Twilight verses the Host

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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by TheHostTwilightSaga »

The Host is much more richly layered in terms of story it isn't so much boy meets girl hook up but like a developed plot were you don't know the happy ending is gonna happen until the very end...... I would rate The Host a 9-10/10 and Twilight Saga around 8.5 ish...... :D
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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

I just finished it and I feel they are two different books. It is like comparing apples to oranges you just don't. I have a different opinion as far as the post above. With Twilight I was shocked it was a happy ending. From what I knew of SM she loves Shakespeare and Jane Austin which is tragedy stories. So I assumed the worst possible ending and prepared myself for it. Going back to the Host I didn't have any desire to read it since I am not a alien fan. I have always been drawn to vampire books or movies since age of 11 when I first watched Lost Boys. After I was finished reading the novel I can't wait till she releases the second one in the trilogy.
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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by FilDeCuivre »

If I had been asked this question two years ago, I would've probably answered Twilight without even considering The Host. It took me almost two years to read it - I started it in May 2008 when it was published and after over 100 pages I gave up trying. After that I've heard so many people say how it gets so much better when she's found and she's in the cave and finally now I started reading it. So I read the book and loved it.

Now that I ask this question, I'd have to say The Host. Twilight made me first fall in love with Edward and then Jacob and I was hooked since page 1. With The Host it took me over a hundred pages to get myself hooked. If that was the definition for which book I liked better, then it'd be Twilight. But I don't define it like that. For me the better book is the one that makes me feel for the characters, identify myself with them and make my laugh and cry. And when I think that, I really can't identify myself that much with over 100-year-old vampires who are perfect and glittering. And Bella... well, I sort of could relate to her when I was a teen myself but now - as horrifying as this may sound, even to me - Twilight has sort of lost its spark. I love happy endings but after Breaking Dawn I found Saga's ending TOO happy.

I loved The Host because it had real humans in it and they acted like humans. Yes, it had aliens and they were kind of perfect too because they disliked violence and they were polite and didn't lie and etc. but that's not the same thing as it was with Twilight for me. The Host, too, had a happy ending but I really wanted it to end happy. I didn't know how it ends but when she thought she was dying I was so happy when I found out she didn't after all die. I'd fallen in love with Wanda and Ian and wanted them to have their happily-ever-after because they really deserved it after everything that had happened.

Also I liked the story line better with The Host than with Twilight. In Twilight Bella and Edward fall in love way too fast and everything happens too fast for me. In The Host Wanda of course loves Jared but that's at first because of Mel's memories. And I liked how Ian and Wanda started to become slowly from enemies to friends and not just:
Day 1. I hate you and want to kill you
Day 2. Friends?
Day 3. Marry me?
That was the reason I'm now not liking Twilight the way I used to like it. It all happened too fast and seems so unrealistic. Yes, I know, alien+human relationship seems a little unrealistic too, but if you take that out and think of Wanda as a human, too, then you get my point.

So I choose The Host(and now I have Edward's voice ringing in my head in Eclipse's tent scene :lol: ) because, although it took me longer to start liking the book, the way I liked it was much deeper than with Twilight, if that makes any sense.

I didn't mean to write this much but after I started I couldn't stop :shock:
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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by Belice »

I Loved both stories, for very different reasons. With the Twilight Saga, it was very fast moving, about love between 2 or 3 different spieces & the "what do we do now" thing. A lot more action too.

The Host on the other hand was slower readiing, not quite as intense, but the story was BEAUTIFUL!! (imo) The host made me really think about the world as it is today & how it WOULD be seen to someone from the outside.

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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by bored by the sea »

i love both but i love Twilight ALOT more i think its because i feel like i related to the characters more and found the story more addictive! i mean i literally could not put any of the books in the saga down for a second, thats not to say the Host isnt good it is, but in an entirely different way, i love stephenies writing style any way so i doubt id hate anything she has written. I leant one of my twihard friends my copy of The Host+it took her 3months to finish, i wondered why it was taking her so long and found out it was because it gave her bizarre nightmares, yeah i felt bad for making her read it :lol:
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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by NightFlowers88 »

I enjoyed both books but I believe I was more interested in Twilight from the beginning than I was The Host. I enjoyed The Host it just seemed to take me a little bit to really get involved with what was happening in the story.
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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by dazzel21 »

Nothing can beat Twilight. But then again Twilight and The Host are 2 different book with two different genre. I'm a romantic at heart so I prefer books which has lots of fluff just like Twilight.
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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

Twilight will always be the best book series ever in my eyes, but I loved the Host too. Athough I felt it took along time to get going, I loved it, and the ending was unexpected and sweet.
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Re: Twilight verses the Host

Post by SwanCullen »

I prefer Twilight. I LOVE The Host though. It took me a while to really get into it, but then it hit and WHAM! I LOVED it! It started getting better for me when Uncle Jeb found her. I LOVED him. He was a crack up I think.
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