Rob's Halfway House #11

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Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by 24601 »

Pardon, the intrusion.

I hope you enjoy the new thread!

Welcome to the new Halfway House. Please allow one of the first posts to be of the member lists, or allow me to post them below. To help with moving all the furniture, here is a link to your old thread.

Now for the new rules... There are no rules.....

But seriously, Adult means old enough to take part in adult conversations -- you know if this means you. Please remember that this whole site is PG-13 -- even the adult threads! It's ok to talk about adult subjects, but please keep your language printable and your There are lots of entertaining and indirect ways of talking around risqué subjects.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by missp »

*Walks in the new house and looks around for all her Siblings!*

Hmmm... Since I am the first one to arrive, I'll thank 24601 first for our new digs!!! :D

Now... Just coming home from the hospital, I need a place to rest.

Here's our PERV-Chair!

*Plops down beside Rob to rest so she can gain the energy to pack for her beach trip!*'s the SIBLINGS LIST:
Austwilight - Karena
BlueStarEgo - Chrissy
Brienna -Paula
bored by the sea - Vicky
Chernaudi ~ Sean
Corona - Austin
DarkMuse - Kristina/Kristiner/Kris/KSter
dazzle21 - Raine
dazzledBrit - Linz
despoina92 - Deb
Dovrebanen - Trine
Edward_Addict - Mandy
Edwards Ragazza - Desiree
Edwards Wheels - Mel
Fizzles - Laura
ForJazz926 - Julie (e-mum1)
GenevieveCullen - Jen
G-Faerie08 - G/GG/Gii
GoldenGirl59 - Joyce
Grayce - Beth
Jadey - Jade/Jadey (e-daughter2)
Jazz Girl - Caryn (e-godsmum to Ashley)
JulieM - JulieM/Jooooolie (e-Foster Mum to e-Daughter2)/(no confusy confusy with Julie e-mum1)
♥midnight_sun♥ - Ashley (e-daughter1)
missp - Tonise
newtonscricket - NewJen
older_twilight_fan - Tracy
openfire - Jaclyn
ringswraith - David/Rings
skatepixie - Rose
Songbird - Susan
StellaBlueBella - Rachel
Susie - Susie/Sue Ann
Suzan - Suzanne
SwanCullen - JennJenn
SweetImpakt - Shauni
Smitten_by_Twilight - Brenda
TammyAZ - Tammy
Tornado - Lynne
twilightsagaaddict - Sandy
Twilightfan87 - Sarah
vampirelover109 - Ann Marie
Velvet409 - Christina
VirginiaMay - Ginnie
VolturiGirl - Amy
xhopeonaropex - Hope

Last on my to-do list will be the BIRTHDAY CHART:

28 – Desiree
4 – Tonise
6 – Tracy
7 – Lynne
9 – Joyce
19 - Ginnie
9 - Raine
11 - Lulu
14 – Chrissy
21 – Brenda
24 - Jaclyn
30 - Marielle
28 - Ashley
3 – Christina
7 – Sandy
16 – JennJenn
19 – Kristner
30 – Tammy
30 – Shauni
15 – Amy
23 – NewJen
14 – Fi
27 – Caryn
11 – Rachel
17 – Suzan
9 – Kayla
17 – Susie
27 – Sean
6 – Trine
9 – Susan (Songbird)
19 - Grayce
27 – Annmarie
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Jazz Girl »

Ugh! Figures, I'd have a migraine when there's moving responsibilities in which to engage.

Let me do my best, and I must say it's a good day to be moving because we've got a wonderful new selection to use in our decorating..

Looks like the guest of honor is already here and quite comfy.

I think I will take this mirror in my room.

And, ummm, this chair, too. It may not look to comfortable, but looks can be deceiving.

Definitely looks like an awesome entertainment room to me.

I feel awful. The first chance I get to come home and I am on my butt. I'll come back if I can get the pain in my head to abate long enough to focus.

Tracy~ I did read your thoughts on Nashville and I'm definitely thinking about it. I definitely think it's doable. It might just take a bit more organization.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by vampirelover109 »

Hello everyone

I know ive been a terrible lexer since Ive been back from chicago although I have been keeping up the supply of robcrack but im back now although im not feeling too good lately

Chicago was the best time of my life I was so glad to be there with my sisters I felt so happy and relaxed and then it was over to quickly and back home I went I dont think ive ajusted at all I guess I just feel so lonley my boyfreind only sees me twice a week because hes busy with online games etc considering he lives about 5 mins away from my house my best freind has now got a.girlfreind so In the last 3 weeks ive seen him twice which really hurts as hes the only freind I have

So pretty much im in my room most of the time I cant talk to mum cause she dosent understand at all I find myself crying most days for a good few hours

Although im ashamed to admit that earlier I wrist so dissapointed in myself.just feel so the moment

anyways im going to try and cheer myself up with robcrack

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[ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Jazz Girl »

Thought I would at least make sure I was all caught up with posts from the old house...

Jaclyn~ We’d gladly take it, as well. We had rain Thursday and Friday (massive storms on Thursday and soft rain on Friday) but it hasn’t even made a dent in our drought.

Susie~ I didn’t have to do any research at all. The dark recesses identified that beauty within minutes of the first time we saw him wear it last fall. And, yes, it certainly does A LOT for me. Yes, I’ve been planning to speak with Tracy all along. I wanted to hear back from Alphie first. I’m surprised you think Kris would resort to enhancement to secure roles. If there was ever a woman in Hollywood who would seem the antithesis of that, it’s Kris, in my opinion. I think if she thought she needed a larger bust size, she’d just tell the producers off and to get real. No, I believe that Kris is going through the female equivalent of what we’ve watched Rob go though over the last two years. Her body is finally finding her big girl curves. She’s always been slim, tiny. But, She’s also at that point, biologically, where her body rounds itself out.

Lynne~ Yes, I do love that banter back and forth, too. I couldn’t agree more about the clips. It does make me mad that they seem to reserve them for the crowd that can just swell their coffers even more. Granted, notice, it took less than an hour for Summit to have them pulled. But, just because we do not have the time or finances to spend a ton of both on an event like ComicCon doesn't mean we're any less dedicated. I suppose it is a harsh reality of the way we're viewed.

Tonise~ I can’t wait to hear all about the trip to the beach, especially knowing what you’ve been through the last few days. I’m glad there are some other options for your mom and that Uncle Bill had the blessing of being in the right place when it was needed. It’s hard to see something like pneumonia as a blessing but, in this case, this might be one of those situations where the blessing is hidden in a challenge.

Brenda~ We just love seeing your sneaking. :lol:

Sean~ I posted the info about that “tell all” on the FB page and I’m not really worried, beyond the idea that that kind of bs is even being given any kind of credence in publishing. All of the stories they are using are either old OK articles or very well known situations that they are putting a new spin on. That Nikki and Rob hooked up at the very beginning of production is no secret. That there has since been a falling out between Nikki and Kristen (and Rob) is also no secret. The speculation about the rest of it is just sad profiteering.

Marielle~ Well, you’re doing your best and we appreciate it. I know. I feel exactly the same. I hate the idea that someone is invading their space, but to hear or see the love…it’s a wonderful feeling.

Ashley~ We miss you, too, hon. It sounds like your mission trip was absolutely fabulous and I’m so happy for that. If I see anything from the Iron Man panel, I’ll send it your way.

Chrissy~ I’m looking forward to it! How've I done so far?

24601~ Thanks for the help with the move. You know how hard it is to find good moving help these days. :-D

AnnMarie~ Aw, honey, I’m sorry you feel so lonely. Thank you for being strong enough to tell us about cutting yourself. That is a very strong step. We love you and we’re here for you. It may not be the same as Chicago, but we’re here.

And, to continue the decoration of our new digs..

Had to make sure the stairs were perfect.

And we all know how imporant the kitchen is.

Let's not forget the music room.

I rather like this view of the back veranda.

And of course, the veranda must have a stairwell to the boat dock.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Here's another comfy couch.

And let me just bring the bed in.

And our first guest has arrived!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

Caryn: The whole thing is used tabloid articles that are often several years old, most if not all are things that they have yet to prove, and no proof, I can't really say that it happened, now can I, especially not having been there.

Ann Marie: I also feel very isolated. Aside from posting here and talking ot some friend online, I don't talk to people very much at all and I don't get around much except for work and I don't really have any money yet from work to do much of anything. It sucks, but all bad things come to an end eventually and the good times will come back. Try and not think too much about the bad stuff, because I've had that happen to me in the past, and it can really bring you down, but try and look at the positives. We're all here for you.

Everyone: Kristen Stewart News, and also, presumably, Robstenation, has the last batch of outtakes from Kristen's Glamour Magazine shoots. I've also seen the pap photos of Kristen and Rob and of Kristen and her father John at the golf course. I have a real love hate relationship with that stuff. I love my Robsten PDA, but why follow them around so much, and them photog'ing Kristen at the studio and especially while golfing with her father is a bit pathetic and crossing the line. It's an invasion or privacy, and it's annoying and irritating. But the good news is that Kristen and Rob both seem to be confident heading into the TCA's. I won't be watching, but I'll be looking for photos afterward.

I don't know about the rest of you, but if I hear anything else about 50 Shades of Grey, I'll reincarnate the Three Stooges, give them examples of Bella's Mercedes-Benz S600 Guardian (commissioned from Mercedes-AMG, since the Guardian isn't actually a real car), and she what they'd make of them while I try and officiate a race with them.

I know that some of you like 50 Shades, and I'm not gonna b****, piss and moan about that, but there's just so much stuff I dislike about the novels. To each his own, I guess...

As for me, I plan on making some BBQ chicken pasta, catching some cooking shows, reading, including my Twilight Guide (favorite Stephanie quote is where she says that she doesn't like to write about normal humans, and she can get humans anywhere--I don't write too much about normal humans either for my FF OC's). I also have an ALMS race to watch tomorrow, and I have to get ready for work on Monday, too.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

Sean~ I won't watch the TCA's either, as I can't stand all the squealing and screaming :roll: , but I'll look forward to checking out pictures afterwards. I kind of wish Kristen, Rob, and Taylor had something better to do that evening than attend that particular awards show, but I guess it's nice that they want to pay homage to all of their fans. I hope your BBQ chicken pasta turned out well for dinner. I think you've mentioned it in previous posts, but which cooking shows do you enjoy watching?

Lynne~ I'm loving the decorations you posted, and the pics of Robward and Krisella made me want to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 least the first forty-five minutes. 8-)

Caryn~ Thanks for bringing over all the great decorations! What was this Black Book photoshoot, and when were the pics taken? Were these the pics that featured some of David Cronenberg's films? Can we get our hands on this magazine in the U.S.? I would love it if we could have some sort of get-together in the Nashville area this November. It may be easier to initiate the planning as soon as we learn more about the time and exact locations of any Lexicon-sponsored event(s). I can forsee many of us taking part in mini, regional HH Conventions this November. Maybe those who couldn't travel to Nashville due to financial constraints or other obligations could celebrate a little closer to home....we might have a Southwest HH Con, a Florida HH Con, and even a European HH Con! :D

Ann Marie~ Chicago was an amazing time and it was so wonderful to meet you. I felt a pretty big emotional let down after returning home too, and I think that's only natural. Please know that we're always here for you hon, to do whatever we can. I wish you had someone you could talk to about these things, in person, and please remember to keep these lines of communication open. Hang in there sweetie. ;)

Missp~ Thanks for posting the list of names and birthdays in our new digs. It's not as if you're been otherwise occupied, or had enough to do. ;) I'm so glad your parents were there to help you pack and load the car for your beach trip. Please, please, please take it easy, hon! Rest, relax, and rejuvenate while you're at the beach. Take plenty of naps and don't overdo! :rant: Pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at, and you certainly don't want a relapse. Have a great time! :D

Boy...when I prepared a few decorations for our new digs, I realized just how dated my Photobucket account is. :roll: I seriously need to raid Caryn's account for some more recent Robcrack.

We can also travel to our new home by boat

We definitely need a cold Coke to cool off in this hot weather

With all the guests that'll stop by for a visit, a second bed is a must!

Rob will probably bring a few friends to check out the new place

Is there any room in the garage for the motorcycle? Vrooom, vrooom. Rawwwrrrrrr!

I'm so tired after all the heavy lifting and unpacking. I think I'll take a nap in the hammock. 8-) Who am I kidding? I'll just get in the hammock.....forget the nap! :lol:

For something a little more up to date......Roller skating, anyone?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

We had a birthday party for Little Man today, just with our church friends around. We had church here today, and they all stayed for a barbecue lunch afterwards. It went really well, and Little Man is still going through all his presents. He's done so well this time around!

I'm really loving our new digs. Love the boat access! ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Hey everybody.

Just checking in to let you all know I still alive. I'm enjoying a festival weekend but I don't have time to catch up.

I'll be back here tomorrow


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