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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Jazz Girl » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:46 pm

Good afternoon, sisters. Sorry for the delay. I promise I haven't been out ruminating or moping. It's just been a bit of a hectic morning so I'm only just now able to get here.

First, yes, I'm sad about the game. Thank you to all for your hugs, good thoughts and comforting words. As you may have noticed, I'm very passionate about my sports, and especially about my Bulldogs. I think what hurts the most, kind of like Tracy alluded to, is that we didn't play our best ball. Last year's loss was easier to take because we all knew that we went down fighting until the last half second and we literally left it all on the court. But, last night, we got outButlered, as it were. We were beaten on hustle plays and were thrown off of our game. I have to give props to UConn as they were clearly the better team last night. But, I still believe we should have won, if only... Anyways, I hold my head up high and proudly wear my Bulldog gear today. It was another fantastic year and we have a team to be hugely proud of. We are graduating ( a huge key at Butler) 5 seniors who will be sorely missed but who will go on to be credits to their families, communities and to our alma mater.

Okay, enough dwelling...

Amy~ :lol: That’s funny about your brother and the Panthers. Some of us take our sports a little too seriously. I don’t think I’m that bad.

Desiree~ HEY GIRL!! Lovely to see you, darl! No points docked this time, but you need to do some serious clicking and saving on that laptop.

Tonise~ Yes, I knew that Chuckles was a Tiger. I won’t hold it against them. :D

Lulu~ Any man who opposes the puppy is a friend of mine. Just about everything from the ACM’s as well as the WfE press junket is on Robsessed. That’s one of my favorite sites.

JennJenn~ *hugs you* Sorry it’s a rough day, sweetie. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow gets better.

Susie~ So appropriate, today’s lesson. Poor SonnyBoy. I’ve been there with the migraines and it just feels like there’s nothing you can do. I’m glad he’s feeling better. I suppose what draws me to sports, or at least some sports, is the passion and the love of the game… it can be very pure in a lot of ways. I’m sure you’ve just been busy getting back to a routine. But, the WfE FB page is a great source of info on the film and promotional stuff, as well as Robsessed, of course. I am always here for a conversation, be it about Rob, forbidden fruit, or any other topic.

Tracy~ Don’t tempt me too far. I haven’t yet written my dissertation on that topic, but it would not be difficult to convince me ;) Your coworker was spot on with her assessment of Rob. But, of course, in addition, he looked all the more perfect because he was very happy, laughing and giggling and being silly, which I love to see him do. I like that Reese brings that out in him a bit. I honestly can’t remember my Reese history. I know she is from the south, and she’s been acting since she was 12 or 13, but not much more than that. Thanks for the update.

Marielle~ Ah, well, that doesn’t sound so bad. I was thinking it was much worse. Oh yes, he’s most certainly in Edward mode with the hair. Though, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing it much more closely shorn very shortly.

Jaclyn~ You are not the only one who felt that way, believe me. I absolutely love basketball, but only at the college level. Once they get to the professional level, for the most part, so many players turn into one-man shows and divas and I just don’t like the type of game they play. Were you ever to come and visit, I’d love to take you to a game at Hinkle Fieldhouse, where the Bulldogs play. It is an old fashioned building meant to host basketball games. It is one of the top 3 places in America to watch a game. :lol: Oh I can definitely understand that motivation to watch hockey. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet seen a player who looks anything like that. Still, I grew up going to Detroit Red Wings games and there is something to be said for the sport.

Raine~ It’s always nice when the work schedule seems to work out in your favor. YAY!

Chrissy~ Wow, that is steep. But, it looks like a wonderful view to get to see everyday. Moves can do a number on you for sure. Here’s hoping you heal up fairly quickly.

Rachel~ I’m probably somewhere in between, but not so much for me. One of the reasons I follow my Bulldogs so closely, cheer for them so passionately is I know so many of them. When you go to a small university like Butler, as an alum, there are a lot of opportunities to meet the players, interact with them. The guys coach the summer camps for local kids, you see them around campus or at events. So, in a way, I feel even closer to them and our guys tend to genuinely be men of very good character. So, knowing how disappointed they are, I kind of soak that in and feel it in addition to my own disappointment. I suppose I’m kind of like Jasper that way. :)

This picture brought a smile to my face this morning, which was a pretty big accomplishment. Enjoy.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby newtonscricket » Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:39 pm

Tracy, vacuumed out the car! It’s always such a fabulous feeling. Mine always gets pretty scuzzy during the winter because I don’t want to stay out in the cold cleaning it. Yes, Diego is Dora’s animal rescuing cousin, youngest currently obsessed, always talking about humpbacked whales, kinkajous, spectacled bears, etc.

Caryn, you sound so mature, sniffle. Sad for you. :( I actually listened to several minutes of a radio sports show because they were talking about the game, only because I was thinking of you. Thank you for that lovely picture. Doesn’t Rob look pale in those WFE junket pics? I guess I just got used to tanRob during the WFE filming and now after spending the winter in Edward makeup he has gotten all vampirey.

Lulu, that was a super duper mega post! I hope BabyBoy gets to being all better soon. Sorry the vacation did not work out, but maybe sometime soon when he’s all well. You’re right, Susie is like Jasper. I’m glad you two could visit.

, Hi! Boy do I know that feeling of trying desperately to catch up, good job actually doing it!

Amy, love the glow sticks spatter. You forgot it was the end of spring break??

Desiree, great to see you!

, hope you are feeling better by now

, wow, I hope SonnyBoy is feeling better. That walk home must’ve been awful.

Jaclyn, what do you do when you’re at work at night?….can you sleep some of the time and just get up to check on…..whatever thing you have…growing?….or fermenting?....or reacting or whatever? Or is it like it might get loose if you don’t keep a close eye on it (you can see what my overactive imagination is getting up to with the gap in my knowledge of what you do)

Raine, wow, come to work 2 hours late please, how often does that happen, esp during your crunch time? Hope the smooth sailing continues.

, congrats on the move, nice view! Hope you are feeling better soon.

There! All caught up! But at what price? There is the high pitched giggling of little boys up to no good and the sounds of water trickling coming from upstairs. Here, look at Rob while I go check what's going on.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby missp » Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:34 pm

Hi, Sisters! FINALLY!!! Testing is over!! I am just a ball of goo tonight! I feel like doing as little as possible. So, that's what I'm doing. :D The kids have been working so hard. They have definitely earned the upcoming Spring break. Today's anniversary of the tragic fire that took the lives of 2 of their classmates 3 years ago wasn't too horrible. We released balloons in their memory while standing around the memory garden that's been planted in their honor. So, all in all, it was an okay day. I am on my way over to FB to do a little message checking before bed time. I know it's the need for a break that's making me so tired. I can't wait until Friday is over and Spring break begins. I'll be back tomorrow night to check in on Ya'll! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Susie » Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:59 pm

Hi All –

I was busy at school/work today getting ready for my two additional classes – An essay writing class that starts on Friday morning and then a Pronunciation class that starts next Tuesday evening. I’m going to be a busy bee!

Sonny Boy feels tons better today and went to school and even did Mexican Cloud Swing tonight – a trapeze act with just a rope rather than a bar. Thanks for your concern.

Seriously – I was the first place winner! I won a $20 gift card to our swank café.
It’s all because I went with Butler all the way to the finals. (Thank you Caryn!)

– Thanks for your concern about Sonny - as I said above, he’s feeling much better. I’ve gotten back into the groove now at school, so I feel pretty good now. Good luck staying BD spoiler free around this place!! I forgot how big my high school class was – 300? There are several couples from our class that got married and I assume are still married. They sort of make up the Reunion Committee. At the 30th, my 7th grade friend and I went stag and noticed just how old our male classmates look! We thought one of them was one of our old teachers! :lol: It was helpful for me to read your analysis of why/how the Bulldogs suffered so much last night. Your co-worker – "Rob looked H-O-T, hot!" So funny! (and true) I think that should be our byline! Rob’s Halfway House, where Rob is always H-O-T, hot! Great, sage advice you gave to Lulu regarding kids and sports. Lulu was surprised that we actually have to pay for Sonny Boy’s sport – circus. Yes we do - through the teeth, actually. It's probably the most expensive sport - Hockey is known to be the most expensive, but it isn't year round like circus is.

Marielle – It’s true that you don’t blush easily about smut, but I can see that you might blush about other things! Girl! You can still see those phots/vids – I’m sure you know who to ask…..Perhaps I can point you in the right direction…..With your mind in the gutter, I’m sure you’d really appreciate a lot of them. ;)

– At least you get some extra money for the overtime, right? I hope you got your “tea” somehow – perhaps the American way: McDonald's drive thru and then eating it in your car on your way back to work. (although my stomach can’t handle McDonald’s anymore.) Exactly. I felt like I was a peeping Tom too – looking at Rob and Kris!! :shock: You’re right to point out that they were out of context. For the final version- we’ll only see split seconds of some scenes.

Raine – Congrats on the 2 hours extra sleep! :clapping: What a great boss. I can’t imagine anyone in the U.S. saying that – they’d just make everyone else work in a conference room- hey – maybe they’re doing something TOP SECRET and they don’t want anyone around. I hope you enjoyed your extra fanfic reading. Your cousin – “boys” is right, but don’t we just love them too??? We sort of have to take care of them, don’t we?

– Wow – what an exhausting moving weekend for you! You and Fi moved the same weekend! Sorry you are so sore from all that hard work. It’s a lovely view from the second floor. Lots of trees. It looks like a nice neighborhood. I know what you mean about wanting to study in your bedroom where it is cozy. Do you like to study on your bed? Anytime you want to send an essay my way……. :read:

– Thanks for checking in! :wave:

– I absolutely loved what you wrote to Caryn about different reactions to your favorite team losing a game! :thumbsup: Good idea to post after everyone is in bed – perhaps when hubs is in bed too? I know a few ladies who do that – let’s see: Tracy for one! I feel so ignorant – who is that in your siggy?

– Would we accuse you of ruminating or moping? :no: Thanks for explaining that they weren’t playing their best and that in effect, UConn played a better game and deserved to win. It would have been so upsetting if they had lost by one point!! It’s kind of an expectations thing isn’t it? It’s almost like a person should not expect to win the big game in order to protect yourself from disappointment. It’s a mind game isn’t it? But now I just read your post to Rachel where you explain how you feel disappointed for the players because you know so many of them – now that’s my kind of sports involvement. Anytime it’s about the personal, I’m right there! I totally get it. I think it is great that you’re such a committed alumni! Does Biggun even have a choice of where he’s going to college? Would he get a double alumni scholarship? Yes, Rob does look comfortable with Reese – like she is one of his sisters!!Thanks for always being there for conversation. You should be mightily impressed though, since I still don’t have a QWERTY phone!

NewJen – Hey you’ve improved your NCAA March Madness awareness too! Yes, Rob looks pale - I love his British glow – that flushed look in the cheeks that makes you think that the weather is more like a typical chilly damp London day! You can really see his “Bronze” Edward hair. Pray do tell what happened with the water trickling! :unsure:

– Congrats on finishing testing! I hope the scores reflect just how hard you all worked. I love how you described yourself – a ball of goo! :blink: Perfect! Thanks so much for checking in with us every night.

These past two days I haven’t had any time to write and I actually WANT to write and know what I am going to write next! Darn!

Nighty Night, Ladies!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby velvet409 » Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:24 pm

Good evening ladies!

I had so much fun at the Harry Potter theme park on Sunday. Their attention to detail was amazing and the ride was really cool. I only got to go on it once though. We went back later to try it again but the wait time was over an hour. Good news is my boss said he'll try to get me more free passes soon. :yahoo: I took lots of pictures but I still need to organize and upload them so I'll post them tomorrow. Needless to say this is a fantastic experience for any HP fan.

Rachel~ I read Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers a while back and thought it was hysterical. I was laughing out loud as I read it. I work pretty much the same way as Susie -- I read everyone's posts and write my own responses as I go along. I always write my posts in Word first in case my internet goes wacky. Many of the ladies here have lost entire posts at one point or another.

Marielle~ I've only had sun poisoning once myself. We went to a play at an outdoor theater for a school field trip and the tops of my thighs got badly burned. The worst part of it for me was the nausea; I can't stand any kind of stomach illness. Now I make sure to wear sunblock if I'm going to be outside for any extended length of time.

Tammy~ Cool banner for Amy! Great job as always!

lulu~ The cemetery where my grandparents are buried is all in-ground. But your professor is probably right about the water table. Most of Florida is right at sea level I believe. New Orleans is like that. The city sits below sea level so all the cemeteries use above-ground crypts.

Caryn~ The weather was indeed more pleasant than when you visited. It stayed in the mid-80s all day, no rain and a nice little breeze too. We still stayed away from most of the water rides though. I wasn't in the mood to get drenched and have to walk around with my shoes feeling like wet sponges.

Amy~ I read FF on my blackberry at work too. My internet usage is monitored so I can't read it on my work computer. Thank goodness for smartphones! :lol:

Desiree~ :wave: Good to see you!

JennJenn~ Sorry you had such a lousy day. :(

Raine~ That's so cool that you have the boss's approval to sleep in.

Chrissy~ Nice view! Congrats on getting a whole floor of the house to yourself!

If you haven't seen Rob's MTV interview with Josh Horowitz you should check it out. It was great!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby StellaBlueBella » Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:04 am

Ok ladies, in the middle of writing my monster mega mansion of a post and scrolling through the pages... I keep getting distracted by all the home decor but hey that's what we're here for right?

Anyway, I have a sudden JONES for some WDH. Must be due to scrolling by Ginnie's post, subliminal messaging and all that, lol. I swear I don't beg or hound for updates but *sighs* I miss those guys... The Cullens AND the wolves. Which is rare in a fic everyone is so, let me correct myself, seems so sided. Ok, I won't turn this post into a review because you already know I love WDH. Just wanted to say 'Hi' and 'Hope all is well in your RL world'.


Amy/MissP – I too think there’s a good chance the BD leaks were an inside job (sorry if this is old news by now). I don’t think SM was in on it but maybe alotta other people. I mean they have to keep interest alive. There are no more books the movies seem SO far apart from each other and I don’t get the sense that most other parties involved are as committed to the PG-13 thing as SM. Maybe this was their way of getting around some of that. If I were KStew and my boyfriend was doing all this hot scenes with other actresses but mine had to very PG-13… I personally wouldn’t mind a little bit of vindication maybe? Plus I just watched Welcome to the Riley’s today. If you haven’t seen it yet, believe me, there is nothing in those leaks that comes close to what she flashed in that movie, lol. It was good though. I totally recommend it.

Amy – So glad you got to read AWS. It truly is the funniest fic I’ve read. My husband was really starting to wonder about me while I was reading it. I mean to tell you I laughed myself to tears at one point. I love the banner that Tammy made for you btw. It’s so you, lol!

Tonise – Thanks for making sure Amy and I got added to the list of names on the first page. It’s like now we are official, lol. ;] I hope you make it to Hot Springs. I heard it’s beautiful there. Yummm yes I do love me some GiGi’s! Those have got to be the biggest cupcakes known to mankind – not to mention the best tasting! Oh and yes, I am from Huntsville… I’d love to go to Franklin but it’s not as easy to get away as it used to be with the baby. Some days I wonder what I was thinking but only for a split second, of course. It’s just that my oldest is now a lot more independent and well… I reaped the rewards of a bit more “me time” and now I am starting over. But it’s good actually. I love their difference in age. There seems to be less sibling rivalry than I remember having with my (3) brothers. Anyway, I would love to see WfE with ya’ll but I don’t wanna keep you waiting on my account. Lemme see what I can work out with the hubs… When did you wanna go up there?

Oh the weather…. It wasn’t too bad. Just some rain and wind and thunder. How was it in Decatur? Hey, are ya’ll getting a full Spring Break? They cut ours short by two days.

NewJen – Ha ha. That really was a good April fool’s joke you got your kids with. Kinda reminds me of that Windex commercial where the boys room/window is so dirty when the mom cleans it, it’s so much brighter they wake up and get ready for school on a Saturday.

JennJenn – Thanks for reading my AWS rec, so glad you liked it! How is your o/s coming? I really want to try my hand at writing a fic… again… but the first and only one I wrote… Lemme tell you I poured my heart into it. Ask Openhome she beta’d the thing for me God bless her patience. Anyway, it was an alternate POV for Eclipse – Fire and Ice (chapter 24 I think) I wrote for a contest and I knew it wouldn’t be a big hit… I mean its Victoria’s POV but it was and still is pretty much unread (except by the contest judges and Amy, lol). I didn’t write it for reviews – absolutely did not or I wouldn’t have written a Vic Fic but I have to be honest it hurt to be ignored like that. So, maybe I don’t have thick enough skin, I dunno? Have you written a fic before? Are no reviews better than bad reviews? It was a great experience for me and it has made me so much more supportive of authors now that I understand all the work and heart that goes into it. I try to rec and review as much as I can now. Can’t wait to read yours :]

Tracy – Thanks for asking about my son’s baseball tournament (I need to come up with psedu screen names for the both of them) but they didn’t win. Oh well. At least it was just preseason. Hopefully it was a good learning experience for all the team. They have another game tomorrow. Not tournament but still preseason which is confusing to me but at least there are plenty of chances to get back in the swing of things before the regular season starts.

I don’t know if I would have very good odds of finding freelance work in the physician recruitment field. It’s a very competitive industry and a 40 hour work week is like a dream that won’t come true unless you are technically out of the office. So I see a career change in my future, whenever that is. I am interested in writing web content (but need to find a specialty or area of expertise) and Search Engine Optimization fascinates me. I know, Imma dork. Thanks so much for going into to detail about how you go about posting here. That’s another dorky thing about me. I am very interested in people’s methods and how they go about things. I used to love to train people when I worked because I’d always learn something new – From everyone. Even the people who were totally in over their heads for the job they got hired for. Everyone has their own tricks and short cuts. I just love it.

Caryn – I like your term ‘twitter birds’! And yes, you are absolutely correct, twitter does seem to be a place where people lose their sense of decency and behave in a way towards one another that they would never act like in RL. It is so instantaneous and impulse control seems to lose its relativity if that makes sense. Are you familiar with the fic author akabettysmith? She wrote the Gentleman from Washington State and her WIP is Full Disclosure. Anyway, I love her blog where she talks about what she wishes she knew before writing fanfic including her thoughts on twitter. She compares it the high school cafeteria. There are the good things, like its where you see your friends but there are the bad things like gossip and pack mentality. I think you’d get a kick out of reading her thoughts if you haven’t already. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on posting here. Like I told Tracy, it’s probably very dork-ish of me but I do love to hear about how people ‘do what they do’. For me, learning about how multiple people perform the same task…. It’s like a piecing together a puzzle or something. Hey! Don’t MB analyze me on that lol. I don’t wanna know what that means.

Happy to hear you will recover quickly. Oh it’s so much more personal when you know the players. Takes it to a whole other level but it sounds like really something really special you have their in your community. So close knit. Glad you have such a stand up team.

Hi Desire, nice to meet you too! Amy and I both have lil’ ones so we know… we know.

Susie – Glad to hear SonnyBoy is feeling better. Sounds like your first day back after brake kept ya on yer toes… Ha. Somehow I am sure you managed with grace and poise :] Thanks to you as well for sharing your Lexing routine with me. Many people have a raised a really good point for using Word… Lex times out – or Bermuda Triangles – the posts and Word is much safer. Twitter has its pros and cons to be sure. I would never imagine it could be a replacement for the Lex what with the 140 character limit and all. Ha. It’s funny to even think of it. Yessss…. All the males in my home are sleeping soundly save one who is snoring, lol. I am not sure who the girl is in my siggy. A lovely lady here on the Lex made it for me because I requested something with ‘movement’. Abstract requests beget abstract replies do they not? I think it’s (one of) her interpretation of my screen name.

Christina - Really AWS was such a great fic, they couldn't have asked me to write a rec for an easier fic to do so for. Humor is a gift... I think... Of turning everyday life into an opportunity to laugh at ourselves as a species (or not if you're a vampire). And Word is my new best friend. If I lost this monstrosity of a post right now I'd just die!

Good night everyone!


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby marielle » Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:20 am

Good morning ladies…

OOOOH Jeez, I’m a bit bouncy this morning and my mind went to the gutter the moment I woke up…it’s going to be a fine spring day…too bad I’m at work!!

A short update on goings in my life,
My mom isn’t doing too well, they found out what was the cause of her pain in January, it was Chron’s again, but the medication isn’t working, today she has to go back for more tests but it’s looking like they will have to operate on her…we aren’t too worried about it all but my mom is freaking out, I’m happy my dad is home at the moment.

The stolen car thing…aah an other stress adding thing to my mom, but by the looks of it that will get then papers soon, they contacted a lawyer and he is working on it…

I need some advise…I’m starting to dislike my job big time…I have nice co-worker, it’s stress free and more I have time enough to post, write and read (oh and it pays well) but the downside is that it’s not really up to my education level, I starting to feel like it’s dumbing me if you know what I mean…I’m not sure if it’s just a thing or if I’m really up for a new job…


Jaclyn, maybe this weekend I’m going to check that whole facebook thing out. We aren’t allowed to access that page at work, so I have to do it at home…I know much of you girls are on fb, so it would be nice if I could find the time to do that.

Raine, can I have your boss for one day…two hours of extra sleep that would be so nice…
Yeah, Rob in suit, still I’m looking forward to seeing a scruffy Rob again…

Chrissy, congrats on moving into a new place…it that the few that you have from the house, in that pic? That’s awesome…
I like your idea of a little place with no family, I’m so happy I no longer live at home, by now I would have gone crazy…

Caryn, like we said when the pictures from Brazil appeared Rob’s hair is died to dark for Edward’s look, and I still think it is, the pressjunket pics his hair is more a dark red or really dark brown, I wonder if with the set lighting it looks different…

NewJen, I though Rob looked a pic pale in the pressjunket pics as well, I thought it was just tiredness, the guy is working on BD and flying all over the world to promote WFE… I really hope the poor man gets a break before he is starting his next movie…

Susie, congrats on winning!!! Gift cards are always nice to win…
Yes, some very nice people offered them to me…it’s why at the moment I’m in smut heaven…
Ooh, yes, I do blush about other things, especially with that pale skin of mine it’s not easy to hide. I wish I knew how to control that…any tips?

Christine, I so want to go to that HP park…it sounds so awesome. The problem is the 1000€ plane ticket to get there…I wish they would make a park like that in Europe… we do have a big WB movie park, I see no reason to not extending it with a HP theme park…
The last time I had sun poisoning was on the second day of a all girls holiday, we were staying on a notorious camping with all teens, got drunk, lay in the sun…and got sick and burned…I was so happy that my BF parents were staying in the same island, they had meds and a nice clean cooling shower…

Rachel, I have been thinking about the leak being a inside job as well, I just can’t believe that after so many years of Twilight production and leaks they haven’t the right security to prevent stealing from the outside…btw, I still hate the pg-13 idea…WE ADULTS WANT SOMETHING TOO!

Check out the fingers!!! :twisted:
and thank god for white V-neck t-shirts

aah, I better get some work done... :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby fi_fi » Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:17 am

Good Morning Ladies
Just a quick one to let you all know I'm alive!
I've skimmed through your posts, thank you all for you advice re: my ex. to clarify, we have seen each other every few weeks since the break-up, but never before in a social situation with mutual friends, it's always been just the two of us, either at his house or a cafe.
GB and I are pretty much all moved in, just a few more things to get from the caravan & garden.
Work with little H has been good, I really like her (people always seem surprised that you can like or dislike a child, but they have as much personality and ability to rub you up the wrong way as adults do!) I think we're going to get on really well.
However, my other boss, who is also (supposedly) a friend, came round yesterday to tell me that he's given my job to someone else. I was only doing part-time for him, organising his book-keeping and dealing with enquiries for events (parties, weddings, music events etc), but it was still quite a chunk of my (admittedly small) income. Oh well, onwards and upwards and on to better things!

We should have internet at the house by the weekend, so I'll try to do a mega-post then.
I hope the sun is shining on you all,
love fi xx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby older_twilight_fan » Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:49 am

Ladies....just a quick drive-by post to say hello.

Can't remember if we've seen this still from WFE....
I love the way he's looking at her. I also love how his hand is placed somewhat possessively on her waist. I wonder where August was--getting them a drink or something? :shock:
Reese has a gorgeous back and shoulders and looks so great in these 30's costumes, especially the sleeveless and halter-style dresses.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I'll return this afternoon or this evening to check in with all of you. ;)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Jazz Girl » Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:01 am

*strolls in singing* It's the happ-happiest day of them aaaalllllll!!

:lol: Happy Hump Day, Sisters!!

Best bloody day of the week by far.

NewJen~ TeeHee. Anytime I can bring more attention to my Butler and my Bulldogs, I consider it a compliment, so thanks. Hmmm, well, I think it’s a combo of both, actually. He’s certainly more pale now with the Edwarding up. I mean, he spent most of last summer working and sweating and … being all… laboriously … manly in the… hot… *shakes head* Wait, what? What was I saying? Oh! Yeah, tanRob… they’ve certainly managed to keep him out of the sun. But, I think the colour palette also drained him a bit. He looks much better in the actual interviews where he’s in front of the circus tent background rather than the blue backdrop. I’ve got my fingers crossed that giggly boys up to no good didn’t do too much damage.

Tonise~ YAY for the end of testing!! It was wonderful of you all to commemorate the students that way. So, is the game plan between now and Friday lots of “educational films”? ;)

Susie~ You’re probably one of very very few who actually had the Bulldogs going that far, and especially amongst people who didn’t graduate from Butler. Enjoy lunch on the boys, though. They are always happy to help out where they can. :D Believe me, being that personally involved makes it very hard to be objective. But, we are just a sports family. It’s how I was raised, how hubs was raised and now, how the monkeys are raised. Biggun, of course has a choice in his university choice. We don’t overtly tell him he has to go BU, but the “subtle” reminders are there. :lol: Ironically, right now, he wants to go to Michigan State! Ach the horror!!

Christina~ YAY!! I’m so glad you had fun fun fun! I, too was blown away by the amount of detail they put into the smallest things. What? You didn’t want to squish around an amusement park all day? Oh, why ever not? :lol: On the upside though, I hear it’s a great leg workout. I absolutely love any interview the JH does with Rob. He’s such a fan and it’s obvious he has a very good rapport with Rob. I was rolling from the very beginning when Rob was like, “oh, it feels like so long since we’ve talked!”

Rachel~ I’ve heard about akabettysmith and her work. The Gentleman from Washington State has been on my “to be read/soon to be divorced” list for a while now. Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely take a look. It’s not dorkish at all to look at how others do things. I think it’s very smart. I used to rail all the time about my posts getting lost because my login would time out and I could never figure out how long it would take. Seems like the most obvious thing in the world to just type it in word, but it never occurred to me until someone else suggested it. *slaps forehead* It’s was a real DUR moment. :lol:

Marielle~ *bats eyelashes* Why ever did your mind migrate to the gutter that early in the morning, sis? :lol: I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your mom. I’m sure they will get her meds figured out and get her stabilized. As for your job, I can totally understand. Regardless of how well the job fits your life, if you don’t feel challenged, it can be unsatisfying. But, it’s a choice only you can make. Do you want to take a leap to try and find something that might challenge you elsewhere and risk landing in an environment that isn’t as fitting for you? Or, is there a happy medium? Can you ask your supervisor if there are other tasks or projects that you can take on in addition to what you already do that might add some challenge for you? I’m really hoping that the lighting of the film darkens up his hair. The more I see, the more I think maybe Bill is trying an alternative to makeup to avoid all the issues they’ve had with it throughout the films. The darker hair definitely makes him look more pale and they would, therefore, have to use less makeup on him. I’m in a holding pattern on my opinion about it. I’m going to hold off until we get the trailer at the MTVMA’s in June. Then, I’m sure, I’ll have plenty to say about it.

Fi~ Hmmm, interesting. I think it’s pretty telling that he would be okay with seeing you alone, but make things awkward when out with friends. I think that shows a lot about his feelings and I think you are absolutely right to tell him that, if he’s going to behave that way, then you don’t want to see him again. I’m glad you are getting on well with Little H. You are absolutely right in that kids have just as much personality as adults and sometimes you just don’t mesh. Good attitude about your other job. That kind of blows, the way your boss just gave away your job. But, you are right. “onwards and upwards” is the exact right attitude to have. It’s gotten you very good things in the past, hasn’t it? :D

Tracy~ Oh yes, that still is just yummy. Yes, there was a point where August went to the bar and left them alone, refusing to dance with Marlena. Looks to me like RobKowski is making good use of the opportunity. :twisted: Yes, the hand on her waist was one of the first things I noticed (shocking, I know :lol: ) Between his massive hands and her little bitty waist, he’s holding like ¾ of her right there.

Anywho, off to work, ladies.

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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