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Re: Book Addicts Anonymous

Post by xhopeonaropex » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:54 am

fanMNM wrote:
marielle wrote:Ok ... I suck,.... my addiction is out of control....
my bookcase is full.... over flowing, books scattered all acros the house...
and today i bought two new books...............
I have like 6 books laying around I still haven't read...

I need a bigger house for my books....

Just had to comment because I swear, you were reading my mind with this post!! I have no more room for another bookcase, but I caught myself looking at them the other day, trying to figure out where I could wedge another one into my house!! :lol: I've promised myself to catch up reading the books I have, but I don't see how I'm ever going to when I keep buying new ones every week! It's sad, really... :roll:

I'm on the same boat. I think I have around 15 books waiting for me to read them. And I STILL buy books when I have the money. And my bookcase is so full my mom is going nuts!!! :lol:

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Re: Book Addicts Anonymous

Post by fanMNM » Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:55 am

I thought I had solved the overcrowded bookcase problem....I bought a Kindle. I love it...but much to my husband's disappointment, I'm still buying the actual books! LOL I read a book on the Kindle and then I like it so much I convince myself I have to own it! I mean, not every book, so I guess it's cutting down a little bit, but not completely like my husband was hoping it would. We've turned our entertainment center, our computer desk, and several dressers in the house into bookcases :lol:

Thank you Naureen!!

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Re: Book Addicts Anonymous

Post by RudeDesigns » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:47 am

im'a broke book addict lol

my collection is small ,but considering i've only gotten back into reading since two weeks before twilight premiered in theaters i've come a good way , i probably have about 40-50 books now... i had stopped reading unrequired books after 5th grade (i dominated the school's accelerated reader program) and took all my highschool classes at home,and then got a full time job,moved and so on....etc.

then i see the twilight trailer and when i enthusiastically mentioned it to a friend he laughed at me and told me it was based on the books and that he was reading them and they were thats where it started ,again lol

got twlight and new moon in paperback (like i said ima broke addict) ... read those loved them,gave the paperbacks to my sister bought the whole collectors edition of the saga, then realized how very many books there are in the supernatural/fantasy/horror genre ,took me by suprise ,i been buying up series every chance i get....favorites are...

the sookie stackhouse novels - charlaine harris
the twlight saga (including the bree tanner book) - stephenie meyer
the mortal instruments - cassandra clare (probably my favorite at the moment)
house of night novels - P.c. & kristin cast (waiting on awakened)
the immortals - allyson noel
the secrets of the immortal nicholas flamel - michael scott (waiting on the warlock)
the nightworld series - l.j. smith (why are we STILL waiting on strange fate??)
the demonata series - darren shan (im only half way through )
cirque du freak/the saga of darren shan - darren shan (only a 3rd of the way through)
percy jackson & the olympians - rick riordan (although i am dissappointed with the movie,if logan lerman is to play percy for 5 years how are they gonna explain how he looks grown and is supposed to be a prophesized 16 yr old demigod?)

oh and the wicked series by nancy holder & debbie viguie

there's probably others that i forgot to mention ,i didnt mention the harry potter series because i dont own any of them and i only read the last two books ,sorry for the trueblue fans who <3 them all

great books i havent seen anyone mention (maybe i overlooked them but still im going to recommend)

Fallen - laren kate ... first book in a series ,it was great/awesome read it in a day looking foward to Torment
Hush,Hush - becca fitzpatrick ,im not sure if this is going to be a series or if its a stand alone novel but its great eitherway

for those who like alice in wonderland...

The Looking Glass Wars - frank beddor (i fell in love with this couldnt stop reading, i gotta get the rest of the series asap)

sorry , i almost typed a novel here,im bored and its late and i have nothing better to do right now.

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