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Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:08 pm
by Gabbie
Yeah it's so pretty huh?
I wish it snowed more down here! It's so much fun.

Urghh. I hate breakouts. They're the worst! :shock:
I've been using my skin stuff like.. 834728743 more than usual to try make them go away, haha. It's probably doing more harm than good.

Ohh that sucks!
A desktop picture can burn into the screen? I didn't know that. :lol:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, good work Kate. ;)
You know rolly chairs? Have you ever gone to sit on one, but like.. pushed it back accidentally and not realised, then gone to sit on it but fell on the floor? Haha. I always do that. :oops:

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:27 pm
by mz.cullenn
I wished it did too!
It's so beautiful. And white. And amazing.
Darn Australia and it's weather climates.

Same here! I've been using my skin products like crazy these past couple of days. Though my friend keeps telling me it's bad since if I use too much it will burn my skin somehow. I think he's right in a way but I don't care.
With the results I'm getting slowly, I think it's helping. :P

Yeah, if your computers on too long the picture burns into the screen.
Though I'm not too worried because my desktops a Twilight picture.

Haha, Thanks. =]
Gabbie, Thats exactly what happened to me before. Lol. *Highfive*
It's so embarrassing isn't it? Haha.
What about falling down stairs. Thats the worst.

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:56 pm
by Gabbie
I'm dreading summerr! Last summer was amazing, coz it was barely hot. :D
But this summer I don't think we'll be as lucky. Ughhh.

Hahahah, yeah I agree. I don't really care either. I should.. but I just want the pimples goneee! :shock:

*high fives*
Yay for us being total gumps! It is rather embarrasing. :lol:
Hahaha, I don't really fall down the stairs, I fall up them more than I fall down them.. which is embarrasing. But I don't fall down stairs because I try to be cautious.. because I know I would if I wasn't.
Although there's this one staircase at school, and its massive and really steep and my friend Esther and I know that we're both going to trip down it before we finish school. So some point within the next 5 weeks, I'm gunna fall down that staircase! :lol:

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:06 pm
by Kelsey Jay
Hey Everyone how are you? Wow, i missed a lot lol.

Kate: I know I haven’t talked to you in ages!!! Woo trenchcoat, nice... i love spending money !!! The part about you falling out of your chair made me giggle.... just a little. Don’t worry, i have a habit of doing that in public, mainly on public transport like buses... or trains ahahaha.

Gabbie: YAY... pfit, passes open doors!! That’s my motto... gah i’m so lazy. But you must feel sooo good to have those exams over! Yeah i’m good. You’re going to be here when twilight comes out!!! YAY!!!

Laura: Hey laura! I haven’t talked to you in a while. How have you been? Sleeping is good lol.

Jamie: Jameh, how are you??? What you been up to?

Gypsyeyes: Hey welcome to the thread!!! You’re a queenslander too, and from Brisbane??? :o OMG, coincidence. What’s your name? Wow, i hardly know anyone with my name, let alone my middle name... freaking me out a bit lol. Ahhh i know what you mean... i was meant to get up yesterday morning to swim, but it was like a cyclone... :shock: so i’m like ahhh freezing my backside off, or staying in this comfy warm bed... need i say more!!!

OMG, i went to see a movie last night (first one in like 2 months, yeah i know, i have no life)... I saw the advertisement for the TWILIGHT MOVIE!!! I then proceeded to hyperventilate and hold up everyone behind me by taking multiple photos, it so made my day. And to top it off, we made twilight t-shirts lol... i love merchandise.
:D Hmm i’m meant to be studying, but i’m thinking watching an entire season of ncis sounds a lot better!!! I’ll talk to you guys later! Where’s camber, i haven’t talked to her in ages...

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:42 pm
by mz.cullenn
Last Summer was really good. But I agree with you about this Summer. We definately won't be so lucky this time.
I remember like 2 or 3 years ago we had the hottest Summer ever. It was even hot in Spring that year!

I fall up the stairs all the time too!
*Double Highfive* Yeah, we are awesome. Haha.
Ooo...You should wear like protective gear to school just in case when you do fall. Lol. =]
Let's just hope, if you do fall...That it's not from the very top. :shock:
That would be very very bad.

I remember once I walked into a pole. Um, yeah. I shouldn't really be proud of that. I kind of bruised my knee when I did. Haha.

Kelsey! How are you?
I know! Long time no talk. =]

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:02 am
by Gabbie
Hey Kelsey!
Yeah it feels awesome to have them done. :mrgreen:
Hahaha,yes, yes I am going to be there! It's pretty damn exciting.
What are you up to babe?

Argh. I still havn't seen the Twilight trailer, but I havn't been to the movies in a while.. I hope I see it next time. *squee*

Ohh yes,I remember that Summer. I must say though, I'm glad I don't have to be at school during the summer.. I hate it. It's just the worst, by the time you get home you're all hot and bothered and just feel disgusting. And our school shirts are see through,and we get in trouble for wearing under shirts. :roll: That's what I love about winter, jumpers and blazers baby! Hahaha.

Hahahahaha, wow that would be bad huh? Lets hope that doesnt happen. (:
*Double high-fives!*
Oh my god *dies laughing* That's hilarious. Hahahahahaha.
I think I've walked into a pole once too, in junior school. Embarrasing much?

I'm doing my Ancient essay. Ughhh. We have to talk about what evidence reveals about water and sanitation in Pompeii and Herculaneum. I mean, I love this topic.. but seriously, an essay on THAT? :shock:

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:22 am
by mz.cullenn
The Twilight Trailer is out in Australia now?!
Thats freaking awesome.
I want to see the Trailer so bad now on the big screen.

Haha, speak for yourself. I have to be at school in summer. =]
One of the things I dislike about summer is when you go to bed and it's so hot! You get so restless from the heat that you can't fall asleep.
Our summer dresses are pretty good, they keep you cool.
Thats the same with my school also. We get in trouble for wearing undershirts in winter.
Our school is so utterly strict with uniforms.
They are banning T-Bars at my school because the girls never do them up. It's actually quite funny.
Last week the Vice-Principle and the head Co-ordinator went around with lists for the whole day and gave detentions on the spot to everyone who was breaking uniform regulations.
I got one for wearing red ribbon in my hair. :roll:

Yes, lets hope it doesn't. Haha.
Yeah, I found it pretty funny and the bruise on my knee was absolutely beautiful. Lol.
Yay! I'm not the only one. It definately is embarrassing.

I once fell down an escalator. It was fantastic. :roll:

I did an assignment on Pompeii and Herculaneum not long ago for Natural History.
It was on the volcano eruption in 79 A.D I think it was.
An essay about the water and sanitation of Ancient times. :shock:
Yeah, I can see what your getting at. Lol.

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:34 am
by Gabbie
Oh I wish my school had dresses!
We have the same uniform for summer and winter. And our skirts are really heavy woolen skirts, which is great in winter, not so much summer. :shock:
Ugh my schools strict, too. It's ridiculous. I got in strife for wearing converse on sports day. I mean seriously. :roll:

Ohh they tried to ban flats from my school, but pretty much every single girl wears them. So that didn't work. Hahaha. I reckon flats look better than lace up shoes anyway.
You got detention for wearing a red ribbon in your hair?! That's so stupid. I always wear a red ribbon in my hair. Haha. Pretty sure the teachers hate it.
My school go feral over nail polish. :roll: They make you go to sick bay and take it off right away if you get caught with it. But it's only some teachers. Most of them are cool with it but some are like Wow,hi, I'm gunna be a total biatch. (:

Hahahaha, my friend Bri and I both went to go down an up escalator the other night when we saw Phantom. We were with our brothers, and they were like "Uhh.. cya." and we were like "OHHHHH CRAP!" hahahahaha. We both almost stepped onto it. It was brilliant.

Ohh the eruption of Mt Vesuvius? And you studied and letters of Pliny and stuff? We just did that! And now we're onto sanitation. It's lovely. :roll:
We were watching a video on Pompeii and Herculaneum the other day, and there was a guy on there who found like.. fossilised poo and studied it to find out what their diet was like. He was like "I find it very exciting!" and we were all like :? and my teacher was just like what the hell?! :|

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:05 am
by mz.cullenn
We have a summer uniform and a winter uniform, though I tell you, our winter uniform is absolutely hideous.
I have no idea who came up with it. It's so... *Shudders*
We have to wear beige and blue.
Gosh, you must feel like a sauna in summer!
Wow, just for wearing converse. That sucks.

I know! It's ridiculious. I got so cut but I still went to the detention.
Red ribbons are the best. =]
Thats the same with our teachers also. It's why I stick to clear nail polish.
Gabbie wrote:But it's only some teachers. Most of them are cool with it but some are like Wow,hi, I'm gunna be a total biatch. (:
Haha! I love that.

One of my teachers is a totally delusional. She's new to the school and replaced one of my favourite teachers.
She gave me two detentions in one period and accused me of being disrespectful.
All I did was forget my books. It's crazy.

Yeah, I studied the letters and had to do an assesment task for it.
Sanitation. Lovely. =] Haha.
Thats really disgusting. Like seriously disgusting. And disturbing. Lol. :shock:

I have a Chemistry test that I have to study for. It's tomorrow.

I'm listening to music. =]

Re: Aussie fans unite

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:18 am
by Gabbie
Beige and blue.. wow. That's quite the combination. :shock:
Ours is just a navy blue checked skirt with white and tiny bits of yellow through it. It's nicer than it sounds hahaha. And the juniors wear blue blouse's and seniors where white. Our blouse's suck though, not only are they see through, but they're cut really high on the sides,so that's annoying. They're really oddly sized,too.
Hahaha,yeah red ribbons are wonderful!
I was wearing red nail polish all this week.. well the two days I was actually at school, but no one noticed, so that was fun. Or they noticed and didn't care. But whatever,haha. I really don't care.

Wow,what the hell?
Disrespectful for forgetting your books?!
Some teachers really make me question how exactly they got a teaching degree and/or how they managed to get employed..

Hahaha,it is disgusting. I don't know why you'd wanna do that. Ugh. I'd love to be an archeologist, like digging up ancient remains and towns and all the rest of it.. but no, that guy just took it too far.
Ughh Chem! So glad I don't do any science subjects.
The Lex is the greatest way of procrastination.. Hahahaha.

My teacher put a 37 page power point on CEnet that I have to go through, ugh. Thanks sir.

Ohhhh I just went on the Dymocks site, and the Dymocks top 10 books this month consist of;
1-Breaking Dawn.
2-Twilight SE.
4-New Moon SE.
5-Eclipse SE.

And the author of the month is Stephenie! Haha. Heaps exciting.