Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Songbird »

Hi Siblings! Yay! It's so nice to see some activity here again! We've missed all our siblings!
We had a party last night for choir. We don't do rehearsals during the break, so this was our first time back and we had a pot luck which was fun. Some of you might remember my rants about our director, how she didn't listen and she wasn't good at giving tips to learn the music and she had outbursts of screaming at us. So just before the Christmas break, the board decided to fire her. They started looking in September for a new director, thinking it might take a while and we have an anniversary concert in November to prepare for, and they wanted to have someone new at least by the time that was over when we all expected the current director would quit. We all thought she was unhappy and was only staying to get us through that concert. So the board started looking and found someone almost immediately, but none of us knew anything about it. They called a meeting just before Christmas to tell us we would be starting in January with the new director. There was only one rehearsal left of the year, in which we would say goodbye to the current director. Apparently that did not go as planned. I couldn't make the last rehearsal because I didn't have a babysitter, but perhaps it's for the best because I guess the director just didn't show up. They had told her that week that it was her last rehearsal and she was so angry that she didn't come at all. She didn't tell anyone she wasn't going to be there. A bit unprofessional, really. So I heard about all this when I asked how the last rehearsal went...then I went to FB and she was no longer in the group, or on my friends list, so I did a search and her name didn't come up. It looks like she blocked every one of us in choir. So now I'm REALLY anxious to start rehearsals with the new director!! Should be fun! I'm really interested to see his style, his techniques, etc.

And I'm about to host a Thirtyone Gifts catalog party for my friend who just became a's her first party ever and we're super excited. I hope this one goes better than the one I did for my other friend....that one didn't end up earning a thing and I really want this one to be a success since it's her first party ever. She's one of my best friends from high school. Wish me luck!

As for the big DVD announcement, I'm not surprised, but those of us in Europe don't have the same choices you all do anyway. We didn't even have an option with the scene that came with the Target editions you all talked about. Who knows if we'll get the same thing that's in the link Sarah found about the French DVD. I HOPE they will include things on the BD2 DVD, but who knows? I am going to wait and see before I speak too loudly.

Susie, I'm not sure what to think about your idea of slowing is a very busy month for us, but that's why we were taking it so easy the last 2 weeks. Hubs took 2 weeks off and we were we had already slowed it down, but I tell you..since I had kids, my memory is like swiss cheese. Sometimes I retain things really well...I have a pretty firm grasp in things in my past, but my short term memory is AWFUL. I have to write grocery lists where I never did before. AND I forget to put things on the list. And appointments are hard...I used to write everything in my day planner, which I looked at every day. But now that I don't work all the time, I hardly look at it and that's a major problem. I think I need to start living by it again...I hate to do that, but I just can't remember ANYTHING anymore if it isn't written down where I will see it 6 times. I will get up, go to the kitchen and not remember why I went there...then remember once I'm already there that it was to bring a dish back and put in the sink...and I have to walk back to get the dish, and then by the time I'm back in the living room I've forgotten again what I was doing. It's really THAT bad.

Sarah, How awful about being robbed! I'm so glad you got your phone back. I saw a show about techniques robbers use and that was one of them...where they have a group and one person distracts you while the others help themselves. So sad that people feel the need to do that. But at least no one was hurt!

Desiree, so good to see you back! I hope this is starting a trend!

Lynne, are you still safe from the fires? Some of those things grow SO fast. There was one in Laramie, Wyo this summer that was pretty close to my brother. His husband's family cabin was evacuated by another in the Big Horn mountains. Those 2 grew HUGE. Stay safe.
I am sorry about the edits on The Crown...does it already have a prologue? Is that maybe something that would help? To add a prologue instead of the entire first chapter? I actually like prologues a lot because you rarely remember the whole thing by the end, so it's still a surprise, but it can really start you off in the story with a bang. But that might be just me.

Hi Tammy...I'm so sorry about your mother. I lost my mom in 2002 to breast cancer and it is so so hard. Was she in casper? My best friend's dad died in Casper in November of brain and lung cancer. I would hate to think that there were mistakes made that led to your mom's or ANYONE'S death. And I imagine it was a very difficult Christmas for you. I hope you get some closure on it all. And it's good to see you back.

Sean, I'm sorry you are having issues with your back again!! Can you not ask your supervisor for a break from doing the shredding because of your back? Over here, you are supposed to tell someone if doing the same work for a length of time causes physical issues so they can switch it up and keep it safe for you. It saves them money in the long run if they don't have to pay you while you are on medical leave/workman's comp.

Brenda, I saw your post on FB but didn't get to respond there. I'm so sorry about the emotions catching up to you. I'm so glad that you have therapy available to you and you know how to make use of it. I don't know if you are religious or not, but I had a lot of issues with my dad...he is not good with children of ANY age and I used to break out in a rash just talking to him on the stressed me out so much. I really didn't even like him. But, I prayed about it a lot and I was eventually able to forgive him and now we have a great relationship....there are boundaries, and he will NEVER be alone with my children (there was no abuse but mental abuse involved, but that's enough), but we talk on the phone now more than we ever did when I lived in the states. I feel like the prayers really helped, but I understand it's not for everyone and I don't want to pressure you. But if you are religious, perhaps it could help.

Tracy, here's hoping for a regular posting schedule, indeed!! It's been very quiet here over the holidays!
It wasn't my in-laws that came over (Thank God, because my MIL is one of those perfectionists who always LOOKS for anything out of place and feels the need to comment on it. I love her, but she's very judgmental when it comes to housekeeping.) It was hubs' cousins (Bug's God parents). They were very understanding about it all, I just felt so bad. But I would be happy to send you some cinnamon rolls. They are yummy!

Marielle, I hear is SO hard to get back into the routine! I worked on Monday and Tuesday and had choir last night...this morning I was so exhausted I couldn't function and ended up having to take a nap after taking the kids to school. I am so glad I had that option. I can't imagine if I hadn't! I don't have to work again until Monday, but hopefully by then I'll be back in the swing of things. And hopefully you will be, too. Can you use the weekend just to rest up? Put everything off for one weekend?

Lulu, yay for the date being set!! Will keep you in my prayers!

I'm so sorry if I forgot anyone. I was working from memory other than the last page of posts that show up in the box at the Hi to anyone else!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

Little Man is going to a friend's house to play this morning which means I should have a few more hours to work on The Crown. Hooray! This rewrite is really hard going. I hope my publisher likes what I've done.

marielle - sorry to hear the week's not going well. If your friend's going from Perth to Melbourne in this weather, I hope she takes a lot of water with her! Do you know if she's going along the coastline or through the middle of the country?

Sean - I hope you don't have to part with your money, but these things do happen, don't they?

Songbird - I'm glad you've got a new director. The old one didn't sound very good. That was very childish behaviour. Hopefully the new one will be heaps better. No, the fires are definitely nowhere near us. If they spread from where they are to here you'd be hearing about it because they'd take down a huge number of suburbs along the way. We're safe where we are. No, The Crown doesn't have a prologue, but I don't think one would help. Also, that would probably mean that I should have one for the other two books as well, and I definitely don't have time to put one in The Heir!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

You girls are probably right about it not being slow. I for one can't really talk especially with my absence for awhile. I am however really putting in an effort these last few months. :) . What I meant was all the threads are slow besides our lil corner. Wonder how it is going to go though now that my son has soccer practice Mondays and Games on Thursdays, Karate on Wednesdays and Fridays and I just enrolled in a class on Tuesday nights. Mind you I am still volunteering in both my kids class. Why I stretch myself thin is beyond me. I think I like to be crazy every day. I don't feel normal if I don't! :banghead: I know that are quite a few of you that work and I think almost all of us has kids, my question when do you find time to get on here? At night when everyone goes to sleep?

What is everyone cooking tonight? I need some new recipes family and I are burned out what we normally cook?

Brenda~ If I could give you a hug right now. I think everyone has some type of trauma in their past. I do also think that a lot of people now days do have their up and downs myself included. Did you say you are going to go to counseling? Us HH sisters definitely understand if you step away for awhile to resolve some things and yes we will always be here.

Tammy~ I am sorry to read the loss of your mom. I can't imagine how hard that must be for you and your family. My mom and I are close and I can't even think about dealing with that one day. On a brighter note it was good to see your name her. I do hope you can stop by more often. I know I have been making a effort even if it was just a quick drive by.

Susan~ I hope your party for 31 is a hit and you both do really well. We have a lot of consultants out here that sell that.

Sean~ I would try to shop around for your water pump. Not sure if that is a good price since I have never had to do that yet. *knocks on wood*

Didn't finish my post but I gotta run to my son's Karate class. Be back tonight?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Hey everyone. I'm trying to hide out and not find out the results of the PCAs until they air here in an hour and a half. I had another marathon day consisting of office work for my FIL (it's tax season and he's an accountant so I do busy work like copying and filing for him) then went two different used bookstores with a girlfriend. Got a copy of BD paper back with the latest movie cover..that makes 3 copies now :D

Tammy- oh wow I am so sorry to hear about your loss..that's awful :(

Brenda-again I'm so sorry about what you're going through..:( I can so relate and sympathize!

Tracy-ugh, that's even worse!! That's a ton of money!! I just can't understand how people think it's alright to steal anything..especially when that person is right there!! I was very angry, especially because I made such a point not to judge them on their skin color or the fact that they quite frankly matched the stereotype of robbers! Genius on their part up have it be one of the girls in their group to actually do the robbing. I can't imagine what would've happened if she'd gotten in our purses...

I'm only recently into football for Jason's sake :) he loves it the way I love gymnastics..though in other random sports news Seattle might be getting a basketball team again! The Sacramento Kings owners are reportedly in talks with an owner here..Jason is over the moon. I guess that's his 'twilight' so to speak lol

Lynne- good luck on your edits :)

Song- oh I hate it when people are bitter like that :( hope it all goes smoothly!!

I asked Jason and he said we might be able to get my laptop fixed fairly soon so I can get back to writing again :)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Susie »


Well, Sonny Boy's on his way to London for his choir trip right now.
No more mama-micromanaging is even possible now. :lol:

Welcome Back, Tammy! We sure could use some of your artwork around here! You may not know this, but the Lex is allowing us to post pics right on the thread, using the IMG function. It just can’t be too big. Try it out! I am so very sorry to hear that you have suffered a tragedy in your family in the death of your mother due to hospital negligence. How horrible for you all. Good luck getting some restitution, or at least acknowledgement of guilt.

– I’m not sure if you’ll be reading this, and I did comment on facebook, but just so you know, I’m thinking of you a lot and sending you all sorts of warm fuzzies to help you get through this tough part of your healing process. Don’t forget to treat yourself with TLC, OK?

Lulu – Whoo hoo! Yay for getting pregnant on February 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m so happy for you and your hubs. So that makes the due date right around my birthday in November. That would be cool to have some little birthday partners! Hurry up and get caught up with Downton Abbey so we can talk about it! It might be hard to stay spoiler free… I always liked Veronica Mars. I wonder why it wasn’t around for very long.

Songbird – Sounds like me in earlier days. I’ll tell you what someone told me at the time and I truly believe now that I have the hindsight – you just have way too much going on, and that’s why you’re forgetting things. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I do recommend writing things down even if you didn’t need to do that before. My cousin is a professional organizer and she says writing things down frees up your brain for other things! Try it. Also, try not to pack so much into one day (easier said than done). Wow – that IS a lot of drama with your ex-choir director. Yikes!

Desiree – I agree that it is sad that the Lex as active as it used to be. When I joined I had so much fun exploring all of the different threads. *sigh* By the way, I have noticed that you’re making a real effort to make regular posts. Way to go! As far as when to get online – probably before the kids wake up or after the kids go to bed. But then, I never even had the possibility of going online when my kids were little since no one even had their own PC yet or any kind of cell phone. Oh, those were the days! I actually am nostalgic. Reading back…. You really did have some bad days earlier in the week! That’s the way it goes sometimes. After it’s all over, you just have to laugh about it. My Christmas was good, but strange to have Daughter Dear gone.

Amanda Beth – Congratulations on your new job! That sounds like a great job. When do you start?

Lynne - I’m sorry if I’ve lost track of your writing project – I didn’t fully realize that Book number 2 was already finished and you’re already doing rewrite. That was really fast! How scary to have all of those fires…all part of global warming, I presume?

– I feel for you! I’m having a hard enough time getting back to teaching after taking two weeks off and I’m not even trying to move into a new house! Hang in there and make sure to take it easy! We don’t want you to end up in a hospital, OK??? It will all get done eventually. Just make it through the week. Next week will be better. Regarding Downton Abbey -At least you get BBC reruns there in Holland. I love the costumes – especially the dinner gowns. I’ve never been to Argentina but I will get the chance at the end of March when we go to visit her.

Sarah – I’m so glad you were able to get your phone back so quickly! Did it have a tracking feature on it? (I know little about these things) Still, your trust in mankind has been broken, hasn’t it? I'm so out of it that I didn't even realize the PCAs were on!

– Actually, I think you can already buy the Downton Abbey Season 3 DVD! Also on our PBS station they are repeating it on Wednesday nights. (It’s a bit late for me to be telling you that). Hopelessly addicted is a good way to put it. I could just sit on the couch and watch hour after hour of that show. And the theme music – mesmerizing! It will be fun to do a marathon sometime.

Sean – Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. How many hours did you have to spend shredding? Maybe you could sit and do it? If your back hurts, it makes everything hurt, doesn’t it? $110 is a pretty good price for a water pump, but not probably how you wanted to spend your money. Still, you have to have water!

Caryn - You still have your very own room here at the Halfway House - we've been keeping it all tidy for you and haven't let anyone else sleep in it, EXCEPT ROB. 8-)

I'm exhausted! Time to get some shut-eye!

Nighty Night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Desiree - tonight I'm cooking a tuna spaghetti dish. I've done it a couple of times before and it's not bad.

Sarah - I'm nearly finished the first read through. Boy, it's hard. I'm not as confident about this one as I am about The Heir.

Susie - yes, I've already written all three books. My publisher has finished reading number two and sent it back for rewrites. I will try and pre-empt rewrites to number three by rewriting it before she even gets it! I don't think the fires are the result of global warming. It's just a part of living in Australia.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!

Just 2 days left for this week… Is it to early to start counting till christmas again??

Okay I have to admit the sales department at Lionsgate/Summit know what they are doing… releasing the extended Honeymoon clips now… It’s a bit less than a minute of scenes we all wanted to see in the original movie… however, there is a bit fat chance that the other 7 minutes are all Jacob scenes… Grrrr….

Yesterday we did a lot in our house, I managed to paint another wall (staircases are so difficult to paint!!!) we finished our closet, so I can start unpacking my suitcases and we hung up some of the shelves for the living room…

Anyway, posts,

Susan, I totally forget that in the US you had the target dvd version and all the other different versions… I’m sure the US girls have seen more than we already…
Sadly no, we can’t put things off for the weekend. We can sleep in a bit but we need to get the lighting finished in the house… because my bf works till 5 he gets home when it is dark already so he can’t do the lighting than so it has to be done this weekend.
As well our neighbors have a young child so we don’t want to do drilling and all late in the evening… so we can’t do much after 7pm.
I’m hopeful that we get a lot of things done this weekend, so that maybe next week we can take things a bit slow…

Lynne, from what I saw on the map with her plans, my friend is planning on taking the A1 road along the coast and only later go inland. I’m hoping it’s not as hot there. She was planning on visiting the parks there. But with that weather I’m sure she’ll end up on the beach. She is a real sun lover and like me she does better in warm weather but the Aussie weather might just be a bit too much…

Desiree, I almost always post at work… the first hour I’m there nobody is in yet so I can take things slow and do a bit of posting…I made pancakes last night…today we are going to Ikea and eat there…Have you ever made Cannelloni? We make it with spinach, hutte käse (it’s a cream cheese) minced meat, tomato sauce, béchamel sauce and mozzarella… I can send you a pm on how to make it but I have to ask my BF first he is the cook in the house.

Susie, I’m trying to keep calm… it’s been very stressful lately and I’m hoping that after Tuesday (we have to hand in the keys of our old house) things will get better…My parents promised to take us for a week long trip in may to the canary islands. I’m really looking forward to that… and to the summer… I can’t wait for winter to be done… it will make everything so much better…
I hope you will enjoy your trip to South America… you’ll have to tell us all about it.

Okay, I’m off… just 1 more day without internet connection at home…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

marielle - I think most of the clips will actually be Volturi, rather than Jacob. I'm glad your friend is going along the coast. It will definitely be cooler there.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

Some good news, some bad news, and some more good news. First bit of good news, though it cost me $120, we have a new water pump at my house, and it's worked great and I have quite a bit of money left over.

Bad news: I think that I'm getting a cold. I ache all over, I'm congested, feel kinda weak and out of it. I'm gonna get some sports drinks after work to help me get some stuff in me. And good thing I bought a lot of chicken soup that I like at Walmart the other day, too

But the other good news: one, chicken Philly sandwich at BK! If I'm not too sick, I'll try and get one after work, too. Two, I have where I want to go with my fan fic figured out. I didn't get to writing Chapter 4 yesterday, but I should be able, health permitting, to get that started tonight or tomorrow.


Lynne and Des: The old pump had burned out bearings in it's motor, so we had to buy a new one. My issue right now isn't spending money, it's saving money. Between my mom losing her job, the holiday season, and helping with some of grandma's bills, this hasn't been a great time of year to save up money.

Susie: My issue, as explained above, is trying to save up money. And with all that's happened recently, it's been hard to do that. As far as the shredding, that's one of my duties right now, but my boss told me that if it gets to be too much, to let her know and she can try and find something else for me to do. I know that today will be a day where I'll try and lay off of it, not so much due to back pain--that's fine right now--but, as mentioned above, I think that I'm starting to get sick. So that's gonna suck if I am really getting ill.

Everyone: If I am getting sick, I'd hope that this young woman's healing powers would work on me, and, though for time considerations here (since I have to be at work in a few hours) I can't go into a lengthy explanation about her, this should help with an introduction. I just hope to get to work, have a quiet day, get something to eat on my way home (and some sports drinks--I might need them), and get some rest, and maybe work on chapter 4 of my fan fic featuring this woman I linked to.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Songbird »

Hi ladies and gents! I really have nothing new that I can think of to tell you. So I guess I'll just go straight to posts!

Lynne, did you get some good work done while Little Man was playing at his friend's house? I hope it goes easier from here on out.
I am so glad to hear you are safe from the fires. Some of my other friends in Australia were evacuated with the fires last year...they said half the country seems to be on fire this year and it's scary.

Desiree, so much to do!! We tend to do that as moms, don't we...just stretch ourselves to the limits because we don't want our kids to miss out on anything. I was like that even in high school with my own stuff. I never wanted to miss out on anything, so I tried to juggle Cheerleading, Speech and debate, honor society, student council, international club, music, drama, and work...I finally ended up giving up cheerleading after my freshman year because it conflicted too much with speech and debate, and honor society didn't involve too much, so I could fit it in when I needed to, same with international club. But I was spread so thin I was transparent. Now that I have 2 kids of my own I think sometimes that I hope they don't do that to themselves...I had a lot of fun, but man was I stressed out a lot. We've limited our kids to one activity for now, and that's swimming. Once they get their swim diplomas, we'll let them choose one activity, but it gets so expensive here because nothing is through the's all clubs or classes and you have to pay dues. Remember to take some mommy time now and then. It's important!

Sarah, So you have 2 different jobs? The store and then working for your FIL? AND you are studying for college credit exams, right? (I forget what they are called now, darn it.)
Yes, I could completely understand our director being upset that everything was done behind her back, but she had been warned the year before that things weren't going well, so she should have seen it coming, and it wasn't the whole choir who went behind her back, just the board, and it was really unprofessional of her to just not show up with no notice or anything...but, new year, new director...I hope it goes smoothly, too!
Yay for fixing your laptop!

Susie, how hard is it to have him so far away when daughter dear is already in Argentina? (it was Argentina, right?) At least Sonny Boy is back in 2 weeks, right?
Yes, I'm going to start writing things down. I think I'm going to get myself a small notebook or something where I can write things down immediately as I think of them. So often, I'm doing something and I think "Oh, I need to remember to do such and such" and I don't have paper with me to write it down. So I need to have paper and a pen with me so I can add to or cross things off my lists as I think of them...I am already a huge list maker. My husband makes fun of me. But really, sometimes just the act of writing something down helps me remember it. So I think that's going to be my strategy for now. There's nothing I can really cut out of my schedule right now except choir, and as that's the only thing I have that's FOR ME, I don't want to give it up. Right now my schedule consists of taking the kids to school and picking them up, taking them to swimming lessons, which they HAVE to have...we live in a country that's along an ocean and in which most of the country is actually BELOW sea level...swimming lessons are not optional, and then sometimes I work while the kids are at school, and choir on Tuesday nights. That's it. So there's nothing I can drop from the schedule. But, the kids are getting older and some day I won't have to take them to school anymore, or pick them up, and they will probably be able to ride their bikes to whatever activity they choose once swimming is done. So it won't always be like this. But you are right...things need to slow down.

Marielle, So sorry you can't take the weekend off, but hopefully you can get enough done that you can take it easy soon. Working on a new house is soooo stressful. Make sure you get some rest.
Yes, I'm sure the US girls have seen way more than we do. They get all sorts of interviews that we have to hope to find on you tube, plus all the different DVD things they get that we don't. I have a region free DVD player...I could just buy copies of the DVDs from the states and have my friend send them, but that's a lot of extra time and money.

Hi Sean, you must have beat me to posting. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your chicken sandwich! Yay for the new water pump!

Oh!! Happy Cake Day! I won the December Cake Day competition! YAY! There's no prize or anything as it's just a group of friends, but it's neat to be recognized. Yay for Cake!!
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