Do you have a type of boy?

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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Postby madness_falls » Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:36 pm

Oh yes, I definitely have a type. I definitely fall for the quiet, brooding guys who have a playful / trouble making side as well. They have to make me laugh all the time, else I won't put up with you for very long. Sometimes they're just plain trouble which isn't any fun. Tall boys are better than short ones (even though I'm only 5'0), and the smarter the better. They *have* to love Canada and have high respect for the Canadian Military or I won't give them the time of day. Maturity is a huge thing, and being able to commit because the shortest relationship I've ever had was three months so I just don't do normal teen relationships. xD

I've got the perfect guy for me though, so I'm pretty much set for life. It's still a little shocking how well we get along and interact with each other. We've been together for nearly three years and had one major bump and one fight. It's surreal but I can say with absolute certainty that I've never been happier. I think I've found my Jasper.
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