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Re: Not Big, Not Small either

Post by love_is_noise » Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:54 pm

i'm actually really glad that this thread exists, i don't consider my self abnromal, but there are certain parts of my bosy which really get me down sometimes....but having you guys here makes me realise that i'm not a freak.

One of the worst things with my body is actually that I'm naturally skinny, it doesn't amtter how much i eat, i never puit weight on (i know this sounds stupid...let me contuinue) but i have an anorexic friend who is really jealous of me for that reason and it really depresses me, and i can't talk to her and try and help her with her problem as it sounds really patronising if I say anything. I can't help her because then she just feels even worse that I can be like this naturally and she(who has a perfect body...i don't see what her problem is, i would give anything to look like she used to(before she started loosing weight)) and she has to work realy hard to be that size.
and that left stretch marks on me which means no matter how skinny I get I wont be able to wear a bikini without feeling akward
I have stretch marks on my thighs, and I feel really stupid if I go swimming or on holiday to the beach.
This problem has really made me think twice about if I ever want kids....(unlike my friends, who all have their perfect families planned out) I have never been very maternal, but the worry of stretch marks i think will really make me think twice in the future about kids. (i know that what i just said sounds really superficial of me, but i can't help how i feel)

My lack of curves annoys me. All my friends seem to have the most perfect hour glass figures (or something equally as gorgeous) and i'm just a plank of wood. :lol:
although, i have started to come to terms with friends and family find my simmalarities to keira knightly in appearence quite comical (apparently I also have a face abit like hers...i don't see it, but heyho, i'm not going to take it as an insult) so i'm getting to terms with it.

I don't feel presured by the magazines and fact i couldn't be less affected by the media about my appearence, it's what i see around me, my friends and real people i know, that makes me feel weird and....really annoyingly.... underdeveloped.
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