Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby VolturiGirl » Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:03 pm

I went to work today and I got a call two hours later from my youngest son’s teacher. He has diarreah. So I had to take him home and give him a shower. So now we are watching cartoons and I’m lexing. I got my Bel Ami book the other day. I’m only at the third chapter, but it’s pretty good so far. I sometimes forget that it was written at a different time. You see words like “egad” and “by jove” and it makes me laugh.

Caryn – What a nice surprise that you won the necklace and earring set. Regarding Rob and Kris at the Oscars, I really hope that someday they can walk the red carpet together as a couple. I think that that will only happen when the papz stop harassing them. Oh Holly DuRob... :swoon:

Brenda – I’m so wondering what entry is yours on the canon tour. I haven’t read them all yet. I think I have six or seven left to read. The one about Aro and the Porch is a crack up.

Songbird – I live in the desert so you can have as much sun and heat as you want. My son’s “girlfriend” is going to start going to the same pre-school as him.

Jaclyn – Well, a big congrats on getting your tickets to see Bel Ami. I’m applauding that your boyfriend is going with you. If they show Bel Ami here where I live, I hope that my husband will come with me. He did watch BD with me, so there is hope. I do agree with you that it is difficult to find a good bra. I’ve always wanted to get a bra fitting. It did sound like you had success with your shopping trip. YAY for you getting your dress. You asked about my wedding shoes? They were white and real strappy with an open toe. I think they were a three inch heel.

Susan – Happy Two Years at the Lex. I bet Daughter Dear is having a blast in Mexico. Has she called you yet? My goodness. Another excercism on a computer. I hope that they can work out all the bugs on Sonny Boys's computer.

Sean – I’m sorry to read about your mom’s situation.

Lynne – I usually only watch the beginning of the Oscars. I like to watch the celebrities walk the red carpet to see what they are wearing. If Rob or Kris or both gets nominated, you can bet that I will not be changing the channel. I’d watch it just because of them.

Marielle – Are you going to ice skate? Thanks for posting the link to Kris’s photo shoot. She does look amazing in that dress.

I just got off the phone with my mom and she is going to order us matching shirts to wear when we go to Chicago. She is so cute sometimes.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:16 pm

I'm off to work for my publisher friend today. I'm not expecting any news on my book yet. *sigh*

marielle - When people talk about skating on natural ice it always sounds so strange to me. I don't think I've ever seen natural ice in my life!

Caryn - thank you soooooo much! Another Twilight friend just told me about the Bel Ami poster, and I was going to go looking for it! Man alive! His eyes just jump out from it, don't they?

Sean - I'm glad you've got in contact with somebody new.

Susie - yes, he certainly enjoys time with his dad.

Amy - I don't always watch all of it . It depends which movies are nominated and which actors. I'm interested to see if Kenneth Branagh can finally win an Oscar. I think he's in with a chance for his role in My Week with Marilyn. They haven't given him one yet, and he's been around for a while, and he plays Sir Laurence Olivier, someone with whom he's been compared for years. I haven't heard of any other strong runners in that category, so I'm hoping he'll get the nod.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby openfire » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:16 pm

Hey folks,

Only got 2 seconds as the laptop battery is about to die. Just got back from the dress people - tried it on & they are sending it to the people who will alter it to fit me properly (a bit long, and needs taken in at the bust a wee bit). It is bigger than I remember LOL but it is very pretty. I just don't like my shoulders... anyway! I like the dress. I hope it looks good on the day!!! I also ordered a veil - I really really like that part!! LOL.

Ok, gotta run. I'll try to swing by tomorrow.


(hope this posts before the comp turns itself off...)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby velvet409 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:41 pm

Good evening everyone!

As I mentioned before, Ginnie loaned me her Kindle so that I could read Bel Ami. I actually think this was a great way to read the book, because I came across several words I didn’t know the meaning of, so I could use the Kindle’s dictionary function to instantly pull up a definition anytime I needed it. The writing didn’t always read so smoothly but I think that’s just a result of the original French being translated into English; some things just get lost in the translation. It’s going to be very interesting to see Rob in this role. Georges is definitely amoral, but then so are all of the other characters in the story. It seems that all of their actions are motivated by some kind of personal gain, whether it is money, social status, career advancement or political influence. Georges is just one shark in a sea full of them. I’ve been watching the movie trailers repeatedly to see if I can identify certain scenes. Based on what I’m seeing, they definitely made some changes from the book to the movie and I’ll be interested to see how they interpreted things.

My trainer invited me to be her guest at the local Chamber of Commerce awards banquet last Friday. They unveiled the logo for the city’s new corporate wellness program (which my trainer developed). The décor for the party was very colorful and the food was really good too. We had fruit sorbet for dessert but I forgot to take a picture. There was a congressman in attendance as well whom I got to meet and have my picture taken with.

Songbird~ Wow another Susan in the HH. I may just stick with your screen name to avoid confusion (it happens to also be the title of one of my favorite fanfics ;) ), or I might adopt Tonise’s SongbirdSusan. Sorry to hear you have to have surgery for your ear problem. I had my tonsils and adenoids out when I was a toddler, so thankfully I have no memory of it.

DarkMuse~ Nice to see you making regular posts again! I don't know if we've been properly introduced or not, but I'm Christina from Florida. It's kind of strange to me that we have so many people with the same name here in the HH (and not just our name but the various Susan's too). Neither of those names is very common, but we seem to have an abundance here. :)

Marielle~ I'm glad you got that lump checked out even though it turned out to be nothing. I had a similar situation about 3 years ago. I went and got a mammogram but it turned out to be just a cyst. The nurse said it had probably been there for a long time and I was only able to feel it now because I had lost so much weight and there was less tissue surrounding it. Fortunately that type of cancer does not run in my family at all.

Lynne~ Congrats on LittleMan's first day of school! I actually do have a vague memory of my first day of Kindergarten. I was mad because I wanted my own desk and they had the small round tables instead. Good to hear he's doing well and that he had fun at the birthday party.

Susie~ Happy Lexiversary! You have certainly been a blessing to this place. I’m glad that your knee surgery went well. Hope your recovery stays smooth so you can be ready for HHCon. Yeah your math is exactly right. I doubt I'll be getting an e-reader anytime soon because of the cost. Honestly I really need a new computer and I should work on getting money together for that. My current one is six years old (ancient in technology terms) and it runs so slow sometimes I want to :banghead: Trying to open sites like Robsessed almost crash it. :sigh:

Jaclyn~ So jealous that you have tickets to see Bel Ami already when we don't even have a confirmed release date yet here in the US. I’m sorry about your first photographer falling through (and the reason for his canceling is sad too). I know nothing about arranging flowers but it looks like several of the other sisters have given you some good guidance. I hope it works out and you find something that you’re happy with. Congrats on taking the next step with your dress! I'm sure it (and you) will look beautiful on your special day.

Caryn~ It was soooo good to visit with you! I only wish we'd had more time (but you're right that waitress was definitely giving us the eye :lol: ). It is too bad that we couldn't get together for BD but there's always BD2 next January. Susie mentioned a video you posted on Facebook? Can you post it here? I'd love to see it. I've looked at the Fire but I'm not a big fan of touchscreens (I prefer buttons) and I like the e-ink format of the other models. I'm only browsing right now though. Maybe I'll change my mind about it later on.

Hey does anybody here watch The Big Bang Theory? I am really starting to get hooked on that show. :rotfl: Those guys are so funny in such a nerdy way. And I can't get the theme song out of my head. :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby older_twilight_fan » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:39 am

Here's a wonderfully edited LARGE version of Georges DuRob from the Bel Ami poster Caryn posted earlier today....
Oh my Lord.....THUD! :swoon: Click again to enlarge.....I dare you. ;) Surely those lovely baby blues are photoshopped just a bit--which is totally unnecessary, by the way.

Lucky lady....
I can't believe the lovely and talented Kristin Scott Thomas is eight years older than me :o .....that gives me hope! :D Only kidding.......maybe. 8-)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Chernaudi » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:37 am

Hi everyone :)

Susie: It's sort of hard for me to justify sticking with a group that's lost important paperwork and has a coordinator with me who hasn't been keeping in touch with me and who I just don't feel "at home" with. I'm not saying that what you're asking me under better circumstances isn't good advice, but I've had a few problems with this group, especially over the past year or so, and I don't see it immediately getting better.

They've had about the same amount of success with finding me work as I have--at least I've gotten job applications and filled them out in hopes of getting hired somewhere, but I haven't had much luck, but at least I've been trying to do something. In all, it's very frustrating and I don't know what more I can do with it.

Ironically, that girl I talked to today had a job interview, but she won't know how it went until Friday. So I'm hoping for her but as for me, I don't know what my future holds.

Everyone: I've had an uneventful night. I've mostly watched Secret War so far, this episode being about British-trained Norwegian commandos attacking the Norsk Hydro plant which the Nazis converted to produce "heavy water" for a proposed German atomic bomb project. Their raid succeeded in disabling the plant for a couple of months, but the Germans repaired the damage and the plant was back at full capacity soon after. After a USAAF bombing raid on the factory, which was largely a failure (minimal damage was done to the plant), Norwegian commandos went in again to sink a fairy carrying the stores of heavy water and equipment back to Germany, the raid being a success. In the end, this left the Nazis several barrels short of the heavy water they needed to initiate their atomic bomb research, though they were still well behind the US Army's atomic bomb program, and it would be until 1946-47 before the Nazis would have their own atomic bomb, by which time they were well defeated, this coming in May of 1945.

I have yet to make dinner for this evening, but I have that planned and I have that meeting scheduled. I don't know what will come out of it, but I need to do something different for me to go in a new direction or to find success. I'll also write back to my new friend later, as well as change out the oil in the fryer--the old stuff can be used, if I can find some old container to keep it in, to start fires in out wood stove on a night like tonight.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:18 am

I was working for my publisher today. She says that she will probably start reading the RIGHT version of my novel in a week or two. She also says that, if she does agree to publish it, it will probably be in March 2013. This way she can take advantage of the schools choosing books for their libraries, which happens about six months prior to the release. She once sold 3000 copies of a book this way!
She also said something that encouraged me. When I cringed at the thought of her reading it, she said, "I'm excited to read it if it's a more concise version of the other one!" While she didn't say anything outright, reading between the lines I can't help but think that she does like the story and probably thought it just needed a good edit ... I hope so ...

Jaclyn - I'm glad the dress is good! You'll have to post a photo of it sometime. Veils are great, aren't they?

Christina - yes, although I haven't read the book of Bel Ami, I know quite a bit about the storyline and I thought the same thing. All of them seemed to be willing to use whatever means necessary to get what they wanted. He certainly didn't come across as a person take advantage of the weak and innocent in most cases. Yes, I have a tiny memory of my first day at school. I was hiding behind my mother's dress! :blush:

Tracy - Hm, thanks for that ... er ... nice photo of Rob! :swoon:

Sean - I hope you can find that new direction. Sometimes a change of focus can be just what we need.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby marielle » Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:06 am

Good morning everybody!!!

Jeez, it’s really cold outside… it 5C below zero but with the wind blowing it feels so much colder…

I have to admit, I have been a bit fuzzy thanks to that Bel Ami picture…every time I see that I can’t help but swooning…
I also couldn’t help thinking that Rob should have been playing Happy Potter! He looks so much more like a hero…sorry Daniel…but I could just imagine him with black hair and green eyes being the best wizards hero there is… (might be because I’m reading a very good HP fanfic at the moment)

Now posts…

Caryn, I’m wondering if they changed that picture or had Rob wear contacts to get his eyes that blue, sometimes with proper lighting you really see them that blue but this looks like it’s been enhanced, or maybe it’s because of the blue suit…

Susie, yeah if I get that part of the job it will make a big change, I really hope they will give it to me but I have my doubts, it’s in the hands of people that don’t know me that well and that have absolutely no idea of the actual job…
Yes, that fb chat with multiple people is really fun…we’ll get to know the whole group before we even meet in June…

Amy, I really don’t have skates and over the last few years they have become really expensive but maybe if the cold continues I’ll buy myself a set and go out…but it will be at least a week before we can really skate everywhere…

Lynne, I believe that, do you want to change??? I could live without the ice…but on the other hand, when the skate-fever really hits the whole country is buzzing, it has something nice…
But to really be able to skate on the lakes you’ll have to had temps below 0C all day for at least a week or the ice will be too thin…

Christina, strangely three days after I visit the doc the lump disappeared… the doc said it would probably stay but I can’t find it anymore so it was all panic for nothing

Hey Tracy!!! I see you!!!

Anyway…I have to start working…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Chernaudi » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:09 am

Oh, and BTW, remember that Audi commercial I linked here and at the HH's facebook page? It seems that someone from Audi of America thought it was a good idea to send the clip to a TL blog admin and it's posted on the front page of the blog now. Some Audi fansites have have the clip up and some comments, too.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby VirginiaMay » Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:21 am

Just a quick one to let you know that I'm lurking. Wish I had more to contribute at the moment. :? Maybe next time though. You know... when I'm not so overwhelmed I can't see straight.

Hugs, Ginnie

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