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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby VolturiGirl » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:54 pm

Happy Monday Halfway House.
I was going to post last night, but I forgot that spring break was over with. I had to get my kids' clothes ready for school and their lunches packed. My boys and I had a good time last night. My oldest (who I will now refer to as BigBoy) and my youngest (Monkey - That's what I call him) went to the Dollar Tree yesterday and bought glowsticks. We started playing with them around 8:30 last night, but the dog got ahold of one and broke it open. At first they were sad, but then they saw how it made the dog glow. So I took the rest of the glow sticks, broke them open, and we flung all the glow stuff all over their bedroom walls. It looked real awesome when we turned out the lights. The boys got a kick out of it. So they slept without their night light last night.
So, I woke up this morning feeling the after affects of my sunburn. My only aloe-vera after sun care lotion I have has glitter in it. When I took Monkey to his babysitter, she noticed how glittery I am and she said, "You look like a Cullen." :lol:

missp - I agree with what you said about the leaked pictures. You would think with all the hype and popularity that Summit would take extra precautions. One idea that I have is that it was an inside job. That somebody working there got a little extra $$ for said pictures (just an idea.) Or like someone else posted, that it was for publicity. I am glad that you got a new bed and a good night's sleep. I have been nagging at my hubs to get a new mattress for a while now. I want to get one of those sleep number beds.

marielle - I was mad at my hubs for getting me a new phone until I found out that I can read fanfiction off of it. So instead of reading ff on my work computer, I read it off my BlackBerry. I try so hard not to read at work, but it is kind of an addiction. Right now I am not reading anything. Your HP fanfictions do sound interesting and since great minds think alike, could you PM me some recommendations? At first I was like "Harry Potter fanfictions??" But after reading how you discribed them, I'm interested.. :oops: So sorry that you had an allergic reaction to the sun. Not a good way to start your day.

velvet409 - How fun for you to go to Universal Studios and to the Harry Potter theme park. I have always wanted to go, but it's too far away. I bet your feet and legs were hurting by the next day from all the walking and standing. But it was worth it.

Rachel - Happy Monday. I saw Attention Wal-Mart Shopperson the other ff recomendation thread. It was one of the funniest stories I have ever read. Emmett and Edward were so funny. My favoriet part was their *um decisions* that they were making.

VirginaMay - Hello and welcome back. My boys do that to me too. It's like an alarm that they have when you are trying to do something. The minute you try to do something is like "MOOOOOOMMMMM".

Caryn and Jazz Girl - Congrats on your Daws making it to the championship. I'm not a fan of college b-ball, but I'm excited that your excited. I saw on Sunday on the internet that they had Butler on there and I was thinking that their are some very happy women on HH right now. My brother is a big sports fan though. He is into the Carolina Panters (football). I made the mistake one day and said jokingly that they sucked when they lost. He didn't talk to me for a few days. I went to the store and bought a Panther balloon as a peace offering. He called me later and told me thanks.

Lulu - I know you didn't mean for it to be funny but I got a kick out of your post when you said that you took your baby and dogs out for the evening. I bet your baby enjoyed watching the dogs. People don't understand that it's too hot during the day to do anything. Especially when the pool water gets too hot to swim in. Thanks for the wave-by when you drive-by. :wave:

older_twilight_fan - I really do hope that you, Rachel and Tonsie can get together and watch WFE. How fun would that be? Thanks for the NM kiss at the end of your post.

fi - Regarding your question, I do agree with what lulu said. It's been almost a year and you have seen your ex once. My only piece of advice I can give is that if it helps with closure, then yes. Tell him that you don't want to talk to him.

My boss isn't here today so I better get to work. I had to do this first before anything else. :D Have a good rest of a monday ladies.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Edwards Ragazza » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:53 pm

Hi Ya HH Sisters,

O I miss you all! I hear we have a few new members to the HH so let me say Welcome to Volturigirl (Amy) and StellaBlueBella (Rachel). I am Edwards Ragazza AKA Desiree. I have been here for over a year now and made fabulous friends out of these bunch of girls. I haven't been on here much cause I work at my sons preschool during the week and I go to community college at night to become a teacher. I have a 3 yr old boy and 2 year old daughter which by the way is her birthday today. My lil Mrs B is 2! So once school is out for my kids then so is my job which means I can come back here and get to know you girls. Sorry for my lack of gifts I don't have any on my laptop. I seriously should get a time out for that who doesn't have Rob on their computer.

hugs Everyone
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby VolturiGirl » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:01 pm

Hello Desiree,
I'm posting this real quick. I'm on hold with an insurance company right now. Thank you for the welcome and it will be nice to know you. I have two boys. My oldest, is 5 and my youngest is 3. Both boys. I live in Sothern California (desert area) and I believe you live somewhere around here too? Happy Birthday to your daughter and I hope you guys have a happy Monday.

Marielle, thanks for the PM. I am starting on Friends and Enemies.

Oh gotta go. Finally picked up.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby missp » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:00 pm

Hi, Girls!! Hope you have all had a marvelous Monday!! It's been a bit tornadic here today! We've had some places damaged by 71 mph winds! :shock: I am not going to attempt a mega-post tonight because I really want to be in my AMAZING new bed at a decent hour and you girls have really blown through the pages today! :o Tomorrow is the final test for my little darlins! I think I will be as proud to see it end as they will be. It also marks the anniversary of a tragic day for this particular class. When they were second graders, two of their classmates - Jonna and Ashlynn - died in a house fire during a sleep over. One of our volunteer coaches - Jonna's Aunt Glida - died trying to save them. It was a horrific time in our community. Some of the people think it's a good idea to hold a memorial service for them each year. I am not one of those people. These kids have been through enough, and I would like them to be allowed to move on... but I am not in charge. So, I dread tomorrow for them. Before I go, there are a couple of posts I just have to respond to...

CARYN~~ I just know you're getting ready to "hoop" and holler right about now!! GO BUTLER!! *Clears throat and grins* Charles Barkley was actually an Auburn Tiger at one time. :twisted: :lol: Have fun watching the game, Hon!

Desiree~~ Hi'ya, Girl!!! it's so good to see you!!

TRACY~~ Our 25th high school reunion is next summer. I've been trying to stay on the river - of DE-NIAL - but I think it's time to get started with the planning. :oops: The April 22nd WfE showing is out of the question for me because that is the day of our 5th grade field trip to the Georgia Aquarium. We leave at 6 am and do not return until 8 pm. I'll PM you with some other possibilities and get RACHEL involved, too! :D

RACHEL~~ Were you guys affected by the weather over your way today? The pics on the news looked pretty scary over towards Bridgestreet and The Parkway. How do you feel about a possible jaunt to Franklin to see WfE with Tracey?

Okay, Girls. I am outta here to go check FB messages and play a few games before heading up to bed and climbing into my comfy new cloud for the night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby lulu » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:12 pm

well the opening for the vacation was a false alarm so we are not going this week. bummer. but leaving tomorrow morning definitely would have been stressful! babyboy did not sleep well last night and i don't know why. :( he's been kinda whiney today too. oh well, such is parenting. i hope to find some of the promo stuff online tonight that caryn talked about!

Caryn—Good luck tonight to the Dawgs!! Wow, I feel so bad for Shaun! There is this new (I think?) ugliness out that I’ve never seen before, and yes, I think it is because of the anonymity that the internet brings. The stuff I would read about actors, directors, composers, writers, whatever it is, it’s shocking! Whatever happened to politely disagreeing? No. Now it has to be smearing of names and reputation. It’s so juvenile but so rampant, it just kills me to see it. I love your feelings about ‘the dog’ in eclipse—I was laughing! You and my hubby would be great friends.  I’m not so hard on Jacob until a bit into eclipse, where he gets too in the way. But anyway, that’s another topic for another day! Anyway, thank you for the story of tai and rob, how cute! I would love to know an elephant. Actually I would love to know that elephant!  Thanks for the update on the music awards! I have to find that footage!

Ginnie—oh I just did that! I think I started on page 190? Anyway, I hope Little Rob loves painting, that sounds wonderful!

When I took Monkey to his babysitter, she noticed how glittery I am and she said, "You look like a Cullen.
Oh that’s funny!!! :lol: Well it will be too hot to do that here soon. I didn’t realize Blythe was hotter than Phoenix, but the weather on Sunday was absolutely heavenly. It must have been in the 70s. We’re going to try to get out more right now because soon enough it will be 100+ degrees here too and then that option is out.

Desiree—so great to see you! Happy Birthday to Lil Mrs B!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby SwanCullen » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:34 pm

Today has been one of those days where I want to pull my hair out and gouge my eyes out with ice picks. Hope you all had a better day. I'm read the post, but don't have the energy to respond, so forgive me ladies. Just checking in to say hi!


Susie-I have almost 2 pages done. It's been slower in comming this time :( I just wonder how long this will be based on what I have so far. I don't want it super long, but not short either. It's tough but fun.
:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Susie » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:57 pm

Hi Ladies –

I couldn’t get online earlier because getting back to work after 2 weeks off was a bit difficult today! I forgot where I so carefully laid my lesson plan for today!!! I guess I was just way too tricky about it! I finally found it. Then I had forgotten to print out a sign in sheet before I left, so I had to quickly do that. Then I had new students starting and had to set up files quickly – I was behind schedule the whole morning. It’s ironic because we were working on these idioms: put off, fall behind, and catch up!

Then Sonny Boy called me to say he had a horrible headache – he had it when he woke up, but the Sudafed and Tylenol helped. By the end of 1st hour, though, the sinus headache was back. It was so bad he couldn’t handle being in class! Since I couldn’t pick him up right away, he decided to walk home – an hour long walk – which I didn’t know about. Later I took him to the doctor and found out he has a sinus infection! The poor guy – he ranked the pain at a 9 on a 10 point scale! He felt so nauseous that he threw up his meds – we tried again and they stayed down. Now he’s feeling much better! Yeah!

:cray:So sorry the DAWGS were not the winning team! (I will not use the “L” word) You must be devastated. (That’s why I don’t like sports – there has to be a loser! I actually don’t care about my brackets.) I hope you can drown your sorrows in a little bit of leakage viewing. That would help get your mind off it. Back to your post - What luck your mom wanted to take the boys on Saturday! It sounds like such a fun evening. Thanks for the update on the WfE press junket – I haven’t been keeping up with it – what’s wrong with me?? Rob is looking mighty good!!! That Twitter war sounds horrible. I hate how it makes people think they can say anything with no repercussions. Rob was indeed beautiful at the ACMA – I have to spend a bit more time looking at the pics and videos. Thanks for being there for me when I need someone to talk to about certain pics and videos.

– Nice banner for Amy!

– It was great to read your mega post! I’m glad you had a lovely spring day yesterday since today sounds like a stormy one! I really hope you can get to Hot Springs next week. Have you read Kayla’s Alice stories? I’m ¾ finished with her first one, Singularity. I love it! I’m glad you are enjoying your new mattress. It sounds divine. The anniversary of the tragic day – I remember you telling me about it when we got together in September. I know what you mean about sparing the kids all that every year. It is so sad!

– I can just picture those wild dogs at the dog park! How fun for them. Sorry your spontaneous plans for a trip to CA didn’t work out – but you’ll be less stressed when you go later. Does BabyBoy have yet another tooth? Yes, thanks to your hubs, who covered for you while you were entertaining me last week, for helping to get 2 projects done! You did an amazing job on your mega post! That’s a lot to get through. I can’t believe it – did you read my post to Jaclyn when she initially talked about getting a rat???? We got my daughter’s 3rd grade class rat after the school year and its name was SNOWBALL!!! It’s so funny that you thought Marielle and I looked “bundled up” – you would be shocked to see how we dress here in Minnesota!! Actually, I think you should come sometime in January – just for the fun of it!! I promise to entertain you……OK I’ll work on August and circus time instead.

– I’m so glad you find time for yourself and do fun things like go out with your girlfriends on Friday night! 25th? Oh Yeah? Well, I’m going to my 35th reunion in August! Yes, absolutely, Posting on the Halfway House is like an assignment that has to be turned in! The NCAA pool at work – I actually don’t know what the “prize” is! You have a fainting couch? Sonny Boy’s graduation is June 3 – last day of school is June 1. No coasting yet – he has lots of work to do probably until a couple days before the end. That is so funny that you were going out with your 7th grade friends too! That was a pivotal year, wasn’t it? Are you really going to stay spoiler free for BD???

– Sorry about your insomnia! It is so frustrating. It must be hard to make it through the morning with coffee – I don’t know how you do it. Thanks for the ACMA pic of Rob and Reese – I totally missed it – that pic is gorgeous. After those leaked photos – I find myself reacting a little more intensely to pics of Rob than before!! Great pics all around!

Fi – Thanks for sharing! That does indeed sound very awkward!! I think it’s perfectly fine to tell him you don’t want to see him anymore, especially since you explained your reasons in a civil fashion. What does GB think? Boxes and boxes – can you see the floor yet?

– Nice to see you back! Good luck catching up on the posts! I certainly can understand that Little Rob doesn’t really want to watch you do that!

– Now I really think you are a fun mom!! A glow in the dark dog!! Glow in the Dark walls!! So funny that you’ve got glitter in your aloe vera lotion! Your babysitter knows just what to say!

– So nice to see you! You can still get Rob pics from Google images to post….But heck, I know that takes time – that’s why I don’t post as many pics as I’d like to! Happy Birthday to Lil Mrs B! How is school going?

JennJenn - Gouge your eyes out with an ice pick??? Really? That's bad.

Nighty Night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby older_twilight_fan » Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:12 am

Hello ladies. I will attempt to keep this brief (yeah.... right) because I need to go to bed soon.

Susie~ I'm glad to hear SonnyBoy's feeling better, but bless his heart! Walking home from school with a bad, nausea-inducing headache, only to find out he has a sinus infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick, if he was prescribed some. I bet it was difficult to start back to work after a two week break. But you made it throught the most difficult day, and tomorrow things should run a little more smoothly. :) That's too funny that as children, both you and Lulu had pet rats named Snowball. As far as Breaking Dawn, I'm going to try and stay somewhat spoiler free from here on out, especially about things related to the wedding or honeymoon (try being the pivotal word). Course I'd be totally okay with reading Caryn's thorough and detailed analysis of every facet of the leaked pictures and video from BD. :D Yay for your 35th reunion! How many high school classmates did you have, and how is the attendance for your reunions?

Jenn Jenn~ Sorry you've had such a rough day. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better one.

Missp~ Glad to hear you're okay with the typical southeastern spring weather. We had high winds, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings all around and had to evacuate every patient from their rooms into the hallways during a weather alert at work today. What a tragic story that affected your entire community. It must be especially difficult for the classmates of those students, as well as the teachers. We'll send postive thoughts and vibes your way tomorrow. Good luck with the last day of testing as well. I'm sure your class will love the field trip to the aquarium--we'll find another date to see WFE together. :)

Amy~ It's always a little difficult to get back into the school routine after holiday breaks. I've also read some HP fanfiction in the past, and anything featuring the pairing of Remus and Tonks is my favorite.

Ginnie~ Good to see you again. Why don't the kids understand our compulsive need to Lex and post? :write: Hope all of you are well.

Caryn~ I'm so sorry, hon. :( What a frustrating loss for a team that made another truly incredible run through the tournament. Their shots just would not fall. I saw a ton of shots they would routinely make go part way into the basket, and pop right back out, especially in the 2nd half. Coach Stevens and that team are such a class act and have achieved so much these past two years, and should hold their heads high. ;) I hope you had fun watching with your friends, and am glad your mom was able to pinch hit at the last minute for childcare. Thanks for the pics and gif of Rob and Reese from the ACM awards. I didn't even know they were presenting, and thought that it seemed a bit random too. My coworker (who loves the Twilight books and movies and is slowly becoming infatuated with Rob) saw the show and said, "Rob looked H-O-T, hot!" :D I think Reese is actually from Nashville, if I remember correctly. I believe she attended a prestigious all-girls private school during her middle and high school years, and that her father was a plastic surgeon here, at one time. Course I could just be crazy and imagining things. :shock:

Lulu~ Wow! What a megapost you made very early Monday morning. :) You asked about kids and their sports...our kids started playing sports in a local recreational league at the age of six or so, I believe it was. Recreational leagues can be a great introduction to sports because there are usually no "try-outs" involved, kids of various skill levels will play together, and it's a good way for kids to learn whether or not that particular sport interests them. My son played soccer a couple of seasons but prefers baseball now. My daughter played soccer at the recreational level for a number of years, but just recently dropped soccer (at the age of eleven) to concentrate more on competitive basketball (which is her first love). They both played basketball in a fun, all-inclusive league at their elementary school which focused a lot on the fundamentals of basketball and team play, etc. We've kept things pretty low-key, and never asked the kids to play something they didn't want to play. They also play only one sport at a time (baseball in the spring and fall, basketball in the winter for my son, and so on). I know other families whose kids play multiple sports at the same time, and I don't know how they manage without going insane. :? I think it's great to find a balance between school, sports, music and art, church activities, etc, but it can be a little tricky to achieve as the kids grow older. Our biggest consideration has been to ensure the kids are having fun and enjoying themselves, and learning from their experiences, whichever activity or sport they choose to pursue.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby marielle » Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:59 am

Good morning ladies…

We are rushing through the pages, 6 already!!!!

Amy, OMG!!! I’m blushing in shame (ask Susie, I don’t not blush easily) I so got your name wrong with the PM, I just noticed it this morning…oh the shame…well that’s something I never do wrong again…I hope you liked the list that I send you, Friends and Enemies was one of the first HP fanfics I read, it’s really good and I totally fell in love with Draco in that one…but you never told me are you a smut fan?
Reading on the phone is so nice, I do it on my way to work or when ever I have a few minutes…the only problem is that the phone is on constant life support because it drains battery.

Fi, I know moving to a new home can drag up so much stuff…it’s ridiculous…I think I threw away half when I moved two years ago…I’m sorry you have such an awkward evening with your ex…I know how it feels, an ex of mine always wants to chat when ever he is at the same party, it’s so weird because I just can’t understand what I ever saw in him…I have absolutely nothing in common with him, it’s just weird…

Lulu, wow nice post!!! I bet that took you a long time…
What kind of wedding related work do you do? Weddings in Holland have been out of fashion for my generation, the group younger than me is all getting married really young…I don’t think my generation is that romantic, everybody is too focused on work and status…
Your dogs sound really cute, I’m not a real fan of pits but I have seen some amazingly cute pit mix…

Caryn, congrats on the Dawgs…(had to check the name again)…did you party big time??? I’m betting you are rivaling the Dutch sports insanity…
My sun allergy isn’t that bad, I get red spots and it itches if it’s really bad and sometimes I get so tired but normally I just completely ignore it, I love the sun too much…
Hmm, I’m still grumbling about missing those pictures…I’m going to see if I can get a wake up alarm for the next time (I’m sure it will happen again)…
I loved the pics from the WFE PressJunket… Rob looked still in Edward mode with the blue and right cute hair…

Susie, did you see the leaked photo’s as well??? Damn, I really missed something haven’t I…
I really don’t like coffee, so I’m not missing anything, and since I’m detoxing from all the sugar I skipped the tea this morning as well, so I have to go with no caffeine…I can’t seem to keep my eyes open…

well, I really have to finish up my work today...
see you all later :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby openfire » Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:22 am

Hello all,
I have been mega busy, and will be for the next few days, so this is just a quickie... Sorry in advance for anything I didn't comment on!

The PhotosThatShallNotBeShown - Well, I saw them (and the video) and of course I am not posting them etc but I hope it's ok to mention them? (sorry mods if it's not!). I hope that what I saw gets put in the film, and if not, is available on the DVD. My Edward&Bella heart was going crazy!! But then again, at the same time...since we saw those pics of Rob & Kristen proper kissing that also feels a bit like Rob & Kristen rather than Edward & Bella (apart from certain scenes with red eyes & baby bumps of course! LOL). So part of me feels like a PeepingTom again! I think it's only cos the photo's are not in context though...once they are in the movie, it will be fine, but just now... They are still pretty awesome though!!!!! :D :D

Desiree - Hey there girl!!! How are you?? When does school get out? Looking forward to seeing you back some more when you get the chance :)

Christina - How was Harry Potter World? I think it looks really awesome & would love to go one day!

Caryn - Sorry about the game result, but congrats for doing so well & getting to the final! Btw, it was just when I was lurking around the boards the past couple days that I realised you meant basketball!! I thought it was football for some reason... Haha! Basketball is a sport that I think I would really like to watch (except we don't really have it here), and if I ever come to the US, I want to go to a game! Well actually, I also think I would like to go to an ice hockey match too, but that may have something to do with a certain HockeyWard character... Haha!
I saw all the pics and I can imagine what you thought of them! Wowza!!!

Ginnie - Hi there! Looking forward to your post!

Fi - I hope you are settling into the cottage & have managed to unpack a little bit now. Btw, I think it is totally ok to ask your ex to stay away from you, and I'm guessing if he does that, it would prolly help him to move on with other things anyway!

Tracy - The Royal Wedding is on 29 April, so just a few weeks away. I am quite looking forward to it, and will prolly watch it on tv. I much prefer William & Harry to I hope that Charles doesn't want to be King and just passes it to William, but unlikely!

Susie - Sorry SonnyBoy was feeling so ill but I'm glad he is feeling better now!

Lulu - Wow, that was indeed a mega mega post! Loved it!!
Yeah it's a bit weird that Mother's Day in the UK is different...when is Father's Day in the US?
I hope you enjoy your holiday when it comes - my parents have a vacation club too! We are using it in a couple months to go to Tenerife, but they do have places all over the world (but I think you have to pay a fee to go to the US).

Marielle - Hey there! I'm sending you a PM....
Btw, do you think you will get facebook?? It would be very cool to see you on there too!

Everyone else - Hi all!! Hope you are good :)

Well tonight I am leaving work, getting home to grab some tea, then heading back into work to do overtime! We have a big study on just now, so need people in at night time too....So I don't imagine I will get back on! I will be lurking though!
Enjoy your Tuesday folks! Bye!
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