People who stare

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Re: People who stare

Post by Carrisa »

I was having lunch one day with a friend of mine and we kind of sat at the nearest empty table since most of them were full. Our schedules were different due to testing so lunch was jumbled that week. When we sat down, everything was okay and we talked like we normally do when I felt that sensation of someone watching me. So I look for the source and there sits this guy - whom I've never seen before - flat out staring at me one table over from mine while he eats. I felt a little unnerved so I looked away but I kept checking on him and he was watching me nonstop and, maybe I was imagining it, but there seemed to be something in his eyes, like some kind of intention. And no, this was no Bella-Edward deal, this was the creepy I-have-no-idea-who-he-is-I-wish-he-would-stop ordeal. He did that the entire lunch break until me and my friend left. I didn't tell her because I didn't think it was something to get overly excited about but it was still strange and uncomfortable.
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Re: People who stare

Post by ravenGirl2468 »

Ok so there is this one girl in my homeroom at school her name is Ashley and everybody hates her i also hate her she is just so weird i mean she will sit in S.S and eat her hand :shock: :shock: seriously and in homeroom she will just turn around and look at me and stare even if she notices that i am looking at her she will just stare at my face for like 10 minutes finally one time i asked her if she needed anything but she just kept staring at me and wouldnt answer so i asked again and this time she said that she didnt need anything and she just keeps staring she does this everyday of the week and it freaks me out so weird and i am starting to wonder if everything is right upstairs for her if you know what i mean :roll:
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Re: People who stare

Post by Black »

Apparently... people don't the idea of me looking at them.

I remember one time I went to my sister's gymnastics practice thing and I was dead bored- staring at the wall the entire time wondering why in the world I'd decided to come and when it was over my sister came up to me and told me that she couldn't concentrate because she knew I was watching her (was not, lol). She said that she couldn't do well because me being up there made her really uncomfortable and apparently, our friend thought the same thing. I guess my sister told Dawn about it and Dawn was like "Yea! I felt the same way!" I was just like "Uh... yea, I wasn't even watching you guys." Lol.
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