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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:09 pm
by TwilightFan87
Hey all :) The TW ornament I got is the original from 2010, with Edward and Bella. It usually goes for $50 online but someone had it up for $10 on Amazon so I bought it immediately. I think I'll space out the purchase of the other 2 (got a bid on last year's of the three of them on eBay) over the next month. I wasn't really into the whole Hallmark ornament thing but now that I work there I'm becoming a fan. Plus I get a pretty good discount so I'll definitely be getting the wedding one!

Bahahaha Susie. We really did nap in the afternoon and after all those drinks later that night, Jason got his wish ;) That sounds so cool about the concert!!!

Lynne-so glad to hear your dog is doing well!! and your dental story makes me shudder. Eeek!

Song-all that stuff you've accomplished this week sound impressive! Wow!! Hope hubby feels better soon!

Marielle-get some rest so you can do fun things this weekend!

Tonise-I love your Christmas philosophy. I think it's a good sign it's hard for me tell people what I want (other than random Twilight stuff) but gift giving is my love language so that part is really fun. I told hubbz I'd like to do a donation to World Vision this month in addition to finding some toys for donation to local foster kids. Please, get some rest and get caught up on some homework. I applaud you for being a theology major, I went to Liberty University (online) and barely made it through the 2 required theology classes and I knew then I had to switch from being a religion major to something else..that's how I ended up in Early Childhood!

Song-he said it was the best birthday he's had and that my gift was super creative. I love making gift baskets. Do you make everything from scratch?

We're putting up the tree tonight before Big Bang Theory and the Office. I'm hoping to get some more study in as well..I haven't been focused in days! Thank God for my phone-I do work sheets on there at night now.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:41 pm
by Chernaudi
Sarah: Never heard of that, but then again, I've never had a cell phone, let alone a smart phone. I just bought an Ipod a while ago, and I still have yet to use it. At least I'm slowly moving into the 21st century.

Everyone: This is a bit of a joke, so bear with me. Question: Am I doing something right when I get like 9 million complements at work about my haircut? I got that done on Thanksgiving day. I'm not good at uploading photos to here or FB, but it's a lot shorter than it was before. It makes getting one set of head phones on easier, but I do miss the little bit of extra warmth that it gives. Thank god for hoodies.

Well, I have some chicken and fries (also some hush puppies and corn on the cob)that I'm gonna reheat later and eat for dinner, then I'll try and take a crack at finishing my fan fic chapter. I do have some interesting ideas, such as my OC Lia being Dutch and standing up for herself against someone in an argument--I got that idea at work while on break reading a book about the Netherlands.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:41 pm
by Edwards Ragazza
Susie~ I think the magazine you were talking about was InTouch that made those hideous accusations. I agree with you it is out of bounds and not even remotely believable.

That is amazing that you wrote a memoir of your travels to the HH sisters. I didn't know you were writing one I just remember the one for one of your students.

To answer your question about school I did take this fall off. I wasn't sure how busy I was going to get with volunteering at my children's school nor did I want to feel overwhelmed. I am so glad I did. Between helping out and taking my lil ones to all their activities it has been keeping me busy. L&B school is pre-k- 8th grade it's awesome b/c it's at 1 location and is almost like a private school(trying to give you a picture for what I am going to say next) The awesome news is I have been helping out so much at the school and leaving a great impression and one of my daughter's teachers who has been there since the school was built told me how to become a sub for them. Not a teacher since I don't have my credentials but a floater when someone is sick in the office or a teacher's aide, yard duty,etc. So I am praying that they like me and hire me for this while I go to school. I don't even care if it is only 1 day every few months. I just want my foot in the door with this school. By me volunteering I am more sure than ever that this is what I want to do. I love working with elementary kids.

Sorry I didn't address everyone but now I gotta put the lil ones to bed and read them a few stories.

Nighty nite.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:03 pm
by Tornado
Today's been pretty quiet for me, which is nice. I'm basking in the unusual thought of the fact that I've just about done all the things that are hanging over my head at the moment.

Ashley - that does sound ridiculously busy. I'm sorry your new times are so inconvenient, too.

Sean - I'm glad work worked out okay.

Sarah - Yes, I really can't stand dentists.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:56 pm
by Amanda Beth
Sean: I don't have a DVD player, I use my computer. SWATH I rented on my tablet through google play.

I actually ended the saga in my fics and have adopted them as "the end". What I'm in denial over are the movies. No more Rob and Kristen on screen together :(

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:55 am
by older_twilight_fan
Hello everyone~

I had the opportunity to take in a third (and probably final) viewing of Breaking Dawn 2 while the kids were in school and I was home from work. While I could easily watch it repeatedly, my schedule and pocketbook would beg to differ. I also have to be sneaky with my extra viewings as my husband (as much as I Iove him) does not understand why anyone would need to see a movie on the big screen more than once. :roll: I don't ever lie about my whereabouts during these extra solo viewings. It is my day off work, after all, and I guess everyone just assumes I'm "running errands". I've done the same for the other Twilight Saga movies, Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2, and Water for Elephants, because there are just some movies that absolutely, positively must be seen in all their glory on the big screen at least twice, to be fully appreciated. I do have my cell phone with me in case hubs, my Mom, or the kids' schools need to get in touch with me. I must admit it's kind of nice to sneak out and be "off the grid" every once in awhile.

I absolutely adored this movie even more the third time around. It's hard to believe that I remember being concerned that I'd have difficulty "seeing" Edward and Bella onscreen instead of Rob and Kris, because of last summer's scandal....but it couldn't be farther from the truth. I was still mesmerized by the intimacy, emotion, and skin shown during the cottage love scene, dazzled by Robward's effusive happiness so freely on display throughout the movie, remained white-knuckled and glued to my seat during the battle scene, and cried mini buckets (again) during the futuretake scene, Bella's memory montage in the meadow, and the ending credits. I'm amazed by the fierce love and protectiveness embodied by Edward and Bella for their little family, and the determined and neverending loyalty every member of the Cullen family shows towards each other, and even the unique and unexpected way the various covens come together to protect one another, as well as their way of life.

I do have a few meaningless questions that are not important to the overall plot of the movie....but knowing the answers would probably satisfy my sometimes slightly OCDish curiosity about random and trivial nonsense. ;)

~What type of car did Edward and Bella drive in BD Part 2?

~Is Nessie able to jump high because of her hybrid strength and speed?

~During Charlie and Bella's reunion scene, when Charlie initially but briefly breaks away from Bella during their hug, was he responding to the unusually cold temperature of her skin?

~What song is the human in New Orleans singing just before Garrett attacks him? I'm guessing it's a Beatles song in light of Emmett's and Garrett's jokes about the Second British invasion. I adored Lee Pace and would love to see what Garrett and Kate are up to in about fifty years, and whether Garrett could adapt to the vegetarian way of life. I also assume that Emmett and Rosalie's self-control must be pretty darned good...considering they had a human's blood spilled about fifty feet away from them.

~Do Renesmee's (or Mackenzie Foy's) hands look disproportionately large when she touches someone's face to convey her thoughts, or is it just me?

~Who are the two other nomads (male and female) shown standing near Peter and Charlotte?

~What small item/statue did Alistair pick up when he was talking with Bella while she packed Ness's backpack?

~I've always assumed that Sue knows "everything" because of her history with the wolves....she had to know about the impending confrontation with the Volturi to understand the importance of why she must get Charlie to leave town. True, or not true?

~What was the inscription in the locket Bella gave to Renesmee? Was it "more than my own life," or something similar?

~Does Tanya have a special gift, or was she simply dramatically ripping Caius' face apart with her bare hands while Kate shocked him?

While I loved the cinematography in BD2, did anyone else think Bella and Edward running through the forest during her first hunt somewhat resembled a bad acid trip from the 70's? :lol: (not that I would know from experience, of course ;)) It kind of looks like how that type of thing is depicted on television, or maybe something from an old Elton John music video.

Lynne~ I'm so glad to hear your dog is feeling better. Is his appetite continuing to improve?

Amanda Beth~ I'm Tracy (or older_twilight_fan). The first names and our corresponding screen names should be up on the first page of this particular thread, if you ever need that for reference. I am one of our older, er....more mature members, and am probably way too old to be so captivated by young adult fiction. :D As far as Cassandra Clare's work, I think I prefer The Infernal Devices as well, and harbor a rather large secret crush on Jem, too. Will is just such a predictable, broody type. I loved how much more deeply Clare explored the whole parabatai (sp?) theme in Infernal Devices. Not that this is the primary reason I read her books, but nobody writes a hotter make-out scene than Cassandra Clare, in my humble opinion. 8-) I agree with you that The Mortal Instruments could have easily ended after the third book. Spoilers for The Mortal Instruments It almost felt like she was fabricating almost random plot devices just to put off the inevitable of Jace and Clary finally sleeping together, as long as possible. end spoilers I don't plan on tackling her new series and agree with you that the Shadowhunter thing will probably have run its course.

Songbird~ I'm glad to hear you haven't gotten sick (you don't have time to get sick!) ;) Hopefully your husband will feel better soon and be ready and available to help you at home. He sounds kind of like my husband.....when my husband is sick, he just needs his sleep and not much else.

Austin~ I cracked up at your description of your thirteen year old male's fantasy with Leah. "OK, now phase back." Certainly sounds plausible.... :lol:

Desiree~ That's great news that your volunteering at your kids' school seems like it will pay off, in more ways than one. It would be nice to work at their school and convenient to be on the same schedule as your children. Keeping fingers crossed that it all works out.

Ashley~ I'm sorry you've not had great experiences at work, and it seems like you've sort of gotten the "run-around", as far as your assignments. I hope it works out better for you in the future.

Sarah~ Your Twilight ornament sounds like it will be very pretty. What was the retail price of the wedding version of the ornament, and is it still available in stores? Do you watch the TV show, The Office on a regular basis? I've watched the entire series after catching up on the first couple of seasons way back in Season 3. It's been such a letdown since Steve Carrell left. I feel like it's remained on air probably one or two seasons longer than it should have, but I'm sticking it out to the bitter end. I'm nothing, if not loyal to my serial television. ;)

Sean~ I'm glad to hear you made it through work and that you're feeling a little better. Maybe you'll feel up to a little celebrating of your birthday next week....with a BD1 viewing of your DVD, perhaps?

Susie~ The downstairs bedroom is all yours if you come for a visit. Or you could even have the upstairs bedroom we just vacated; it actually looks quite comfortable with a queen size bed. I'm sure you will feel nostalgic about the St. Olaf concert, and am glad you'll be able to attend with your friend, Mary. You remember how I like to watch the concert on TV or livestream over the computer.....what is the date?

Marielle~ Hope you get some much needed rest, hon.

Missp~ I'm glad to hear you are resting at home, and you are not allowed to lift one finger, except to study or type on the Lexicon. ;) Did your doctor think this was pneumonia? Is it related to the lap band and reflux, or staight sinus issues? Feel better soon hon, and please take it easy!

Lulu~ Hi there....

Brenda~ I see you!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:08 am
by smitten_by_twilight
Hello siblings! Please note standard attached Hump Day makeup pic.

I think Wednesdays will lighten up for me though. I'm no longer having to stay late which is bonus, and it looks like I will work Wednesdays from home. So I can sneak in a HumpDay pic as early as I want :clap: !

Son is watching GoF again. Dear Cedric has been killed, and will soon reappear as a ghost before his vampiric transformation begins off screen. I tell you, not having cable is awesome in lots of ways. Kids aren't even complaining much. Gonna try to connect the wifi soon though.

Hubby is wavering on getting more animals in the house again. For those who do not recall the continuing story, we have a 13 yr old boy for whom we have a tortoise in the backyard, about 5 fish in his room, and a cat that is mostly his really (although he seems to recognize me as the cat alpha). And we have 3 7 yr old girls with no animals who are constantly begging for pets. I am pro-pet, hubs is generally anti-pet with consistent wavering. Tonight he is considering allowing one toy dog, like a Yorkshire terrier, but is put off by purebred prices, doesn't want a small mutt, doesn't want cats, fish, or rodents. These conversations are always like this.

Thank you all for the kind comments on my fic. I'm going to edit the whole thing front to back, send it out to beta, and I'll let you know when I post it. Probably not before Christmas.

Ashley - Mellow out in that hot tub, hon. Maybe we can get Rob to massage your tired feet. Or is that too stimulating?

Austin - You have subconsciously remembered that I thought you were lesbian for a while :blush: . I hope your tent is cozy. Don't you have a firepit down there? Maybe we shouldn't know what you have posted on your tent walls. Yeah, imprinting gives you the possibility of callously manipulating the heck out of the imprinted wolf. Perhaps Steph was too good at heart to consider that.

Beth - I doubt that the denial that it is over will ever go away ... because looked at from another point of view, it never will be over. Forever.

Caryn - I recognized the NYC skyline in the pic you posted, so kind of cheating ;) I did see the NYC arrival pics - they did a nice job of trying to look like any other (insanely attractive) college-age couple. I'm glad I didn't see or hear about the departure/arrival yesterday. Makes me understand why people get private planes ... although I doubt Rob is up for that expense on a regular basis. I hear you on the non-competitive shopping gene, I avoid Black Friday like the Black Death. My preferred shopping style is like my preferred library style, either in and out or slow happy browsing.

lulu - So funny that you post here when you are too tired to be awake! Take better care of yourself!

Lynne - I think the world of what I've seen on The Heir but I think you are smart not to hold your breath for a world tour book signing 8-) And naturally you need an editor and a good one. Heavens, if Steph had had a better editor, I would not still internally rant over the "horse's reigns" line in BD for the past 2 years (and thank you for spelling "reined in" properly). Somebody has to program spellcheckers to highlight homophones for special review. Good luck with the editing!

Sarah - I would hate that suit on anyone else and say that it was an abomination. If I'd heard about it first I'd have said "no, not even on Rob." But as it was my first clue was peering at it on the livestream and wondering "is that GREEN?" And man, is that a good color for him. Nice that you and hubby had a nice moment for his birthday, those are the best. Thanks for the congrats on the fic! What kind of counseling does your mom do?

Sean - Well, at least we can be pretty sure that Rob is smart enough not to sleep with Lindsey Lohan, at least until she straightens out. You heard about the gambling that she dies before her next birthday? It's not meant maliciously, it seems to be meant as a wake-up call for her, that she is following in the path of previously burnt-out stars. Hope she wakes up.

Susie - Yes, my handle was not chosen entirely for convenience! Thank you for your sweet offer, sweetie. I'll get back to your other note later tonight.

Suzan - Thanks for posting the Fallon videos. I know we all wished Rob was wearing a cheap thin white shirt for the water war, but there's one shot where even that thick dark shirt is pretty glued to him ... :swoon: . And funny New Girl stuff, nice to see Steph gettin' props. Take it easy on yourself!

Tracy - You're so sweet to remember! I did have a little fluffy piece in last year's Canon Tour - New Moon edition, and the one I just finished was inspired for the planned Eclipse version which has not emerged (I hear solareclipses got really busy). This one is about 4 times longer and much less fluffy, and EPOV. I will let everyone know when it is posted! How else will it ever get read? I saw your post in time to respond (some are not included, in which case my answer is I dunno):

~Is Nessie able to jump high because of her hybrid strength and speed?
I thought so. But in the book I picture a more natural-looking jump, just insanely high for a kid who looks like a toddler.

~During Charlie and Bella's reunion scene, when Charlie initially but briefly breaks away from Bella during their hug, was he responding to the unusually cold temperature of her skin?
I thought it was the totality of change in her appearance, definitely her temperature, but also her hardness, stillness, probably her apprehension, and the whole wierd day for Charlie.

~Do Renesmee (or Mackenzie Foy's) hands look disproportionately large when she touches someone's face to convey her thoughts?
Have to go back and see. Certainly the CGI baby's hands looked disproportionately wierd.

~I've alBeth~ways assumed that Sue knows "everything" because of her history with the wolves....she had to know about the impending confrontation with the Volturi to understand the importance of why she must get Charlie to leave town. True, or not true?
She is an elder, so yes, I would assume that she knows pretty much everything Sam knows.

~What was the inscription in the locket Bella gave to Renesmee? Was it "more than my own life," or something similar?
More than my own life in French. For the movie they translated it to "plus ma vie," which seems close, and also short enough to be on a tiny locket.

~Does Tanya have a special gift, or was she simply dramatically ripping Caius' face apart with her bare hands while Kate shocked him?
Pretty sure Tanya has no gift. Is super-supernatural horniness a gift?

Marielle, Songbird, Tonise - Hello girls!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:27 am
by Chernaudi
Brenda: I haven't heard of that. I do hope for her sake that she straightens out. It's just that someone blurted that out to Rob that was disconcerting to me. I do wish that the paps in general would learn restraint, and I've felt this way for a long time, considering that I've been a Cher fan since 1998. I haven't had a very positive feeling about those types of people for quite a while.

Everyone: I'm gonna take a stab in a few minutes at trying to finish chapter 1 of my fan fic.

Then I'll probably have dinner, read in bed for a while, and then sleep to get ready for work.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:48 am
by TwilightFan87
Tracy- ... ih=416#i=0

-there's the 2010 one I ordered :) ... 1l6L7U#i=0

-and this is this years :) yes they're still available but I would get it soonish. They retail for 17.95 which is a bit pricey, I know. I'm interested to see what next years will be.

And yes, I love the office! I totally agree it's not the same since Steve Carell left but I'm pleased that they're wrapping things up nicely this season.

Brenda- my mom does mostly women's counseling, anxiety and depression. She also works with her church a lot too. She started studying psychology when I was 13 so I'm used to things being psychoanalysed about everything ;) and I totally agree about the suit. Hooray on possibly getting a puppy!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:26 am
by Chernaudi
Well, it took me a damn long time, and a lot of hard thinking as to what I was gonna write and what course I wanted to go, but I do finally have the first full chapter of Bio-Booster Armor Twilight done! :) If anyone wants to know more, feel free to ask. It was quite an adventure to get it written, but chapter 1 is done, and the rest should come easier, including some pretty funny bits, too.