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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody…

An other grey day in Holland… I’m so hoping that this weekend will be dry…

Alright, update on me… I still feel a bit off…I’m hoping that a weekend of music and friends will do miracles for my mental health but it will all be depending on what the doc has to tell be Friday… I’m kind of scared to meet up with him again…

On the house-hunt… the house we saw yesterday was so nice… we really liked it, the only down side of that house is the size of the garden and as we are looking for a house with a proper garden we are not sure if we can really grow in to this one…we are still leaning towards the DIY house…

Lynne, gods I love lasagne… it’s one of the three things you can wake me up for (the others Ice-cream and chocolate)
That’s kind of weird, isn’t it. That things has slowed down so much… but then again maybe it’s better to let it all sink in before finalizing things.

Susie, good girl!! You’ve got your priorities right, no work around the BD premiere… you won’t be in any workable state anyway around than…
Yes, that was the colleague who got the job I wanted…I don’t have any issues with her and helping her around, she’ll be doing a lot of things for me and I need her worked in properly. I don’t blame her, I do however blame her boss and my manager for that.
Hihi, I just thought, the best natural remedy for my issues is, have a drink, get drunk, cry for an evening, sleep and wake up feeling lots better… I’m very used to periods on slight depression… most of the time a weekend with friends is what works best…the only thing that won’t be solved with it is that I still have that pain in my leg… it has to heal on its own and it’s taking its time to do that…

Tonise, I’m already sad I won’t be able to go to Nashville with you all… you are already in Alice-party-planner mode… have fun at the beach!!!

Alright I have some work to catch up on…

See you all later…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Susie - I was okay in the end, because the lasagne turned out so good! Good on you for spotting the conflict of interests on Nov 15. I'll have to remind my local Twilight friend that we've agreed to go to the midnight screening together!

- I'm glad your uncle is feeling so much better, and I hope they get things sorted out for your mother. Have fun at the beach!

Sean - I don't think Kristen's the type to get a boob job. I can't see why she'd care enough to. I can't see Rob being shallow enough to ask her, either. He might say it jokingly, but I don't think he'd be serious.

marielle - I really hope you feel better, and that your weekend of therapy helps!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Chernaudi »

Lynne: That's my point. Star is an American tabloid magazine. They "claimed" that Kristen was considering getting breast implants, something that Kristen and her people denied, and Rob also denied convincing her not to get them, since it wasn't even a topic that they talked about. Star wrote a crappy, BS story, and now they're saying that Kristen's appearance at Comic Con proves that she had something done. A decent bra can improve cup size, and Kristen was in candid photos from the previous day appearing similarly as busty, and since late '09 and early '10, Kristen has appeared similar as buxom in photos at times, including the EW BD2 cover shoot.

Why they insist that Kristen has had a breast operation done, in spite of evidence to the contrary, is bullcrap, pure and simple.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good afternoon, siblings. Had a free few minutes to make my post, so here I am!

Of course, let's get that oh so important business done first...

Happy Hump Day!!!!
Ummm, yeah, Robsessed is seriously making a concerted effort to kill me off...


Susan~ Looks like we were duel-posting! Thankfully, no, my boss would not do that. No, it’ll be me that takes advantage of me. You see, I have this strangely overdeveloped sense of responsibility that does not really let me let go of things. It’s actually highly frustrating at times because I recognized that there are things I should not do, but because I know if I do not do them they won’t get done, or done correctly, I do them anyways. So, in the end, when it comes down to it, I will end up working well beyond what I am scheduled for. It’s just who I am.

Lynne~ Ahhh, legos. Yes, definitely one of the best birthday gifts for little boys (and big boys, too!) Well played!!! Of course, you have the best (and possibly most notable) quote; “Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die!” Granted, I’m rather partial to, “Oh no! Is this a kissing book?” :lol: Fred Savage was so stinky cute!! Yep, sounds like you had your hands full yesterday for sure. But, in the end, you had a wonderful day and it sounds like you can look back and smile at the crazy that made it interesting. Those are, honestly, kind of my favorite kinds of days, in a very odd way. They are so frustrating when you are in the midst of them. But, once you get a little distance on it, it’s fun to say that you survived it with style.

Sean~ Oh trust me. You are not the only one who has that problem. Most people find that there is some aspect of their job that allows them to zone out or feel a little bored. It’s pretty common. But, I am glad you got caught up on your sleep. Yeah, it definitely sounds like you’ve got a lot on your mind of late, which could explain why you haven’t been sleeping so well. I think you’ve got a good attitude about it, though. These are all things that can be waded through and have you come out on the other side wiser for it. As for the Star’s ridiculous assumptions, that’s exactly what they are. I’m not surprised at all, unfortunately. Sadly, the reality is that Kris’ body is always perfectly healthy looking and the more they assert any kind of asinine ideas like that, the more it effects young women who may see themselves as less than and that’s what snaps my teeth together.

Susie~ Mmmmm, raspberry pie! Sounds delicious. I don’t know how willing Summit is being. They pulled the slightly longer clip, so it’s hard telling. Yes, Monday’s Ellen was in fact a repeat, likely because it will still pull viewers while Ellen is on vacation. It’s pretty common for them to repeat their highly rated shows. We haven’t started getting any information regarding appearances for BD2, but you know they will do Ellen, likely as a group again. I think we’ll start getting that information come fall. Well done, putting that foot down fast. Yes, I’ve already told my boss that I will be out likely a good chunk of that week, and possibly the Monday following. No WAY I’m chancing a repeat of last year’s craziness.

Marielle~ Honestly, I’d be happy to trade you your weather for ours. We’ve been without rain and in the 90’s and 100’s for the last 6 weeks plus. What you described sounds wonderful to me. Hmmm… honestly, I don’t know that we would ever see that. It’s not that I think they don’t want to. It’s that I don’t think they would do it that publicly. Sure, we might see it in a candid shot at a party, like the Cannes videos, or even just walking down the street together. But, After 3 years of purposely keeping their relationship private, of guarding it, I don’t think they’ll suddenly turn around and make it a spectacle. I do think that Kris is more guarded about it then Rob is, but I think they are both serious about keeping their private life at least semi-private. If Rob all of a sudden went all Tom-Cruise-couch-jumping on us, I’d be very confused at the least.

Tonise~ Well, I’m thinking we should definitely do Nashville for the premiere. I’ve done a bit of preemptive investigating around hotels and trying to get a feel for possibilities. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage as I’ve never spent any time of consequence in Nashville. But, hey, what better occasion to do so!!!

Yeah, just because he is freaking gorgeous...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by openfire »

Happy Hump Day all!

Tonight we are going out for tea & heading up to the pub quiz. We haven't been in a while - wish us luck!

To the posts!

Songbird - I would LOVE to have driven across the US! I can certainly beleive that it would be a wonderful way to see everything!
Sorry about the dishwasher breaking. I hope it doesn't cost too much to get everything all fixed up!

Lynne - I'm LittleMan had a great birthday, but sorry about all your diasters! At least dinner worked out ok :)

Susie - Yay for almost being finished up with teaching for the summer!! That's funny that you have already booked your time off for Nashville! I have actually booked time off too, for the Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping that my cinema will be doing a marathon of the 4 movies on the Thursday (which will start really early, so won't be able to go to work!) and then the midnight showing at 12, so took the Friday off so I'm not falling asleep at work.

Marielle - I'm here :D You're sweet to miss me!
That's really cool you are looking for a kitten! We would love a kitten, but I am allergic to cats :( I would love to get a Blue Russian. What type are you looking for, or are you not fussed?
Sorry you are having difficulty with your house hunt. I posted my thoughts on your house questions in the the fb thread. This last house you looked at, was everything good apart from the garden? Are you looking for a large garden, or one with lots of soil/grass etc? Maybe a smaller garden would be good, as it is less work to keep tidy!

Tonise - I hope your mom gets on ok at the hospital today, and I am glad that your Uncle Bill is doing better.
Nashville sounds very cool! I checked the prices, and for some mental reason, it costs 3 times as much to go there as it would have if I had went to Chicago!!! So I am afraid I will never afford that with only a couple months to save :(

Sean - Sorry you are on a bit of a downer at the mo. Try not to worry about not feeling like you fit in at work; I think that everyone thinks that when they start a new job! Don't worry, it will get better :) And you can always go a nice walk when you finish work, and just make sure you get plenty exercise on the days that you are not working. Just think: the money will make it all worth it!

Caryn - Hey there! You can take our rain too if you like. It has not stopped raining here for the past 6 weeks! At least! It is the wettest April, June and most likely July on record. Everywhere is flooded etc, the place is sooo dull looking. It's really rather depressing LOL.

Well, I'm off. Catch you all later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Susie »


Jaclyn - Ah...The Pub Quiz! It's so cool that I can picture the venue so clearly in my mind. I hope the Spicy Nachos did well. That's great that you already asked for your BD2 time off! We think alike! I hope you can meet up with the others for the London Premiere. I don't know the date of that, but I'm assuming it will be a week or two before?

- I'm still drooling over your Hump Day contribution. That second pic - How long did it take you to determine exactly what kind of watch Rob is wearing?? (It looks like he can see several time zones on it) You know how I like a nice masculine forearm - well, that does include the wrist and then the hand and the fingers and the watch just unifies it all for me. I assume it has the same effect on you. Kudos for requesting those days off in November. Lord knows you more than make up for it in October! Regarding Nashville hotels - perhaps you should talk to Tracy (or maybe you already have?) I'm assuming you know the location of the screening. The business lunch idea is in the preliminary planning stage at this point.

Sean - Well, I'm tempted to actually believe Kris had a boob job. They do look sort of "extra firm" in that TShirt she wore at Comic Con. She probably does need to be a little bustier to get the roles she wants. But who knows? I don't care either way. I'm sorry you feel awkward at work. I don't blame you though - they just plugged you into a setting where you don't actually interface with anyone so you don't get an opportunity to get to know many people. I would feel a bit lonely. Still, a job's a job. Try to look at the big picture.

Lynne - I'm glad the Lasagne turned out so well. Maybe that is a trick I should try to make mine extra delicious - put it in one pan and then transfer it to another pan! (actually, I'd never do that intentionally) Twilight Movie Friend reminds me that I feel bad that I have to abandon my local buddies to go to Nashville and watch with my HH Sisters. I hope my locals don't feel too hurt about that.

Marielle - Good luck at your doctor's appointment on Friday. You looked VERY healthy when I saw you in Chicago. That should be worth a lot. Regarding your mood and feeling better with people and parties, etc. As we discussed, you are very sociable. I suspect that if you have too much time alone you tend to feel blue. You'll have to keep busy with people as much as possible. That's probably why shopping makes you feel better. It sounds like it's practically impossible to find the house with everything you want. You might have to budge on one of your requirements. I had the same trouble when looking for a house way back in 1990. We wanted: separate dining room, fireplace, a nice garden, a certain neighborhood, and a certain price range. Well, that was practically impossible. We shifted neighborhood just a little and that meant the prices were lower. We got everything else we wanted and the neighborhood is even cooler than we thought at the time. It is a "gem" that is very close to more expensive neighborhoods. We got more "bang for our buck". We love it and don't intend to move until we have to move to a nursing home!


I will probably miss the Christening-of-the-new-thread festivities because tomorrow afternoon I'm headed up to the North Shore of Lake Superior again, but this time with my friend Mary for our annual trip. I'll be back Sunday and I expect that I'll be sent to a new thread then.
Unless the Mods have decided we can have more pages?
Maybe it's possible now that the other threads a far less busy than they used to be?

If I don't have time to post tomorrow before I leave, have a great weekend everyone. I'll miss you!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Suzan »

Happy HumpDay ladies! (UK DVD release next week! EEEEEK!)

Sorry, no replies today. Stumbled across one of the most amazing pieces of movie music (Whisper of a Thrill by Thomas Newman). It's from one of my absolute favorite movies so I had to watch it tonight. Can you guess which movie it is? ;) If you know it, you'll know why I can't do a mega catch-up post (aside from the usual real life, short on time, busy excuse). I'm a blubbering, emotional mess every time I watch it. :cry:
But since it's humpday I thought I'd share the love (peanut butter love, that is...) Btw and we've probably already discussed this, but anyone else think that Rob is the new Brad? He certainly has the talent and diversity acting wise, the good looks and the ability to make millions of women fawn over him.

Anyways, hope you're all doing well. See you soon!
P.S. Sean, sorry for being such a fangirl. ;) Here's one for you.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by Tornado »

Caryn - yes, my favourite dialogue is from when Westley is hanging onto the cliff and Inigo talks to him, and all the way through the sword fight.

Jaclyn - yes, it was a relief. Now I've just got to get through his party with all our church friends, which is on Sunday. I'm buying all the stuff for it today.

- yes, I was relieved that it came out so well, considering how messy it looked!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by missp »

Hi, Y'all!! It's been another long day, and I am already nodding off at the computer! Mama's mylogram went well today, and she went home to sleep it off. She will meet with the surgeon on Monday to discuss the results of the test. There is a possibility that it's only bone spurs which would mean filing them down instead of adding more hardware to her neck. We're praying for this option. It would mean much less invasion and recovery time.

Uncle Bill was given some blood today and then sent home. He told me yesterday when it was just us in the room that if he had been on full Hospice care Monday when he got so sick, he'd be a dead man right now. I thought for a minute and had to agree with him. All they would have done would have been to pump him full of morphine and keep him comfortable until he was gone. So, it was a blessing that he contracted pneumonia and they had to take him to the ER. That's where they found the potassium levels were so low and took care of the problem. I'll tell Y'all, the medical field scares me to death at times. I really don't trust them all that much. That's sad to say considering two of my sisters are nurses.

It's time to start packing and getting ready to leave for the BEACH!! I finally found two swimsuits that are somewhat decent today, a new pair of capris and a cute purple top to go with them, and a black t-shirt dress. I'll go tomorrow and pick up sunscreen, a couple of chairs, and some supplies for the condo. I'm hoping the little economy car I'm renting can handle all the stuff I'm packing plus the stuff the other two girls will have when I pick them up at the airport. I think they're flying stand-by, so that shouldn't really be a problem. I simply CAN'T wait!! Six nights away... five of those nights on the beach!!! :clap:

NASHVILLE PREMIER~~~ I am there!! And... I am PERFECTLY fine with SUSIE doing the plans! :D I will do anything I can to help if you need it. CARYN, you will love Nashville! Are Kayla and Laurie going to join us? We are talking about the MIDNIGHT premier on NOVEMBER 16th... right? TRACY will be beside herself with excitement!! *SQUEEEEE!!!*

Well... I am off to answer a couple of messages and then try and get some sleep. I'll check back in with Y'all tomorrow.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

:wave: Luff all my siblings! Work has been cray-zee, may be getting better now, or at least soon. Hanging out on FB where I can sneakily respond from work on my phone. Will be back to post with a vengenance as soon as I can. In the meantime, Happy Hump Day! (Sorry, no pic, photobucket is being a party pooper.)
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