Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby corona » Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:14 pm

Sean, shooting Nazis is always a good thing, and it's good for you. My personal favorite is zombies. I loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein because they had both, and a sniper rifle to boot.

Feed the beast. Grill up a nice NY strip steak with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Enjoy yourself and disengage from this drama for a while, it's the healthy thing to do, and you've got a new job and yourself to attend to.

Have you played Gears of War? I love their co-op, and you've got brothers.

Caryn, you really need to stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think!

Seriously, I know when I call Kristen young and foolish and her betrayal as a "mistake", I'm well aware I'm sugarcoating it. I just have a hard time typing it out, even when she clearly doesn't deserve my reservation.

Susie good luck on the A/C, we had ours go out last summer here in Florida, and it was completely miserable until it got fixed.

My bowling game was off last night, I couldn't seem to get a consistent pocket shot going. My team came through, though. Beer, burgers, and fries helped a lot.

My niece bowls on another team with her husband. My first game was terrible, but I started out the second with three strikes. She comes over (a huge TW fan); "did you hear about Kristen?". Yes, I freaking heard about it, I'm not a barbarian living in some backwoods hut, go away, we'll talk later. Next frame, split. My niece had cursed me.

- Austin
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:16 pm

Susie: I hope that your party will be a distraction for you. I know that we all need something like that right now.

Susie and everyone: I love Kristen and Rob as people and as actors, and that's why I feel really bad for both of them right now. They were a H'wood couple, and, with all the people who wanted to tear them apart from each other, I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised that they lasted this long. And to be honest, I didn't want to believe in the Robsten stuff because I though that she had a good thing with Mike until she broke up with him for whatever reason. So, compared to most of you, I was late to the party.

I don't think that Kristen is a bad person, but she's def. flawed, and I think that she has issues. You're right in that it seems like she was the less well adjusted of the two, and both her and Rob have been acting sort of odd recently, too. They were pretty awkward in my book at Comic Con--they seemed to be really out of it for some reason, then there was Rob acting like he was gonna slap Kristen, and the way that Kristen has been acting and dressing. If Kristen did this because she and Rob were having problems, doesn't make her any less culpable--there were better ways of handling it, obviously--but it would be a good explanation. And I think that's what we all want, an explanation, so the healing can truly begin, not only for Kristen and Rob, and Rupert and Liberty, but us as a fandom. But we have to remember that this is early, and it seems that Kristen and especially Rob aren't prepared to face each other over this yet, and they need time to cool down and get their heads together before they can talk about their future.

Problem is, they don't have much time to tend to this, because of Kristen filming Cali and Rob filming Mission Blacklist, and after that, BD2 promo starts. Our only hope of them salvaging things is if Kristen and Rob get on speaking terms sooner rather than later, and that they can work this out in private, without the media's--or our--interference, and on that front, I feel that the media, and even us, who we all know that we're not saints or gods, but humans, have done enough damage without rubbing it in, and that's something I think that we all can take fault in. We're fans, we care, we wanna help, we wanna offer support, be it to Kristen, Rob, or both. But I do think that it would be better if we let them work it out when they're ready, and that we don't meddle--they have the media to do that.

It also doesn't help that if Kristen and Rob were "normal" people, we wouldn't care so much, but they're movie stars, they're Bella and Edward from the Twilight films, and the lives of those people, rightfully or wrongfully, interest us. But as Lulu said at the HH Facebook page, we can't allow ourselves to get too invested in what's going on right now, especially with so much rumor and speculation floating around. Basically until Kristen and Rob or sources very close to them speak--and not on terms of anonymity, 'cos anonymous sources are crap in my book--I'm regarding everything I read with skepticism.

And as Tonise pointed out in a post to one of my HHFB comments, if Kristen and Rob work things out, it should be because they want to be together for them, not us.

And I have to agree with Caryn on one major point, too. She knows that we all aren't gonna agree right now, but we have to give each other room and respect in regards to that. We're all different, we all like different things and we as people have different views. We can't afford to become a separated fandom, with pro-Kristen, pro-Rob, and pro-Robsten factions. We can't let our feelings on this lead to throwing each other under the bus, because as I've said in regards to Kristen and you folks, if I threw every single person under the bus for every stupid mistake or disagreement they made in my life, I'd probably have no friends at all and I probably wouldn't have a family. So I think that we should not be so invested in this to the point like I got to where I was sick, tired, sad, scared, constantly on the verge of crying, and not eating. As Tonise told me, you can't let that happen to you, because all you'll do right now is hurt yourself worse than you already are, and it's not healthy behavior. I know that it's gonna be hard for everyone, and I'm still experiencing mood swings about this, but we can't let this completely drag us down, and we also can't afford to fight about this, not now, especially as so little reliable info is out there right now.

I'm disappointed and upset at the choice that Kristen made, and I feel bad for her making that choice, and I feel bad for Rob being the victim here. But we need to give them time to figure out their future--be it together or apart--and we can't meddle or fight over it. That's just not healthy, and it'll hurt us as badly as K&R are hurting right now.

Thanks for letting me feel welcomed here, even if my views might not the the same as yours. And I know that I just ran down a deal where I said we should meddle as little as possible in Kristen and Rob's affairs right now, but I'd like to help you ladies our for helping me. Wanna know what's kept me laughing pretty much non stop for the past 18 hours when I think about it? Go to or that site's You Tube page, and look up the Angry Video Game Nerd video about Arnold Schwarzenegger games. Even if you don't like video games, you'll be laughing you guts out and spraying your beverage out of your nose on some of the stuff James "AVGN" Rolfe says in that video. You should also check out James' "You Know What's BS" videos, especially the new ones, such as the parking lot spike strip video, the bird feeder video, microwave oven video, and the "morning routine" one.

I'll be posting this to the HHFB for those of you who don't visit here often who'd want to read this, and i'll be posting a link to Cinemassacre's page there, too. Hey, it's a case of "what works for you", isn't it? Well, this is helping me out, and I think that we all need to exercise our sense of humor to help us though this time.

I'll be back later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:26 pm

Sorry to double post, but...

Austin: Naw, I don't play Gears of War, and I don't even have a computer that can play a lot of the stuff I'd like to play. I'm still stuck on the PS2. If I had a PS3, I'd be playing Call of Duty and Gran Turismo 5. My brothers have an X-Box 360, but I don't feel like re-learning a game console.

And I have to agree on the sugar coating on Kristen. Part of me makes me want to find her, go up to her and shake and ask her "woman, why have you done this?! Do you know what you're doing to Rob, the fans, me, and yourself?!", but I also know that it's not my place to badger such answers from either Kristen or Rob or anyone else involved. I believe that they'll speak when they're ready.

When I'll get done here, I'll be playing some of the VG stuff I talked about, trying to find some dinner (fried chicken sounds good about now, but I don't know if I want to go though the labor or making it), and catching F1 practice or some NASCAR related thing on Speed tonight, and maybe catch the episodes of Hitler's Bodyguard that I had my brother tape for me.

In the mean time, remember that we're all friends, and we can't let our feelings get in the way of that. If we do, we'll be doing what the Kristen and Rob haters would be wanting us to do.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Tornado » Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:51 pm

Half watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony while I'm typing this. It's just the athletes coming in at the moment, so I can get away with it. I've enjoyed the Opening Ceremony so far. Often I find them boring, but this one has had enough to entertain me most of the time.

I just wanted to make a final note about the end of Robsten. Caryn, I'm really sorry if my comments about Rob possibly being involved in something like this himself hurt you. In all honesty, I don't believe that, but I recognise that I can't be sure, and considering the number of women who would be throwing themselves at him, if he has resisted, he deserves major credit for that, as it wouldn't be easy, especially if most of the guys around him are doing it too (and they would be).

I still think Kristen is a good actress. I have never thought she was as talented as Rob, and I must confess I haven't seen many of her movies. I hope her career doesn't die because of this, though, as I think it would be a shame. I also don't excuse her as having made a 'mistake'. As Caryn pointed out, that wasn't a mistake. However, I know I do plenty of things that are wrong with full awareness that they will hurt someone (although I hope not to that level), so I cannot judge her and say I am a better person that her. Who am I to say that? It's not my place to judge her: it's God's. He is the only one who knows the whole story.

So, I will keep hoping that they both can move on from this disaster and come out of it as better people.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby VolturiGirl » Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:49 pm

It's Friday...

Today is just a fly-by. Just wanted to throw the rest of my two cents in because I've said what I needed to say on our facebook page and Caryn just about summed it up for me. For argument sake, let's say that Kris and Rupert only kissed. Kissing, to me, is a very emotional - spiritual connection. You feel something deep within you when you connect with your significant other in that way. When you are in a committed relationship whether it be a month, three years or 10+ years, kissing is something that should not be shared.
I don't see them in real life as Edward and Bella. They are Rob and Kris. I liked that they were a couple around our age. I loved how he would tease her and make her do all these girly laughs and giggles. I loved seeing them happy. If it was the other way around and it was Rob who kissed some other girl, I'd be just as equally pissed off. Cheating is cheating. Yes I know it takes two and Rupert is to blame as well. I don't know him or know anything about him so he is sort of irrelevant to my argument. I know Kris has always been one to do what she wants.

To sum it up, I wished that their "break-up" could have been done in private like Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth's. I hope that both Kris and Rob can learn from this experience. The best of luck to the both of them in the future.

With everything going on, I believe a Facinelli Friday is an order.
Hugs to all of you
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:50 pm

Lynne and everyone: I also hope that we all can come out of this as better people, too. I know my feelings, and they're very conflicted, but I talked with a friend and she's let me know that it's OK, and that I can be disappointed or upset at someone and still love them. I'm the happiest that I've been all week thanks to that talk.

It's gonna take me time to sort things out, but I love you guys, and I thank all of you for being there for me and putting up with me. We might not see eye to eye on this stuff, but we can still be friends, and I think that's the "test" element out of this for all of us.

I love you all, and I'll be online at the Facebook page for a while. And I'll self medicate this weekend by playing my PS2 like hell, racing like hell, shooting Nazis like hell, avoiding rainstorms like hell, watching racing like hell and thinking of my fan fic like hell. I know that's a lot of "like hells", but I also plan on watching that Cinemassace stuff and laughing like hell, too.

Have yourselves a good one and god speed :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby MoonlessNight » Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:19 pm

Thak you everyone for being so welcoming!

I've lurked here a few times, and I absolutely LOVE Rob, he is just...well, I guess I don't have to explain here. I am worried for him because Cosmopolis is coming out in a couple weeks, so I'm sure he's committed to do a few interviews. Even though his PR people will insist no Kristen questions, you know they will try to be sneaky and stick a few in. I'll never understand why interviewers like to make their subjects squirm. I would much rather see happy people in interviews.

I have to say, I'm feeling a lot better tonight about the whole scandal thing. I actually lost my appetite for the past few days, like I was the one cheated on. It's comforting to know that there are others like me who took it to heart (AKA-I'm not crazy!).

Does anyone else see the similarities of this situation and the Jacob kiss in Eclipse? Both Bella and Kristen are in over their heads. Neither is ready to be in a relationship as commited as they are, and they are in denial about it. They both act out and kiss someone else. Edward is humiliated because the wolves see it through Jacob; Rob is humiliated because about 500 million people see it. Of course, Edward blames himself and takes her back, and I don't think that will happen with Rob.

-Just my thoughts
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby smitten_by_twilight » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:21 am

Hello siblings. (Too sad still for exclamations.)

Welcome Gina and Syolax, and Austin, it's nice to see you around more. I think we're all dealing with this in different ways (what a shock, I know). My eyes were sore all day yesterday and I didn't figure out until evening that it was because I was not quite sad enough to cry (takes a lot). We've been talking coping strategies a bit on HH FB and Ann Marie has been posting RobCrack like mad. The good stuff, too.

Since we're still talking theories, test this one on for size. This is in line with what you were saying, Gina, but I've been thinking about it all day.

Nobody seems to doubt R&K adored each other. Maybe one showed a bit more sometimes, but going to each other's stuff all the time is generally a reliable marker for committment. We're suspected for a while, and I don't think it's just identifying them with B+E, that Rob was thinking in terms of a major committment. I suspect Kris was not ready to settle down. Bear with me here - I know some of us married at very young ages and remain just as committed. But not everyone is ready - I wasn't ready even at 22. And they met when Kris was just 17. I think she was torn being knowing she wasn't ready to settle down to one person, and loving Rob to pieces, knowing that no future relationship was likely to beat what she had already. Now they've been working together almost non-stop since they met, and last summer during SWatH filming was a major test. They went out of their ways to spend more time together in England, France - wherever. They separate again for promotion of SWatH and Cosmopolis. I'm going to theorize that SWatH promotion is the most likely time for Kris to cheat on Rob with Rupert. Exhausting days, everybody in hotels, late nights with lots of substances to unwind ... yeah. It's not really prolonged and at some point prior to July 17 she came clean about it to Rob, which was horrible. Somewhere in there they or just Kris decided to contact Rupert one more time to make the break clean and clear, and she met with him instead of just calling. And Rupert wasn't quite as willing to break it off - notice how he is generally pursuing her in the pix? And the "momentary indiscretion" Kris refers to is meeting, kissing, embracing, with Rupert. And Rob, quite naturally, having already been struggling to forgive her, shuts down completely.

Well, it's just a theory, and I wasn't going to mention it at all. Youth and unreadiness are not meant to excuse Kris (there isn't an excuse), just to explain how a reasonably bright and sophisticated woman could make such an unholy CF of this. Oh and Gina(?), she didn't have any scenes with Liberty I think - Liberty played *young* Snow White's mother. Younger actress. But I'm sure Liberty was around the set.

I continue to support Kris in her work, she's a good actress, and I've said here before that I think she might be even a mite more talented than Rob. (Don't kill me, Caryn. We balance each other.) I hope to see OtR at some point. I won't hate her and I'll continue to defend her to those who do. I think she has made the very biggest mistake she will ever make (certainly hope so!) and will always regret it, whether they reunite or not. Set aside the beauty, money, and talent - sweet and loyal men are not a dime a dozen. (Any more than sweet and loyal women are, I know, Sean, Austin.)

I continue to support Rob in his work and life. I hope that he has the support of his family and friends, and that he makes the best choices for him that he can. I look forward to Cosmopolis ... as a wierd but engaging art house flick that he will no doubt totally rock. I look forward to his future work.

In the meantime, I am feeling a bit better today, and cleaned house a bit and took the kids to miniature golf and bumper boats, which was very nice generally and they really improved and felt good about themselves. Except for one, who's been cranky all day. I will be working tonight on reports, various fanfic projects, etc. Interesting job news ... I was not selected for the court job (and I'm fine with that), but my department manager asked more seriously what it would take for me to come on board FT, I quoted her a salary as a starting point of discussion, and she said she will work on it ... which I guess means it wasn't as insanely high as I thought it might be. She knows I would sacrifice a little for the sake of job stability. Interesting other monetary news ... bought a Powerball ticket but no joy. I'll keep trying. Even with this stuff - have you heard the term Cheatgate yet? - I'd still love for us all to go to the premiere. We might be the only ones there not booing Kris. I'll keep dreaming. And yes, in the likely event that I don't win $2 mil or more, I'll still be there for the SW HHCon for opening night, flowers on my arm.

Love all of you.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby missp » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:09 am

Hi, Y'all!! I am home from the beach, have had a great night's sleep, and have read through all ten pages of posts! :shock:

My final word on the KStew issue is this: I'm letting it go. Dwelling on it serves me no positive purpose. :)

I wanted to stop by and say a quick hello. I've got to return the rental car this morning and pick up some supplies for our Grill & Chill Supper Club tonight. Then, I need to come home and unpack. The house cleaning and laundry can wait until next week, but I really do need to get the bags unpacked. Baby Bella missed her Mama and hasn't let me out of her sight since we got home. She is laying at my feet fast asleep at the moment! Thanks for all of your prayers and healing thoughts during the past week. The beach really helped... as well as the nastiest tasting liquid antibiotics in the world! :lol: My beach-pals got a kick out of watching me dance every day around noon when it was meds time. Soooo Soooo nasty! We had so much fun! We'd all do our beach/balcony/pool routine during the day and then go out for dinner and shopping each night. I had all my favorites: raw oysters, fried oysters, snow crab legs, crab claws, fried shrimp, grilled shrimp, and crab bisque... as well as ice cream at our favorite place, SCOOPS, 2 nights in a row! After dinner and shopping, we'd all come back to the condo and talk and laugh until 2 am or so before heading to bed! There were 5 ladies (all teachers), and 1 poor unsuspecting man! :lol: We told "war" stories and just laughed until we thought we'd pee our pants! It was so much fun. The week was just what the doc ordered!

NASHVILLE CON~~~ Count me in and count on me to be there to help transport if needed. I only live 1 1/2 hours away! I'm planning on taking both Thursday and Friday off from school! :D

Well... It's 10 am here and time to run the car back to Enterprise! I'll be back tomorrow! Have a great day!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby vampirelover109 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:44 pm

Good evening my siblings

Im still sad but im not going to dwell on kris and rob we all know how I feel about the whole situation and how much I love rob and how much I looked up to kris

Ive been busy posting lots of robcrack on hh fb hoping to try and put a smile back on my siblings faces

I have been watching the olympics and the mens swimming and am not happy that my fav swimmer diddnt get a medal but nevermind

Syolax6 and gina welcome to our little place we like to call.home were normally.a very happy group but im sure well get back there were so happy your here and hope you stick around

See you later

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