Periods...not a grammar topic

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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby kl1028 » Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:55 pm

how appropraite...mine came this morning lol it sucks....and i feel ur pain jackyO cramps and bloating and emotional....ugh i cry over everything!
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby Lynzeee » Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:30 am

its a cruel joke having your period.. right?
I had next to nothing as a teenager.. maybe 3-4 days lite.. no cramps..

I have babies and all of a sudden i have a week of HELL.. i can hardly function, doubled over in pain, birth control doesnt help, pain killers(tho nice) dont help.. i come very close to killing my husband once a month.. he is the only person i feel bad for at the same time as myself.. ugh ugh ugh..
Im going to have One more baby.. then they can take my uterus with it.. seriously..
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby netnut » Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:54 pm

he food you eat affects your brain! so if you eat garbage & stuff loaded with unnatural chemicals for ingredients, your brain will most likely hate you.

you're supposed to eat alot of protein when your on your period because of the blood loss. plus protein helps with your mood swings. make sure you dont eat anything processed. stick to fruits and vegetables, because those have a lot of b vitamins(the b vitamin helps to level out your mood swings). plus you know that organic fruits & vegetables werent created in a lab or injected with growth hormones. taking a b-vitamin in pill form ON TOP OF plenty of plant-food can help balance out your mood swings too. try to stay away from caffeine as it causes high blood pressure & will most likely just stress you out even more. if you need your caffeine, dont drink the devil reincarnate that is soda(that goes under the forbidden processed food category that makes your body feel like garbage).

basically, your body wont feel like taking a dump on you if you try to eat as pure as possible! buy your food from an organic grocery store, stear clear of refined sugars(cookies, ice cream, anthing "Sweetened") but dont rule out fruit because it has "sugar." contrary to what hollywood says, the sugar in fruit is au naturale & has plenty of vitamins your womanly body needs during this harsh time! eat tons of protein (salmon is good cause of it's omega-3 antioxidants) & eat every 3 or 4 hours so your blood sugar level doesnt go down, lady.

oh, & getting on the pill is good too :D helps with hormones, cramps, mood swings, etc etc.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby Goodnight Elizabeth » Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:16 am

Thanks, netnut, for such an informed post. I'd always heard to refrain from sodas while having my period. Sodas are bad for females anyway. Sodas have phosphoric acid..which eats calcium...our bones and teeth.
Squee! Thank you, Nena!
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby netnut » Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:29 am

youre welcome! :) i love nutrition, & studying it is a boredom-cure of mine. yes, soda is so bad for EVERYONE! it has high fructose corn syrup in it, tons of carbonation (which leaves you bloated & that is the last thing you want when youre on your period & already bloated enough), & high sugar content. diet sodas have so even more chemicals in them too!

i hope this doesnt stray too far off-topic, but if youre interested in what i am talking about, i suggest picking up a copy of "In Defense of Food: the eater's manifesto" & "the omnivore's dilemma"(even though i have not read the second yet). "Skinny B**ch" is a good nutrition book for women that actually cracks down on the way certain foods affect your bodies natural chemistry.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby Le-Petit-Mort » Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:05 pm

Cramps are hell. But, I even scare myself sometimes when I snap at people. Stupid questions set me off during my week. I can be all calm and fine, then someone just has to say something blindly obvious and I lose all control of my tongue. :lol:
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby colegurl » Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:30 pm

usually im not to bad...but my last one..holy hellians..its was horrible..i cried so easily and i got it was longer than usual...all in all..a very horrible period for me...its usually very nice to me..i catch it before anything gets stained or ruined...i pop a couple of midol and im okay..but not even midol helped this time cramps are for two days..then two days after that..its over...also its ALWAYS on time....lucky some aspects..
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby srabrgr » Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:53 pm

Mother Nature came for a vist last week and I was crying over everything, I saw a Charmin commercial and cried because it was "just so cute" lol
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby x_mystical_dreams » Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:52 am

haha, I'm actually quite glad I saw this topic as it seems I'm not quite as abnormal as I thought :)
I was 11 when I first started and was the only person (with the exception of my mum) that I knew who'd started for 2-3 years. Most of my friends started at 13/14 and so I never really felt comfortable talking to them about it. I didnt even tell my mum until about 3 months after my first one :? I just so embarassed :oops: Because I thought it was abnormal to have started so early, like I was a freak.
But its nice to know other people had similar experiences to me. I can't imagine what starting at 9 must feel like.

Mine have always also been quite irregular, I come on once a month usually but I never know when its going to be. Sometimes it'll be almost exactly the same time as the month before others it could be 10days before or after so I never really know :( In the past when I've been really stressed I've had two in the space of a month ! it was awful, and quite worrying but i went to a doctor and they told me it was quite normal and usually down to stress (which i wasnt really suprised by since the last 4 times i've been to the doctor with 'issues' they've ALL been stress related).

And last but not least the PAIN :o lol tbh I think... from reading these posts... I have it relatively easy. I usually only have pain the first day sometimes if i'm unlucky the second day too but thats not often. But the pain I do experience is like nothing I've ever felt before. If I start at school and I'm unprepared with painkillers to ease the pain its horrific ! like doubled up, not able to function, shaking, sweating and sometimes being sick, its disgusting. A few months ago I had one, luckily for me I started late at night and the early pain is always the worst, but ended up having to go to bed at like 5pm and just lie literally writhing in pain on my bed, with a sick bucket by my bed cos i was in so much pain i just couldn't function. I really really hope that never happens again.
With me the pain seems to build up over time.. every month that bit worse than the last until one like i've just explained happens and then the pain will go down again. does that happen to anyone else?
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Postby oleander » Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:22 am

I have PCOS so i've never had a regular visit from Aunt Flo. I have gone years without seeing her. In fact, she came to visit for the first time in two years last month, and it was by and far THE WORST one I've ever had, in fact, it landed me at the hospital because i was hemorrhaging. So because of the PCOS, i also now have endometrial hyperplasia. My plumbing is so messed up now that i have to take hormones to start and stop Aunt Flo's visits. Sadly the hormones are making me as, er..."hormonal" as a teenager, and giving me hot flashes like a menopausal woman. I'm so conflicted! :lol:

So, my worst experience was just a month ago. I had started with heavy bleeding the day before and was visiting with my best friend from high school for the first time in 12 years. I couldn't cancel my visit with him, or rather, i didn't want to cancel it...i had been desperate to see him because it had been so long! So i go see him and he asks if i want to go for a drink at a local bar. We get there, have some drinks (which i do maybe once a year) and i start to feel really sick. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and as i stood up, a river ran down my leg! I was wearing shorts! In the middle of the bar! Thank god it was dark and there weren't many people there, because i was able to scurry to the bathroom and clean myself up. I asked him if we could go home and i spent the rest of the night bleeding on his bathroom floor or curled up in the fetal position on the couch. The next day I took the bus back home (it's a 3 hour bus trip) and when i got off the bus, guess what!? It ran down my leg again. This time it was daylight, and there were hundreds of people standing around. I grabbed my luggage and ran to the first cab i could find. I left a stain on his seat! :oops:

My ob/gyn told me that this could happen again...YAY (dripping with sarcasm), the joys of being a woman.

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