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Re: Funny Stories

Post by purple_panda »

lol i went to disneyland with some friends, and we saw mickey mouse there. so we went to get our picture taken with him. one of my friends hit her head on his nose. she apparently thought plastic was soft or something so she said "hes hard." mickey mouse started laughing. she just stared at him. later she told us that mickey shouldnt have been thinking like that. lol the look on her face was so funny

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Re: Funny Stories

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

This morning I was reading the back of the cereal box which was advertising a trip to some place called Punta Cana, my little sister came in and started doing the "ooooooooooh" thing kids do when someone does somethign wrong and yells "MOMMY! THERE'S A BAD WORD ON THE CEREAL BOX!!!" which lead to a in depth discussion of where she learned Spanish and how she knew that particular word in the first place. To which she replied "I don't know what it means, I just know it's bad. What's a cana?"

(which for those of you who don't speak spanish is funny because Punta was the "bad word")
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by clpviolet »

Ok, I'm not sure if you'll find this funny but it is kinda funny, ironic in my family considering the back story.

So, for some reason I have never liked clowns, or anyone dressed as a costume animal like Disneyland characters, etc. Seriously, there is this picture of me with my aunt who decided to dress up as a clown for my 3rd or 4th birthday or something and you can tell I have been bawling my eyes out. So way back in the day, for a few years(I was probably 8-11) my mom, dad, sister and me we used to go out to eat every week and each week someone else would pick out where we went. My dad always liked going to Sizzler's, me Mcdonald's, and my sister...just to make me CRY would choose to go to...: :cry: CHUCK E. CHEESE!! every. single. time. So I had this fear and it just got worse, it actually became this inside joke in my family over the years because even at the age of 16 or 17 I would still feel weird about taking a picture with one of them at any of the amusement parks we would go to....we don't even have any pictures of me with those things at any age....I just refused to do it. :lol:

So years pass and I always have that phobia and eventually I graduate high school and start going to community college and trying to find a good job. So there I am trying to find work (by that time I had already worked at Hometown Buffet and also as a toy demonstrator at Toys R Us) and what do I find in the online job listings.....Chuck E. Cheese....I actually had to think about even applying....I was frickin' 19-20 years old at that time, and I felt like I was a traitor to myself or something for even considering I applied, got the job and worked there for a year and a half...oh and what gets me is that I told the hiring manager about it during the interview....stupid right, well he didnt seem to mind I guess, since I did get the job but I now that I am thinking about it....there was something else I just thought of...I was going to mention this anyway but talking about this is jogging my memory about something.

So another haha moment of this story is that I was working on a weeknight and we were always particularily slow during the week so there would only be one person per section(I was a cashier by the way so worked on the register, fixed the salad bar and exchanged tickets for prizes)on a busy night there would be around 3 to 4 in the cashier area to close up...So for some reason I can't remember there was no one else but me available to dress up as the friggin' mouse for a birthday song :oops: (usually they would use someone from the gameroom or showroom)....And another thing is I am really short, like just between 4'11 and 5'0 and one of the kids that came around actually asked me "Chucky why are you so short?" :lol: :roll: lol....and what I just remembered is the manager on duty was the same hiring manager I told my phobia to, meaning he probably came up with the idea just to see how I would react or maybe even to see if I would refuse to do it all. I think I noticed he found it particularily

anyway like I said I don't know if you'll find it funny but it is funny in my family...they used to tease me about it all the time while I was working there, especially my sister. :lol:
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by Starless*Eyes »

So this is funny but I think you'd have to be there to get it.

So I hung out with my cousin on saturday and we were driving over to her friend's house so that we could pick her up. Well my cousin loves blasting loud music and dancing to it in the car, which I love to watch because it's hilarious. We stopped at a red light and she turned up the volume when "Boom Boom Boom Boom" by Vengaboys came on and started grooving to the song. This bigger car pulls up next to us with this semi-cute guy driving and notices us next to him. He starts smiling and dancing to the song too. So the two of them are dancing while I'm sitting in the passengers seat laughing and slightly embarrassed. I can't dance at all so I don't but then the guy tries to convince me to dance. Luckily the light changed and we drove off with my cousin laughing at me.
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