Schools, What is yours like?

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by you dazzle me_x » Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:31 pm

Well i go to an all girls private catholic school. it's dramatic, stressful, and a lot of the girls feel that they're better than everyone else. The majority of the girls are snobby, but there are a few people I've come across that are nice and share the same interests as me. Everyone is completely boy crazy and if you walk through our hallways you'd think the girls have never seen a boy in their life. All in all though it's a great school, nationally ranked but I'm not positive how I feel about it.

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by maddy<3twilight » Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:03 pm

Ok so I am still in elementry school. I got to a catholic school.
Reasons I like it:
I have an in with the principal so I always get the awesome teachers.
I love all the people who go to my school except the "others"
I live really close to it.
It is kinda small so everyone knows everyones name.

Reasons I don't like it:
I have the same teacher for every subject. Except gym and French.
We are banned from like every game. No football, or tag or tackling.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by Amethyst1 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:10 pm

my school is disgusting.
maybe i am overstating things. But i just don't feel comfortable in it, or fit for that matter. Socially i do, but i feel out of place. I dislike it very much.
It's a very clean and organized school, to an extent though, or maybe i am overstating things again. there's a freaking big yellow water thing on the ceiling of my french class. and it's getting bigger and eventaully it'll become mold. yeah, disturbing.

The teachers are very nice and vary. and they are good teachers...i have no problem with that.

Gym class is uncomfortable. there are so many kids. and the cafitera is gross.

the only place i enjoy being in is the library. and it's not very well stocked either. I mean, school related subjected books -- there's alot of them. but books that you actaully would read (such as twilight), well, there are lack-there of.

sigh. i was supposed to go to a good school. but apparently you are accepted to the nearest school. blech...I really hope i get to go the private school next year. they're are so much better, have small classes, lack as*-holes, are very clean and organized. and i am pretty sure there are no yellow spots on the ceilings...

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by iLoveRob » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:38 pm

I love and hate my school at the same time. It's a public school.

1. (Go to the bottom of this paragraph for the short version of this haha I know this is kinda long. sorry.) The vice principle, who thinks he owns the place, sucks and the school spends money on a bunch or worthless crap. Like no joke. I school has the worst and most unhealthy food ever known to this planet and keep cutting classes that are so much fun and they are classes that people actually want to take. Like Auto shop, Photography, Wood shop, advanced chemistry, cooking, Graphics Art, and other really cool classes and instead of putting the money into the classes they drop most of them and add a 50,000 sign outside of our school that isn't even needed! We also got a new Library, that they like to call the 'Idea Lab' (where they got that from I have no clue.) and it's great and all a new library was needed no doubt but they made it SO big and hardly anyone is allowed in there and it has the highest ceiling in the world and it takes up a lot of heat to keep it above freezing so all over the school the classes are freezing just to keep that area cooled which is dumb in my point of view.
(long story short - My school wastes so much money)

2- There are the occasional great/awesome teacher but we have plenty of terrible teacher too. But there isn't much you can do about that.

3- The place is SO boring nothing ever goes on here. Like at all. We have our occasional preggo chick or fight, but those aren't even annual. -sigh- Like I said. Boring :[

4- Our academics are really high I guess, we are in the top 50 public school for the past 10 year i think. But I athletics aren't so hot. I mean we have our 'superstars' but never enough to beat out school rival that beast us in EVERYTHING. Well almost everything. I think every once and a while our girls swim, tennis, and wrestling will beat them but that's about it and sadly no one ever goes to watch those sports.

5- Love the people and we get bunch of foreign exchange student and new student so we get to met lots of new people and still be with the old ones.

So over all it's decent but I wish they wouldn't waste the little money we've got because then I think my school would be fairly enjoyable.

Wow that was a lot of typing.

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by CullenxLove » Tue Dec 02, 2008 6:59 pm

i like my school overall, although i still consider it hell.
it also has the highest drug rating, what does that tell you? hah

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by PhantasmaWolf » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:05 pm

My school is...alright. My teachers this year are pretty good, but I have this group of really annoying disruptive people in several classes and it gets severely on my nerves. They never shut up. My science teacher is boring, but the rest is pretty good. As long as you hang out with the right group, you're fine. I go out of my way to stay away from the "unsavory" types, which, fortunately, there isn't as many here as in some places, but still.

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by alellie » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:07 pm

My school's pretty least, it's not crawling with gang members and stuff...
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by pollypollypolly » Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:19 pm

Small and rather friendly.
Even though I despise most of the kids there.

Dodgy area as well.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by twilightbelle<3 » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:24 pm

Well, I went to public school up until 9th grade, and then I became homeschooled. It's definitley different, but I love it. I have an acutal school where I go occasionally for classes like, readings and math notes and all that crap, but otherwise my classes are online. My school is very like, snooty though! Everyone is kind of sheltered, and so I have yet to make any good friends! But I am only in 10th grade, so I still have time...


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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by bite_me » Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:00 am

My school is pretty good, it's a private school and some of the teachers (and a few kids) are really snobby, but only a few. I honestly don't know if there are many fights or pregnancies or anything, because gossip seems to fly right by me. I think there aren't many, because violent people would gget expelled.

I like my school though. It's fun. :mrgreen:
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