Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Openhome »

*Wanders in with the special sparkling mod wand*

Bippity Boppity Boo!! You may now POST SPOILERS HERE!

I will merge the two threads and you may spoil each other freely.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Susie »


You are hilarious!!! :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Sean - you can go by yourself. I'm going by myself this Thursday (I hope!)

Austin - yes, I was surprised when they included him leaving her in New Moon. It really gave my heart a jolt for a moment. But, as you said, it was part of her experience, and the devastation she felt in his absence would certainly tell him a lot about how much she loves him.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Hey all!

Hope you're having a good day. I have a bit of a headache so we will see how much I'm able to post. I worked both jobs today as well :) I managed to find some time to restart TW. For some reason I'm drawn back into the original book-again! I've rushed through that book so much in the past so maybe that's why..or the fact that I'm in denial that the series is over.

Sean- I find a lot of different sports fascinating...and I knew what you were talking about with the racing because they kept talking about it when we were watching football over the weekend. :)

I'm seriously considering going to BD2 alone as well.

Missp- (sorry I can't remember your name at the moment)- hope everything goes okay with your EKG!

Austin- so glad you were able to see it and enjoy it. I'm definitely gonna have to get the three disc edition this time around!

Susie- hope your birthday was fun :)

It's pouring here and has been all day so the dog is extra hyper since he hates the rain. Silly kid.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Amanda Beth »

I go by myself to the movies...more so because no one ever wanted to go see movies like Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Games with me :lol:

And yes, the memories at the end probably shouldn't have included NM, but like so much in the latter part of the movie, that was for the fans who have been there from the beginning. It was a very pivotal part of the saga and did not deserve to be overlooked.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by GrayceM »

Found one thing I need to add to my *spoiler* post. Went for third viewing tonight and just got home. This comment caught my attention during the last viewing but I immediately forgot with all the cheering in the theater.

After the battle, Nahuel has come out and Aro asks him at what his diet was like. "Blood, human food. I can survive on either." Marcus looks at Aro and says, "These children are much like we are" or he may say "like us" but then of course Caius interrupts with his comments about the wolves and everything moves right along...
Does this mean that Marcus, Caius and Aro were/are similar to the hybrids or does he think Nahuel and Ness are just like vampires instead of the immortal children?

Just wondering if anyone else caught that and what you thought. I'm thinking they could go back to the Volturi/Romanian conflict if they wanted to make another movie...not carrying the story further, but going back and telling what happened before. Similar to what they did in Underworld. I always thought it would be a hoot if they showed a flashback of Caius hunting werewolves and in the flashback it showed Michael Sheen as Lucian. I know that would take a lot of cooperation they probably wouldn't get but it still would be cool.

Alright, waaaaay past my bedtime. Was too keyed up to go to bed.
I'll try to get on tomorrow.

Night ya'll
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Marielle ~ How are you feeling? Was it the stomach flu? Did you find the Voluturi necklace that you were looking for?

Brenda~ You are right Jake won’t live for ever. Maybe Reneemse will turn Jake into a hybrid half vampire half werewolf since she is his soul mate.

Jaclyn~ That’s awesome your mom saw it with you twice. I just realized I could go with my mom when we go see them for Thanksgiving. I absolutely love everything you wrote in your review. A few things you caught that I didn’t lol For example the last scene in the meadow they didn’t sparkle. Don’t know how I didn’t catch that.but I think I get to consume in the movie. At least that is my excuse. Lol. I didn’t pick up on VampBella when she first talked they made it sound musical.As far as Secret Santa I might do it.

Annmarie~ I know you were down a little earlier today but are you feeling a little better? Yes anything Twilight makes it better doesn’t?

MissP~ I am going through withdrawals too. I so need a 4th viewing. Hope you get it this weekend.

Sarah~ I think all of us doesn’t want it to end so honor of the Twilight Saga some of us including myself are rereading the Saga or Twilight fanfiction.

I don't want to end and I do hope they keep the Lex up for a little while at least.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

Sorry for posting so late. I haven't felt well all day, I've been extremely tired, and I probably won't be online long. But I do have some good news at least--I'm now $2100 richer :) I got my first back pay payment today (well, I found out about it today, but apparently I had it for a couple of weeks).

I do have a few things to say, though.

Yes, you are free to spoil yourselves and me.

Austin: I'm probably not gonna see it in theaters--that's a bit of a stretch for me. I don't really like going to theaters with my brothers or whatever. I'd go if I had a GF who is a big Twilight fan, but I'd do it more for her than for me. I've never liked going to theaters. I'd rather support Kristen, Rob and the saga by buying the DVD and all the Twilight novel stuff that hopefully I'll be getting soon. And yes, I know that Kristen and Rob are sexy in that movie, but when aren't they? They make jeans and a T-shirt look like a Elle Saab dress and a Gucci suit LOL. Lia from Fallen One has that about her, too. And I know that you'll like my female characters from Bio-Booster Armor Twilight--and the girls here will, too.

Lynne: Kinda hard to see a movie by myself when I don't have a drivers' license or a car on top of that (we have only one working car in our family now), and when I go to a movie, I don't like going by myself. Hell, I don't like going to movie theaters period, to be honest, but if I do, I would like to go with one other person, and sadly, neither of my brothers are into Twilight, so that sucks, and it sucks that I don't have a GF who's into it, or even a lady friend who lives near me who can go with me.

Sarah: I'm mostly into racing because of my father's involvement with it in the past--he used to sell engine parts to Jack Roush when I was little, and that's where I got my WWII interest from. Oddly enough, though, personality wise, I'm more like my mother, who is more reserved than my father is.

Bio-Booster Armor Twilightupdate: Yes, I did get a start on my chapter, and my brother did fix my issues with the spell checker on MS Office, too. I did get a start with the first full chapter last night and wrote a couple of pages before I gave up for the night because of being tired and needing to get ready for work today/yesterday. But I should be able to work on it possibly tomorrow night and/or Wed night.

Everyone: Well, with the $1100 I took out of the bank, I did help my brother buy a phone and a new car stereo so he can charge his phone in the car and can take calls with it's hands free device. As for me, I haven't decided which day I'm gonna do it, but I will buy BD1 on DVD, and I'll buy up all the Twilight books missing out of my collection. Does anyone know if the BD2 film guide is out yet? Tomorrow, though, I'll probably get grochery stuff and then by Friday (hopefully) I'll have my first MP3 player.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Would they actually do that? Take down the Lex?! Perish the thought!!!

So I have a question for y'all. As I'm re-reading TW, I noticed a line that I'm not sure I understand.. It's when they're in the meadow for the first time and they're talking about why Edward was rude to her in the beginning. It's on page 270.

"As if I needed another motive to kill you." We both flinched as that word slipped out. "But it had the opposite effect," he continued quickly. "I fought with Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper when they suggested now was the time....that was the worst fight we'd ever had. Carlisle sided with me, and Alice."

So were they talking about killing her? I never got that impression before but now I'm confused. Thoughts?

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by lulu »

Oh my, I really want to come discuss all this with you guys! It's hard because when babyboy is sleeping, I'm usually working (or catching BD2 news, or drowning my It's-all-over-woes with fanfic), I need to just snag some computer time so I can more easily view all your posts and get in on these discussions!

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