Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

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Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by Nena »

Was your favorite line in the book? is it only in the movie? both? Share with us!
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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by debussygirl »

I love it when Victoria says, "I'm the one with the wicked curveball" then Jasper replies, "Oh, I think we can handle it."
Oh, and I was really glad Mike's line, "You and Cullen huh? I don't like it. He looks at you like you're something to eat." got in there.
Umm, that's all I can think of now.
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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by spookybell »

I guess that gives me a reason to see it again. All I can think of is Spider Monker and that's just because I heard it so much before the movie.
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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by darkrider »

up My fav line in the movie was when Edward is jumping off from Bella's truck and he goes "I'm going to take you to my house" or smething like that. lol It's the scene when she's washing her truck and she goes, "Can you atleast act human?" loll Sucha cute and humanized scene from edward. =P

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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by amie »

"They're all staring."
"No, not everyone. That guy just looked."

"MMMmmm.... well, I could always make you." (re: Bella can't dance)

"Oh... why not" (at Prom - dancing with Bella)

Pretty much any line in which Robert Mmmm'ed or sighed or made any sort of non-verbal noise the person sitting next to me heard a little tiny "squeeee" from me....
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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by twilightbelle<3 »

"I can read every mind in,, money...CAT?"

The "Since im going to hell" line...

"So you and Cullen, huh? Thats uh...I don't like it!" :mrgreen:
OH AND OMG, when Mike is like..."How you likey the rain girl!?"
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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by NessieFan »

"how do you know she italian?"
"Her name is Bella!"

(charlie loading his shot gun saying) "Bring him in."

"Get a whiff of that."

And many (like the whole movie.)
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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by Alicia_Cullen »

I love the line "I had an adreline rush.It's quite common.You can google it" - Edward Cullen
"I Love you" - Bella Swan, "You Are My Life Now" - Edward Cullen

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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by #1twi-guy »

Theres so much!
Heres a few:

The first time Rob says "hello" he sounds funny! It's more like "herro" :lol:

When Jasper says "Oh I think we can handle that"

When Alice says "Oh you do smell good"

When Bellas walking to the kitchen and Rosalie says "Get a whiff of that"

And theres so much more!
Ill post more later :lol:

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Re: Twilight movie~ Favorite Lines

Post by LoveEmmettCullen »

My favorites (in no particular order):
Esme: Here comes the human!- Twilight movie
Rosalie: How do you know she'll like it?
Emmett: Her name's Bella!- Twilight movie
Edward: I had an adrenaline rush. It's quite common. You can google it.- Twilight movie
Edward: "Quite obviously, Alice will be able to tell when they're planning a visit, and I'll hide you. They'll be helpless," he said with fierce enjoyment. "It will be like looking for a piece of straw in a haystack!"
He and Emmett exchanged a glance and a smirk. This made no sense
Bella: But they'll find you," I reminded him.
Edward: And I can take care of myself."
Emmett laughed, and reached across the table toward his brother, extending a fist.
Emmett: Excellent plan, my brother," he said with enthusiasm. Edward stretched out his arm to smack
Emmett's fist with his own.
"No," Rosalie hissed.
"Absolutely not," I agreed.
"Nice Jasper." Jasper's voice was appreciative.
"Idiots," Alice muttered.

Last one is definitely my favorite!
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