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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:12 am
by corona
Thank you to everyone who congratulated me for eventually watching the movie. I have such sweet sisters here.
Songbird wrote:Austin, nutritious and delicious! Tastes just like fish?
Exactly! And it has electrolytes! That is a blob fish, probably the ugliest fish in the world with a bizarre humanish face. From what I've read it just simply...exists...and waits for food to drift into it's mouth.

That's how I felt yesterday. I broke my rule about getting stuffed on Thanksgiving and paid for it. I was uncomfortable for the rest of the evening and tossed and turned last night. My stomach didn't have any room to work its digestion miracles, so I paid the price of gluttony.

My wife was sick with the flu yesterday and couldn't make it to my mother's. I felt terrible. I found a store that was open and bought a lot of soup and crackers and medicine. Yes, I left her there, but that was what she wanted and I came back with a cooler full of Thanksgiving food. I'm hoping she feels well enought to eat it today, she did have the pumpkin pie last night.

Sean, hope you get to feeling better. Why do so many people take ill around the holidays? I was sicker than I've ever been around 10 years ago on Christmas Day.

Lynne, give us an update as soon as you can, I don't like your symptoms, especially the numbness. I would be worried as well.

And count me in for your first book.

Marielle, are you kidding, Black Friday? It's dangerous. The problem is the limited number of outrageous deals they entice you with, so it almost encourages brawls. And traffic is a nightmare. I once picked up some Honey Baked ham at the local store in the same area as the mall a few years ago just before Christmas and it took me almost 2 hours just to get out of that traffic jam nightmare.

Sarah, Susie, Grayce, hello hello hello. I hope everyone will continue showing up through the holidays.

P.S. Now that you've read MS, Sarah, I think you can see where the fanfic angsty Edward comes from. Not that he wasn't always there in the canon books, but you can see where he gets consumed in his conflicts at certain points.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:50 pm
by Songbird
Austin, it depends on where you are. I remember going to Wal-mart on black friday one year to get a new VCR for my must have been 2001. Anyway, we went and there were a grand total of 5 people there....and that was one of the first years they did the HUGE deals where you got a VCR for like...15 dollars and a TV for 45. Wyoming just isn't that it's not as big of a problem.
So sorry your wife was so sick!! I hope she feels better! You know...I've always wondered this...I'm not a doctor, but you know doctors always say that you don't get sick from going out in the cold and wet, etc, you get sick from germs....why is it then, that so many more people get sick at this time of year and not in the warmer months?

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:38 pm
by corona
Songbird, I think we're more susceptible in colder, drier weather. We get a pretty dramatic drop in humidity in Florida during the winter months, and the drying of the mucous membrane makes us more susceptible to viruses.

Thank you for your concern. My wife is doing better, she isn't as congested as yesterday, but she is still sick.

I saw Walmart was selling Emerson 32" LCD TV's for $150. That's a pretty sweet deal. I think, though, they said everyone would get one if they showed up at a particular time, getting a raincheck if they ran out. That's a better way of doing it, otherwise people can get vicious if they have only a dozen at the store and no rainchecks.

Just saw in the news that a guy was arrested for leaving his girlfriend's 2-year-old child in the car while he went to a K-Mart and picked up a 51" TV. I think Black Friday brings out all the maladjusted folk on the same day.

By the time in my life I had the funds and inclination to actually shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving, everything had gotten so crazy I have never participated. I DID attempt to go to a Best Buy once, forgetting what day it actually was. I got stuck in traffic so I just kept driving past the store.

I try to keep in mind that there are folks out there with very limited funds who see Black Friday as the only way to get something nice, but inexpensive, for Christmas.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:41 pm
by lulu

Oh. My. Gosh.

...So I got the mail last night on our way home, but it was so late I didn't look through it. Upon my perusal this morning I saw a card from our very own Susie. I thought, "Wow, she is early on those Christmas Cards!" -And then I opened it... confusedly read the cover and opened the card next, and gasped! Man, I'm even crying again while writing this! You are all so incredible. I wish I had a way with words so you could feel my truest and sincerest thanks and gratitude for such loving friends here! I quickly ran into the office and handed the card to hubs. After he realized who it was from and the magnitude of your gift, he cried too. :lol: He said, "No one can ever say anything bad about Twilight fans..." and I cut in, "they're more thoughtful than our real friends!" **Must say by "real" I meant "friends we met in person and have living around us." It sounds so bad to say "real friends," lol! You know you are my real friends too!

Anyway, wow. I just am so full of emotion I can hardly think what to say!

I do want to say that your timing is inspired. We have done so well these last weeks and have been putting away our goal amount each week. Just yesterday though I was thinking about how we've done really well, but now that our busy wedding season is fizzling out I couldn't imagine saving $160 a week anymore when we'll be needing that for normal bills. Running a business is so "feast or famine" it's crazy. That's why hubs is looking for a "real job" so we can live more smoothly, financially. Our business will be great on the side though. Anyway, so I was just thinking all these things and how we only need $800, but at the same time $800 is so much money when extra funds aren't around. (And we were fretting about paying for the birth afterwards, etc. etc.)

As hubs and I stared at your check and loving card I said, "I feel like God is telling us not to give up." I looked up to see tears in his eyes again. Yeah. Pretty amazing morning over here. ;)

So thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I will always remember you guys for not only your friendship and our similar obsession over all things Twilight, but for your constant well-wishes, thoughts, prayers, and substantial financial support. I am so humbled and touched. I am SO happy to add another payment toward our goal and I find my determination reignited. I thought we might have to wait until March when our next busy season hits, but now I know that with some faith and hard work we can finish our goal by our original date: the end of 2012.


Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:26 pm
by Tornado
Morning all!

I'm feeling okay so far this morning, but I was this time yesterday, too. Then I felt sick later on. My appointment at the doctor's is in a few hours. I'm really nervous, especially since Hubby isn't likely to be back until after it and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Little Man for the duration.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:59 pm
by openfire
Happy Friday all!

So, did anyone get anything in the sales?? If I lived in America, I think I would go out & see what I could get. It seems exciting (to an outsider LOL).

Anyway, the posts!

Grayce - Aw.. I'm sure it will all work out in the end. Once he does move in, I guess it will force his mom to get used to it, so she can deal with it more? Hopefully anyway.

Sean - Aw, sorry. That does indeed sound horrible :( I hope your grandma recovers soon.

Lynne - I know a couple people who would buy it, and I could buy people a copy for gifts! Would be great to get an autographed one too... :D

Amanda Beth - Hey, it's Jaclyn ;) Oh sorry, I was actually talking about The Hunger Games ff... I thought you were a fan, so thought you might know of some. Sorry if I am mistaking you with someone else!

Marielle - That is my mom's birthday :) Do you think it will take a long time for you to move in? Do you want to do any decorating etc before you move, or will you do it up when you can while living there?
How was your party yesterday?

Lynne - I hope you are ok.. If it makes you feel any better, I sometimes get numb feelings..mostly in my fingers, but sometimes on my lips. It normally goes away after a wee while, but it can be scary. It's good that you are getting it checked out, just in case. It might simply be down to the stress you are under just now (which I know worrying about it can case even more stress). If you ever need to talk about anything, you know where I am :)

Austin - Sorry your wife is ill & had to miss Thanksgiving dinner.. Is she feeling better today? When I was younger, I used to ALWAYS be ill on Christmas Day. I have lots of memories of lying on the couch while everyone is at the table eating dinner..

Songbird - A lot of people wonder that about people getting sick in the winter. But it IS true - you can't get ill just from being in the cold. The reason more people get ill in the colder months is because people stand closer to one another etc to try and get warm, thus increasing the likelihood of you catching something from them.

Lulu - Aww! I am SO happy you got the card - we all love you and wanted to help! Of course, it was the lovely Susie's idea - and want a GREAT one it was! Just told my hubs the story and read what you posted - he thinks it is so sweet. I am actually very excited for you to have another baby LOL - it must be my broody side coming out ;)

Susie - I see you!

Catch you all later!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:02 pm
by Susie
Happy Friday, All!

Brunch was great and I did do some shopping, but it doesn't qualify as Black Friday because it was done at local shops where they had zero Black Friday promotions and it wasn't crowded. Now I've got to organize all the Christmas gifts that I'm going to mail to Daughter Dear in Argentina as well as the gifts to the Canadian relatives (my sister-in-law is Canadian and her daughters both have little ones). I have to package it all up and mail soon. The U.S. side of the journey is pretty fast, but then the packages just sit in Canada for awhile before delivery. It must be a customs thing.

Lulu - That's a beautiful picture! You're very welcome! Not everyone here knows what you're talking about, though, because I only approached the U.S. sisters who have been on the Lex long enough to know you. I'm so happy that it will help you reach your goal. :) :D

- Some of us HH girls from the U.S. got together and pooled our money together to send a check to Lulu to help fund their in virtro. I organized the effort rather quickly, so if you weren't approached to contribute, don't take it personally in any way. I told her there were also many HH Sisters were contributing in spirit, rather than in dollars.

- I'm sure the doctor would understand if you have to have your son with you in the examination room. Or could he go to a neighbor's house or friend's house. I hope it's just some sort of false alarm - I don't blame you for worrying, though. Numbness is scary. Good thing you are getting it checked out.

- Funny you should mention snow because we did get about 1/4 inch and it's staying on the ground. It's very cold today. It's good for the retailers, though because snow puts everyone in the holiday spirit. Dinner at my parents' house was fabulous. We took home tons of left-overs.

- That Turkey pic was outrageous! So that's how you're going to use the picture function on the Lex? There's always a joker in the crowd.

Amanda Beth - Welcome to the Halfway House! I'll have to read one of your fics someday. I haven't read many of them yet, but I have read Singularity and What Drives Her and I totally agree!

- A Yam is like a sweet potato - do you have those? They are bright orange and naturally sweet. Yes, that was a photo of the Yams (also called sweet potatoes) for Thanksgiving. You first boil the potatoes in their jackets and then peel and cut up and put in a roasting pan and sprinkle brown sugar and dot with butter and put in the oven for 30 minutes and it becomes "candied"! Yum! My speech - since I don't give it verbatim from my written version, and often just use an outline, it wouldn't be very good to send it to you. I'll explain it sometime, though. Regarding Secret Santa - It's so hard to send things internationally this time of year. I was going to say we could send each other pictures of things online, but it would be hard to be anonymous. Hmmm Let's think of a creative solution.

- Awww! You fit right in here with us. We all feel the same way - we love having a group that understands why we love Twilight. We are kindred spirits. I'm so glad you discovered us. It's yet another reason why we have to keep the Halfway House going - you never would have stumbled upon our private Halfway House facebook group. We all know each other because we found the Lexicon on the internet. It was open to all.

Songbird - It sounds like you've been very creative with your baking there! I hope to meet you on my next trip to Holland and then you can serve me some of your delicious baked goods!

- I'm sorry you felt so crappy yesterday! A sinus headache can make you feel nauseous. Must be the change in weather. You're getting what we got - a huge change in temps. I hope you feel better. Have you seen BD1 yet?

- It's nice to see you back at the Halfway House! I'm sorry you have so much crap to deal with right now. That would make me a nervous wreck. Take care of yourself.

Tonise - Hi There, Sweetie! I hope you had a great Turkey Day.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:10 pm
by openfire
Just jumping back in to say:
Susie wrote:Lulu - That's a beautiful picture! You're very welcome! Not everyone here knows what you're talking about, though, because I only approached the U.S. sisters who have been on the Lex long enough to know you. I'm so happy that it will help you reach your goal. :) :D

- Some of us HH girls from the U.S. got together and pooled our money together to send a check to Lulu to help fund their in virtro. I organized the effort rather quickly, so if you weren't approached to contribute, don't take it personally in any way. I told her there were also many HH Sisters were contributing in spirit, rather than in dollars.
*sniff, sniff* And meeeeeeeeeeeeee! At least, I hope you did... I did reply to that email didn't it??? :S
Anyway, yes, main thing is Lulu that it helps you reach your goal!!

Susie - (again) - yep, we do have sweet potatoes. Although I don't think I would ever have sugar on them LOL


Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:33 pm
by Edwards Ragazza
Hey girls and Sean,

Just a quick drive by. I will try to get caught up tonight. I hope the US sisters and families had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was ok we had to change plans by coming home early. Don't worry nothing bad happen my dad got really sick the next morning after we got there. So we left and came home.

gott run my kids........

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:02 pm
by TwilightFan87
I've been reading the posts all day, especially when I was out at the wee hours of the morning (literally 2:30am) and standing in line, but finally managed to drag my tired self over to my computer to do a post.

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday, whether you were celebrating Thanksgiving or not :) Our day was quiet, hubby and I went over to my parents' house (we live about 20 mins away from mine and 5 mins away from his) because none of my extended family lives around here and Jason's parents (who are divorced) never want to host it, they always go do their own thing, which is great because I never want my parents to be left alone. That's just sad. We hung out and Mom and I planned our Black Friday trip. All things considered, I did very very well with sales, which I'm pleased about and managed to finish Jason's shopping and get some other gift shopping done as well. I'm completely exhausted, as I stayed over and slept on their couch since I didn't want to be driving in the middle of the night and then Mom couldn't sleep so we left the house around 2:30 am and headed out! Thankfully, Jason corralled the dog so I could take a three hour nap after I came home :) I'm really glad I don't have to work until tomorrow since I think we walked for a good 6-7 hours (by far the longest trip I think we've ever done!) but at least I burned off everything I ate yesterday!

Now that I'm done rambling about shopping (sorry Sean and Austin!), I can move onto other the re-reading of MS, which just gets better and better with the more I read it. Of course, that's gonna make the withdrawal harder, but I really feel like I have a better understanding of the Cullens now. It's nice.

Jaclyn-I did great with the sales :) Got hubby aka Jason a new all weather jacket for $20, even has a hood which a necessity here in rainy WA. I finished his Christmas shopping as well and finally got some ideas for my Mom. She won't be surprised much but the deals were too good to pass up even though she was standing right there :)

Lulu-I'm so happy for you and for all the Lex siblings that contributed to that. :) It gives me further proof how awesome this group of people are, hooray!

Lynne-hope everything is okay and your doctor is able to give you some answers. How scary!

Susie-I actually kinda forgot about grabbing leftovers..including an entire store bought apple pie we left with them! I may be headed back up the hill to their house for that pie, not that I need it, but right now it sounds so good!

Austin-oh thank God Wal-Mart finally figured out rainchecks. I loved those when I worked at Target. So much easier and less insanity! Though I did get swept up in the crowd at JCPenney's looking for an eight dollar toaster oven..I'm a shortie so it was a bit scary there for a moment. And I agree with you-I was able to stretch our holiday budget considerably with the deals I found today, but I'm also frugal and love saving money so that's the main reason I go :) Hope your wife is feeling better!

Song-that's a fascinating point about sickness, I wonder the same thing. I picked season five because it's when Rory meets Logan and Lorelai and Luke are finally together :) I scored Big Bang Theory season 5 today for $9, one of the two non essentials I was 'allowed' to get (Jason doesn't understand why I shop for myself today but the deals are just so so good!)

Marielle-oh cool, thanks :) Looking forward to it!

Alrighty, time to go do a quick soak for my tired body and make Jason's birthday cake. We're having an informal hang out night with his two best friends and their wives tomorrow night, so I gotta get everything ready before my shift tomorrow.