Schools, What is yours like?

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by aurelia92 » Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:27 pm

i go to a catholic private school, it sucks. its my 5th school and the 2nd worst. loads of snobbish kids, teachers that cant teach and i have 39 hours per week, not including 9 free periods. plus its loads of work, and afer 3 days back there after the holidays im already tired as hell:(

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by » Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:47 pm

My highschool has NO air conditioning in any of the upstairs classrooms, which is, of course, where all but one of my classes are. It is scorching freakin hot all day. Everyone is sweating and its so gross. It wasn't really that hot all summer, and then school starts up, and its sweltering.

And the worst part is I have to run up this hill and walk like forever to wear my bus is waiting. Don't ask why the buses are parked behind the school, because I have no clue. By the time I get there, I'm gasping for breath and I think I'm about to die. :o Oh, and the reason I have to run to get to my bus is because my bus driver only waits like 10 minutes for everyone to get on, and missing the bus is like one of my greatest fears. Last period I start freaking out that I'm gonna miss it.

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by Trey » Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:43 pm

I go to a public school. I live in a small town, so my Junior class has...22 people in it? well something close to that. I know everyone that is the highschool's name and basically where they live. Oh, and yeah..highschool upstairs, elementary downstairs.

It's nice. I wouldn't trade it for a different, bigger school.

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by Sandra » Fri Sep 05, 2008 5:09 pm

I go to a public high school.
Here in Portugal, High School is from 10th to 12th grade, but in my school we have from 7th to 12th grade. I've been in my school since my 7th grade, and I'm going to begin my 12th grade a week from Monday. Since it will be my sixth year in that school, I already know my way around perfectly, obviously.
I love my school! It's not veeeery big, but it's not small too. We have five buildings with classrooms, and I've had classes in almost every classroom lol
I don't know exactly the number of students, but we are at least 700, I think.
Well, I don't know exactly why I like my school. Maybe it's because people respect each other, at least they don't call you ugly and so on in your face - a lot of people did that to me in the school I went to in the 5th and 6th grade.
There are some things I don't like in my school, obviously... I don't like that sometimes we don't have much to choose in the cafetaria. Some classrooms are too cold in the Winter and too hot in the Summer (we don't have air conditioning there).
Well, I think I wouldn't trade my school for any school in the world. Unfortunately it's my last year there, since next year I hope to go to University.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by xoxocamille » Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:47 am

Well, I just graduated HS last June, but I thought I should describe my lovely high school for a little bit.
-rolls eyes- Yes, I was being sarcastic.

My high school is one of those 'ghetto' schools one would describe. We have gang members and everything. You'll basically see all the bad-arses there. Our bathrooms were always disgusting--worse than porter potties--the classrooms has mice that come out in the night.. yeah. It was horrible. The J-hall bathroom was locked down after my freshman year because some girls apparently don't know how to properly dispose used pads. It was... disgusting. But that's not even all of it.

We've had couple of lockdowns too. My freshman year, one girl died from a car crash while going to out Winterball drunk. Then, my sophomore year, we had one of the lockdowns because 2 students had knives and one got stabbed in A-hall. My junior year, some kids lighted our Boys Bathroom in C-hall. (Good thing our fire department is literally across the street, or else...) And finally, my senior year, we had another lockdown because there had been little 'bombs' going off in the trash cans around the campus. Yeah, pretty bad already, but that still isn't the worst of it. Just some of the highlights, I guess.

Our HS also banned students from wearing the color red on the campus. There are 2 big gangs at school, and before my freshman year, one girl was shot because she was spotted wearing red in the parking lot, hence where the rule came from. EVERY WEEK, there's ALWAYS a fight, ranging from 2 girls or guys to over 100 people coming from 2 different gang groups. They've been on TV already, and yeah. I'm just glad I'm out of there already. Phew.

Oh. And this just came to me-- we had an assembly honoring Cinco De Mayo on the day of my birthday (it was May 13, 2005) and well, let's just say that the assembly didn't go so well. People literally started throwing glass bottles all over the place and about 10 people were badly injured. -sigh- Yeah.

And you thought your HS was bad. HAHA. I had to live through that for 4 long, agonizing years.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by Waffle of Doom » Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:18 am

I go to a 'Christian' private school, and in some ways it's awesome, but in a lot it sucks.

It's awesome because I only have 4hrs of school 5 days a week, and we still get breaks every hour. We don't have uniforms. It is also pretty much like home school, just with teachers to help you. You get to work at your own pace and take test only when you are positive you are ready, oh and we can't fail them either. If you do get a failing grade all you do is retake the test until you pass. Also, my teacher is awesome, she gives us (meaning me and the 4 other kids that make up my 'class') popcorn almost every day, and jokes with us.

But it sucks because even though we don't have uniforms, we have a dress code that doesn't allow you to wear skirts, clothing with prints (other than plaid or stripes), shirts have to be crew neck, and no hooded sweatshirts. Also, since my school is so small, there aren't many cute guys to look at, and the ones there are usually have girlfriends already. Because my dad has to pay for my school, I can't get my drivers liscense (or so he says now) until I graduate, I think he's full of it though.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by kimiCullenx3 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:27 pm

Well, I'm in Middle School.
It's quite a small school, 500-600 students at the most.
I'm in a magnet program with about 140 students in it and there's no bullies or anything.
(At least, not yet..)
I like it. Not too many snobby girls that think they're the center of the globe.
Not too many ghetto people who think they're gangster.
But I wonder what the regular middle school is like.. hmmm.
From my sister, I hear there's lots of drama and people doing pot in the bathroom.
I'm so glad I got into the magnet program, [[:.

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by heat of the sun » Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:55 pm

I'm in college now, but I attended two different high schools.

My first one, which I attended from Freshman to Sophomore year, was a public school with 1,600 students. I loved it, and it definitely wasn't trashy like so many of them are. It was only built in 1996, so it's still very new in regards to other public schools. I think East is one of the closest high schools to being private in the sense that a lot of students there act like they're in a private school - snobby and rich. The town where my school was is known as one of the elite areas of North Carolina.

Then my dad got a new job, so we moved to Chicago. I attended a small co-ed, nondenominational private school there for Junior and Senior year. There were approximately 450 students in the upper school, and my grade consisted of 102 people. At first I was apprehensive about attending, but after a while, I began to love it. I had so many more options at this school than my last one; I was able to select from a variety of courses, and we had amazing opportunities that I wouldn't have received at my other school. Even though 90% of the students there are rich, snobby and good looking [i.e. 3 of the families at my school are known millionaires], it was worth it. Everyone had a passion for learning, which wasn't the case at East. I was continually challenged by my work and classmates, which didn't always happen before.

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by LipsForeverSealed » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:27 pm

I go to a Nun school! ahhhhh :? , Its a catholic school, and i think the building used to be a hospital....! Creepy, no? :?:
its dump thats like falling apart..., when it rains beware! You'll probly end up crashing into a bin thats in the middle of the hallway for rain catching purposes!
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by Doodle » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:37 pm

My secondary school was cool, the teachers were really supportive and I probs wouldn't of got through my GCSEs if it wasn't for them. I would of had some sort of nervous breakdown I think. The downside was that our school has a really bad rep with the local press. They hated us! It was because we were the only non-exclusive school in the area so we did have trouble makers, but on a whole we are a good school, no matter what people think.

My sixth-form is HUGE!! There are 900 of us, and that isn't including the lower schools either. It's nice, the food is way better there than my secondary school, and we have frees but we also have tons of homework and essays which is really stressful.
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