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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:19 am
by TwilightFan87
Happy weekend!!!

I'm finally relaxing after working at the store and coming home and studying for a solid hour or more. Conquering fractions :)

Hi Austin!! Good to see you :)

Lynne- oh I love cheesecake-yum :) sounds delightful!

Marielle- I love lazy days :) they're wonderful. Tomorrow is mine, I'm so excited! Valentines day is fun but kinda stressful sometimes. I hope your bf does something for ya!

Song- sorry to hear about hubs heart, hope they figure it out. I got Jason a new hoodie that says I love guns and coffee- hilarious cuz it's true. He drinks coffee daily and sees his gun buddies nearly every week but they don't go out shooting much anymore, just hang out. Apparently he's planning an 'epic' valentines day so I'm quite curious :) the parade sounds fun :)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 1:36 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

I didn't get to writing my fan fic last night--I was too tired at about 3:00 last night after splitting wood and because if the cold. At least that's not a problem right now, and soon I should get started on it, and I hope that I can get a lot done. I'll pick up with Natsuki and Shizu at a dress shop owned by Rosalie. The rest will fill in itself.

I have work tomorrow, so I can't really stay up all night, so I can either go to bed early, or take a nap later and make up the rest overnight. Either way, I hope to get plenty of sleep.

And, I do plan on attending the HH Valentine's day event on Thursday after work, though, with my limited knowledge of technology, I probably won't be able to do much that's very special unless it's text based. Maybe a comparison between Bella and Edward and one or two bonded pairs from Guyver or something, or talking about why I like Twilight so much?

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:50 pm
by Tornado
Morning all!

It's Monday here, and I'm working for Rochelle, but working from home, so I hope I'll get a lot done. I'm already thinking of things for our Valentine's Day party. I guess I will be starting the ball rolling, because when it's Valentine's Day over here, it will still be the 13th for most of you. Hm, what will I do ...

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:50 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

I'm done with working on Chapter 6 for tonight. I got a lot done, and there should be more opportunities soon for me to work on it, because I have quite a bit more to cover here--Natsuki is done dress shopping, now it's time for her to meet up with Lia and Camel, and find out what their surprise for her is. But there will be a slight bit of action on her way to and from lunch before she meets up with Lia and Camel.

It's gonna be a rainy and warm night, and perfect for reading and World War II gaming. I'm also gonna make some chicken alfrado pasta stuff, using some sauce I found at Walmart on Friday.

I got a lot done today, and it makes up for yesterday where I wasn't able to get anything done. I hope that everyone had a nice day today and that you'll have a good night tonight.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:55 am
by Susie
Hi Everyone!

I just finished another chapter! Whoot! Two more chapters and an epilogue to go. I'm taking a break for a few days because now I have to work on my speech for Toastmasters on Wednesday. It's hard for my brain to work on two things simultaneously. Sad, but true! Then we have our big VALENTINE'S E-PARTY on Thursday, so I guess I won't start the next chapter until Friday.

By the way, just a heads up - we might be getting a new thread early in preparation for the party since we're bound to go over 200 (or at least I hope we will!)

Thanks for all of your concern about Hubs losing his job. He's doing OK. It's just so humiliating the way they lay people off. They make you feel like you've done something wrong when you haven't. It will be better in the end, though because as I said before, he really disliked his job and now he can find something better.

Susan - Sleep apnea sounds like a good possibility. That's easily dealt with, right?

- Wow - you're writing a lot. I'd like to say I understand it all you had in invisible font, but I don't, I may not be your target market. But then again, that could be a good thing since I'm rather elderly.

- Yes you will be the first one on for Valentine's Day -You are almost a whole day ahead of us. Perhaps you could wait until later in the day (your time) before posting so there isn't such a gap between your post and the Europeans?

Sarah - So much studying! When is the test?

- Hi! Welcome back. We're having an e-party on Valentine's day here at the Halfway House and you're invited. It might get pretty wild, though!

- Can you go a new siggy for me??? I need a new pic and the text changed to three years. Maybe we can just use my one year siggy that you made for me and change it to three years? I hope I still have that file....

Marielle - You deserve a lazy day after all you've done getting your house ready! Are you feeling more relaxed now? To answer your question about lay-offs in the U.S. - Yes, they can just lay you off on a Wednesday at 10:30 and make you turn in your company iphone and laptop on the spot. They were nice because they let him come back later after hours to clean out his desk under supervision. The main reason is to guard against sabotage.

Sorry - can't scroll back any more than that. Sorry if I missed anyone.

We got a lot of lovely snow today - it's so pretty. So booya! Mr. Austin, there with your 75 degrees!
Hubs made a snow fort in the front yard using a plastic box for a form to make "bricks". It looks so cool! That's what happens when you don't have kids at home anymore. You just have to do things like that on your own.

Time for bed.

Nighty Night!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:00 am
by missp
*Sneaks in quietly through the back door.*
Hi, Siblings!! :wave:
Life is CRAZY BUSY right now! I am still in the Ordination process with my church.
I have finally been set on the road to total healing and recovery from the health
issues that have been making my busy life very difficult for the past two years off and
on! :clap:
I know I have been a horribly neglectful sibling! :oops:
I pledge to do better! I'll check in more often even if I don't get a chance to do a mega-post.
Gotta run for now!
I hope to see you for a brief visit on Valentine's night!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:04 am
by Tornado
I managed to get a good bit done at work today. Unfortunately, I'm formatting a reference book at the moment, and it has all this special formatting in it so it's a nightmare to typeset. Ugh! Hopefully I'll get through it soon.

Sean - the pasta sounds yum!

Susie - yes, I did think of that. My only worry is that I'll forget to do it if I leave it too late in the day. I tend to remember things better in the mornings. My brain switches off in the afternoon. Yes, losing a job can be made even worse if it's done in an insensitive fashion. Snow ... boy, that sounds fun!

Tonise - glad to see you back here!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:07 am
by marielle
Good morning everybody!!

Urgh, I woke up with a terrible cold, noose dripping, eyes tearing up and sniffeling all around. I wish I could stay in bed but of course today and tomorrow I have to attend a training at work. I hope it will go away during the day.

Yesterday I watched the BAFTA’s red carpet show. I’m pretty sure all those ladies are sick now as well. February in London isn’t the best time to hold an award show with a mile long red carpet!! Only Jennifer Lawrence had the right idea. She kept her jacket on and only took a few interviews and pictures before racing inside.

I haven’t seen much of the Grammy red carpet. I hope I get to watch a rerun somewhere this week. All I can say from the pictures I really liked Taylor Swift’s dress.

Alright, posts,

Austin, I’m am jealous!!!

Sarah, I always try to plan in at least one lazy day in the weekend. However my bf is a sort of ADHD person and always want to do something. So most of the time I feel guilty about being lazy while he is doing all sorts of things around the house.

Lynne, hihihi. You can already overload us with Rob gifts!!! Be careful though, you might cause us to stop and drool. Than we won’t be able to join in…

Susie, yes, I’m getting back in a more relaxed state of mind. I know the stress hasn’t left my body completely but at least I feel a lot better. In May we are going on a holiday. After that I hope that I’ll be back in shape.
I’m really sorry to hear that companies could be so rude about laying people off. I believe you when you say it’s humiliating! I’m really happy that here in Holland they can’t do it like that. Most companies know that when they chuck you out without notice they will have to have good arguments or they will have a lawsuit to go through. It’s a rule here that you get at least a months notice or you have to have done something really bad.

Hey Tonise! Yes, I hope you have more time to stop by here.

Alright I have to get some things done before the training starts.
See you all later!!!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:01 pm
by Tornado
marielle - there's nothing wrong with a bit of drooling! ;)

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:04 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Susie (and anyone who want's a major fan fic update): Right now, I've gone kinda heavy on Guyver characters because some of their circumstances will be difficult to understand because not a lot of Twilight fans will understand Guyver, though a lot of it goes back a few months to when I started to brainstorm about this. Of course, Shizu becoming a vampire hybrid won't be easily understood, but that'll get explained a bit early on, and will also be explained in more detail later on, too.

Then there's the Guyver armor itself and how it works, Camel and his abilities as a vampire hybrid, my OC's, and there's a ton of characters, such as hybrids (Lia, Camel, Melinda, Jess, Renesmee, Bella, Shizu), Guyvers (Sho and Agito), vampires (you can guess who ;) ), and a female Zoalord who is also a vampire hybrid and after her conversion to being a hybrid, her powers are much further enhanced (Shizu), and even a normal humans (Natsuki and Mizuki). Of course, there's the Guyver wikia for more info, as well as Japan Legend's Guyver page, TV Tropes Guyver page (Pages, actually, because they have an overview page, a character page, and even numerous other subpages), and, for a start on the subject, wikipedia, though the article doesn't go into as much detail as the other pages do.

Also, these chapters early on aren't action oriented. Later ones will be, and there will be more focus on my OC's and Twilight characters. But even with chapter 6, I'm still setting up the details, and introducing characters and such. So it's still early days as far as the story goes. However, starting within the next chapter or two, things will start to get intense with the action and also the humor--it's all PG-13 rated right now, but I'll be releasing an adult version of the story once I get the teen/YA version done.

As I said, this will be hard to understand at first, but once you start to do some research on the characters and plot devices in Guyver, more of this will make sense. But then again, the Twilight Saga is fantasy, and Bio-Booster Armor Guyver is science fiction--neither of which makes any real sense in the world we live in, but in fiction, does anything have to really make sense at all? After all, why are fantasy/sci-fi stories popular? I think because they don't make sense and require the reader to use their imagination is a major part of their appeal. Besides, as I mentioned, both Twilight and Guyver have much in common, it's just that the same things are expressed differently, and one is aimed at teenage/YA girls as it's main audience, the other is aimed at teenage/YA boys, though there are exceptions obviously to those demographics: boys/men and older women like Twilight, and Guyver for sure has it's female fans, as well as adult males.

Also, I don't think that you're old! You're younger than my mom is, and you're about the same age as Yoshiki Takaya, the creator and writer/illustrator of Guyver. One suggestion though if you want to research Guyver a bit--you can watch the OVA and TV series cartoons, or read the English translated comics, but you won't get insanely far into the story. You'd be better off cheating on the exam so to speak and just looking up the online sources I mentioned--info will be easier to look up about later events that none of the English manga and the animated versions cover, and info in general will be easier to find. That's what I did because of a lack of info--I was surprised to find that the manga is older than either I or Rob (by almost two years and a year in a half respectively), and that it's still ongoing. Feb. 18th will mark the 28th anniversary of the first Guyver release in Japan, and the manga is still being released in Japan almost every month. Of course, those of us in the US didn't hear of any of the classic anime/manga until about 1990 when a lot of anime cartoons were being bootlegged into the US. But, of course, that cottage industry is what lead to the big anime/manga subculture here in the states and around the world.

Lynne: The pasta stuff I made was good, but I couldn't finish it last night. Good thing, too, since Top Gear is on tonight.

Everyone: I don't have too much planned tonight. I mostly want to watch some Top Gear, have some dinner (finish off my past stuff), read and get some sleep tonight. It's cold, dark and windy where I'm at now, so that's not great, but it's still warmer than it's been here for quite a while.

So, I won't work on any fan fic tonight, but tomorrow night and Wed. will be good times to do so.

Also, as far as work goes, I really hate their copier machine there, as it gave me nothing but problems all day long. I had to sort papers--something it was supposed to have done--after it spewed them out all over the floor. And then I had to reorganize an entire file folder after Andrea (my co worker) suggested that I check it for things to copy--instead, we had to reorganize an entire folder of documents that were out of order and copy some extras, too.

Other than that, things went pretty good. I'm just gonna look up some stuff and then I'll be offline by about 9:00 and in bed probably by 1:00 tonight.

I'll be back later :)