Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle » Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:11 am

Good morning everybody!!!


It’s the last day for the weekend and I don’t have any plans what so ever!!! I only want to spend my time sleeping… and maybe a little fanfic…

Nothing much news from here…

So posts…

Songbird, aww…poor girl…getting soaked twice isn’t nice and than also you have to go through surgery…it sounded like you had such a bad day…
Yeah the rumors are that the captain sailed close to the shore because a crew family living there but to be honest I think the main issue was that the captain wasn’t completely sober. It’s said that he was drink alcohol, and from the clips you see and hear on tv he sounded like one that is absolutely not suited for such a responsible job…

Kayla, thanks for warning us, it will prevent a lot of panic if the site is down for a few minute…you mods are quite busy to keep us all happy…I wish there was a way to thank you all… what about a hug when I see you in Chicago,…

Caryn, wouldn’t it be lovely if Rob got the Oscar nomination… than at least he has to go these, all dressed up… Kris with him…and if he wins, that will be the best…and we will all be a bunch of teary bawling women…
I agree, I love Rob playing Edward, it opened so many doors for him and gave him a solid fanbase but it is always a risk playing the same character in 5 movies, you’ll get a label, like Dan Radcliff will always be Harry Potter, no matter how hard he tries and how many other good movies he makes, and I’m sure with Rob it will be the same, the majority of the film business will always see him as Edward…he will always be asked for romantic drama’s to play the goodlooking, sexy good guy…I’m really happy to see that he is really careful in selecting his roles…

SUZAN!!!! I’m so happy you are back!!!! I was missing you greatly…and I didn’t see you much on FB either, I was worrying something was wrong…
You did miss one massive thing! They showed Bel Ami in Amsterdam in the Pathe at he Arena.. sadly I wasn’t able to go but I have been waiting to see you online so I could tell you…
I’m sorry about your grade, it’s even worse to think that you have waiting this long on such a grade…

Kristener… I’m sorry you can’t make it to the HH-con either…
The 100 monkeys really looked like a nice group of talented musicians, that why I was so upset about the fans in the concert hall… 90% were young screaming crazy fans that were only there for Jackson, 5% were their parents that were sitting in the back waiting for it to be over… only a small group of people were their for the music… though I know the band because of Jackson and I really wanted to see him, I’m still a music lover at heart and could really appreciate the skills of the others…they were all brilliant…

Well work is calling… I better start doing something..
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:08 am

I'm doing a quick post this morning to get this up. I'll be back to do a full post shortly.

MTV MovieBrawl 2012~ Rob Needs Us!! It's all come down to this, siblings. In what could be the surprise of the year (to folks other than us, of course), Cosmopolis actually beat out both BD2 and TDKR to make the final round of MTV's MovieBrawl 2012. This is fantastic news. Of course, now it faces the competition of The Hunger Games. My personal feelings about THG aside, how fantastic would it be... what would it say if little indie cerebral Cosmopolis, something completely 180 degrees from anything resembling a YA fantasy, took down the MTV blockbusters? In the end, I know it's MTV and it's a fan vote. But, I so desperately want the world to see what we've always seen. Rob is an incredibly gifted and talented actor whose fans are not all raging hormonal screaming teens, but thoughtful and intelligent grownups who know what a gift he is and will stand behind him for the long haul.


Voting is open until Monday and you can vote as often as you want. You know the THG fandom is rallying their troops. Let's rally ours!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Songbird » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:23 am

Kayla, thanks for the warning!

Caryn, yay for the snow!! We haven’t had any snow yet, though we had a few mornings with frost. Actually, it’s pretty funny…one of my bike bags doesn’t close all the, and there’s no room in the shed for my bike. So when it rains (which it does a LOT here) the water gets into that bag and fills it up….so the other day, we had freezing temps and all the water froze and I had a solid block of ice in my bike bag. It was melted this morning though and I was able to dump it out, but I couldn’t figure out a few days ago why it was clattering while I rode my bike and why it felt so heavy. Now I know!
That WOULD be great if Rob won…I think a lot of time, the person who SHOULD win, doesn’t because they think…oh they’ll have more opportunities, or oh, we need to show some support for this other person, etc. It’s not always a fair race.
Believe me, it was probably VERY funny…I looked like a drowned rat. But I made it there and back, which is the main thing and I can laugh at myself, so feel free to laugh along. I don’t know about the ice cream after surgery….isn’t that tonsils?
I don’t know what 3v3 is, but if the kids and coaches are happy with how they played, that’s fantastic. Too bad you didn’t get to go to the parks, but downtown Disney is fun….did you go to the lego store?

Suzan, welcome back. I think I saw you post once or twice before Christmas, but I just started here right around then, so in case you missed it, I’m Susan, and I’m in the Netherlands, too. I’m American though. I have 2 kids and I’m mostly a stay at home mom, though I sometimes work in a shipping warehouse.
Sorry it was so crazy for your family at Christmas. It tends to be a high drama time. I hope everyone was able to forgive one another though!
I used to really like Smallville, too. That guy is HOT…he’s got such a strong face! And I LOVE his beautiful eyes. The last one I saw before I lost track was when he saved Lana from the tornado. Was that at Prom?

Lynne, I’m sorry about your grandfather…even if you weren’t close, it’s never nice to lose someone. I lost my aunt around thanksgiving, and though it was actually a blessing for her (she was 89, had osteoporosis and had had several strokes, which left her unable to communicate) it was still sad. I was glad I made the time to go see her when I was there 2 summers ago.
Did your son get to bring treats or something to mark his going to school? I’m sorry he cried. I hope he likes school!
I’m sure your boss will find something worth the effort! It sounded like a good storyline. There’s got to be something there to work with!

Kristina, yes, the bath was REALLY nice after the freezing rain. I wish I could take a bath like that every day! That’s so strange that all your appliances are fizzling out now! Why are your parents moving to Florida? Are you moving, too? (I don’t know how old you are, if you still live with them or not.)

Tonise, you need to take it easy! You will wear yourself out having such a busy schedule! Hope you got some sleep!

Marielle, it wasn’t so much a BAD day as a long one. That 2 hours of testing and x-Rays in the hospital felt like a lot more, I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day. TGIF!
Did you see the quote from the captain about why he abandoned the ship? He said he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. I was like…yeah…right. But if he was drunk, maybe it’s possible. I’m still not sure I buy it though! It’s a pretty flimsy excuse.
I think Dan Radcliffe has made quite a name for himself outside of Harry Potter, though…yes, he’ll always be Harry Potter, but between Equus and How to Succeed, he’s proven that he can do stage acting as well, and sing and dance. I doubt he’ll be putting out a CD any time soon, but he did admirably well with How to succeed and he’s really kind of broken the mold of the stereotypical fantasy hero genre. I hope Rob can do the same….with Bel Ami, it’s certainly a different type of role, so I hope it shows his diversity.

Thanks everyone for the RobCrack and other eye candy!

And hi to everyone!

I came down with a cold this morning…hope it’s short lived. I don't want to have to reschedule the surgery! I just want to get it over with and hopefully not get so many colds! I read the pamphlets they gave me at the hospital and I think this is going to make me feel SO much better in the longrun, not just with my ear but with my sinuses as well. So I'm looking forward to that, even though I'm not looking forward to the surgery...(because that would mean I was certifiable, right?)

Nothing else new here. I think I might make some cookies though....I could use some comfort food.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by openfire » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:22 pm

Happy Friday!

I PLANNED to catch up tonight but now BabyE is coming over (she asked us during the week - she really wanted to stay over LOL aww!). My bf is on his way to get me, to go get her. I might have 3 minutes if I'm lucky!

So just a couple things (btw, I did have lots to reply to - sorry for the none existant ones in this post!):

Marielle - Glad you got your lump checked & that it was fine! Hope the new meds help you!

Sean - yay for volunteering at the library! I think this will be great for you!

Lynne - Thanks for the Sonnet - I'll put that into our maybe pile! Sorry you gave your published the wrong version of your book :( Hopefully she will love the proper one even more!

KRISTINER!! Hey there Girl!! So glad that you have found your way back to the HH!! How are you???

Brenda - Yay for getting a fb! Has someone already added you to the HH fb page? If not, PM me your username & I will add you :)

A million other people - (slight exageration ;) ) sorry but now gotta go!!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Miss & love you all!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie » Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:41 pm

Hi Folks!

Laptop Update - It's fixed, but it still has such a thick firewall through the school district that I keep getting kicked off the internet at home and facebook is still blocked as it is at school. Not sure if IT Guy will fix the facebook thing, but I think either Hubs or ITGUY can fix the internet at home thing. But for now - I'm still using my OLD desktop computer that has difficulty doing anything complex, so I won't be opening any of your links, sorry!

Sorry I'm not up to my usual energetic self since my knee is really wearing me out. I'll just make a few comments here, even though there are many people I need to respond too! the thread has been very active the last few days. (Way to go, guys!!) I'm sorry I can't do a full mega post addressing each of you!

Suzan - I'm so sorry about your disappointment!! I feel for you! I really hope you can get a credit elsewhere so you can start your Master's program.

- WOW. That's pretty big surgery you have to have! Good luck with it. It will be good to be able to hear again, though.

- My apologies. I had forgotten what a seasoned writer you are. You already have experience writing. All I can say is keep on trying. How many publishers did Stephenie Meyer try before someone finally saw the light? You sure have to have a tough skin to be a writer, don't you? I wish you the best of luck.

I'll catch up with the rest of you later this weekend -

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi » Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:08 pm

Hi everyone :)

In case you want to know, and I'm sure that you do, I asked about volunteering at the library, and I did get an application that I might fill out and see if I can sort out the details when I turn it in. I also asked my friend about helping me with finding some friends and such. I'll try and call her after I send this message and talk some more about that.

I'm a bit tired, having not gotten much sleep today--it took me forever to get comfortable in bed this morning, and I think I only got about 2 hours of sleep before I had to get up to get ready to visit the library and my mom. At least I found some stuff there that's cheap that I might try as far as instant noodle stuff and some of that sausage flavored gravy. And at Walmart, I found some coffee flavoring syrup, and some flavored creamers. I might one day ask my mom to see if she can find something like that for cheap.

Well, we're gonna get 3-5 inches of snow tonight, which is fine because I've done all my errand running earlier and I have no plans on going out for a while. The problem is that it's gonna be horridly cold, and will be until Sunday when it'll break 40. Maybe the fact that it's cold makes it so tempting for me to just lay in bed and sleep and hope that it gets warmer soon.

So now I'm gonna get ready to call my friend and also get ready to spend the rest of the night reading and watching TV in the warm living room.

I hope that you'll write back soon.

Have yourself a good one.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado » Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:31 pm

I've just been rearranging the house. We also did some cooking, making a slice for my son to take in his lunch box next week. Hopefully, it will make him even more excited about school!

- just take it easy, and have a sleep in!

Caryn - I have voted. I will have to go back and do it again ... and again. I don't think Cosmopolis stands much of a chance, but still, I want it to give The Hunger Games a run for its money!

Songbird - yes, it's always sad to lose a loved one, even if, as you say, it's best for them. Little Man didn't take anything to day care for his last day. I was a bit slack! Never mind. All the teachers hugged him goodbye. They'll miss him. He was one of the good kids.

Jaclyn - I'll see if I can find something else useful for you. Yeah, I'm trying to be philosophical about it all. It's interesting; my publisher was showing me her publishing schedule for the year, which lists all the types of books she is planning to publish at various times. She has a space for one fantasy book in October. I'm so hoping I'm the only fantasy one she's looking at at the moment! Most of the fiction she gets is historical fiction, so I'm hoping I'm in with a chance if she likes the book.

Susie - unfortunately, SM is one of those authors we all envy! She only sent out 20 query letters in one go, and found an agent from that, and that agent got her a brilliant deal, and her book was on the shelves within about 18 months of being written! That's freakily quick! JK Rowling is more the one we all gain encouragement form. She touted Harry Potter around for ten years before it was picked up.

Sean - I hope things come together at the library ... and in the friend department!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by missp » Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:38 pm

Hi, Siblings! Just in for a quick :wave: tonight! It's been a CRAZY day in the world of 5th grade! I have my Mango Smirnoff poured over some ice and just relaxing for a bit before bed. I will catch up with everyone tomorrow. Night night!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by dazzel21 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:46 pm

Hi everyone!!!

Just a drive by post today.

How's everybody's weekend going by??? I know most of you are only starting your weekend while I'm already midday through Saturday. Sorry I haven't been here for a while I'm just feeling burnt out with work stuff. I love my job but this time of the year it always tires me out and there's bound to be some major changes awaiting. Nothing serious though, but for me who always felt comfortable with stability and being constant I'm feeling a bit distress over the changes. Anyways good thing its a long weekend for us this week. We're celebrating Chinese New Year this Monday so "Kong Hei Fat Choi" everyone. We have lots of moon cake, sticky rice cake and buchi from the office. I might not be Chinese but I sure do love those Chinese treats :P .

My mom's here in the city for the long weekend. And we have a new stay in nanny for my baby niece. Hope this one stays longer than the last. It's really stressful without some help with a very active toddler.

Jaclyn, hi!. I meant to post a reply to your comment on FB but I've been too lazy this past couple of days. I'm just being emo at that time. I came home really really exhausted from work. And when I'm like that the only outlet for me is to cry. I'm fine now though, thanks for the concern.

Right I'm out of here. Have an awesome weekend everyone.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado » Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:17 am

Tonise - have a good night!

Raine - you have been busy! Kong Hei Fat Choi to you, too!