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Re: President Barack Obama

Postby roseaurora » Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:04 am

First, I think that no matter who had run against McCain they would have won. I actually would have been just find with McCain at first, then he picked his running mate and suddenly him winning became the worst nightmare I could imagine! So glad that woman didn't make it to the White House and I really really hope she never does! What a disaster that would be! Plus, seemed like there wasn't much chance of a republican winning...

Second, I think that Obama's health care WAS a good idea, until he started back down on the big pieces of it. I have universal health coverage and it is fantastic! Yes I am in the US.... my husband is a Marine and that is what we get. Never had any problems with it. I never pay a copay, never pay for prescriptions either and never have had to wait for more than a day to see a dr. when I've been sick. What the US has now is not working, something needs to change, and I think Obama has the right idea. They just didn't market it very well. Its medicare for all! ;)

I personally think its dangerous to pick a president based solely on something like abortion. The president doesn't really have any control over that issue... when was the last time they changed anything with abortion? That would be 1992... when Roe v. Wade was basically overturned (yup, you read that right... Roe v. Wade is not good law anymore... funny huh?) Planned Parenthood of Southern Pennsylvania v. Casey changed the decision in Roe. And that was done by the courts.. not the prez.
When people focus on something like abortion, they over look other aspects of that specific candidate's platform.

I am very excited for "don't ask don't tell" to go away. If someone is willing and able to fight for their country I say let them! Who cares what their sexuality is?! Makes no sense to me.

Those are just a few thoughts from me. Gotta get back to studying but I will be back, seems like some interesting discussions can go on here :)
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