Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

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Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by Openhome »

All right ladies!! While you are in full swing, here are your new digs. I tried to get this open yesterday, but the internet wasn't kind during a major snow storm, so HERE YOU GO!! Wish each other lots of love and enjoy the new digs!

Don't forget, you are encouraged to post appropriate pictures as you wish!
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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by Jazz Girl »

Well, it may not be blue, but, it is me...

Oh the irony of me posting first in the new house. Just know that I miss the lot of you and I promise I have not been staying away on purpose. I have new duties at work that do not allow me to be online nearly as much. Facebook has become my savior. I've gone through serious withdrawals. I'm hoping that things will slow down and I will be able to reestablish myself here.

I miss you all madly.

And just to start the fun(and to let you all know how much I love you)...

click at your own risk

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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

omg....I stumbled here before the party-YAY!! I hope you all know how much I appreciate you, even though I rarely get here anymore. I must hop over to the party now!


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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by Susie »

WOW- Rob's HH #12 already!

I copied this from page 1 of our last thread. Some of these people don't hang around here much anymore, but it's a nice reminder of when they did! Please let me know of any omissions or correctoins.'s the SIBLINGS LIST:

EDIT: Just added Sarah's and Austin's Birthdays

Austwilight - Karena
BlueStarEgo - Chrissy
Brienna -Paula
bored by the sea - Vicky
Chernaudi ~ Sean
Corona - Austin
DarkMuse - Kristina/Kristiner/Kris/KSter
dazzle21 - Raine
dazzledBrit - Linz
despoina92 - Deb
Dovrebanen - Trine
Edward_Addict - Mandy
Edwards Ragazza - Desiree
Edwards Wheels - Mel
Fizzles - Laura
ForJazz926 - Julie (e-mum1)
GenevieveCullen - Jen
G-Faerie08 - G/GG/Gii
GoldenGirl59 - Joyce
Grayce - Beth
Jadey - Jade/Jadey (e-daughter2)
Jazz Girl - Caryn (e-godsmum to Ashley)
JulieM - JulieM/Jooooolie (e-Foster Mum to e-Daughter2)/(no confusy confusy with Julie e-mum1)
♥midnight_sun♥ - Ashley (e-daughter1)
missp - Tonise
newtonscricket - NewJen
older_twilight_fan - Tracy
openfire - Jaclyn
ringswraith - David/Rings
skatepixie - Rose
Songbird - Susan
StellaBlueBella - Rachel
Susie - Susie/Sue Ann
Suzan - Suzanne
SwanCullen - JennJenn
SweetImpakt - Shauni
Smitten_by_Twilight - Brenda
TammyAZ - Tammy
Tornado - Lynne
twilightsagaaddict - Sandy
Twilightfan87 - Sarah
vampirelover109 - Ann Marie
Velvet409 - Christina
VirginiaMay - Ginnie
VolturiGirl - Amy
xhopeonaropex - Hope


28 – Desiree
4 – Tonise
6 – Tracy
7 – Lynne
9 – Joyce
19 - Ginnie
9 - Raine
11 - Lulu
14 – Chrissy
21 – Brenda
24 - Jaclyn
30 - Marielle
28 - Ashley
3 – Christina
7 – Sandy
16 – JennJenn
19 – Kristner
30 – Tammy
30 – Shauni
4 - Sarah
15 – Amy
23 – NewJen
14 – Fi
27 – Caryn
11 – Rachel
17 – Suzan
28 - Austin
9 – Kayla
17 – Susie
27 – Sean
6 – Trine
9 – Susan (Songbird)
19 - Grayce
27 – Annmarie
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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by missp »

Hi, Siblings!! :D
Awesome new house!! I wish I had time to stay around and help decorate, but I am on the way to bed.
I just wanted to drop in to say...

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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by VolturiGirl »

Well hello new room....
Just wanted to stop by and tell everyone goodnight. Will bring some gifts when bosses leave tomorrow. How everyone had a nice day today.

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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by TammyAZ »

Leave it me to not pay enough attention to realize we have moved :blush: Well in case you missed it on the old thread.....

Just a quick one tonight lovlies!!

Since I missed it and I still have it from when I made it last year....

Happy Birthday Rob/Edward! (lol)

And in the spirit of Valentines Day....

Lots O' Love

And Kisses

And just plain hotness!!!

(Man I need to start making more of these on my days off!!)

Good night ladies and gents...see you all tomorrow!

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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody!!!!

I’m feeling all fuzzy and great again. I have slept well and my cold seem to get better. Beside that I had the most amazing romantic Rob dream (must be the Valentine’s thing)

I dreamed that Rob was working here and for a business trip we had to stay in a hotel for a few days. While working so close together we got closer and closer. It wasn’t a smutty dream but so romantic…

My bf didn’t do anything for Valentine’s for me. He was planning on getting me something but we had ice-rain yesterday and it was too dangerous for him to go by the shops after work. I told him to forget about it and come home in one piece…


Time for christening this new place!!!

I’m very happy that Susie succeeded to get so many of us back here.

Suzanne, I’m sorry to hear about your housing troubles. You know maybe one of your parents should give the man a call. What he is doing is illegal and you can make a complaint about this. By law a landlord have to take care of the house and make it livable. He has to solve issues that could become hazardly immediately.
Hihi I can’t believe you have that quote memorized…

Lulu, what did you end up reading? I found a romantic Hermione/Sirius fic that I really love.

Hey Amy, it’s nice to see you back here…I wonder would Aro be romantic enough to do something special on Valentine’s for his lady.

Susie, I love that new siggy Tammy made for you… it’s brilliant.
Yes, that’s very romantic of your hubs. He is a great man. My bf cooked my favorite dinner to make up for not getting me anything. He didn’t have to do that, all I wanted was him home in one piece.
Thanks for moving the list!!! It’s always nice to have it on the first page.

Ann-marie, welcome back!! I hope your Valentine’s day wasn’t too bad (I saw all these posts from you on FB) Being sick is normally very depressing but you can’t do anything about it. It seems like some sort of persistent bug is going around. Just keep in mind it’s only a month until spring begins…

Sean, did you do anything for Valentine’s day? Any special lady that has got your attention? Maybe at work? (lets hear the gossip!!)

Ginnie, I can understand you aren’t particularly enjoying this holiday. ((HUGS))

Kayla, thanks for our new home… I love decorating and this house is way easier than decorating one together was a bf…

Brenda, thanks to be so considerating but you are a bit early. My bf’s grandma was send to a private room in the hospital to spend her last days there. Surprisingly as soon as they pulled her off the meds and gave her rest she started to recover rather quickly. On Monday she was send home because she was too good to keep in the hospital.
Sadly a man I saw as one of my grandpa’s did die this week. We all knew it was coming and it’s better this way. The only sad thing is that the funeral is today and I can’t make it there on time.
Yes, I’m starting with the decorating.

Caryn, thanks for the warning for that clip… it’s a good thing I watched it before my colleagues came in,

Hey Sandy, I have been missing you here…

Alright, I’ll do the decorating thing later today. I’m pretty sure I have time tonight…
For now it’s work I have to focus on…

See you all later!!

Edit: shoot I forgot!!! TAMMY THANK YOU!! all your gifts are brilliant!!!!
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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Facinelli Fridayto all of you.

Friday....what can I say but thank God. Little exciting news. I am going to sign my oldest son up for baseball tomorrow. We finally live in town so we have time to do this. He's never played before, so I'm excited for him. Hubs and I both agree that he needs to learn teamwork and sportsmanship. If he doesn't like it, then he doesn't have to play next year.

Marielle - They say that this year is the worst so far for the cold and flu season. Drink lots of fluid and keep yourself hydrated. As far as a valentine's day gift from Aro....let me tell you. That vamp knows how to nibble. :D Speaking of nibbling, have you attempted to read OUAD yet? Hubs and I couldn't do anything for V-Day. He caught a 24 hour bug so he had a upset tummy. I love how tender your Rob dream was. The funny thing is...I haven't had a Rob related dream since I last went on the Lex. Congrats on your new home. :clap: So excited for you.

Suzanne - It's been forever since I've been here. If I can recall, something happened to your apartment floor?? I hope it can get fixed. Marielle is right. It is against the law to live in a place that is unlivable. They have to repair it. Make sure you take pictures in case you have to take it to court.

Susie - Happy Three Years!! Thank you for getting me back here. My goodness I missed it so much. I miss just chatting here with everyone. My hat off for you! :hello:

Ann Marie - Don't feel bad. I haven't been on the Lex I think since Chicago. They kept a room for us here.

Ginnie - Keep your chin held high this holliday

Kayla - Thanks for our new home.

Caryn - So enjoying The Office. I'm already getting in trouble with hubs cause I won't put my phone down. That's when you know it's a good story.

Tammy, Brenda, Sean, Tonise, and Sandy - Hello and happy friday to all.

Now...down to business

I had to bring my shoe collection
I saw this and thought it was cool
Can't forget the bed...

Gotta go for now.
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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Oh new thread- awesomeness :)

Quick post, as I'm headed out to hang out with my
Mom tonight.

Suzan- that's awful :( I'm so sorry to hear about your housing troubles!

Marielle- Better safe than sorry I suppose..and things are cheaper after the holiday anyway!

Tammy- I will have to get on my hubby's computer to get my avatar :) my laptop crashed last fall do I've been using my phone for ages!

Amy- yay for baseball :) how cool!

Alrighty, I'm out. With all the hours I worked this month I'm actually allowed to go shopping :)

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