feeling that i go from the book. dont get me wrong, the movie was ok, but it was not all that i thought it would be. :roll:
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby dazzlingdynamite » Sat Apr 04, 2009 9:17 am

Jadey wrote:The biggest problem I found in the movie was... how incredibly cheesy and tweeny it was.
The last half was better than the first... but...
there were a lot of weak, lame jokes.. to attract younger people?

I felt so lame sitting there watching it.
Im in my late teens and I was just cringing at everything..

But everyone knows that movies are never as good as the books, and it was the first one.. so hopefully they get better, and by Breaking Dawn, it will be brilliant.
Now they know what people liked, and didn't like, what parts they need to improve on and such..
Crossing my fingers that New Moon is 100% better.

I agree. I found myself laughing SO hard half the time, at the cringey, cheesy teen-bopper moments. Edward and Bella were not in love. They were kids messing about. But they weren't in the kind of Romeo and Juliet, I'd die for it, love. You didn't get that at all. My friends had to start threatening to chuck ice at me to shut me up from laughing at everything. Especially the part where Edward says 'Hullo' and he sounds like German or something and his eyes were about the size of saucers. He looks so terrified, but it's so funny! All in all, it was not a very good film.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Postby annabelle » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:49 pm

i couldn't stop laughing.




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