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Re: Chocolate lovers unite

Postby Melzo » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:11 pm

I don't like white chocolate too much. . .my favorite is milk chocolate. I have family in Germany, and they send us some chocolate all the time. I also go to Aldi and World Market so I can stock up on my Swiss/Belgian chocolate. I really don't like American chocolate very much after I've eaten some of that. It's n where near as good. I do have a Godiva card that allows me to get one free piece of Godiva chocolate every month. That's love.
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Re: Chocolate lovers unite

Postby bac » Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:32 pm

I love chocolate and am in need of some right now. I love chocolate, preferably milk chocolate. My favorite American chocolate is See's. Way too expensive, but every year I get at least one box. Mmmmm....
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