Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby corona » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:36 pm

Brenda, I'm here, I'm just swamped with work for the time being.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Suzan » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:42 pm

I'm so sad I can't be here with you guys to celebrate the last Twilight promo week ever!! :(
My supervisor informed me last Friday that I have to give a presentation on Thursday... Nice timing! Not! I can't work on it tomorrow for obvious reasons. I took two days off and I'm already giving up Wednesday to go to a boring symposium. Luckily it starts after lunch so I can sleep in a little. Anyways, I'm working round the clock to get it finished today. It's going to be a long night. Not the best preparation for the marathon. Your movie better be worth it Bill Condon! ;) Promise to keep my phone on and check in on fb tomorrow.
Have fun everyone going to the midnight premiere! And have fun AnnMarie at the actual premiere! (Wish I could be there!)
Lufs yah!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:52 pm

Hi everyone.

I promised that I'd post here at the TL HH before I logged off for a while.

Anyways, why am I a bit pissed off at a pharmacist? Well, long story short, my grandma has been seeing a different doctor recently, and her prescribed her some diabetes medication that she was on previously that didn't work. Now, we're trying to get her put back on her old stuff because her blood sugar is really high, and the other medication is what kept it under control. We're still waiting on that damn doctor to put in the order and to hear from the pharmacist.

On a lighter note, anyone think that there may be a new 5Hour Energy commercial after the NASCAR race in Phoenix yesterday? If you've seen the race or ESPN Sportscenter or the sports report on your local news, you know about the deal between Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon, and some people are already saying that Clint's sprint into the garage area is the stuff that good TV commercials and NASCAR's working class heroes are made of. One problem: Clint was sprinting into the garage to shrink-wrap his hands around Jeff's neck! If you've seen the video live, you knew that some confrontation was gonna happen, especially after both pit crews "cleared the benches" like it was a baseball game or a hockey match. Just ask me about my brother's idea for a new 5Hour Energy commercial...

However, it was a fight that was shown on national TV in 1979 when CBS broadcast that year's Daytona 500 live flag to flag that partly planted NASCAR into the consciousness of millions of Americans and millions more around the world, and said fight was partly responsible for NASCAR's current popularity.

Oh, and BTW, Twilight vampires, shape-shifters and vampire hybrids don't need 5Hour Energy, nor any other medication or supplement--and that includes Viagra!

Oh, and I believe that the Cullens might like this as their minivan: ... ht=Renault

As I said, I probably won't be able to see any of the premiere stuff live, since I have kinda crappy internet and I don't like watching live streams of much of anything, and I'd rather wait until later to see what Kristen and Rob are wearing. But I hope that you like my little tribute to this being the last canonical Twilight Saga film with Lia singing that song from Eclipse. It may've been only in the credits, but it was such a great song for the film and the Saga itself and I like the way that Lia sang it.

And as for me, it may be cold and rainy outside, but until now I felt hot inside my house, though I'm about to put my hoodie back on since I'm starting to feel chills.


Brenda: I'm mostly working on the one I started because I have writers block on an other two that I have and I'm not in the mood to edit another one right now. But at least I have tonight (after Top Gear and Crash Course) to work on it.

Sarah: Even I'm on FB and the HH page there. I hope that you get invited and join. Though the Saga as far as films will end, we'll probably have plenty to talk about there and here, too, and we're always welcoming of new faces around here, too.

I'll probably be logging off for a while probably taking a nap, and then finish up doing a few things before I return before TG and CC and work on my fan fic and check in on the post premiere festivities. I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby TwilightFan87 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:30 pm

I'm impatiently waiting to hear from our management to see how much the pet deposit is (if we'll have to pay an additional fee or not) because that sort of hinges on everything. Jason is considering letting me put the deposit on our credit card (if I swear I'll never use it for anything ever again..I ran up my Target card when I worked there so he's got good cause to grudgingly agree to this). On the other hand, he really fell for the kitten we held at the adoption drive and he knows how much I hated to leave my cat behind when I got married. Our lab mix is a sweetie and was also a shelter find a few years ago. I think a kitten would love him!

Brenda-thanks :) Jason is a dog guy and always has been plus he's not a fan of needles or claws so of course now that I got a maybe (Song, I even quoted that I got a maybe from Mrs. Kim!), I'm not leaving him alone about it.

Marielle-so jealous your marathon starts so soon!! I have to tough it out until far from now!!

Last night I dreamed I was I was shopping for Twilight necklaces and that I couldn't just buy a wolf one because it'd be weird if I didn't have Edward represented too. :lol: :lol: Probably because I just read the bracelet scene in Eclipse again.

I have to work during the premiere tonight, other wise I'd be watching :) I'll be interested in to see what Kristen will be wearing..I loved that black and white dress she wore in Japan!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Brienna » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:52 pm

You know, a quick post is not going to be enough to explain. And it isn't enough to make up for my absence for as much as a year?!?!?!?
But.... I did want to check in, without just popping back up out of the blue.
I'm so glad I wasn't kicked out of the HH-Facebook-page. Because I have been reading there and keeping up with all of you.

Still, I didn't want to post this on FB... We had a rough, rough year. Hubs and I almost got divorced and had a lot of troubles. At first, I did read here, but didn't feel up to posting. After some time, even reading became too much, I really needed to be there for my family. As I said, I did read at FB and responded here and there on FB in the last year.
Things have settled down, we have figured out what we want and how we want it. And I'm feeling up to more posting and reading. Still very busy with everything in our life, I probably wont be much on the Lex, but I didn't want to just pop back up on FB without a bit of "explaining".

And I just came to say:
You people here are amazing! I think that even with the last movie coming, this will stay. If not here on the Lex, then still on FB. It has grown so much more than just a HH-group out of fandom, it's become a really tight group of friends. And I just LOVED watching and reading about the HH-con!

Anyways... Just wanted to post this bit... Totally random and totally out of the blue. And when you're thinking: "Brienna? Who's that?" Just ignore me then 8-) :lol:

:wave: :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Tornado » Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:03 pm

Morning all!

I am telling you now that this time tomorrow I will not be on the internet. I will probably even avoid Facebook, as I don't want to hear even the slightest of opinions about BD Pt2 until I have seen it for myself. I will probably kill me not to be on, but that's life.

It's just a quiet day for me today with some grocery shopping and some work on another book that I'm editing. I'm also hoping I'll be able to watch the livestream of the premiere if it's at a convenient time.

Brenda - yes, it was terribly sad. We too, were shocked that such a short walk could kill like that. The chickens are mainly pets, although they do take their eggs. No chicken dinner, though!

Sean - I hope your grandma's feeling better.

Suzan - that is bad timing! I'm so glad I have the day off on Thursday, so I can sleep after such a late night on Wednesday night/Thursday morning!

Sarah - the kitten sounds great!

Brienna - I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I hope things do get better for you.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Songbird » Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:24 pm

Less than 24 hours!!!! SQUEEEEE!!! least until part one. But still...just a bit more than that until part 2!!

Lynne, go you, Superwoman!! Leaps tall fences in a single bound to rescue helpless chooks from the jaws of death. You should write a book about yourself!
We will miss you! When do you get to see the movie? I hope it's not too long!

Sean, wow, that’s taking a really long time then! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.
I’m sorry about your grandmother’s meds, but it sounds like it’s the doctor, not the pharmacist you should be mad at.

Susie, we’ll excuse you this time...but only because it sounds like such an AMAZING Twilight event...oh, and because we love you.
I absolutely agree with you...the more you see of the world, the broader your thinking becomes. I used to be one of those really black and white people...right is right, wrong is wrong, the bible is infallible, etc...but some things just didn’t add up for me. Not just in regards to sexuality, though that’s definitely a major one. can a good person...someone who gives to charity, helps others, loves his neighbor, works hard, etc, but isn’t religious, be condemned to burn for all eternity? Would a loving God do that to a good person? And having now met hundreds of gay people, and knowing it is something born in them, something they struggle can God condemn them for the way he made them that they can’t change? And then reading history...knowing that just a few centuries ago, my being left handed would have been considered a sign of the devil...or a child being born with dwarfism...they were thought to be demonic. Once you learn things, you have to challenge everything you thought you knew. I know I don’t have all the answers, but I know what God commanded me to do,...and that’s to love, and not judge. So that’s what I am going to try to do. It’s more a religious evolution than a political one, but it certainly defines my politics.

Jaclyn! It’s so good to see you! Darn real life for keeping you from us! Hopefully you are enjoying that real life at least!

Sarah, I agree with you about BD1. I just watched it today...I totally forgot I’ll get to see it in the theater tomorrow...I’ve been so focused on part 2 that I forgot I see part 1 again, too...oh well, it’s a good one. The one thing I don’t like is the fight with the wolves.
Independent math study? Ok, now you are even more of a hero. Good luck with the exam!!
I sent you a PM with my FB profile link so you can friend me should you decide to join the FB group. You don’t have to...not everyone does, but there are other sisters on there who don’t make it here anymore.
I love your maybe from Mrs. Kim!! ROFL That is awesome! Those are hard to come by!
I made a Twilight bracelet like Bella’s with the wolf and heart charms, but I don’t know where it went...I will have to look for it tomorrow morning so I can wear it to the theater! I painted my nails with the book covers. One of our sisters on FB, Ginnie, posted a video tutorial and I decided to try didn’t turn out too bad. So I’ll at least have my “Team Switzerland” t-shirt and my painted nails tomorrow for the marathon, if I can’t find the bracelet. I had a necklace that I made, with the apple, but it broke. :( I suppose I could just hang the apple pendent on a plain chain....hrmmmm.

Aw Tracy, are you having technical difficulties? I wish I could help, but I am a total tech squib!!! Did you get the font size figured out?

Marielle, I will be heading to the mini marathon tomorrow! Wish I could go to the big one, but at least I get to see BD2 on opening’s good enough for me. I don’t have a phone that has internet, so I can’t post comments or anything, so it’s nice that you can do that for our brothers and sisters here!
Oh, yeah, that part of Holland is insane with traffic! But I hope you find something that you will LOVE and that pays more than you are making now.

Brenda, yes, I’m VERY lucky to miss the campaign ads! I think they would have driven me crazy. Just the stuff I DID see made me spitting mad. They actually did show the “Bronco Bama” girl video over here.
I think heaven would have lovely cozy places to a bean bag chair by a nice warm fire...and a window seat in a beautiful bay window, with the sun shining through. And there would always be someone else to talk about books with when you want to...a real live HH would be AWESOME.
I will have to look at the blog page again...I saw some stuff on there the other day, but I don’t check it as often as I should.

Oh good, Austin,..I was beginning to think you disowned us!! Sorry you are so busy!

Suzan, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’re sad you can’t be here with us this week!! Rotten timing for the presentation! I thought they were giving you extra time! Good luck...I'm sure it will go well!

Brienna, we haven't met, but that's no excuse for me to ignore a sister! I'm've probably seen me on FB though I don't post there often. I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through and I hope things are better now. There will always be a room here for you, whenever you want to check in.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:22 pm

Hi everyone.

Songbird: The pharmacist is the one we're waiting on to fill the prescription. I just want this to be over, so we can get grandma back on her proper medication.

Everyone: I commented on one of Caryn's FB posts that I had a story that I needed to tell about my pre-Twilight fan experience with the novels. As most of you know, I worked at a library for a couple of years before I lost my job there and I got my current job (albeit with a span of time between those events). Well, I would read the book jackets when I got a spare moment at the library, and I sort of fell in love with Bella, just imagining what she might be like, and I always envisioned her to be a brunette and either a bit shapely or skinny but attractive. So I guess I imagined what Stephanie envisioned before Kristen brought her to life on screen and portrayed her in the subsequent films.

Oddly, I also though that Edward looked a lot like he was ultimately described before I read the first novel and saw Rob portray him and bring him to life on screen, too.

And you have to remember, I was just guessing--I didn't read the first novel until the shortly after the first film came out on DVD, and I hadn't heard of Rob Pattinson before and Kristen Stewart sort of fell off my radar as far film actors go--that's how out of the loop I was until then, but thank god that I got back in :)

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby VirginiaMay » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:12 pm

*runs in and tackle-hugs my girls!!*

I'm late. But I'm here. Premiere night baby! I'll be on & off FB & here. It's a long overdue return, I know, but life has been just nuts.

There's always time for a glitzy premiere though. :yahoo:

Love you all!!


PS- Boys... I've missed you too, but I live in the south now. It would be un-ladylike to tackle you like that. ;-)
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Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Postby December » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:16 pm

Hi all! A temporary home for all you HH gals and guys to talk about Breaking Dawn 2 without spoiling anyone who hasn't yet seen the movie. The ordinary, spoiler-free HH thread is still to be found here. Once the spoiler-period is over, this discussion will be merged back into the main HH thread.

For those who are new to this thread....

Please be aware that the Halfway House is an adult thread. Adult means old enough to take part in adult conversations -- you know if this means you. Please remember that this whole site is PG-13 -- even the adult threads! It's ok to talk about adult subjects, but please keep your language printable and your There are lots of entertaining and indirect ways of talking around risqué subjects.

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