People who stare

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Re: People who stare

Post by -Jasper »

I don't stare at people, I glance at them subtly, or so I like to think :D
Sometimes I just stare when I'm thinking, just staring at nothing.

People staring at me makes me nervous though, I wonder why they're looking at me, like
if something is wrong with my hair.
It can be a good thing though, I met my best friend through a staring incident. I was 4 and in reception,
and he kept staring at me, so I hit him :? My mum apologised to his mum, we met up to play, and the rest
is history. :D
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Re: People who stare

Post by TeamJake »

I dislike when people stare. But I absolutely hate when you see someone is staring at you and make eye contact with them and then they keep staring at you!! Like hello I caught you staring now's your cue to look away. There used to be a girl in my school who just stared at me and not for just a minute, she would stare at me for like 5 minutes. It made me so uncomfortable and I was always fixing my hair or checking my outfit to make sure I remembered to wear pants or something lol

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Re: People who stare

Post by lovvetwilight »

Wow people are going to hate me for this but I stare at people all the time!! Mostly just people I dislike. Its a source of entertainment for me to watch them squirm. :twisted: I know I'm sick. But if I do catch someone staring I typically give them a nasty look. Unless they're a hot guy. Then I just smile :D << please press

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Re: People who stare

Post by Niinella »

I stare at people, too. Eep. Sorry. :D But I like to see what's going on around me and.. I usually don't stare at people who notice I'm staring. (That sounds a little wrong. And creepy.) I get a little embarrassed if I'm caught staring at someone.. but sometimes I don't notice myself that I'm staring, or I'm not actually even staring particularly at anyone, rather just.. staring into the wide space ahead of me. Blanking out, you know.. (I'm not sure if that's a right way to phrase it but who cares? I know I don't :D)

I get irritated if I see someone staring at me and the person won't stop even though s/he is caught. I don't know, it just.. makes me uncomfortable. I can think of like, one person, who I don't mind staring at me.

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Re: People who stare

Post by hen-c »

A couple of weeks ago the weirdest thing happened to me. I'm kind of paranoid (thinking that people stare at me and stuff) and super self-conscious so it wasn't really helping when I was sitting on the tube and this creepy, homeless looking man sat down across from me. At first, he didn't stare or I just didn't notice it, since it was in the morning. But after like 2 stops he started to stare at me like 'i want to do bad things with you'. It really creeped me out. I thought I had something in my hair or something along those line. And he didn't look away for a minute and it was a 30 min ride so what the heck. Of course I tried not to look his way, but ended up stealing glimpses of him, but my neck hurt after it so bad. haha
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Re: People who stare

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

During my Year 10 exams we were seated in the hall and I was next to this one boy every time and he really didn't care about he exams so he just sat there being obnoxious and throughout the exams I could just tell he was sitting there staring at me. I've never spoken to him and I actually hate him but I could tell he was sitting there staring at was freaking me out!
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Re: People who stare

Post by LilyMorgana »

Argh, I had this friend who kept staring at just about everyone! He even let his mouth hang wide open and sometimes I could've sworn I saw some drool in the corner of his mouth. Apparently he wasn't aware of doing that because his mind was somewhere completely else. Like a while ago, another friend, the staring friend and I were both sitting on the same bus and he was staring at that friend and me and we were laughing at him because he had a funny expression. Anyway, we stare back and then he starts writing a text message and a few seconds later my friend gets the text message: "I'm on my way to your studio. I'll be there in a few minutes." Apparently he wasn't aware we were on the same bus although he was STARING at us. So then we send back: "Yeah, we know. ;) Pay attention and don't stare at innocent girls on the bus!" So then we observed him reading the text message. :lol:
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Re: People who stare

Post by Black »

If I catch someone staring at me I'll give 'em a hard stare back until they look away. Except when it's a Mexican. Then I can't look at him for too long or I'll start laughing.

What really freaks me out is customers at work coming up to me and saying my name like they know me. I'll have a second of OMGWTFHOWDOTHEYKNOWMYNAME and then realize that they were reading my nametag. :?
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Re: People who stare

Post by SethisMine »

It bugs me when people stare... sometimes I freeze up, or I'll just get annoyed. I volunteer at my local zoo and so sometimes when I am working, people will watch my every move for several minutes, like I am the attraction, not the animals...
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Re: People who stare

Post by uniqueTWILIGHTfan »

Everytime someone stares at me I make it a game. Like I go to my local McDonalds and I will sit there and read books and people seem to enjoy staring at me. So everytime I catch someone staring I lock my eyes dead-on with theirs, I think the record for looking-at-me-while-I-look-at-them is like 5 seconds! :lol:

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