Rob's Halfway House - #10

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Jazz Girl » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:55 am

Good morning, siblings!

First, let's address the pleasantries...

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! (there's no confirmation that that's an official poster but HOT DAMN it looks good!!)

Last night was the fam's evening to enjoy the Superbowl Crazy. Hubs and the boys met me here at work and, after artfully finagling a good parking spot at a cheap price (trust me, an artform at this point), we snagged a ride to the center of the chaos. I suppose, first, it is imperative to understand that the actual city-center of Indianapolis is a very compressed square mile or so. The stadium is literally right downtown. So, one of the advantages Indy has in hosting events like this is that everything is right together. All of the venues, hotels, entertainment, everything is right there. So, we went and strolled what is called Superbowl Village. It's pretty much a 5-city-block area where they've shut down the streets and set up tents and all manner of vendors and fun things to do. The highlight is an 800-foot zipline that goes across the city skyline. We didn't get to do that as people are showing up at 6:30 am to get tickets for that day. I would LOVE to do it, but getting tickets just isn't feasible. But, we walked around and saw some of the major media outlet HQ's. The boys got into the background of ESPN's afternoon NFL coverage. There are two live stages of music, one for local acts and one for national acts. There's also games set up all through the area. Completely separate from that is what's called the NFL Experience. It's an interactive game and memorabilia area that you have to pay admission to enter. We had a blast in there. You get to do all manner of football drills; 40-yard-dash, pass-throwing, kick a field goal and so on. The place was packed, but we all had a fabulous time. It was kind of like being at Disney with the time spent in line. But it was worth it. We got up close and personal with the Lombardi trophy (the trophy presented to the winner of the Superbowl), as well as several celebrities who were there. This is how I know I'd be in trouble if I ever saw Rob strolling the street. I recognized several "celebrities" right away; various sports figures, broadcasters etc. But, I felt completely nuts even thinking about interupting their time enjoying the attractions. I just thought it would be... rude. So, I know that there's no way I would ever even think of approaching Rob like that. Granted, I know he'd appreciate that. But, still, you know what I mean. Anywho, we spent several hours enjoying all the games and attractions before we finally had to cut the night short. Littlun was barely vertical and the boys had school this morning. Still, it was so cool just being in the atmosphere. I will say this. Our sleepy little town is making the absolute best of the opportunity they have.

Okay, now to posts...

Sean~ How cool! It’s always fun when FB brings old friends together like that.

Susie~ Oh believe me, that poster is generating lots of buzz for our dear Rob!! BA is being called the Dangerous Liasons of this generation. That just makes me all tingly! Unfortunately, no. November in this state is merely a rotating list of individuals who find those who think like me to be, as I’ve been told, morally bankrupt and overeducated. Darn. And here I thought that being globally responsible and accepting of all was a good way to live.

Amy~ YAY for reading BA. I always love the language of the time, actually. It helps me get completely lost in the story.

Lynne~ Do they EVER!! They had to have enhanced his eyes a bit, as they are not normally that blue. However, I do hope that The Saga PR people take note. That is how you appropriately use and manipulate the image of the most beautiful man on the planet to entice the viewer.

Jaclyn~ You are absolutely beautiful and you will be even more so on that day. Don’t let the dress own you. You have to own the dress. Be comfortable in your skin (all of your skin) and anything covering it will look beautiful. Think of Rob. Rob looks equally beautiful in ripped jeans and a misbuttoned plaid as he does in a D&G suit cut specifically for him. It’s not the clothes, it’s that he is comfortable in who he is. You chose that dress because it made you feel like a beautiful bride. You will be a beautiful bride because you are beautiful, period.

Christina~ Very well said. My impression, and I think this also relates back to something Rob said in an interview, was that Georges was just more… open about his amorality, maybe less apologetic? It always seemed to me that most of the others were trying to hide their true motives and their actions under justifications and excuses about how they were actually doing something for others, or they had to do this or that. Georges just didn’t want to be bothered to justify his actions, leaving them more exposed for what they were. He made no apologies for being who he was. I love the color scheme of the party. I’m a sucker for that very vibrant green! Absolutely! This is the vid in question, a beautiful compilation set to Turning Page. Enjoy! Oh believe me, it’s already on my agenda to work in a BD2 viewing with you ladies. I absolutely LOVE BBT! Sheldon is my homes!!

Tracy~ That still of DuRob with KST literally makes me shudder!! Can you imagine those long strong fingers ghosting down the back of your neck like that!! Let alone while standing in your knickers? HOLY HELLLLLLLLLL!!!!! :swoon:

Marielle~ Hmmm, I don’t know. As much as I adore Rob and love him in just about any role… I honestly can’t see anyone else as Harry. Harry always seemed to me to be the kind of, physically anyways, antihero. He was small, unremarkable and kind of … geeky for lack of a better term. I think JKR wrote him that way on purpose. So, casting a boy who fit that bill really worked out. Of course, Dan really kind of stayed that way as they grew, didn’t he. No, Matthew Lewis on the other hand… WOW!!! Talk about going geek to chic! That man certainly made Neville Longbottom the most unlikely sex symbol in a film in decades! No, I agree. That level of blue came from enhancing the picture itself. Yes, when he wears blue, especially a blue suit, his eyes take on that silvery blue hue. But not to that level. That’s like Elijah Wood Blue. Rob’s eyes are naturally more greyish, which is why they change color like they do.

Ginnie~ Lurking early, I see. *hugs* I hope things start getting better soon. I know I keep saying it, but you know where to find us.

Alright, work to do and all that. Tah.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:14 pm

Hi Everyone!


Feeling good - going to have lunch with a friend and then go to PT...

Caryn - Yep, that's right. You ARE overeducated. That must be why they are trying so hard to defund education. It's easier to rule peasants. LOVE That Bel Ami poster! Rob will have a new typecast - Sex God. Good way to shake off the vampire image, eh? All those Super Bowl events sound fun - even to me!!! :lol: A zipline? Wow. I'll have to check that out online. I'm glad you four had fun.

Jaclyn - Hooray for trying on your dress - Good to make sure there is ample time for tailoring. Did you see Bridesmaids yet? :? Sorry, it is just so hard not to think of that scene. Anyway - Sorry you don't like your shoulders - I'm sure your fiance does!!! You'll be a vision of loveliness with the veil!

- Will you actually have to interview for this new job? Is there anyway to network for it? Get a recommendation from your boss? Fingers crossed for you!

- Love the pics of the special event you went to. How nice of your trainer to take you as her guest. The food looks delicious. I enjoyed your partial review of Bel Ami.

Ginnie - We'll always be here for you. No pressure to post a lot of content - we appreciate just knowing that you are there, so continue to check in when you can. ((((HUGS))))

Sean - I'm not sure what kind of job group it is - is it part of a State Workforce program because you are unemployed? If so, check out other groups within that program. They might be overwhelmed with caseload since your town has been hard hit economically. My point is to continually check out any support systems and resources. It's the squeaky wheel, you know.

Lynne - That is encouraging what your boss said about your book. Fingers crossed.

Tracy - Yes. Thank God for Kristen Scott Thomas. Now we can stop feeling all creepy for lusting after Rob. Of course, I'm older than she is.....Oh well.

Amy - Sorry your little one is sick. That's just no fun to deal with.

Oops! Running late, as usual!

See you later!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Songbird » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:37 pm

Jaclyn, the advertisement at the top of my page is now for wedding shoes. :P I’m glad you had a good time, even if you didn’t get anything. I love your dress for your hen night. Is there a particular reason you don’t like strapless dresses? And why you chose one even though you don’t like them? I’m sure it will look amazing on you! As for shoes, you mentioned ballet flats…that’s what I did, but I had a hard time keeping them on my feet when I was dancing at the reception. But then I was never a ballerina, so maybe it was just that I wasn’t used to them. I'm rather like Bella in the coordination department. (how did I ever manage to be a cheerleader???) They were really comfortable, though!!

Susie, sorry I missed your Lexiversary!! I’m glad it has made a difference in your life! Glad both your ducklings are safe in their respective destinations! As much as I loves me some Jacob, even –I- don’t think he belongs on a valentines card with Edward and Bella….that is so weird! Some P&P sounds perfect for your convalescence! And I might keep it in mind for my own! And sure, as soon as you say I’m a dependable mega poster, I miss a day because of choir rehearsal! Whoops! And I hope I’m not ENTIRELY your “alter-ego.” You seem a good person to be a role model…I guess I’m learning from the best!

Amy, thanks for the destructions on how to post a sneaky ninja link! (and thank you Caryn, since they apparently came from you originally!) How is your son feeling? Any better? How on earth have you gotten so many of the Canon Tour stories read? I’ve only made it through 12!!

Lynne, sun? What is this “sun” of which you speak? We really got NO summer this past year. I don’t think it got above 28 C all summer, and that only happened once, maybe twice. Now were at something like -4 C and it is COLD. That’s promising news about your book! If she didn’t like the basic premise, she’d put off reading it and probably wouldn’t have said anything at all, right?

Susie, Jaclyn, and Amy I HATE bra shopping. I have to go to a specialty shop and they are SO expensive, and I can’t get the pretty frilly designs because they don’t give me the support my girls need. (Sorry, Sean!) It’s just no fun! I feel your pain!

Sean, my (unsolicited) advice would be that if you aren’t paying to be involved with this group, keep going with it. Even if it doesn’t seem to be doing any good, it’s not hurting, right? And you never know when they may surprise you and come up with just the thing. You might as well have as many options as possible as long as it’s not costing you to have them. Plus, it will make you more attractive to empoylers because they will see you are trying. That’s so great that you got to reconnect with a friend! That’s always fun!

Tracy, yes, that’s the Rupert Grint one. It’s creepy in a fun way. I love the part with him sitting there with all the stuffed animals. So funny. As for riding my bike to the gym, don’t be impressed. If there was another way, I’d gladly use it. It’s just that I can’t drive over here and don’t have a car even if I could (my husband needs it to commute), and the bus doesn’t go any closer to the gym than my house is, which is a bit far to walk. So I have to go by bike. But I can’t complain…it’s less than 10 minutes by bike (now that I found a shortcut) and it’s good exercise, which is the point of going anyway!

Christina, thanks for the surprise at the door! What a lovely thing to come home to! And that is so cool that your trainer took you along to the banquet! Feel free to call me by either name...Songbird or Susan...I've even been known to answer to "hey you!"

Marielle, it IS freaking COLD here! There’s such a bite in the air! Greetz…is that through TNT post? Last year, my boss sent a card anonymously to everyone of the employees, and no one knew it was from her, but it was this creepy stalker-ish poem about watching from afar, etc…and it came in a plain envelope with no address and it freaked everyone out because we all thought we had stalkers! LOL She had to send a mass email to tell us it was her, and she just wanted to let us know she appreciated our work, etc…I was SO relieved. I can’t picture Rob as Harry Potter…he’s too…sexy somehow. He doesn’t have that nerdy awkwardness that Dan had/has. Besides, who’d have played Cedric then? Cedric is supposed to be better looking than Harry…so who would they have gotten that’s even hotter if Rob was Harry?

Ginnie, good to see you at least lurking! Hope you stop feeling overwhelmed soon!

Caryn, it sounds like you all had a good time! Are you all football fans? I could so not do that zipline…again, me with the heights and the not getting along. *shiver* I would be the same way if I saw Rob or any celebrity really…I’d WANT to go talk to them, but I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t want to interrupt them and you know they must get that EVERYWHERE. I might make an exception if I saw Kanye West, to tell him what a pompous, attention-seeking, diva-ish git he is, but then, that would be giving him more attention that he doesn’t deserve…so probably not. And I am so with you on Matthew Lewis! Where did that COME from? He was like this gimpy little…nobody? And suddenly, YOWIE-KAZOWIE he’s sexy! And I LOVED that he got his shining moment in DH. It was awesome!

I really hope I didn’t miss anyone! Sorry if I did, and hi!

I didn’t make it to the gym today…I really need to find a balance. I think I may have to give up the vacustep until I am more experienced and in better shape. I love the idea of it (fat burning in the leg, butt, stomach area….that’s what I really need) but when I do it, I can’t do anything else for a few days afterward because I get too sore. So I think I need to concentrate on getting through the period where I’m sore, and then I can worry about that…anyone with advice? I want to lose around 100 pounds, but I don’t know if that’s a realistic goal, and as enthusiastic as I am now, I get frustrated if it doesn’t seem to be working fast enough. So that’s why I was doing the vacustep…it says it can work up to 3 times faster than regular cardio. But it doesn’t help if I am incapacitated for 3 days after I do it. I think it would be better to do every day of regular cardio than only one day of vacustep per week. I could really use some expertise if there’s anyone who’s been there, done that??
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado » Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:05 pm

Well, it's bright and sunny here now! The rain seems to have gone for the moment. Little Man is off to school, and this is the first time in a long time that I have the entire day to myself with nothing whatsoever planned! Usually I've got work or shopping or something up my sleeve. Not today.

marielle - I think I'd like the novelty of the cold and snow for a while, but I think I'd get sick of it mighty fast! Feel free to come and holiday here anytime you like!

Ginnie - I hope things are sorted out with your hubs soon. :hug:

Caryn - wow, your Superbowl celebrations are really intense! It wouldn't be interesting to me, though: I hate sport. It's about the only thing hubby and I don't have in common! Yeah, I'm sure if I ever saw Rob on the street I'd blush, look down, and get away as quickly as possible in case I embarrassed him! I don't think I could approach someone if they were just having a nice evening out to themselves.

Susie - yeah, hopefully it will come to something.

Songbird - no sun in your neck of the woods? That's a shame. Australia's calling ... ;)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by velvet409 » Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:11 pm

Happy Happy Hump Day!!

Lynne~ So happy that things seem to be moving in a positive direction with your book. It sounds like your boss will like the polished version of your manuscript even more than the one she was originally reading.

Ginnie~ Glad you're at least able to lurk. You know you can call me if you need anything. :hug:

Caryn~ Glad you and the family had fun at the Superbowl event. Love that video! So beautiful. Thanks for posting it here.

Songbird~ You're welcome. ;) I've gone to several events with my trainer. I've been working with her for five and half years and we've become good friends. I'm also an excellent marketing tool for her business because I'm one of her biggest success stories. :grin: I'm living proof of what her program can accomplish.

Question~ Have you all decided where you're going to buy the Breaking Dawn DVD? I'm still debating. :hmm:

And one more for the road...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by older_twilight_fan » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:11 am

Hello everyone~

Happy Hump Day!

Christina~ Thanks for sharing all the Tyler-love with us tonight. That movie was amazing and I hate that the somewhat controversial ending seemed to turn a number of people away from it, or against it. Thanks also for sharing your thoughts about reading Bel Ami. I look forward to reading that one, and Cosmopolis as well, even though both books stray somewhat from my usual reading fare. I found it interesting what you said about so many characters in Bel Ami being motivated by their own personal gain. If not for social climbing, what were the female characters who slept with Georges DuRoy motivated by, other than his obvious charm, wit, and sexual attraction? 8-) It brings to mind how the women in Jane Austen's novels were sort of "trapped" by their family station and class unless they married well, as they didn't have the option to pursue careers or advance themseves politically. I'm glad you had a nice time at the awards banquet with your trainer, and it certainly looked like quite the party with great food and decorations. Was the "Songbird" you mentioned the fanfic by Sydney Alice? She's an amazing writer, and I love all of her stories.

Ginnie~ Hey there hon--hope you're okay and hanging in there. :wave:

Sean~ I'd seen something about those Audi commercials on the front page of the Lex, and I find it ironic that they're sort of trying to cash in on the vampire craze, all while dissing it. That's nice that you've reconnected with a friend of your family's, online. Sounds like a good way to reestablish a friendship and open the lines of communication to progress to phone conversations and meeting in person, if you decide to do so.

Amy~ Is your little boy feeling better and was he able to return to pre-school? That's too cute that your Mom wants the two of you to wear matching shirts to HH Con. :D You guys should receive a special HH conmmendation for Best Mother/Daughter Pair.

Jaclyn~ Congratulations on your dress arriving and getting to see it again--that's so exciting! What type of veil did you choose, if you don't mind me asking?

Lynne~ I hope you enjoy your day of "nothing"....those are the best kinds of days. Sometimes we try to cram in so many tasks, errands, laundry, and housecleaning on our days off, that we're almost glad to return to work. :? Enjoy your lovely and sunny weather. That news from your publisher about your book certainly sounds promising, and even just the talk of a very tentative release date should have you feeling hopeful. I'd like to see Kenneth Branagh take the Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor, although it may be Christopher Plummer's award to lose, as he was supposedly very good in his role. I haven't seen too much of Kenneth's work, but the kids and I absolutely loved him as Gilderoy Lockheart in HP and the Chamber of Secrets, and his over the top, flamboyant performance was pitch perfect.

Songbird~ I'm cracking up over all the talk about bra shopping (Sorry Sean!). Unfortunately my girls need little, if any support, and those kinds of bras are actually harder to find than you might think. :shock: I enjoyed Rupert Grint's portrayal of Ron, especially in the later movies, and was so glad Warner Brothers and the directors finally let Rupert portray the strength and heroism inherent in book Ron. The first couple of movies sort of made Ron into a silly caricature at times. I hope Rupert has a successful future and that we continue to see him act in some form or fashion. I wonder if you might talk with a trainer at the gym you visit about weight loss plans and exercise programs. A trainer could make an accurate physical assessment of your body, and set appropriate and realistic goals and help design a fitness program tailored to help you safely meet those goals.

Susie~ I certainly felt less lecherous after seeing the picture of Kristen Scott Thomas with Rob. 8-) Don't worry, she's barely older than you, by only a couple of years. ;) I loved the kissing gif of Robward and Krisella you posted. Have you ever noticed how Rob always goes for Kristen's top lip as if he owns it, whenever he moves in for a kiss? :swoon: Maybe I've been watching too many Twilight-related videos recently.....Tracy picks herself up off the floor and shakes her head to clear out non-PG 13ish thoughts so she can proceed with her post.....

I'm glad to hear you liked Hugo, as I knew you would. Unfortunately, because we don't manage to see as many movies as we used to, the only movies I've seen with Oscar nominations involved are Hugo and The Help. I'd still like to see The Descendants, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Moneyball, War Horse, and possibly The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Don't you usually make it your mission to see most, or all of the Oscar nominated films? How was your first session of physical therapy post surgery?

Marielle~ Sorry you're dealing with all the cold weather. Which Harry Potter fanfic are you reading? Good luck with the potential new job--it sounds like a great opportunity for some change and transition in your work life, which you seem to have been craving for quite awhile.

Caryn~ Glad to hear you and the family had a blast enjoying all the Super Bowl festivities downtown. It sounds like your city is really putting on quite the party. Loved your sweet and inspiring words to Jaclyn about "owning the dress", and I almost became a little misty-eyed while reading them. I know I posted over on Facebook, but I absolutely loved that Turning Page video, and knew it was just a matter of time before someone made an amazing fanvid to that gorgeous song. It's like seeing all of our favorite romantic Edward and Bella moments, all wrapped up like a gift for us. ;) I agree with you that I really can't picture anyone filling Dan Radcliffe's shoes as Harry Potter, and I look forward to following Dan's career in future years. I remember hearing something funny about how J.K. Rowling didn't even recognize Matthew Lewis sitting at a table with her at one of the preliminary script readings for one of the later movies, because he had grown into quite the dashing and tall young man. :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:13 am

The )*&^%$# termite man came today and told us that we have heaps of things wrong with our house that will allow termite invasions if we don't fix them. Why the hell does he think we have his company's bait system put around our house? Trouble is, if we don't fix these things now (with money that we don't have) it means if termites get in that way we are not covered under their contract.
He also pointed out that the left had corner of our downstairs area, where we have painstakingly tried to stop water getting through, is leaking AGAIN! Sure, it's a lot less than last time, but after spending about $3000 on drainage solutions to redirect the &^(&^%%)_ water that runs off from our neighbouring properties you'd think the problem would have been fixed. And it's all because the *&)&(^*&&% builder who built all the houses in this street didn't do any yard drainage in the yards uphill from us! CHEAPSKATE!!!!

If you would like to see the kind of overflow we get into our yard from other yards, look here.

Rant over.

Christina - Yes, hopefully she will like the book!

Tracy - Yes, that's right. I'd forgotten about Christopher Plummer's nomination. He'll probably get it, because he's been around longer and he's never won either, and he's less likely to be around in the future than Ken Branagh! I think Ken can be a little OTT at times, but there's no doubt he is a good actor.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by smitten_by_twilight » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:39 am

Happy Hump Day! Tracy posted the Belgium poster before I could, so you get this lovely instead. :swoon:

It's been a pretty good week. My credentials finally came in at my new contract - yay! I have been working my tail off this week, and I think I'm just going to have to get more sleep. I can't keep up with the job demands without a bit more functioning attention. I haven't exercised since Sunday or Saturday, but I will tonight. Gotta keep my nose to the grind! That, and my other big task: locate my BD1 ticket stub and see if I can still get a coupon for the DVD. I'm going to encourage hubby boy to get it for me for Valentine's Day.

I got this from Twitter this morning: an article about travel tips for drinkers, including international travelers (hint, hint). I don't think I have ever drunk while flying, mostly because of the cost of drinks, but I may try this the next time I fly without kids (fingers crossed for Chicago).

Susie - Happy 2nd Lexiversary! You are a wonderful person to have around, and I am blessed to know you. I'm glad you are recovering and able to get out and about a bit.

Amy and Ginnie and Jaclyn and Susie and Tonise and Tracy - Thank you for your kind wishes for me in the Canon Tour round! I was never really thinking I would win, just looking for lots of good honest feedback, and based on that so far, I think that at least I don't suck.

Amy - It sounds like you got the 1930s translation of Bel Ami, which I found a struggle, but still worth it. If you have a department store within driving distance there, they may have someone there who can fit bras professionally. This is totally worth the effort and cost in education alone. Take care of them, they'll take care of you ... well you know what I mean.

Caryn - I'm sorry about the FFn viruses getting you! I usually read on my mobile except to post reviews, maybe that's why my phone has been working slow lately. Definitely very anxious to see Bel Ami and if Rob/Kris will show for the Oscars. That new poster with the red background is definitely the swoony best so far for me! I noticed you and Songbird talking about how handsome Matthew Lewis suddenly became, because I remember - he kind of fit the pudgy little boy look at first but boy did he grow out of that. I can totally see him as a romantic lead.

Christina - TY for the Remember Me pix, Rob does look heavenly as the brooding student.

Ginnie - Praying for things to get better for you and your hubs. We're here for you, babe. I finally clicked your Edward t-shirt link when it wasn't overloaded with traffic ... whoa ... even non-demonstrative me would wear it for HHCon ... in a women's XL. Oh well.

Jaclyn - I love all your wedding talk! Your "hen night" (sometimes Americans call it a bachelorette party) dress looks awesome. My flowers were white roses, white carnations, and blue irises. I remember being not thrilled about the carnations, but they were a budget compromise. The table centerpieces were candles in glass holders atop circular mirror tiles, with the candles surrounded by the flowers. I was very happy with the irises. But to tell you the truth, I had to look at pix to remember what my flowers were - mostly from the day I remember being really nervous finally, barely saving myself from tripping over my dress, and being really happy. Flowers, dress ... nice, but background in my memories. Having the right shoes was probably a big part of the happiness, though. I picked low heeled work shoes that I already owned and had broken in, ones that were designed to be comfy. White sneakers sound good too! Just as exciting that you got tickets to the film fest for Bel Ami! I'm so jealous! Take lots of pictures!

JennJenn - Hi! I'm Brenda, working (outside-the-home) mother of 4 in Arizona. I've been Lexing for a year and at the HH for, oh, more than half a year I think. I look forward to seeing you around!

Lynne - Big house sympathies for you. It is very trying to own your home ... just better than the alternative, at least for a family. Glad I could help out with baking terms :twisted: I think that sounds like a very positive comment from your boss-maybe-publisher, when anyone who reads as much she must feels excited to read something, that's gotta be good!

Marielle - TY for the pix of Kris in Paris, she looks great, huh! IKEA is great for bookcases. 4 bookcases full of books is a lot of books! I have winnowed down my collection many times over the years due to big moves all over the country, and my fiction collection is quite modest now - maybe one bookcase. Ha ha, that is my worry about Rob lurking on the HH too, sometimes I think we would be a comforting place for him to read and sometimes I think he would be traumatized by the adulation (not to mention the pix). Miserable weather you're having - please stay warm!

Songbird - I'm not even going to start thinking about Edward's buns, cinnamon or otherwise :twisted: Yes it was a kind of bizarre fragment of a dream, but I was in front of the TV, trying not to fall asleep, so ... I think it was influenced by the Disney channel, which my kids watch a lot. In the dream, the boy was an actor playing Rob and Kris' son. Wierd, but cool to me. I didn't know that bilinguality was a protection against dementia, but I can get how it might work. More reasons to learn more languages! Re: exercising; I recommend doing cardio daily over doing anything once every few days. Make it a real habit over the first couple months. As your endurance builds, you can substitute it for cardio without giving up days - like, cardio cardio cardio vacustep cardio cardio.

Tracy - I agree that that Bel Ami poster was photoshopped to blue up Rob's eyes, and totally unnecessary. But at least they were better than the Saga people. I think we all envy Kristen Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, and Uma Thurman in those scenes. I officially give you permission to give yourself permission to hope for attention from Rob!

A big wave and hug to everyone else! :wave:

EDIT: says that Robssessed says that an unnamed Sony person says that the US release of Bel Ami might be July 2012. Sad ... but not what I'd call reliable either. Still a waiting game. Congratulations, Europe, you're getting him first!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:04 am

Good morning everybody!!!

We are on the good side of the week!!!! Just two days of torture until it’s weekend…

You know there are a lot of new Bel Ami posters arriving everywhere… It seems that we are really going to get to see this movie!!! I don’t know why but I’m really excited about it…

Anyway, I’ve got nothing new to report…


Caryn, I think I’m like you, would I ever see Rob out enjoying something fun I could never approach him just like that… though if we were to be enjoying the same thing, concert, attractions or anything I might just try and make a friendly conversation… I’ll faint later…
It’s pretty clear that they enhanced the eyes in that poster, if you look at the original you see a big difference…
Yes, I was surprised by Matthew Lewis as well, I saw him on the red carpet and was really surprised by his looks, though I have a weak spot for the twins as well… did you ever see the golf thing on the dvd extra’s of DH1, they are out playing golf with Rupert and Tom Felton, they are so funny and good looking…

Susie, I don’t know much about how they will go about the position that came free, I have told my boss I wanted it and she told the right people now all I can do is wait and see, it might be that I have a conversation about it with one or two people but it won’t be an extensive interview… My boss is really positive about it, mainly because it would make her life a lot easier as well.

Songbird, that’s a valid point!! Though at the time I considered Rob only cute not more hot or sexy than Dan, I think GoF was the one movie Dan looked really like I think Harry should have looked. When ever I read the books I don’t see a nerdy boy, especially in the last few movies I see something more like a good looking hero, a bit like a mixture of his dad and Sirius…
Hihi, your boss has a great sense of humor than! Greetz does send their cards with TNT but I know TNT has it’s own card making service, Greetz is much easier to work with…

Lynne, it’s not the novelty of the cold and snow because once the snow starts to fall everybody gets excited, it’s more that after an hour or so practical issues appear, how to get home? Is it safe to drive? What will happen to public transport? And later the snow gets dirty and smushy and slippery…No I’d rather have summer all year round.
I’m sorry about your house troubles. I hope you get it sorted soon.

Christina, I don’t have much choice in buying the dvd, I have only one option is I want to get it with the special features on it.

Tracy, I’m reading ‘taking control’ now on, it’s about Harry being fed up with how Dumbledore and the Dursleys control his life after Sirius died, he gets dreams about Sirius and in those dreams he learns more advanced magic and trains in secret until he’s a better fighter than any auror and stronger than Dumbledore, somewhere along the line he falls in love with Ginny and together they fight the dangers…I have been reading it for the last week or so, it’s long and really good I have almost finished it…

Brenda, I think that Rob will be shocked at first but I know for sure that he will appreciate the support we give him when the papz are harassing him…
My books are sacred, they won’t ever be thrown out…I dream of having a large library where I can spend hours reading, you know a big room with rows and rows of bookshelves, a large desk and a lounge chair to read in…

to make up for my lack of HUMP day pictures...

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:42 am

Brenda - glad that your job stuff has come good, even if it is demanding! Yeah, I'm happier owning than renting, but we just don't have the money for this kind of thing. I mean, if our business could pay us back all the money it owes us it would be far less of an issue, but I can't see that happening any time soon.

marielle - yeah, I've seen footage of slippery roads. Not fun! Thanks for that Rob collage!

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