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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby marielle » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:47 am

Good morning everybody!!!!

I really love to see all those mega posts in the morning!!! They honestly make my day start with a smile…
And that’s a lot better than what is going on outside!! It’s pouring down water like crazy… still I’m happy it’s only water…this time of the year it should have been snow…


So on the lemon drinking thing…I spoke to my doc about it because it caused me to feel awful al day yesterday, he says it was not the smartest idea, he thinks that my issues has to do with the acid in my stomach and lemon juice would only make it worse… so I’m now on acid reducing meds…

Sean, I’m really proud of you that you bit the bullet (so to say) and went to the library asking for a volunteer job… it’s so much better than sitting at home, you’ll be out and meeting new people more… humans need that interaction, that’s the only reason my doc told me to go work…

Ami, hmmm, I love your idea for my brother… though I don’t think I could do that to my parents, as I am not planning on having kids ever it has to come from my brother’s side….
Hihi, yeah having smutty dreams about certain persons can be so nice, as long as that person is either a far away, not approachable movie start or fictional character and not a colleague or a friend, that causes awkward images when you see that person….better dream about your bf or hub right?

Lynne, I so understand, cancer, especially skin and kidney cancer runs in my family, so like you I’m so obsessive with checking…

Aww, JennJenn, you can’t come? That’s so bad…

Kristener, the improv song with named “special brownies”… they were in Amsterdam! What else did you expect… it was bloody brilliant…they had a meet and great session after the concert but we couldn’t wait for that, the whole day there had been issues with the trains and if we missed the train we had planned to catch there was a good possibility that we wouldn’t be able to get home…

Caryn, I’m not really surprised that Cosmopolis won over BD2, I can’t wait to see BD2 but I don’t think it will be as good as the last one, simply because the second part of the story isn’t as good as the first part until Bella meets Charlie… on the other hand, from what we have seen from Cosmopolis…Rob will be smoking hot in it, it’s a really good story (though I’m more a fan of Fantasy) and it appeals to a lot more people, not only the people who like twilight…

Susie, of course you and your IT guy get along… you get along with everybody!!! But he sounds like a guy with very good humor…
You might want to try a brace for your knee as well, just against the pain. Or at least some support for your knee… I sure you’ll manage until the surgery…
The doc is thinking the amount of meds I’m taking is causing my troubles, though I’m not convinced about that because it’s not daily but in periods but for now I’m going to try his solution and see what happen…
Both my brother and father think it was the fault of the crew, if it’s the captain or an other officer, they just strayed too close to the coast. My brother says there are policies for the big cruiseships that prevent the crew from taking the ship too close to shore or divert from the set route at all but he knows the smaller companies will do anything for they best paying customers.

Tonise, yes sleep is very important!!!

Tracy, the doc said he could remove the small bump but it causes more troubles than it’s worth…scars, change in meds and all… now I know it’s nothing serious I’m not bothered by it…Normally I’m not that easily scared but my brain went into a kind of panic mode, coming up with horrible images… I really need to work on that, I can’t be completely stressed out every time my body thinks of something new to bug me with…

Well, I really have to work and finish at least one thing ( not the mention the overload of emails)…
See you all later!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby Songbird » Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:32 am

Hi Girls! (and Sean) I promise to come back and catch up properly later, but I'm freezing and need to go take a bath so I can warm up and just wanted to post this first.

Just to let you all know, I'm having surgery to remove my adenoids on Feb. 8th. My ear is still plugged up (since Dec. 5th) and according to the ear, nose and throat doc, (after shoving a camera down my nose and then doing xrays, too) it's because my adenoids are huge and closing off some tube in the ear, so the fluid can't drain and therefore I have fluid in my ear, so my hearing is affected. So, he said they'll remove the adenoids and then they can see if something is infected, or why they were so large, and they are going to put a tube in my right ear at the same time and I should have my hearing back right away. yay! Not looking forward to surgery, but it will be nice to have full hearing again.

Quite the adventure this was raining cats and dogs this morning and my rain coat kept riding up on me while I was biking, so by the time I got to the hospital, (15 mins)I was SOAKED. Then, I had forgetten my hospital card, so I got to the ear, nose, and throat dept. and had to go back to the main desk to make a new card...then they had a problem because the way they do names here, when you are married, you hyphenate your name. So like...first name, married name-maiden name. But we got married in the states and lived there for a year, so I had changed all my documentation like, passport, drivers license etc, to my married name. Basically that has screwed up their system, because now they have it listed that my maiden name is the same as my married name. So I was running back and forth between the ENT and the front anyway, they shoved a camera on a hose down each of my nostrils and looked at my throat and ears, etc. Then they sent me to get x-rays...THAT is weird. have to stick your nose against this board and then your chin, with your mouth open wide, then with your mouth closed. Felt like an idiot sitting there with my chin in this little square on the board and my mouth open like I'm trying to drink rain. Then I had to go BACK to the ENT and do a hearing test, and then talk to the doc about the results, and that's when he said he needs to take the adenoids out and put a tube in my right ear. So all this took about 2 I was finally nearly dry, and then I got to bike back home in the rain again. Going to take a bath now.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby Songbird » Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:46 am

Sorry for the double post...I thought someone would have posted before me! Wow. Where is everyone?

Susie, your IT guy sounds like a funny guy! Hope he can fix your laptop pretty easily and doesn’t ask too many questions. I’m sorry you are in so much pain and can’t take advil. Thank goodness your surgery isn’t far away! We will totally have to sing together! You play piano, correct? I have a piano and LOTS of music from show tunes…I have the King and I, Mary Poppins, Oliver, Oklahoma, and some collections, and I don’t even know what all. Most of it was my mom’s…she loved musicals.

Kristina, yikes! What happened to make the fridge do that? Was it just old?

Lynne, your book sounds great! Are you one of those people who is really hard on yourself? I’m sure it’s hard to wait, but you don’t know what she’s going to say…she may LOVE the things you think she’s going to hate. Maybe that’s what will set you apart. Who needs an excuse to see a kid movie?? We went to see Finding Nemo when it came out…that was before we had kids. We also took the kids to see the Smurf movie and had to leave in the middle because my daughter was scared of the leaf blowers and my son had fallen asleep. He also fell asleep halfway through Cars 2 when we took them to that. Why DO they make them so long??

Marielle, that sucks that the lemon and water made your stomach worse! Isn’t Peppermint supposed to do something to the acids? I hope whatever the doctor gave you helps! I’m so glad your lump turned out to be nothing serious! What a relief! My mom died of breast cancer, as did both of my grandmothers…so there’s a good chance I’ll be dealing with it someday myself. I already had a mammogram done a couple of years ago so I have a baseline to compare to should I ever find a lump. Good for you for checking yourself! About the ship in Italy, I read that one of the waitors had family on the island so the captain went close to the shore so he could wave to them, and that he’s done this kind of thing before, getting too close to the land. How bad must that waitor feel? How many people died or missing so he could wave to his sad. Not his fault, but you would always feel responsible because the captain did that for YOU.

Sean, that sounds great about volunteering at the library. It would certainly help you get to know people and get your foot in the door. And it would give you something to do…I hope they agree to it! Oh, I miss Salisbury Steak TV dinners. What kind of TV dinner did you have? They don’t have those here and that’s one of those things that I occasionally miss. Like Banquet Chicken Pot Pie. Hope you enjoyed whatever you had!

Caryn, welcome home!! How was the trip?

Tracy, thanks! The ENT went pretty well. Painless, really. And yep, VERY good to get rid of some clutter and make room for more books!

Amy, you have house cleaning fairies?? I need some! Where can I find them? My “foot thing” started when I went and stayed with a friend in Canada who has a dog and a cat, and I don’t think she owned a vacuum. Enough said. I think that is so cute that you are charging your hubby interest on the money he borrowed. Sounds like an EXCELLENT idea to me!

Tonise, that sounds like a crazy schedule! When are you going to sleep? You’re spread so thin, you’re almost transparent! We’ll miss you here!

Brenda, good for you, sticking to your resolution. I was doing well until I found out about my surgery today…I won’t be allowed to go to the gym for 2 weeks after that, and since I’m just getting started, I really don’t need any interruptions to cause me to get out of shape as soon as I’ve gotten on track, but oh well…I suppose it does have to be done and hopefully I’ll still have the motivation and the resources to get a membership again once the surgery and recovery are over. It’s so nice that there are a couple of people here who understand my Jacob love, but I can completely understand how it would be an EEEEUUUWWWWW thing for you if your son looks like Taylor. That WOULD be rather squidgy. Fortunately, I have no such inhibations,so I can drool freely.

To everyone else, Hi! Nice to see so many people here!
Ha, my kids are both conked out here on the couch. School must have worn them out! My daughter is in quite an odd position leaned up against me so I can't move, and she's snoring away. I love snuggles! I guess I can turn off the video they were desperate to watch and maybe watch the latest episode of Glee....
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby Openhome » Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:50 am

Hello Ladies and Gents of the HH!
I'm just popping in to let you know that the site will undergo maintenance this weekend, sometime early Saturday morning EST(and I mean EARLY!) It should be fairly painless and quick, but if you come on and we are not showing up, please give it a few minutes and try again.
If you find any issues or if it takes too long, I'll post my contact info on the FB group page and you can get a hold of me that way.
Have a great day!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby Jazz Girl » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:09 pm

Good morning, siblings. I'm kind of loving the day. It's FINALLY snowing a bit here, so it actually looks like winter. Not much, mind you, but it looks more like January at least! Of course, around my neck of the woods, everyone is hoping for a return to "Chamber of Comerce" weather, as they are really getting into preparations for the Superbowl, which is in just over two weeks. It's kind of cool, but frustrating at the same time. They've started to shut down main thoroughfares for security purposes, as well as restrict access to some buildings and parking lots. I'm starting to get envious of one of my colleagues who is taking 10 days off surrounding the Superbowl just to get away from the crazy for that time.

Okay, I saw this on Robsessed and just had to post it. It's from an article in Screen International, which is an industry publication. I try to be realistic enough to know that it won't likely happen for Cosmopolis. There is still so much industry politics and they still don't see Rob in quite the light that he deserves. Even with the tour de force performance I know we will get for the role of Eric Packer, I have to remember that it isn't highly likely. But, I also know to the core of my being, to the marrow of my bones that we will hear those words one day soon. And I for one will be standing and applauding with tears on my cheeks feeling just so bloody proud of him and so freaking happy for him that I'll explode.

Okay, now to posts...

Susie~ Good gods, viruses just suck, don’t they. It doesn’t surprise me that you have such a good working relationship with your IT guy. It’s one of your gifts. You just… get people. Although, your IT guy sounds down right hysterical. I’m glad you were able to get what we lovingly refer to in my house as the Wheely Tag. It’s amazing how much that helps. Tina Fey? Oh I don’t know about that. She’s a level of hysterical I just could never hope to obtain. I’m just entertainingly weird. TeeHee, I figured you had raided my stash. You know me, I love to share the love. I will say it always cracks me up when I click a link one of you all posted only to see it take me to my PB account. :lol:

Tonise~ Sometimes, your level of responsibility and discipline astounds me. I just give up sleep. :lol:

Tracy~ Truth is truth is good. That’s all I can say. The way I see it, I adore the man, not the pretty. It’s the man who makes the pretty pretty. It’s his hair and he can do what he darn well pleases with it. That fearlessness, that nonchalance… just makes him all the better. Enjoy your massage!! Hubs gave me one for Christmas as well and I can’t wait to use it. I’m thinking the week after next. I’m so excited.

Sean~ I’m glad to hear your foot is healing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be back up on your feet soon. I saw Josh’s tweet about SWaTH and I’m very excited to see that. Part of my just loves that Kristen will be up there to promote such a strong role.

Lynne~ Sometimes hope needs to be hogtied to your front bumper. But, it makes the success at the end that much sweeter. I will always believe that The Saga films would not be anywhere near as successful without the intense connection between Rob&Kristen. The relationship between Edward&Bella has to have that to be believable. That we get to bask a little bit in that glow, get to see that come through the screen and know that it is real and that they are that intensely connected… it just makes the entire thing that much better. I saw that interview with Carter Burwell as well. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the scene with Edward and Ness playing the piano is going to make me cry like a baby.

Brenda~ Hi!! We’ve missed you around here, too. We did have a lovely time at Toojay’s. It’s always fantastic to meet up with folks who just kind of get you. I admire you in attempting to keep your online lives separate. I just gave up trying. It was too much for me to manage, so I just manage as best I can with what it is.

Marielle~ I actually had the thought of acid reflux when you were describing your symptoms. I’m glad the doctor is keeping on top of it. I’m honestly interested to see what they do in the BD2. I’m nervous as hell, but interested. In all honesty, though, I’m stoked to see three offerings for Rob, two of which will move him past his Saga persona and finally get him some of the recognition he deserves. As much as I adore The Saga, I HATE the idea of that role holding him back at all.

Songbird~ It probably wasn’t meant to be funny, but I laughed out loud at the idea that you were talking about being soaking wet and glad to finally be dry and then went and took a bath. Good grief, it’s surgery central around here! That’s a pretty basic procedure though. I’m glad it’s a simple fix for you. We’ll be sending healing thoughts, though. Surgery is surgery is never fun. Of course, if I remember right, don’t you get to eat loads of ice cream after adenoid surgery? That wouldn’t be so bad. :lol:

Kayla~ Thanks for letting us know. It sounds like it might effect our European/Austalian siblings, as well as our vampires most. We’ll just keep an eye out.

The Trip~ I just realized that I didn't really give a rundown of the trip for those who are interested. Apologies. I just kind of jumped right back in, figuring noone really wants to hear about my boring old life. It was very nice. Littlun's team did much better this year than they have in years past, which is the point for us. We go down there knowing we won't really compete. We're playing against teams and clubs that do nothing but 3v3 all year long and have tryouts just for their 3v3 teams. But, we want them to gain the experience and have fun. They scored more goals than previous years, and played much better, more as a team. So, the boys and Coach are happy. We didn't go to the parks as it just didn't work out, time-wise. We really just tried to relax. We swam, went to the arcade and spent time with friends. We went outlet shopping and I think I'm going to be sending Ginnie or Christina money regularly to go to the Converse outlet for me. I was sooooo stoked because I'd never seen a Converse outlet. I found the best pair of Chucks there. They are brown leather and look like loafers, so I now have Chucks I can wear to work!! Best find EVER! Also, they had Rob's black Chucks that he always wears. I was soooo close to getting a pair of those. I loved that store. We shopped Downtown Disney, of course. I always get a Christmas ornament or two when I'm there. This year they had a beautiful "Peppermint Mickey", which I snapped up. Breakfast with Ginnie and Christina was fantastic. We talked for hours and had to finally give up the ghost when our waitress would literally stand and stare at us. :lol: I was bummed because we had the idea to go and see BD together, but the timing never worked out. I would post the picture, but Ginnie took it and I think her laptop died before she could download it. I'm sure she'll post it as soon as she can. I did of course ask about Arms & What Drives Her. :lol: She's been so busy, but promised me that updates were on the way. Of course, the laptop demise might delay that. Overall, it was wonderful. Though, I was very happy to be back home in my bed. That's always what I miss when I travel.

Alright, must be off to lunch. TTFN!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby Suzan » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:49 pm

Hey everybody!

First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Better late than never, right? I'm so sorry I've been MIA since Christmas. I've really missed you ladies! My last post was about 30 pages ago, so I'm not even going to pretend like I can catch up with everything. I think I'll just start over if you all don't mind. If I've missed something important, please let me know.

I haven't even been keeping up with Rob-related news... Anything interesting? I've seen a few pics from the PCA. There must have been some discussing about the (lack of) hair. :lol: Personally I think he looked Freaking Hot! (Although I would be happy with anything after my month of withdrawal, hihi.) Anything on BA and the release dates? I haven't watched the trailer yet, because I'm currently reading the book and I want to finish that first.

It's been a little crazy around here the last few weeks. Lots of drama. I don't know if I've ever told you all this, but my grandparents on both sides are divorced. One grandfather passed away a year ago. The others have all remarried, so now we have three sides to the family. Try keeping all of them satisfied around the hollidays... :roll: To make a long story short: during the last few weeks my mother and aunt got into a fight with my grandfather. My grandmother on my father's side got into a fight with my other aunt (my father's sister), who is currently going through a very, very nasty divorce which has resulted in multiple lawsuits and a very large debt. She is even facing jail time. You can imagine that the holiday spirit was a little lost...
I finally got my grade last Monday. Sadly, I failed. Right now I'm trying to get the credits I need through another subject. Hopefully that way I'm still able to start my masters somewhere in February.

In other news: I have to let you all know that I'm not able to go to the HHcon. :( I've been waiting to tell you all until after the holidays, hoping for a miracle. But I just can't afford it and I probably won't be able to take the time off at that moment. I hope we can set up something over fb or skype or anything though. That should be fun.

After all that serious and sad talk; better end with some goodness. ;) I know this is a place for Rob-adoration, but please excuse me for swooning over someone else for a little bit. Last week I found out by accident that the final episode of Smallville aired just last May. I was such a huge fan of that show when it first started airing here (I must have been about 14 years old...). I followed the show like my life depended on it, hihi. Somehow though I lost track of it during season 4 or 5 or something. So I was really surprised when I found out that it was still on! Ten seasons! I started watching a few of the old episodes and I remembered why I loved the show so much: Tom Welling. I thought he was so cute! I think he was my fist celebrity crush, hihi. And he's still smoking hot! :swoon: I'm a sucker for the whole tall-dark-and-handsome thing. Anyways, don't mind me... LOL

I'll be back soon! Look forward to chatting with you all again.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby Tornado » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:05 pm

I'm going to have to go to work soon, so I'm just going to have to do a quick post this morning.

My uncle died a few days ago. It was expected, and I wasn't close to him (he lived a long way from us), but it's been a while since we've lost someone. He was my mother's oldest sibling, too, and it's brought home to me that she is getting old (she turns 80 this year). It's a little scary.

Little Man cried going to day care this morning because it's his last day. I didn't expect that. I thought the tears would be on Monday, when he goes to school It's nice that he's going to miss day care. I am too.

- yes, I must distract myself by looking at Rob! What a great suggestion!

marielle - yes, we've got breast and ovarian cancer in our family. Great!

Songbird - I'm glad to hear that your hearing is going to be fixed up! Yes, I am usually very hard on myself. I hope that she does find something in my book worth the effort.

Caryn - yeah, I think I'll get emotional in that scene too. I think you're right about Rob and the Oscars, too. He's too new to the scene. They know there's plenty of time yet to give him an Oscar, so they will be more likely to wait, unless his performance is sooooooo stand out in an otherwise dry year. We'll have to wait and see.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby DarkMuse » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:22 pm

Lynne - Wow. You've done a lot of writing. I do so hope things work out for you. Seems like you've been at trying to get it published for a while. Maybe the editor will just send it back with suggestions on what to keep/take out or change instead of flat out refusing to publish. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Also, sorry to hear about your uncle passing. I know you weren't close to him, but it's still sad when a family member goes. *hugs*

Caryn - Oh you got to go to Disney World again. Woo! I'm glad you got to relax a bit & found an awesome pair of Chucks to boot! I know how sucky it is to have to use your phone to check in. Bleck! And I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't post at least a little bit of RobCrack™ & JacksonCrack™. Hehe.

Susie - Oh my goodness! So sorry about your knee. And you can only take Tylenol right now? Eek! I hope surgery goes well for you. I haven't had to do anything like that yet, but I do have a bit of arthritis in my knees. It sucks rocks. Too bad I don't have my crutches anymore or I'd let you use em. Lol!

Tracy - Oh lordy. You read through some of our old posts? LOL. I can only imagine how much of a blast from the past that was. Ah the good old days. Hehe. I did actually get a few more hours this week. I thought I only had 5, but it turns out I have 10. Woo lots more hours there! Ha! Hope all is well with you. :)

Brenda - Hello! Nice to meet you. I live in Missouri & I currently work at Big Lots. I don't have kids or anything like that though. It's just lil old me. I used to read fanfiction, but sort of got out of the habbit. :-/ I have a Facebook, but I hardly ever go on it. I'm not a big fan of it. Heh.

Marielle - Aww that sucks! So sorry you didn't get to stay & meet the guys. They are seriously some of the funniest people I've ever met & they're all so nice! I hope you can meet them next time they go there. I hope those meds work out for you now that you've maybe figured out what the problem is.

Songbird - Well sheesh! I hope the ear surgery goes well and that nothing is infected. That's craziness. At least you'll get your hearing back though! Whew. I'm sure that warm bath was nice after being soaked by cold rain. My fridge isn't too old, so I dunno what caused it to burn the motor out like that. So weird! I think the house is forcing my parents to buy all new stuff before they move to Florida cause my oldest sister is taking over the house when they move. Lol. The dishwasher went out a couple months ago as well.

openhome - Thanks for letting us know about the updates. It would be seriously scary times if stuff wasn't working & we didn't know why. LOL.

As for HH-Con, as Suzan said, somebody best be coming up with a way to have a Skype session (or something similar) for all of us that can't make it. Somebody bring a laptop with a webcam please!

Gotta get up at 2:30am to get ready for work, so I'll be off now. Hope you all are well. <33333

A little gifty or two or three before I go. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby missp » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:27 am

Ummm...Speaking of sleep... I am fading fast! I've tried to stay up a little bit and read through all of your posts, but it just isn't happening. Later night than I'd hoped because my mani/pedi ran longer than expected. I'll be back tomorrow night. Have a wonderful TGIF! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Postby Tornado » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:43 am

Kristina - thanks for the good wishes. And I'm not against her giving me feedback for a rewrite (this is the second time I've submitted it to her, although she had one of her readers read it the first time). My concern is that I know what she will want changed, and, unfortunately, I can't do it without destroying the integrity of the storyline. My story can only work a certain way, and if it can't be that way, then I've got a problem.
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